Yeah…Evil is as Evil does = Kabbalah = Zohar = Talmud = Jesuit (crypto-jew) Catechisms = Koran = Communism = Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural marxism = Freudian/Jesuit Rockefeller Tavistock institute of mental warfare = Anti-white (Christian) Genocide or The Great Reset…“The Great Replacement” Means the Extermination of the White Race through Mass Immigration = ZioJesuit Communist Cultural Inversion using foreign religion, anti-white people of color, and multicultural marxist indoctrinated white Christian women and children to destroy the white Protestant patriarchy and their nations = Corporate Government Communism.

Voter fraud is treason and should be considered a capital offense

Ashli Babbit – U.S. Airforce Veteran, Patriot & American Hero – Martyred for Non-Violent Civil Disobedience in Protesting the Tyranny Destroying America!

As white Christian American patriots trying to defend our Republic in a massive DC rally yesterday resulting in a woman being shot by Joe Biden’s comrades at arms in retaliation for storming the capital in protest against their continued multicultural marxist tyranny, we should not allow our marxist enemies to control the narrative in order to nullify our efforts.

We really needed stronger leadership and spokesmanship at the DC rally yesterday to get the job done right in ridding our institutions of the nefarious and infectious liberal multicultural marxist scum robbing and destroying our white Christian Republic. We failed at removing and replacing the red mafia infiltrators using their anti-white Christian pagan people of color to replace and destroy us. Law enforcement automatons were just there serving their usurping communist masters.

For example, adding Insult to injury at the DC rally! The liberal marxist mainstream media worked ceaselessly  hijacking the narrative or core meaning of the protest against marxist tyranny and treason by putting Africans behind the podiums in front of their cameras to dictate our behavior, thinking, and will of the protestors: I guess BLM and Antifa represent the cultural marxist establishment in America. Treason Abounds!

For example, a Kamala Harris response I made to one of her anti-white Christian Tweets  I got suspended for recently:

@Ilhan @1954floodkid You are a foreign pagan insult to all true white Christian Americans and you should be shot for foreign espionage and treason. You have no place in our government just as your comrade Biden the Usurper.

The father’s of multicultural Marxism: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.  In 1847, Engels wrote and published:

“What will be the attitude of communism to existing nationalities?The nationalities of the peoples associating themselves in accordance with the principle of community will be compelled to mingle with each other as a result of this association and thereby to dissolve themselves, just as the various estate and class distinctions must disappear through the abolition of their basis, private property.”

The Kalergi Plan: Grand Deceptions – Chapter 12: Jewish Supremacy and the Multicultural Experiment…Multiculturalism & Mixed Race breeding forced on Whites: Condition Red: Your Visual Displacement is Now Complete…

Émile Durkheim On Who Controls The “Collective Consciousness” of Whites…

The Truth: The Civil War was Not for Slavery – Lincoln against multiculturalism.

One race will always try to dominate the other = Racism.

Equality = White Replacement. In cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit Hollywood Africans and other people of color are taught and being dubbed to sound like whites, act like whites, dress like, and live like whites within white environments in order to replace whites in all areas of life.

Very Detailed Explanation of the Great Reset and the New World Order…

Unlike the invasion of Islam upon Christian Jerusalem in 638AD, where Jews all over the countryside rose up in rebellion against Christian rule and joined as a Fifth Column with the Muslims against the Christians, this time, once again, the Jews are still loyal to the Muslims.

Liberal Protestant Church is cozying up to the very beast that slaughtered up to 75 million Protestants, we have concluded that the time has come to take the “sensibility blinders off”. We will quote Catholic documents just as they were printed, so you can see the true face of this beast that slaughtered 75-100 million people over 1,200 years…

The white replacement and genocide taking place today is also bullshit in the minds of idiots. The nation of Islam, the Vatican, and Judaism are intrinsically connected to Babylonian mystery religion…The Kabbalah.

When our nation is lost to the rule of non-white and anti-white cultural marxists and you are now the minority being replaced, race mixed, and murdered out of existence by then It will be too late for you and your kinsmen.

To save our people and nation from the physical and spiritual death of our posterity brought on by the dark pagan and heathen invaders now taking over our white Christian built institutions…the white Christian institutions our real American people have been made to condemn and forget by our ZioJesuit cultural marxist enemies: Remember who you are and where your forefathers came from in order to build this great White Protestant Republic for your Posterity…The Great Boomer Deception-

The Apocrypha, and Gnostic texts of a Biblical nature which have never been canonical. Original Hebrew teachings are not Kabbalah nor Babylonian. The above articles are clear on kabbalah origins.

Known simply as the Talmud, the Babylonian Talmud covers almost all of the orders of Moed, Nashim, Nezikin and Kodashim. Zeraim and Taharos are represented by only one tractate each, Berachos and Niddah respectively. A monumental work of scholarship, the Babylonian Talmud has become the heart and soul of the Jewish people.

Capitalism is now also Judeo-marxism that has hijacked our Protestant way of life through deception and cultural inversion…thus destroying white Protestantism and the Protestant Ethics that made our nations wealthy and powerful.

Joseph Henrich Claims Whites Are “Neurologically and Psychologically” Superior — 1

Joseph Henrich Claims Protestant Literacy Augmented the Cognitive Ability of Whites — 2

Sexism – An epithet invented by radical feminist Jew, Margaret Feldman . All of the labels are used for the same purpose, to control the public discourse, and remove the ability of a people to defend themselves against malicious outsiders. What a weird coincidence that they were all invented by Jews. This is all the internet put out on her that I could find…comic slam…

Another anti-white patriarchal ZioJesuit cultural marxist pig on the supreme court: Amy Coney Barrett has some ‘splainin’ to do on white racism…Catholics in power are dominated by Jesuit/Jewish masters and have pushed the anti-white (Christian) multicultural marxist agenda in all areas of our lives. White catholics are disappearing alongside of the white protestants in this new age unholy war being waged by the Jew/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity.

The whore sitting on the beast drunk on the blood of the saints?

Yes, communism is Judaism based on the Babylonian Kabbalah = secularism = relativism = mysticism = paganism = heathenism = THE DESTRUCTION OF WHITE WESTERN CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION = WHITE GENOCIDE.

There are some real Christian Jews. I focus on the elite crowd who are global Kabbalists. I do notice politically, economically, racially, and morally the Jewish tribes stick together when pushing anti-white multicultural marxism in all our white Christian nations…

The pagan/heathen Jacob Frank or messiah Sabbatai Zevi vipers have to be stopped before millions more parish…

@zeitgeist2012 The tragic thing of so many blacks is they identify with people that think they’re subhuman and are exploiting them.

@DrArtaud Not true. Same old lame cultural marxist horseshit. Africans way out number the white population globally and commit white genocide daily. They think they are pimping out whitey with impunity.

Jewish Plan for Genocide of USA Whites: White men correctly perceive American Jews as their enemies?


“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

White men correctly perceive American Jews as their enemies?

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America:

Most white men today have been replaced in what’s left of our job market by women and people of color. A lot of men are indebted to child support and creditors. Many white men are homeless, dying off, and being murdered by cops and non-whites. Many being jailed and placed on mental drugs for crazy checks.

Our white Societies are being brainwashed by enemy multicultural marxists bent on destroying white Christian western civilization through cultural inversion.

“WITH OPEN GATES” – A film about the forced collective suicide of European nations…

Masters of the Universe: The theory was that Whites in the West tolerated their displacement because they were too comfortable, because they felt prosperous, and risking their lifestyles by speaking out against multiculturalism, against racial quotas, against the slander coming from Hollywood and Madison Avenue, seemed not worth the trouble.

 Learn the real TRUTH: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Introduction to 1938 National Socialist Edition…


The Cancer Of The World – The Jesuit Order. Rome, the Jesuits, and the “Black Lives Matter” Communist Revolution… Jesuits in the American Colonies and the United States, 1700–1899…

SOROS: The Devil’s Disciple & Quest to destroy America for fellow Rothschild Jews – George Soros and Pope Francis: An Unholy Alliance…

The elections, the mainstream commie news is all fake theatrics using sophistry and psychobabble to further bamboozle the American public in order to avoid social rebellion while our multicultural marxist ZioJesuit enemies continue to rob and destroy our white (Christian) Nation. Most of the politicians in our government would never have got where they are if our elections were actually valid…Trusting Satan.

The Election Sham: The real deal – YouTube

If white (Christian) America don’t make a definitive stand our nation will be controlled by our anti-white marxist enemies…

Satan and his minions operate through people who revel in being evil and are deceived, influenced, or possessed by such powers and principalities.

We are losing our kindred people, posterity, and nations due to inaction-self defense against our dire ZioJesuit cultural marxist enemies using every means to destroy us.

Foreign corporate power is behind all the destruction to all our white (Christian) nations.

Ethnicity is a pillar for all civilizations.

Cultural Marxism is an ideology which emphasizes culture as a main cause of inequalities. Critics have seen Cultural Marxism and its influence as an important cause of political correctness and as an important cause of a perceived decline of humanities, social sciences, culture, and civilization in the Western world.

Cultural Marxism Is the Main Source of Modern Confusion—and It’s Spreading

Cultural Marxism & a Race-Mixing Agenda: 13 Reasons Why

Critical Race Theory is Rooted in Cultural Marxism


What is Cultural Marxism?

Jewish Marxists Threaten Negro Revolt In America …


Hidden Massacre ; Sixty-Six Million Christians Murdered By Jewish Bolsheviks But Media Remained Silent

Jesuits and Communism: Introduction

New Marxist phase of the Jesuits

The Pope’s Marxist Head of the Jesuits

Jesuits and Catholics promote Marxist vs Capitalist conflict

Unholy Vatican Alliance: Social Justice and the Society of Jesuits

Has Jesuit Pope Francis Handed the Vatican to Bolshevik Atheist Communist China?

The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church

How the Kabbalist Jews took over the Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order…

Vatican Jewish Paper Shows Judaization of Catholicism

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Russian Revolution…

How the Jesuits have controlled the destiny of the USA…HOW AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS CHOSEN…

The Jesuits secretly participated in the Bolshevik Revolution. According to the Jesuit-trained, Irish Roman Catholic, John Loftus in his Unholy Trinity, a Hungarian Catholic priest was a player in the revolution.

“Between 1932 and 1937 the top NKVD ‘illegal’ in England was Father Theodore Maly . . . ‘when the revolution broke out I joined the Bolsheviks’ Maly once told a friend, explaining how service with the Cheka and Red Army during the brutal civil war against the [Orthodox] Whites [White Russians] had hardened him.”,Catholic%20priest%20was%20a%20player%20in%20the%20revolution.

The only hope is a national repentance of God’s Reformation Bible-believing people composing the true Church of Christ in North America. 

A Flood of Lawsuits Contesting the U.S. Election…

Joe Biden is a cultural marxist puppet scumbag pushing the ZioJesuit’s anti-white replacement and genocide agenda using people of color and effeminized women to help hijack our elections in order to give the appearance of legitimacy in voting whites out of power, and authority within their own white Christian Republic using multicultural marxist inversion, Bolshevik style deception, fear, and force tactics. The white Christian sheep are now lost, scattered, confused, and divided to the point of being totally consumed by the wolves.

The multicultural marxist invasions consist of all people of color and religion flooding into white (Christian) Nations to help the cultural marxist ZioJesuit puppets and their small group of elite masters of the universe with our destruction through kabbalist cultural inversion where secularism and relativism is just mystical re-wrapped paganism and heathenism.

Our cultural marxist enemies teach our kids much more anti-white Christian pagan cultural marxist garbage to further destroy our nations…

Masters of the Universe: Power and Elites in Organization Studies…Masters of the Universe Go to Camp: Inside the Bohemian Grove: Jesus called them to Himself and said to them, ‘You know that those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them.'” (Mk 10:42) 

This is multicultural marxist minority rule we now have for our white posterity in our once great white Christian nations where race does matter.

Invasion of non white foreigners with pagan and heathen (non Christian) beliefs, ethics, and behavior some rewrapped as relativism and secularism.

We the people own all government auspices. The real trespassers are the cultural marxist killers who infiltrated our white Christian government…Corporate Government Communism stripped our citizens of their jobs and wealth…what is the national deficit now?

The only ones who went too far in the DC rally are the multicultural marxist creeps who continually commit treason against our Republic and then shot a woman patriot like good little commies do using terror and force in their coup d’état.

The white American citizen terrorists who want their nation back are being terrorized by anti-white culture marxist killers who hijacked their institutions and are using military force to prevent the people from enforcing their constitutional powers.

We are under assault on all sides and our ZioJesuit cultural marxist enemies control the narrative by controlling communications which is a must in war.

Run to God the father for his protection from the deadly things yet to unfold…Communists in our white Christian henhouse…

Our cultural marxist enemies teach our kids much more anti-white Christian pagan cultural marxist garbage to further destroy our nations…

God said he is God and not man. God does not change. God said there is only one God and he is a jealous God.

God did not become man because you can’t tempt or kill God. God did not pretend to be his own son…Get a Grip! All flesh born into sin and God can not stand sin and Yahshuah took on the sins of the world on the cross and said before he died ” Father why have you forsaken me?” God could not bear seeing the sin crush his son. 

Maybe in some peoples minds, definitions, and translations. So, scripture is in conflict? Christ the son does not sit at the right hand of the father? Christ did not say not to glorify him but glorify he who sent him and he loves it? Did not Christ say he ascends to his father and our father? Christ did say we are all like gods…Sons and daughters of light.

Accept Christ as your savior and king of kings repenting of your sins. He is the way the truth and the life and those who believe shall have life more abundantly….No one goes to the father accept through him. We are all to develop the same character as the Father and his son.

Christ said we can all be one with the father as he is. God’s word that he spoke became flesh as prophesied and was one in character and spirit with God as we all can be through Christ who is the only begotten between a woman and God himself. Not much different between all men and women who have kids. God impregnated Mary with a ‘Y’ Chromosome through his own machinations…Simple.

 In the last days the remnant church is recognized by those keeping all the commandments of God and the testimony of Christ. God sheds a tear for so many are lost cutting short the days lest the very elect be lost…The patients of the saints.

Hebrews 1:5, NIV: “For to which of the angels did God ever say, ‘You are my Son; today I have become your Father’? Or again, ‘I will be his Father, and he will be my Son’?”

Believe what you will. Christianity with its unique ethics built the most wealthy and modern civilization with all its technology. Now look at us now. 

Yes, what you stated is accurate to some degree. Mechanisms used in marxist cultural inversion for white (Christian) replacement and genocide.

What I stated is condensed already from lots of research found to be valid. There is an amalgamation I call the Zionist-Jesuit-Islamic unholy trinity waging a new age inquisition against white western Christian civilization through multicultural marxist kabbalist cultural inversion.

 Christian Purge Envisioned During Biden/Harris Administration…

It is scary how twisted peoples minds and spirits are. Great deception in the world. Be ready for anything. Christ’s return is imminent.

Kabbalah is the Gentiles Judaism….

Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock of UK Say to Tucker Carlson – You know its not the ChiComs who are our biggest enemy – It’s the Zionists!

Joseph Henrich Claims Whites Are “Neurologically and Psychologically” Superior — 1

Joseph Henrich Claims Protestant Literacy Augmented the Cognitive Ability of Whites — 2

Joseph Henrich Claims Whites Are The Most Trusting, Fair, Honest, and Decent People in the World — 3

We are Living in Strange Days…Has Kinship Been The Foundational Institution Shaping Human Psychology Throughout History? — 5

The Tale of Two Time Machines…

Erasing the White Male…

Kevin MacDonald: Why Are Whites Cancelling Their Race? Part VIII

In sporting events liberalized whites and multicultural marxist people of color kneel in unison against whites and their authority within their own white nations and the cultural marxist color-blinded whites kneel out of genocidal ignorance.

Nationalists Do Not Initiate Political Violence, they React to it.

Jeffrey Prather – The CIA, FBI & DOJ are Deep State Traitors…

The Kraken revealed: Domestic traitors and foreign enemies attempted to steal America’s election?

Insurrection: So Hinders The Execution Of The Laws Of That State And Of The United States Within The State.

Former CIA Counterintelligence officer Brad Johnson performed a study on a criminal data base that he found overstates white right wing violence while discounting BLM and Antifa violence.

For The First Time Ever, Millions Of Working-Poor Americans Forced To Turn To Food Banks…MAD WORLD – SAD WORLD…

Many of you fail to realize that the American constitution says that we as citizens have the individual responsibility to take up arms in order to remove and replace a tyrannical rogue government. The tree of liberty needs to be replenished with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time: Thomas Jefferson. One women out of a million or more gets shot by the enemy in defense of our Republic and everyone looses their minds allowing for the cultural marxist liberal spiders to stay nestled within our once powerful white Christian national institutions. A big mistake, especially for what will be left of our white Christian posterity when the miscreant spiders get through with them.

The insurrection act is just anti-constitutional garbage enacted by tyrants who wish to use military force against the public in the event they take up arms against the cultural marxist criminals now in our government.

You will see that both the comitatus and insurrection acts have added provisions that negate the right to bear arms in order to remove and replace government turned rogue and tyrannical without having federal agencies used against us.

We are all racist supremacists since Black lives and La Raza lives matter more than White majority nations.

God does see color for he created each kind-race setting boundaries for each kinds habitats telling his people to remain separate, spotless, and without blemish. Race mixed mongrels not allowed in God’s temple for up to 10 generations.

You do know race mixing is a biblical weapon of war used annihilate God’s enemies. Race is one pillar of Tribes, clans, states, and nationhood. War and conflict is the result of violating the boundaries and habitats of others. Race mixing is whoring out yourself and ancestors to the enemy equaling treason and genocide.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did not bow down and worship Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylon, nor obey his laws even after many threats and attempts on their lives staying true to God.

We the people are not stupid just slow to react. We see the continual cultural marxist treason. The reason our country is so divided is because of the non-white and anti-white Christian invasion conducted by the leftist commies who infiltrated our institutions ruling by deception, terror, and force.

The state capital belongs to we the people, my friends. The multicultural marxist infiltrators are trespassing within all our institutions and causing great harm to our people and nation. So, tell me, when are we allowed to make a stand taking back our nation? Whose permission do we the people need to defend ourselves?

MLK, Kamala Harris, Biden, and their leftist liberal comrades are ZioJesuit cultural marxist dingleberries working to rob and destroy white Christian nations…Holy wars never ended.

Twitter account @zeitgeist2o12 suspended and locked without notice or appeal. Been here for years with no problems. Discrimination against pro-white Christians is unamerican. Please unlock or unsuspend my account and give back my 40 thousand followers. Same day Trump was blocked out.

It seems the modern day Jewish-Jesuit Bolsheviks have a headlock on our white (Protestant) Christian nations: Killing us off with their multicultural marxism equals cultural inversion-white genocide.

America’s Struggle to Survive…