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Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Fake?


Obama’s Birth Certificate? Why is He Still Hiding His Other Records? And, why is the foreign subversive still in our government? Why have our law enforcement agencies refused to do their duty by arresting Obama and his neoprogressive comrades for high treason against the American people? And, why have the American people allowed leftist corrupt government employees to go unpunished for all the treason taking place against them and their posterity?

The Mystery of Barack Obama


So far, no records have been released by the school. Noelani Elementary School officials have not responded to WND’s request for comment…Nothing worse or more dangerous than morons with money and clout.

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Liberal Scientists, Gays & The Animal Kingdom


Such terrible, grotesque, and tragic sexually perverse preoccupations of the mind, body, and spirit that leads to leftist facilitated government democide or demonic genocide of mankind.


“Soros’ private philanthropy, totaling nearly 5 billion dollars, continues undermining America’s traditional Western values. His giving has provided funding of abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage and other radical experiments in social engineering.” Talmudic Jew/Jesuit Hollywood made an Army medical sitcom with hairy fruitcakes running around in women’s clothing with laugh machines galore as a Marxist means to multiculturally brainwash our white christian people in order to feminize, weaken, and fracture our US military under the guise of liberated theological equality and leftist genocidal social justice.


Everyone Should Know These Statistics on Homosexuals…


We are indeed in a bona fide racial holy war with the Jewish/Jesuit/Islamic supremacists and have been for quite some time now…Where homosexuality, infanticide, mass enemy coreligionist immigration, and dark hedonistic miscegenation leads to the leftist facilitated democide or demonic genocide of our white race, creed, and nations…New Age Inquisition.

Number One Killer Of Mankind Can Be Traced To…


Research Center Poll from July 2009 showed that only around 6 percent of U.S. scientists are Republicans; 55 percent are Democrats, 32 percent are independent, and the rest “don’t know” their affiliation.


Tolerance today now also means anti-Christ and not just anti-white. For those who like to puff on the magic pipe or spank the little monkey in a queer way I say go to hell you unrepentant swine. Molest kids in your homes behind the backs of your spouses like it’s alright because tolerance today allows for sin, decadence, vice, mental illness, spiritual deviance, and overall immorality to walk hand in hand with the somewhat new leftist elite Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic US government in order to subvert God’s christian people by allowing the devils own to rule the day over us all in this new age inquisition taking place today within all white christian nations while we do little or nothing in defense. However, Mr. Franklin Grahm in the link below has tried to pin the proverbial tail on the leftist donkey without naming names while telling what’s left of our white protestant, white catholic, and christian people to organize, pray, vote, and get involved instead of staying home while our enemies continue to flood our nation unchecked. A little too late? Or are we just to fat, lazy, stupid, hedonistic, and cowardly?

Gay take down of America…


The elitist Jew/Jesuit cultural Marxists with their self-invented Islamic fascist henchmen are wreaking havoc upon our white protestant and white catholic people here in the US and around the world. They kill us and our unborn posterity off through every means possible. The  Zionist christians and their so-called secular pagan/relativistic heathen puppet masters now working within many of our white christian nations are pushing their leftist decadence upon us all that’s based on their dark hedonistic multicultural self-eradication theology founded by their Jewish/Jesuit Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism.


“We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, …wherever men are with men together…No matter how you all spin it homosexuals are leftist anti-God sexual pigs, mental cases, molesters, and drug addicts. I hope I didn’t make you all depressed or suicidal…God Bless…


The Frankfurt School were a group of Marxist Jewish intellectuals at Frankfurt University in the 1920-1930’s.


Just as with most other examples of degeneracy and filth proliferating within our Nations, the “homosexual rights” drive has been largely the work of the Jew, acting according to his biological drive to subvert and corrupt its host society.


I find that the modern day leftist pagan/heathen or secularist/relativist cultural Marxist radicals facilitated the gay agenda in America through attempting to normalize deviant homosexual sex acts by now classifying it all as some sort of normal minority love complex that’s frightfully based upon fragmented mental states wherein certain aspects are used as coping mechanisms for reality ruled by compulsion that will ultimately destroy our white christian society from within if given preeminence over our mentally stable majority. The leftist use of sexually explicit gay perversion is to undermine and destroy our christian God’s natural laws that govern the natural order of all life, and is nothing more than an abomination leading to our physical and spiritual death. Such wicked promotion of hedonistic decadence, vice, and overall gay sexual perversion has only produce a twisted leftist utopian dream world based upon violating the edicts of God that govern our domestic relationships, our economic, and sociopolitical institutions that bond our men, woman, children, family, and society together into positive functioning units since the beginning.

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Multiculturalism: America’s Destruction I



Voltaire: “To Learn Who Rules You, Find Out Who You Can’t Criticize”…

Abraham Lincoln Against Multiculturalism: Seems our enemies are removing pro-white Christian information from the web.

To love one another is divine. However, we live in a world that is intentionally being bankrupted and radically transformed through leftist dark hedonistic multicultural Marxism that puts diverse races and creeds into direct conflict by forcing them all under the same tent on the same piece of turf like ignorant perverted cattle. In America today women will vote for women,  Jews for vote Jews,  Catholics for Catholics, Africans will vote for Africans, and Hispanics for Hispanics even if the politicians are their communist or fascist executioners. Donald Trump broke the leftist mold this election when it came to the women vote…thank God.


The so-called elitist  AshkeNazi Jews, Sephardic Jesuits, and their Islamic counter-reformation creation are all working together to rob, supplant, and destroy all white protestant nations, white catholics, and all of Christendom through dark mass enemy coreligionist immigration and dark hedonistic miscegenation in order to bind together their leftist unholy trinity for achieving their new age Babylonian global governance utopia. The Kabbalist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic genocidal multicultural Marxist Agenda is to wipe-out all of white christian western civilization that now only constitutes about 8% of the global population and is declining daily = Marxist Multicultural Genocide or Leftist New Age Inquisition. Some material herein will be racially offensive to some. However, I only use derogatory or inflammable materials found around the web that carry kernels of truth in order to demonstrate the different spirits of time whether fabricated by our enemies or factual. For example, the KKK is said to have been founded by subversive communist Jews in order to incite the white and dark skinned races to fight against each other as a genocidal diversionary tactic all for the bolshevik Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic cartel’s own tribal supremacist interests. How about Martin Luther King the communist supported by Bolshevik Jews? Buckle up…there is a lot more to back all this up within my blogs.


God did set our boundaries for our habitats for good reasons in the beginning and we are seeing the results of their continual violation. No dominant race, creed, or culture likes being robbed, supplanted, and killed off within their own nations for any reason that will pacify the prey. The love word gets way overplayed nowadays. White and christian genocide has little to do with Godly nor brotherly love.


All Kabbalist Bolshevik Jews/Jesuits, fascist Muslims, and other leftist anti-white radicals now working within our once great white protestant institutions with their wannabe witches and warlock useful idiots who played too much dungeons and dragons as kids can all go to hell with their pretentious Talmudic TV anti-white racial candidness, and their twisted anti-Christian leftist reasoning that allows the killers of whites and Christian people here in the US and in other nations to go globally unpunished or unchallenged. Thus, we whites and christians are really being transformed into dark hedonistic nations of cowardly idiots, and government dependent victims: a bunch of God’s helpless sheep who are being deceptively and forcefully lead to the slaughter. Our leftist enemies are right up in our faces and laughing at us all while they are disarming us and eradicating us one, two, three, or more at a time while the multicultural Talmudic media tells us that our killers are just depressed and crazed Islamic, African, or some other so-called non-religious minority loners who just felt like killing whitey and christian goyim/infidels in order to feel better.


As a result of such leftist Zionist/Jesuit media, government, and supreme court horse-crap, whitey infidel will not make a stand against those who are murdering of their own race, creed, and posterity or against the leftist political subversives who are intentionally facilitating such genocidal anti-white christian violent actions and events through the leftist Zionist/Jesuit’s anti-white and anti-christian multicultural dictates that are being forced upon every white christian nation today. The more dark skinned legal and illegal 3rd world immigrants that the leftist criminals in our government let into our white christian nations the higher our rents and cost of living goes while our jobs and wealth are outsourced to communist slave labor countries.


Many leftist indoctrinated women are void of higher cognitive function = Self-eradication.

White women who are addicted to and dependent upon their cultural Marxist sugar daddies have been indoctrinated to believe that muddy waters, muff diving, and infanticide is sweeter than their own white kindred = Leftist self-eradication.

The males who like multicultural Marxism are dark-skinned enemy subversives and leftist indoctrinated white useful idiots looking for freebies.

Marxist Communism was created and is now kept going by so-called Jews posing as whites straight from the Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism and the Freudian Tavistock institute of mental warfare.

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Multiculturalism: America’s Destruction II


Then Christ said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”

The clay mixed with the iron and yet one will not cling to the other for iron will not mix with the clay…

Our enemies have infiltrated our institutional organizations to sow discord, and hostility among us in order to rob us, indoctrinate us, supplant us, drug us, institutionalize us, and kill us…The invasion of the white protestant body snatchers is here…[A].htm

Racism is a communist word created to destroy homogeneous nations by exploiting natural competition between the races.


Racism is the Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism’s and the Freudian Tavistock mental warfare institutes favorite multicultural Marxist weapon to rob and destroy white christian western civilization…


While the Zionist/Jesuit left has us watching their creation of the Muslim/African/Hispanic invasions and wars now taking place here in the US and overseas they themselves are driving their own Zionist/Jesuit dagger deeper into our white Christian backs here at home as well. Just take one look at the commie (Rothschild/Soros cartel) Jewish financed racial riots taking place today against Trump and all whites in the US especially with the killing of white cops by dark skinned minorities when the white cops actually kill more whites than any other members of opposing racial groups, and Africans kill more whites overall as well…Tavistock Institute – Mind Wars video…


There is no such thing as equality in the real world unless one is referring to a leftist utopian world of multi-racial equality found in abject poverty. America is not your America leftist hijackers…Save the liberal buzzwords for mindless leftist useful idiots who think they can overthrow white Christian America without a fight. Trump may be a very good start in reversing this leftist genocidal trend I’d say unless the election was really just one big political con game being run on white protestant America and all of Christendom again since all the Jewish supremacist groups like the Bolshevik ADL and SPLC are attempting to label Trump, his associates, and supporters all anti-semites while they continue to push their leftist multicultural Marxism used to rob and destroy our race, creed, culture, heritage, posterity, and our white Christian Republic.


The civil war, the commie forced anti-white christian immigration reform laws, and the anti-white civil rights act were/are forced mechanizations of elitist Zionist/Jesuit/communist subversion and treason against white protestant and christian America. There is plenty of evidence to back this all up. However, many anti-white and anti-christian leftist humanist websites will not allow such information to be posted because them and their comrades are just as so-called racist and hateful as anyone of the other races. We shall see what God and his only begotten has in store for his people and their enemies. God is not colorblind for he created each kind/race for his good pleasure and set the boundaries for each of our habitats and to violate these leads to strife and war.

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New age global Babylon & Treason in America 2


I’d rather be a christian enemy of the state rather than an enemy of God…Once more President Obama proclaims June to be the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender [don’t forget Transgender] Pride Month.” Every federal worker and member of the armed forces received a presidential proclamation in their email. It labels all opposition to homosexual behavior as “prejudice,” which, in effect, declares all traditional Christians to be bigots and enemies of the state’s ideology of sexual “diversity.”

Beware the false leaders, teachers, preachers, prophets, soothsayers, gossipers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and those who claim to be wise when they strut around in expensive clothing and bobbles while getting intoxicated on the blood red wine. The Zionist christian is feeding their feel good cultural Marxist pop psychology to our meek sheep while their tainted shears plunge ever deeper into our backs.


The ungodly have declared war on God and his only begotten, and now strive to undo what God had done at the tower of Babel in order to achieve their secular pagan and relativistic heathen form of leftist global government based upon their false system of religious beliefs…

The prison industry and military in America toady are now breeding grounds and training camps for enemy combatants who have been allowed to invade our white christian Republic in order to rob, supplant, and commit crimes against us.


He explained that the companies we work for had invested millions into the building of privately owned prisons and that our positions of influence in the music industry would actually impact the profitability of these investments.

Correctional Boot Camps: A Tough Intermediate…

BOP: Boot Camp for Prisoners – Federal Bureau of


The new military policy of accepting non-citizens, says the USA Today report, may come from President Obama’s determination to use executive orders to change the country’s immigration laws without congressional action…Many so-called Jews as a group of people are in fact behind the theft, supplanting, and genocide of whites and christians globally, and have us listed as enemies of the new Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic multicultural Marxist states they have developed within our white christian nations to wipe us all out through mass dark enemy coreligionist immigration, and dark hedonistic race mixing = leftist social justice. I worship the true God of all of Israel as my brother Yahshua instructs and not the cursed tribe of Judah.

Provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our (White Protestant Christian) Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


The practice of the right to sin or do evil is seen as some sort of twisted virtue for what feels like or appears to be personal gain that is all a by product of the cultural Marxist’s dysfunctional education or leftist multicultural indoctrination that’s the foundation for race, creed, and cultural self-eradication theology = dark new age Babylonian social justice or white Christian genocide.

The name Baal sometimes occurs in connection with a locality such as “Baal-Peor” or “Baal-Hermon”. More frequently it occurs with compound attributes such as “Baal-zebub”, “lord of the flies”, still today one of the epithets of Satan. “Baal-zephon” later to be the god Triton means “lord of the black north, or the northern void”, and “Meri-Baal” translates as “lord of the rebellion” = The Zionist/crypto-Jew Jesuit/Islamic new age anti-white christian twilight zone coming to a theater near you.



Many of our white Christian people today practice free will, free choice, and independence by chasing around the dark skinned minorities and immigrant drug dealers while many of our women get knocked up by them and made chronically dependent on govt money in chasing down their new god or craving for a constant high while having abortions, homosexual relations, avoiding moral kindred relationships in order to gold dig for money and drugs, avoiding personal and social responsibility like child rearing, godly moral education, and working for a living while neglecting personal health and hygiene.

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Multicultural Treason: Dark Heathen Race Mixing, Pagan Theft & Indoctrination of White Protestant America 1


I am like a snowflake on a puddle of mud: I Am a Witness

I’m now a cancer survivor. God’s love and grace prevailed. The devil got a part of my lung while God preserved my life for his good purpose. This blog is my legacy to my kindred. Keep your lamps full of oil my friends. The cost of the internet has also become highway robbery to where many of us will be forced to shutdown while many other web accounts have been frozen or deleted by our leftist enemy. We have now as a white christian nation been taken way beyond our white protestant ethics capitalism here in America by our infiltrating and subversive mortal enemies. Just another form of Satanic attack. Stay strong and God Bless…

White protestant/Jesuit/Jew Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election and becomes the 45th president of the USA, and what does this mean for white christian America? Is Trump going to ban political correctness/multi-cultural Marxism or will he allow it to continue destroying white christian America?

Christ wants us to love our enemies, and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. However, this does not mean we allow our enemies to infiltrate us, supplant us, and destroy us.


oREVISIONISM: 1. Advocacy of revision (as of a doctrine or policy or in HISTORICAL ANALYSIS ). . . (emphasis ours) Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

o    REVISIONISM: 1…ANY DEPARTURE *FROM* A MARXIST DOCTRINE, THEORY, OR PRACTICE… (emphasis ours) Random House Dictionary – College Edition

o Some of these ideas and many parts of this information are very sensitive and controversial in nature. If this bothers you, please turn around and go no further.

Mark Twain the Marxist Jewish supremacist, was a secret Jew, and his real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens…


Mostly Jews/Jesuits were/are behind the white and African slave trade in early America and in modern times. Bar-Clemons used an ignorant white goy boy to represent the faked spirit of abolition within his Huck Finn story in order to brainwash the ignorant white goy population of the time to aid in their own racial, religious, cultural, and eventual national destruction. Giving African slaves their freedom is one thing considered good. However, the Ashkenazi/Sephardi Jew/Jesuit subversives who snuck their way into our white protestant economic and sociopolitical auspices saw that by giving African slaves Marxist equality to the white protestant population within their own society would eventually allow the white population to be race mixed out of existence, supplanted, mass enemy migrated, and mass murdered = Just pure ignorant white self-eradication and Treason = Multicultural Marxist genocidal social Justice.

The Marxist Jewish power brokers of the Frankfurt school and the Freudian Tavistock metal warfare institute consisted of anti-white western civilization cultural Bolsheviks who used our white Christian women and our mostly dark skinned minorities to rob and overthrow our form white patriarchal republicanism that allowed basic humanitarian freedoms to all people free and enslaved under our  Godly based white protestant constitution created for our posterity. The Jewish/Jesuit Marxists saw that our white protestant Christian women were naïve and gullible to their leftist feminist propaganda based on big government dependence and force. The progressive liberal Jews/Jesuits and their communist allies further saw that by deceptively using women and minority civil rights and non-white immigration propaganda in the right way they could subvert our national institutions in order to rob and destroy us through multicultural Marxism’s critical theory linked with their leftist crypto-Jew Jesuit comrade’s liberation theology that turned Christ into a commie.


No one will escape punishment for their wickedness outside of the grace, love, and mercy freely given to us all through the blood sacrifice of God’s only begotten. Those who seek to avoid Judgement rebel against God.

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Multicultural Treason: Dark Heathen Race Mixing, Pagan Theft & Indoctrination of White Protestant America 2


There can be no unity in multiculturalism = Nihilistic Pluralism.

Many of our white and christian American people are being misdirected again this election cycle with the realistic worry of leftist Jew/Jesuit rigged voting and polling while the true American population is being rigged with an anti-white protestant, anti-white christian, and anti-white American army of dark skinned and near white enemy coreligionist immigrants to give the appearance of majority legality when it is pure invasion and treason in fact. Again, the posterity of the old so-called Jewish Sanhedrin rear their ugly heads by continuing their ancient tradition of marring into wealthy goyim political families in order to hide and protect themselves from their murderous white christian nation wrecking. It’s common knowledge that the Clinton family represents Zionist Bolshevism or communist ‘Rules for Radicals’ treason against our white christian Republic especially with Chelsea Clinton being married to a wealthy communist Jew. Trump’s family use to represent white protestant America until two of his children race mixed with wealthy elitist communist Jews and converted to anti-christian Judaism. And yet, most all the subversive invading immigrants and people of color violently protest against trump because he is still a so-called white protestant who was educated in a Jesuit college that is a dire enemy of white Protestantism. It’s like flipping a two headed Viper coin again for the future of white christian western culture and advanced christian civilization. Guess who the two heads on the viper coin represent?


I have a lot of people who agree with what I post who sit back and learn instead of making fools of themselves by making ignorant remarks to things not yet understood. My God is not just a Hebrew God. He is the God of all creation. God had to start somewhere and with someone. Christ is the son of the creator and brother of all spirits created and not just Israelites, Jews, or Hebrews. God hates sin and instructs us to hate sin and not the sinner. The breaking of God’s law is sin, and sin is death. A sinful culture is hated by God, and those who are his children follow suit. 10 tribes of Israel were scattered, and the 2 1/2 tribes of Judea taken captive for their sin, violating boundaries set for our habitats, lusting after foreign flesh, race mixing, perversion, adultery, fornication, idolatry, and overall wickedness. God loves Israel but not the wickedness within. So, love and favor Israel and not the wicked. The 2 1/2 tribes of Judea today are more than 42% secular with these stats being erased and replaced by the Zionist/Jesuit cartel on the internet regularly to reflect a more religious group with a highly questionable blood line in fact!

Secular Judaism in Israel | SpringerLink


If the so-called white christian politicians in our government did their jobs by protecting our borders the Mexican Trojan horse containing dark heathen coreligionist immigrant kids would not exist here in our country for us to support or deal with. Let their own foreign pagan governments and heathen families deal with their own problems. We have been bankrupted and mass immigrated to the point of complete collapse and civil war ourselves. White Christians are being forced to pay for the adult pagan immigrants and their dark heathen kids who are being intentionally allowed into our white christian Republic through deception and force using our deficit dollars funding it all. I find nothing humanitarian or christian about any of the forced dark hedonistic multicultural treason that’s taking place today in my country. Ship all the foreign subversives back to their own countries with lunch buckets and let them deal with their own national problems…God Bless…


Crypto-Jew is the correct term, as it also refers to Jews forced to adopt other religions and political philosophies while maintaining Jewish practices. Crypto-Judaism pre-dates the Inquisition, as Jews were forced by the Al-Mohavid invasions of Spain to become Muslims, creating Crypto-Jews who gradually fled to Christian districts for protection from the Muslims (see Roth’s History of the Jews). In modern times outwardly Muslim Crypto-Jews are known to be in Meshed, Iran, and in Turkey.


Why do you want to subvert my white protestant people and christian country? Is your race, creed, and culture superior to mine? Shame on you…

Many dark third world heathen immigrants definitely hate our white Anglo race, and our white protestant christian American culture. Their invasive ilk hide truth behind their progressive liberal buzzwords or labels while trying to undermine, rob, supplant, and destroy our white protestant nation’s dominant race, religion, culture, heritage, posterity, and our form of white christian government in order to elevate their own. Standing up in defense of my religion, people, and country is Godly; Not hate or racism when it is really about holy war and conquest.


People need to hear the truth. The foreign owned neoliberal media here in the US always plays upon humanitarian angles that are deceptively designed to feed into our christian thinking and spirit in order to get us to help in the facilitation of our own dark hedonistic destruction as dictated by their elitist secular paganism’s dark hedonistic multicultural social justice agenda being used to rob and subvert white protestant christian America through the covert and overt use of progressive liberal indoctrination, threats, and force.


Where is the pagan US government’s fiat deficit money coming from? We are bankrupt beyond rational debt ability. I don’t like seeing kids suffer or go without including my own. We can’t help or take care of others much less move whole dark foreign populations here if we are culturally fragmented, financially bankrupt, politically divided, and spiritually corrupt ourselves…Jewish banksters creating US debt to destroy white christian America…

Border Security Costs Taxpayers $12 Billion –

Report: Illegal Immigrants Account for Roughly 75…

8 Alleged Gang Members Arrested For Kidnap, Rape


Here is an interesting list of Anti-white, Anti-Christian, and Anti-American people who have said some very vile things against our founder’s white protestant christian posterity.

Mexico Issuing Birth Certificates to Illegal…


Just more deliberate dark pagan multicultural subterfuge and subversion of white protestant christian America. A politically devised dark pagan Mexican Trojan Horse filled with our dark racial enemy’s heathen coreligionist kids in a prelude to further invade and rob the US while racially, culturally, religiously, and politically transforming white christian America…Economic and Multicultural Treason!

La Raza, Barack Obama Reconquer The West Together


This is indeed an all out attack against white protestant christian America by our dark pagan enemies both foreign and domestic. I have attempted to show who these dark enemies are and how they are orchestrating our demise.

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Multicultural Genocide of White Protestant America 2

Government leftist subversives who have infiltrated and hijacked our white Christian nations now have whites killing whites and justifying it all with corrupt genocidal profit motive laws. Sadly, many of the leftist indoctrinated useless idiots being commissioned by the murderous Marxist Zionist/Jesuit government miscreants take pride and pleasure in victimizing and eradicating their own white and Christian kindred. The leftist enemy Zionist/Jesuit owned and operated western media glorifies the supplanting and killing of whites and Christians: only whites and Christians. Whites and Christians are being supplanted and killed off daily on a global scale through Zionist multi-cultural Marxist/Latin crypto-Jew Jesuit liberation theology with their media remaining dead silent while they promote Africans and other enemy minorities over all Whites, Protestants, and Christendom. This is no joke or conspiracy for the facts within this reality bears this all out while they still exist.

Make no mistake America even the people now sitting on the US supreme court today are our dire enemies. They are pagan Jesuit and heathen Jew comrades who push a deceptive secular/relativistic anti-white, anti-Protestant, anti-christian, and an anti-American agenda based upon Talmudic/Kabbalist multi-cultural Marxism and Marxist Latin liberation theology. Since the pagan/heathen multi-cultural Marxist/liberation theological Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity now control most of our white christian sociopolitical and economic institutions voting is now a complete fraud. Even Trump is a Jesuit trained Jew pretending to be a white a protestant christian along with his latest supreme court pick. This is why we whites are now a minority globally and are also being made a minority within our own white nations = leftist genocidal social justice. The holy wars never ended.

The Latin universal church created by Simon Magus and their modern day Sephardic crypto-Jew Jesuit inquisitioners are not and never were christian. They sought to rob and over throw white Protestant christian western civilization even while killing off their white catholic parishioners since they were always a minority anyways = Leftist social justice = White and christian genocide.

The new litmus test one must take today in order to be called a new so-called American citizen within the neoprogressive Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic banking/corporate power structure being called a democracy is that one must partake in all manner of sin, vice, and skullduggery before they are allowed to be sworn in on the new leftist theology of multi-cultural Marxism/Liberation theology. Make no mistake white christian America all the mass immigration and fleeing refugees really represent a full scale invasion of all our white kindred nations, and is a leftist old brand of white and christian genocide being disguised as some twisted new form of harmless humanitarian democracy. One must swear to be anti-white protestant, anti-Christian, and anti-American in order to get free stuff and live within the new neoprogressive liberation theology utopia being spread within Zionist/Jesuit occupied multi-cultural Marxist America and other white christian nations facilitating leftist feminism, homosexuality, eugenics, infanticide, gender role reversal, racial role reversal, white genocidal race mixing, genocidal anti-white Christian mass immigration, dark hedonistic self-eradication indoctrination, government dependence, government centralization of all wealth, business, resources, and power…

Racism is a leftist subversive substitution for natural racial and religious competition that leads to spiritual and material domination or superiority through gaining control of national institutions, land, wealth, and resources. Racism is basically a leftist cover-word for one race and creed trying to , rob, supplant, and subvert another with as little opposition possible.

For example: I see too many ignorant and stupid white girls who think they are liberated and smart for shacking up with hedonistic Africans and other enemy dark skinned minorities that treat them like idiotic little kids who need to be completely controlled and told what to do every second or else. Many hapless minority zombified white women/girls act like it’s fun normal behavior to be a helpless minority spectacle and never rebel against their dark skinned masters for fear of reprisal but when alone the stupefied women/girls will try to act normal and in control of themselves when they are really psychological train wrecks who role play for personal justification and to get money for their dark masters in a twisted attempt to save face for their racial treason. It’s apparent that our white women and girls really do need protection and defending because that is the way God made us all in spite of what our multi-cultural Marxist enemies espouse in order to rob and destroy us.


“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Black African Harvard Student Submits African ghetto jump rope rhymes/Rap Album As Senior Thesis…Serious asshat syndrome…Pew Research: Intermarriage in the U.S. 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia…Really ashamed of my white christian kindred people for being so genocidally ignorant…

The violation of God’s natural order for us to live by is the cause behind the moral and economic bankruptcy in our world today through the elite Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity’s multi-cultural Marxism devised at their Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism and its sister monster the Zionist/Jesuit Freudian Tavistock institute of mental warfare pushing Latin liberation theology behind the theft and destruction of white christian western civilization through dark pagan enemy immigration invasion and dark hedonistic miscegenation = White Christian Genocide or just Leftist Social Justice used to extinguish all of Christendom. White protestants and white catholics are almost an endangered species. No Joke or Conspiracy. Secularism is really paganism and heathenism = relativism. The holy wars never ended.

John Wayne organized a group of Christian actors to fight against the Red stranglehold over Hollywood in support of the House Committee. Wayne formed the ” Motion Picture Alliance for The Preservation of American Ideals.” He was joined by Hedda  Hopper and Charles Coburn (who became a leading member of the Mississippi White Citizens Councils). Other members included actors Ward Bond, Robert Taylor and Adolphe Menjou. On the other side, opposing the House Committee and supporting the communist writers were Humphrey Bogart, Clifford Odetts, Lauren Bacall, June Havoc and Danny Kay (all Jews!) Marxism – A Racial Movement “An Empire of Their Own – How The Jews Invented Hollywood”is a book by Neal Cabler available from your hookstore. Gabler tells the story of a group of Jewish refugees who fled Russia when it was under the Christian Czars because they banned such “Jewish business practices ” as money-lending at usurious interest rates. We are dealing with deadly enemies my friends.


13 Friday, March 21st: The Washington Post reports that three State Department contract employees breached the passport files of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain. Two of those employees are fired. Multicultural Subversion and Treason. Evidence that has emerged in recent months regarding long-standing ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and high-ranking members of our government – both past and present. History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government. Foreign subversive Obama with his communist manifesto and friends. Cloward and Piven were both Jewish as was their acknowledged principal inspiration Saul Alinsky…leftist conceptual change indoctrination for academic radicals.


This article discusses the fact that Obama was chosen to purposely destroy the American economy. In order to discuss this goal, Obama was to employ two strategies so that he could eventually achieve his prime directive which was to economically destroy the United States. Obama subsequently drew from his experiences derived from the days of his communist laden youth experiences which culminated in Obama following the strategy of Cloward and Piven and the Weatherman Underground which were both designed to collapse the U.S.


Without Soros and the Shadow Party, Barack Obama would be, at best, a senator from Illinois attending social gatherings with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and sitting in the pews of black liberation theologist Reverend Jeremiah Wright. At worse, he’d be an unremarkable and unheard of state senator. Instead, Barack Obama is the President of the United States.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, in which President Obama told him that he was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.

Read more…

Multicultural Genocide of White Protestant America 1


“The Protestant Christian religion is the religion of our (American) country. From it are derived our prevalent notions of the character of God, the great moral governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions.”

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ…colossians 2:8, KJV…

Jesuit and Feminist EducationIntersections in Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-first Century$

The deception is at an all time high today in all of Christendom with our enemies controlling the content and printing of reading materials. The cultural Marxist/Liberation theologian genocidal miscreants rewrite, misinterpret, take out, and add to biblical scriptures at will in order to make a god out of a son of mankind who is the only redeemer connecting us back with our creator, changing the Saturday Sabbath day God said for us to remember as a mark upon those who stay true, to destroying non-Jews, enslave mankind to antichrist governments of men, to misrepresenting the true house of Israel, misrepresenting Yahshua’s true tribal bloodline, to avoid God’s wrath for their sin in the endtime, renaming God’s holy days after pagan gods, and negating the Hebrew God’s holy laws in order to reflect Jew/Jesuit established Babylonian Kabbalist paganism. Our enemies also control what we see and hear through their dark heathen control of all media and forced multi-cult hedonistic schooling industries: Beware of the works of man’s hands…

Jesuit and Feminist Education: Intersections in Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-first Century…

Our once white protestant people and nation are in fact being raped, race mixed, robbed, and murder by our dark invading enemies. We are now a global minority and becoming minorities within the wealthy Christian nations we established.

Border wars: More Jew/Jesuit propaganda pushed on their global Talmudic TV networks to normalize our foreign speaking enemies now being placed into US uniforms to police their Jewish, Latin, African, and Islamic hordes invading our white protestant Republic in order to supplant, terrorize, race mix, and kill off our white protestant, and white catholic posterity.

A right-winger is actually a anti-Marxist just as a leftist is actually a Marxist today. Put all the pseudo leftist Zionist/Jesuit psychiatric analysis aside that is now practiced in neoprogressive anti-white and anti-Christian media and what we really are left with is the fact that many of the so-called acts of terrorism being committed by so-called right-wingers today are really acts of war against leftist regimes by anti-communists and anti-Islamic forces who actually constitute God fearing, Christ following, family protecting, and freedom loving nationalistic people who are willing to fight back against Satan’s Kabbalist legions that are committing genocide against them.

Furthermore, my blogs are not for the weak minded, closed minded, weak in spirit, or the weak of heart. My blogs are focused on the intentional genocide of white protestants, white catholics, and Christendom. Those who pretend that good, evil, and the grave don’t exist, or is escapable by pretending not to fear the reaper or putting their faith in religious traditions of man with secular absolutions are schizophrenic and sociopathic at best because all naturally infinite good virtues and unnatural finite wicked vices within our known reality do exist affecting our daily lives and thoughts even unto death and thereafter which is inescapable and only permanent for some…The virtues and pitfalls of God given free will.


This is part of my research on Economic and Multicultural Terrorism. It’s very extensive. I hope it helps you with your search for truth. About me: I am a proud white protestant, and I am not Jewish of any sort, nor Islamic. God is love and the truth is just the truth. Just because I point out the evil actions of a particular group of people does not make me anti-anything except for anti-evil and pro-truth. What all white christian nations are faced with today is not mass immigration or fleeing refugees but a full scale enemy invasion disguised as a form of twisted leftist benevolent democracy constructed upon multi-cultural Marxism/Liberation theology. I’m not blind nor deaf in spite of the leftist Zionist/Jesuit neoprogressive cultural Marxist indoctrination taking place today within our once white protestant and even white catholic schools, churches, media, and politics. Furthermore, I know my friends from my enemies and we whites and Christians here in the US have been surrounded and subverted by our enemies posterity who have hijacked us, and our nation with their mystery Babylon religions.

If war and revolution is extremism or terrorism according to those who are defining the terms then it must be common place in the history of mankind. Tyrants are extremists and those rebelling are also extremists under such leftist psychology behind the cultural Marxist terminology being used today to suppress the masses, destroy the Christians, and white racial majorities through multicultural subterfuge, subversion, infiltration, supplanting, apathy, attrition, terror, force, divide, conquer, and genocide. In a couple links below offers a good example of the leftist psychological subterfuge being use to rob, supplant, and destroy white homogeneous christian nations through more so-called assimilated diversity by down playing the natural national rights found within a sovereign majority’s manifest identity…Leftist Genocidal CRAP! Take back your nation white christian America for the sake of your posterity.


As a result of Zionist/Jesuit cultural Marxism within our white Christian nations many of our women, men, and kids have become dependent on politically correct (PC) thinking, and corrupt leftist government money in one form or another with the real freedom and equality existing in such unnatural and nefarious relationships within the leftist hedonistic multicultural whoring, enslavement, supplanting, and genocide of our women, men, and children. Many of our white males and females run around town today under the influence of mind and mood altering substances while dropping out of schools, losing jobs, acting like African hoodratz, race mixing, committing crimes, and just sitting on their arses playing games with no ability to work and survive on their own. The mass influx of dark skinned enemy coreligionist immigrants are wreaking havoc upon us all and our potential to have and defend our own kindred national posterity. Even the Trump family are Jesuit trained Jews along with Donald Drumph’s supreme court pick.

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Miscellaneous Info on White Genocide 4

My lung cancer is now officially in remission, my friends. I no longer need Chemo. God does Miracles.

Equality = White Replacement = Largely White Males Replaced by Women and People of Color in all areas of White Society even within our Christian churches all contrary to God’s word = White Genocide.

Assimilation is a Lie = Slow infiltration, supplanting, and eradication of your race, creed, culture, posterity, and national homogeneous identity. Pushed today by the cultural marxist/liberation theological Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity.

Matt Walsh on “The Unholy Trinity”! This is Really Good! -The first liberal was Lucifer!

Undeniable Proof Jews Are Committing White Genocide.

This is Blatant commie/fascist TREASON! Bankrupt our communities and Republic by sending our jobs, businesses, farming, personal employee investments, and employee benefits to offshore dictatorships, anti-American corporate multinational holdings, and private accounts within anti-American central banks; Bankrupt our communities and Republic by conducting a mass third world domestic invasion; Transform our communities and Republic by multicultural exploitation and subversion of dominant culture’s race, religion, and form of government through negligent tolerance and diversity. Obama’s last failed state of the union was underlined in his speech in which his promises to “build the middle class” applies primarily to Federal workers…SEIU….

Government workers cost 45% more than private sector workers… The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 1: Motorvehicle Insurance Scammers.

Our white protestant nationalism was infected with a ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxist/liberation theological virus supported by leftist pseudo long winded articles and theses amounting to nothing more than neoprogressive anti-white Protestant subterfuge used to rob and destroy white Christian western civilization.

What the Founding Fathers Really Thought About Race…Let’s Get This Right: Jews Aren’t White!

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century world, democratization had its best chance for success in the United States. There the links between the polity and the economy were much more limited and truncated than anywhere else, thus satisfying another major condition for democracy. The elites did not get their economic advantages from a powerful controlling state, but rather from the land and other possessions. The United States had by far a larger middle class, mainly small property holders, than any other country. Its Protestant sectarians, Puritans, Pilgrims, Congregationalists, Baptists, Quakers, Reformed and others–more important there than elsewhere–gave the country greater emphasis on literacy and education.

Even though Seymour Martin Lipset was a marxist Zionist his article on this subject of early America is constantly being removed or partially blocked on the web. Sorry for the interference from the cultural marxist ZioJesuit haters of our white Protestant history.,+democratization+had+its+best+chance+for+success+in+the+United+States.+There+the+links+between+the+polity+and+the+economy+were+much+more+limited+and+truncated+than+anywhere+else,+thus+satisfying+another+major+condition+for+democracy.&source=bl&ots=O0oRQ1QVke&sig=AvJ3MYZdkqvr6nnPIUKhyJsuim4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjKoJiHwd7TAhWD34MKHaz1AjYQ6AEIIzAA#v=onepage&q=In%20the%20late%20eighteenth%20and%20early%20nineteenth%20century%20world%2C%20democratization%20had%20its%20best%20chance%20for%20success%20in%20the%20United%20States.%20There%20the%20links%20between%20the%20polity%20and%20the%20economy%20were%20much%20more%20limited%20and%20truncated%20than%20anywhere%20else%2C%20thus%20satisfying%20another%20major%20condition%20for%20democracy.&f=false

Mainstream media conspiring with Google to rig all search results and silence dissenting views… Google becomes “fake search”…5 Major Revelations Lapdog Media is Covering Up with Fake Russian Hysteria…

Just leftist media trying to manipulate our perceptions of reality by making false statements.

Here Are 12 Times Liberal Democrats Refused To Impeach Barack Obama After He Broke The Law… Amazing! Chief FAKE NEWS admits Democrats lied to America to sell Obamacare…

Every Time I Try To Be Mad At ZioJesuit Trump, The Marxist Talmudic Media Pull Me Back…

President Mike Pence The Zionist/Jesuit Not Far Away…

UK & US BANKSTERS FUNDED the Rise of the Nazi Third Reich = Deliberately to foment against the spread of Jewish USSR Communism and to foment BANKSTER WAR FOR LOOTING…

All Power to the Banks! The Winners-Take-All Regime of Emmanuel Macron…

Jewish Wicked Bankers since year 3 A.D., through Poland 1025-1945, 1945 until today USA…

U.S. State and Local Governments Hiding $3.8 Trillion in Debt…The old guard simply refuses to hand over the financial system so it will have to be replaced…

Jew “Beastie Boys” the True Beasts against White Species…

ACLU the legal strong arm of thecultural marxist ZioJesuit “shadow government”…

Stuttgart’s green OB on the side of Erdogan’s agent … Zionist/Jesuit run Germany confiscates private homes for ‘migrants’…

San Diego: Citizens shame school board over terror-linked, pro-Islam public school policy (video)…

“The country is dying because of a lack of men, not a lack of programs.” —Codreanu

Feminists’ “Three Tactics” Still Used Today… The Priority of Family Connection… US Army Indoctrinates Leaders to Respectfully Accept Transgenderism…

Segregated: White Students Banned From Student Lounge At D.C. University: “Nothing More Important Than Being A ZioJesuit Multi-Cultural Marxist Racial and Pagan Religious Cesspool…

Video: Detroit Before and After Blacks (1950-Present)…Local Communities Are Disappearing…

Putin offers Washington red pill. Washington takes the blue one… Could Soros be the catalyst that finally collapses the US dollar? …

ZioJesuit Bolsheviks calling ZioJesuit Trump a commie? Really? Scholar: Assault on Trump is greatest threat to our country?

Immigration Arrests Up 38 Percent Under Trump…

Backstabbing multi-cultural Marxist Zionists/Jesuits Happy Seeing Whites a Minority…Pew Research: Intermarriage in the U.S. 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia…

Trump just another slick talking anti-white Christian America Zionist/Jesuit Marxist subversive. Floods our nation with more enemies.

Black African Harvard Student Submits African jump rope rhymes/Rap Album As Senior Thesis…Serious asshat syndrome.

Illegal immigrant caught serving as a judge…News site removed.

Nordic Frontier #19: Privileged Anti-Whites, Integration Malaise and Point No. 7 Continued… Missouri Medical School Punished for “Too Many Whites”… AUSTRIAN town refuses to accept any more Muslim refugees since Muslim refugees brutally gang raped a 15-year-old girl…

White German Reparations to Jews: How much should Jews reparations for 1,000 years of White Polish slavery? … Ukraine’s Anti Russian Stance Is a Zionist Masterplan By Sheikh Imran Hosein… Anti-Christian pogrom underway in Ukraine…while there is ongoing the genocide…

Lew Rockwell on Confederate Statues…

George Soros the Jewish Nazi/Bolshevik Still Quietly Buying District Attorneys’ Seats…

I see the cultural Marxism/liberation theology behind the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic cartel’s theft and destruction taking place globally to eradicate white Christian western civilization and Christendom overall. I see the mass enemy immigration as an enemy orchestrate invasion of our white Christian nations and communities with dark hedonistic miscegenation also being used a form of Marxist racial self-eradication theology that is nothing more than a twisted form of leftist genocidal social justice where Jesuit created Islam is being used to help the Zionist/Jesuit perpetrators destroy us all within their modern counter reformation/new age inquisition.

Ancestry: Talmud, Poland & Jews – 1016, “The Iron Curtain Over America” (Dr. Pierce)…Wikileaks and How Israel Enslaved the British*…

There are plenty of subversive enemy agents here on the web and all over the US. It’s overwhelming actually…Treasonous ZioJesuit marxist Colorado governor pardons felon to stave off deportation…

How to Create White Racists … White Genocide Celebrated At Eiffel Tower! …

British Jews in the first world war: spirit of the Maccabees…

Gawroński War Information…Arming the Enemy…

War Crimes in Gaza (English Speaking Video)… At Least 20 Dead And Many More Injured After Bombs Go Off At Ariana Grande Concert…


Evil Blacks Kill White People All The Time Just Driving…

Mongrel Nation…


France: Macron, President of the Elites and Islamists… Jewish Young Turks Were Murderers!

NATO Conducts Drills in Poland… Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: The future Jewish power center of the world?

The Push Is On, Free Money For Everyone As The System Breaks Down…

The marxist indoctrinated Antifa idiots are working to help dark skinned minorities steal their posterity and nation from them.

Giorgia Meloni: “OUR identity should be defended first and foremost!”

How we are tricked into fighting FOR the communist Jew World Order…das ist die zukunft fur unsere kinder in Europa…The Greatest Generation – Murdoch Murdoch.

If Africans or other people of color would have been mass murdered in Vegas instead of mostly white Christians at a country concert we would all be hearing about it night and day all over Talmudic TV and radio for a year on how evil and malicious whitey is…Kill Whitey! Lame stream news should really be called selective human events…

Mostly women on the web like the self-eradicating whoring of themselves and their ancestors to the ignorant third would wannabe like whites and dark skinned multi-cultural marxist enemies of white western civilization = Race Traitors.

Jewish holohoax propaganda is a ZioJesuit weapon used against white Christian western civilization in order for the leftists to infiltrate our white Christian nations and push their anti-white psychologically self-eradicating cultural marxist white genocide.

Racial Nationalism is not hate, racism, and war though they can go together. All racial groups tend see their race as naturally stronger, better, safer, nurturing, and tend to stick to their own kindred except when trying to destroy another through race mixing as a method of warfare: Racism is a Jewish bolshevik coined word used to rob and destroy white Christian western civilization through elitist ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxism/liberation theology: Racism really means Supremacy because it involves the exploitation of the natural competition that exists between the races and creeds that enables one group of people to steal the wealth, resources, and power of another group of people through deception, terror, and force for ones own personal, tribal, cultist, and Supremacist interests. Racial Nationalism simply means wanting and having your own turf for your racial and religious kindred to call home. Is that hate or racism?

VNN Forum: Jews at work: White Nationalism is a THREAT to America! Soros Transfers $18 BILLION To His Open Society Foundations…Cultural marxist ZioJesuit red mafia centralizing wealth for full assault against what is left of our white Christian western civilization…

I am waiting for the anti-white Christian ZioJesuit multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology to back-fire on white liberals and Democrats when non-whites decide that they do not want any Whites to represent them in Congress or head their organizations anymore.

“Protestantism—We would draw and quarter it. We would impale it and hang it up for crow’s meat…

No! Affirmative action did not fail. It is working just great as intended to rob and destroy white Christian America. Its biggest benefactors are Jews and women…

I find that old westerns are riddled with fake white Jewish cowboys and push marxist multi-culturalism using people of color under the guise of free enterprise, freedom, love, law, and order…

It doesn’t matter because you dumb whites already let the Jew/Jesuit/Islamic enemy in your communities, schools, businesses, media, and government. Bend over and kiss your white asses goodbye.

Have you ever been in a house of God and actually praised your creator, prayed, and sought forgiveness for your wickedness? Have you taught your kids to love God and seek his will, ways, wisdom, and strength? Or did you teach your kids to smoke dope, act like perverted devils, deviants, mischievous idiots, promiscuous clowns, habitual liars, and foulmouthed criminals hidden behind their new hedonistic gods of self-gratification, secular pagan government dependence, and their sanctioned heathen culture of eternal death?

Christians are not exempt from the workings of the beast and its false prophet. Christians are just people trying to make it in an evil world like anyone else. Not all Christians are Talmudic TV parrots. Stop avoiding the questions I asked with liberal logic rhetoric…They Killed the Tsar – Now the Globalists Target Putin…

What a bunch of ZioJesuit cultural marxist psychological horseshit. Whites being attacked and shamed for having and defending their white nation…Lock N’ Load! Leave our white kids alone within our white Protestant and white catholic built schools you dark skinned enemy commie bastards. We will not be replaced without a fight. Go find your minority privilege in China and see where that gets you all. White nationalism is not a privilege…It is Earned.

The Star Of David Deception…Egyptian Government Weekly: Treason and Deception are in the Blood of the Jews.

Morality has nothing to do with your idea of well being in your godless sense other than a delusional attempt to avoid consequences for your immoral actions that inevitably have a negative impact on yourself, others affiliated with you, and society as a whole.

Actually, a SENSE of well being or discontent come from ones moral or immoral beliefs, actions, and levels of comfort or discomfort in life or even afterlife manifestations as a result. Can’t put the cart before the horse unless you want the horse to push it backwards…

No. people of color are not my brothers and sisters. Just fellow human beings with many differences good and bad. You watch too much cultural marxist enemy Talmudic TV. People of color represent neighboring people and countries to me. When they come to my country violating our boundaries for our habitats in order to overthrow, rob, rape, supplant, and kill my kindred people: in order to eradicate our race, creed, culture, posterity, and nations then they are my enemies. People are not white, Christian, nor American just because they nefariously come here whether legal or not, get brought here by our enemies, get born here for evil intent, and the rogue leftist government allows the invasion.

Street people would not want to be on camera at the welfare office unless paid is my guess. And, then there are the Soros type people who get paid to meet an agenda that is anti-white and anti-Christ most always to my knowledge. Usually, white girls who are poor and race mixing have little problems getting any kind of government assistance or benefits around here. The dark skinned immigrants drive new to newer vehicles in this sanctuary city if that’s any indication of Obama’s anti-white ‘My Brothers Keeper’ type programs? I’m sure their are whites who get government assistance as well but have to jump through a lot of hoops and sell off what they own for the most part. Some get lesser food stamps and cash benefits than people of color and race mixers. White men have been under attack for years by anti-white Christian cultural marxist racial and feminist government affirmative action type policies and we are now a minority on many levels. Can’t get help either unless they have an address. Many do not want welfare because of drug and alcohol screening. They would rather sell drugs, steal, pimp out themselves and others. Can’t get ZioJesuit marxist media honesty on any of this anti-white subversion, supplanting, genocide, and treason.

Uncle Sam Poster Outrages Liberals: ‘Don’t apologize for being white’…

Whites always being labeled supremacists instead of nationalists by the cultural marxist dark skinned supremacists who are actually trying to eradicate whites is oxymoronic.

Throw them back over the fence with an humanitarian lunchbox and maybe they will get the message. White America is for white Americans…

Colorblindness is cultural marxist white genocide. Only idiots would claim such self-eradicating theology. You should not mix white protestant ethics with that of our dire ZioJesuit enemies liberal idioms meant to destroy white Christian western civilization. God is not colorblind and neither am I nor my enemies. About the dumbest thing on the planet.

Merkel is a Jewish Bolshevik pushing anti-white Christian cultural Marxism just like her commie ancestors. Soros is probably one of her relatives just like with Trump. She got reelected for the same reason we in the USA only get to vote for a couple of people who are either a left or a right ZoJesuit cultural marxist sockpuppet. Soon, the foreign enemy subversives will probably try to put another Muslim in our Whitehouse to let us know we are finished as a white Protestant Christian Republic and make you all feel good about it, too.

Int’l Jewish Plan to Exterminate the White Race – Dennis Wise…

So, all actions of defense and war is based on hate rather than righteous anger over obvious subversion and attacks on oneself and others? People do love their enemies though they must kill them in defense of their own kindred or others not capable of defending themselves. So, our citizens, militias, and military operate on hate if they defend themselves?

Would Jewish Bolshevism be more to your liking for mass murdering 66 million white Christians in Russia? How about 100 million white protestants mass murdered by the Sephardic Spanish Jesuit inquisition, Muslim marauders, and Jewish white slavers? Today we have the cultural marxist/liberation theological Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity waging a genocidal new age inquisition mass murdering white Protestants, white Catholics, and Christendom. Whites now only represent a 1-7 billion global population ratio and declining daily. Vegas and ZioJesuit owned NFL a good example of the war on whites.


So, you think the elite cultural marxist ZioJesuit red mafia and their homicidal Islamic puppet henchmen who are pushing enemy mass migrant invasions and self-eradicating miscegenation upon the white Christian people and their nations are just idiots who need to grow up?

VIDEO: Zionist Lobby Admits Mass Immigration Is a Priority…

Racism is a ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxist word being used to rob and eradicate white Christian western civilization = Leftist White genocide social justice. Can’t be one when we are becoming none…

Invaders create debt, crime, and national deterioration as past history proves. The cat said to the mouse…Free Cheese…

Immigrants and Their Children Now Account for a Record 60 Million in US…Just invasion, white genocide, and treason…Hate Anyone?

Meanwhile In Sweden, Crime Hits All Time Highs…

It is all a scam against white Christian America. The ZioJesuit cultural marxists are all united in eradicating white Christian America…Fake News! It is all race, creed, and politics…Always has been.

You must always remember that the cultural marxist ZioJesuit controlled war machine creates the wars, crises, and migrant/refugee invasions for their father the devil in order to kill you whitey.

White Christian nations new apostate future…Submit or be beheaded and imprisoned…complements of your ZioJesuit cultural marxist masters…

Worth dying for white Christian America? Stand against all enemies foreign and domestic whether it be the synagogue of Judah or Mohammed?

The elite secular pagan Jews, kabbalist crypto-Jew Jesuits, relativistic heathen crypto-Jew Muslims, and Talmudic christian Zionists are one and the same beast. ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxism/liberation theology = Leftist white genocide social justice using Muslim mass murderers..

Knock and the door shall be opened…Ask, and all things will be made known unto you…Even if you are the only one to stand out alone from amongst the multitude, you will be the only one saved…

Twitter blocked my tweet to you Mr. Molineux and Mr. Alex Jones the other day concerning your comments exposing your Jewish roots and bias toward our white Protestant Republic being invaded, robbed, supplanted, subverted and killed off by the multi-cultural marxist/liberation theological Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity waging their new age inquisition against us within all our white Christian nations today = Leftist white genocidal social justice. White catholics are also being eradicated as collateral damage in this old holy war or ZioJesuit elaborated counter reformation started by the Latin universal church many moons ago. This all adds up to one big crime against humanity and God.

I like a lot of the videos you both have put out concerning the current state of affairs here and elsewhere though you both still skirt issues where the rubber hits the road on white genocide and those behind it. Mr. Jones did however admit to the white genocide taking place globally but did not name those pushing it. Tribal loyalty seems to supersede genocide.

“The defense of one’s self, justly called the primary law of nature, is not, nor can it be abrogated by any regulation of municipal law. This principle of defense is not confined merely to the person; it extends to the liberty and the property of a man … it extends to the person of every one, who is in danger; perhaps, to the liberty of every one, whose liberty is unjustly and forcibly attacked.” ~James Wilson (1791)

“Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence.” ~Joseph Story (1833)

Gays Acknowledge their Lifestyle is Toxic…

I identify these sexually perverted devils as the product of the cultural marxist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity that is working together to rob, supplant, and destroy white Christian western civilization. We can’t let these new age inquisitors control the truth or the message like they are currently trying to do with the anti-white Christian, African dominated national NFL teams.

Homosexuals are not like me our you…they are unnatural self-eradicating and self-mutilating sexual perverts. A mental disorder in spite of the cultural marxist Jew shrinks pushing their phony anti-white Christian mental science on the world.

Race Mixing: is whoring yourself and your ancestors out to the enemy under the guise of love that ultimately destroys your own kindred people and nation = Treason.

Race Mixing: is racial and spiritual warfare. There is no real cuteness or beauty within the amalgamation of racially different people through miscegenation when it is, in fact, racial distortion, unnatural ugliness, offensive, race baiting, and abominable.

The Jewish Role in the Porn Industry…

Did I hurt your feelings? I do not have to accept anything I do not want to or find anything cute about others irresponsibility within their self-eradicating life choices.

Skin color is just as big a part of a persons identity and the who, what , and where of it all. Africans have a racial manifest identity as do all the other races whether you leave the lights on or not… Mongrels fall in between the lines and is an abomination in the house of God.

Actually, the real scientific evidence shows very minimal evolution if any at all and minimal race mixing since creation. The proof is right in front of your eyes. If God were colorblind then we might all been created the same. The different races still exist after thousands of years. God made each kind/race/species for his good purpose and pleasure and said not to mix things up. God set boundaries for each of our habitats and violation of these creates cultural conflict and war.

There may have been biological adaptation to environment internally and externally but external skin color was never really a factor in spite of the false claims of evolutionists. The hair would still be falling off the different types of monkey today as they depart the jungle. A hairless evolved spider monkey might then be called a chinaman…lol…

The tower of Babel was a collective attempt to overthrow God and undo what he created in the beginning. God cursed them and confused their language to were they scattered back to the boundaries set for their habitats in the beginning never to be one people or nation again for iron and clay does not mix and will not stick together. God created all kinds/races/species in the beginning setting boundaries for each of their habitats telling them to be fruitful and multiply without cross mixing his creations. God set his people aside to be without spot or blemish for the bridegroom.

The Vegas shooting main objective was to take the focus off the multi-million (Billion) dollar NFL and the overall sporting industry. Proof is in the fact that not one news web site or news media outlet that I know of has made the inference or connection publicly…Shhh..

Jews celebrating Las Vegas Massacre – Another happy Jew glad whites are DEAD!

I hear absolutely nothing of intelligence or of importance in rebuttal. No info what so ever…Get an education and stop being repetitively ignorant my friends. What is the topic about anyways?

Prove what I have presented wrong instead of parroting …What? Confirmed by who?

A direct link and powerful motive behind the anti-white NFL events and the anti-white Vegas shooting event where billions of dollars and the complete overthrow of white Christian America is at stake. Common sense and good reasoning by connecting the dots = Smoking Gun.

Almost every post I have made proves it to be a true insight based on public evidence I presented. Apparently, many have not read many of them…

Like here in the US the German people do nothing to defend their families and nation. They just keep parroting their enemies hoping they change their minds or become their saviors…Sucks for whitey.

NFL anti-white America protests = A bunch of white Christians shot to pieces at a white country music concert by enemy trained and armed scumbags. Makes sense to me. Whites lose again while rich AshkeNazi Jews, Sephardi Jesuits, and their Muslim employees make millions off of taking attention way from their anti-white Christian NFL, NBA, and MLB…etc.

According to much of the evidence existing within multiple articles posted across the web and media. Much of what I stated on Vegas event is just common sense and reasoning and is just as close to the facts as one can get in this day of cultural marxist socialized treason, neoprogressive misinformation, and leftist ZioJesuit facilitated white Christian genocide. What are your facts and what are they based upon without parroting some web site story Sherlock?

I believe that some of the Vegas events may be used to establish that it was a leftist facilitated black ops meant to take attention away from the anti-white America NFL events that will cost the cultural marxist ZioJesuit gaming empire millions in lost revenues and in keeping us goy asleep with their Talmudic hedonistic nonsense…

Bottom Line Of Tax Cuts: Expansion Of The U.S. National Debt: More marxist ZioJesuit bankrupting & subversion of white Christian America = Business as usual.

French Mayors Panic As Migrants Overwhelm Cities, Beg Macron for Help…Call for the formation of armed citizen militias and open up the armories…FIGHT!

Yet President Trump has acted no differently from any other president when it comes to bowing before the idols of political correctness and multiculturalism…

When Dignity Is Lost: Trump threatens to cut aid to U.N. members over Jerusalem vote…

The leftist ZioJesuit madmen and their Islamic puppets think that by wiping out white Protestantism and Christendom their religion will somehow become true or valid.

How Muslims and Marxists delivered Alabama for Doug Jones …Multi-cultural marxist people of color use Christianity and our white Christian sociopolitical system to rob and destroy us.

2G Scam & The House Of Rothschild…

Dr. Duke Exposes Zionist Lies About Syria, Lebanon and Iran & Why the Jewish Deep State & Media Hates Russia!

I don’t like feeling like I’m in a foreign country when I go outside in any town or city built by my white Protestant ancestors here in America. It is BS and straight up white genocide and treason!

A new survey finds anti-white Christian Ziojesuit, cultural marxist Democrats, non-whites, non-Christians & youth to be least patriotic…

At some point in your childhood, you and your friends went outside to play together for the last time and nobody knew it.

Why on earth would anyone post a picture of this Jewish Bolshevik, Vladimir Lenin, who mass murdered hundreds of million white Christians? His Jewish Bolshevik sidekick Leon Trotsky coined the word ‘racism’ to be used as a tool of cultural inversion to rob and eradicate white Christian western civilization using the psychosociological Jews of the Frankfurt school of cultural marxism and its sister Talmudic beast the Freudian Tavistock Institute of mental warfare.

The liberal ZioJesuit run cultural marxist monstrosity just wants to completely rob, replace, and eradicate whites Christian America through dark hedonist race mixing warfare, mass dark enemy migration/immigration invasion, and leftist self-eradicating feminism theology = Progressive white genocidal social justice.

Żydzi palą głupa w Sejmie Okupacyjnym czyli diabelski ogień w Naszym domu !

Dreaming of A “White” Christmas?

Rothschild’s 25-Point Plan For World Domination – Nationalist Truth/New World Order Satanic Truth: Videos…

Disgusting Ritual Evil Of The Elite Exposed…

Today, tax cuts just mean the rich get richer along with their social control, mental, and policing agencies. Our main economic infrastructure is blown out and what is left here is foreign-occupied. All small business fails within 7 years today as a result. How big is the deficit and why?

Jerusalem may have been the capital of pagan kabbalist Judah but not of Israel in the northern 10 tribes who exiled Judah. Judah had part of Levi and Benjamine tribes with Judah in the south.

Today the Roman Catholic church calls the Jews the ‘elder brother in faith’ when in reality they are the elder brother who rejected the faith, the law and the birth-right, and has been covertly at war with us ever since.

Review: The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews – Part One…

Top ten conspiracy theories that turned FACT in 2017…

Rightwing Extremists (Real White Protestants and Christians) Are The Happiest People In America…


The True History of Christmas & How a Real Grinch Stole it!

“Protestantism—We would draw and quarter it. We would impale it and hang it up for crow’s meat…

Marc Zuckerburg, you and you’re foreign anti-white Christian commie rats have been milking our white Christian civilization dry because of our belief in Christ. So, shove it tard. Give back what don’t belong to your parasitic Satanic Talmudic tribe before we have to take it back regardless of your Nazi anti-white Christian cultural marxist ZioJesuit propaganda. Either way G-d said your kabbalist days are numbered.

What pure anti-white Christian ZioJesuit cultural marxist horsecrap hidden behind their liberal mass murdering Jewish Bolshevik anti-white Nazi propaganda aimed at robbing, supplanting, and eradicating white Christian western civilization. The author is a ZioJesuit cultural marxist sockpuppet. I guess Jared and his Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic clique want to get back onto Twitter…

Autobiography: First Protest March to Washington DC, 1894, Coxey’s Army -2-…my grandfather was in this army…

The Diabolical History of The Society of Jesus…Purposing to sicken White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Protestant American people…The Jesuit Inspired Boer Genocide in South Africa…Jesuit/Rothschild Deathblow to the World II. “We” want to Destroy Europeans, Create New European People Accepting Suffering, Poverty, China-low Wages”… Pope Francis: Pawn of Big Jewry and Promoter of White Genocide.

Whites are equal within their own culture and nations according to their own laws for peace and good order. Foreign races are foreigners even if the treasonous government says otherwise. If Africans want equality let them make it amongst their own kindred within their own homogeneous nations.

Angela Merkel and the Kalergi Plan – The Destruction of the White Race…Striking Similarity: 80 year Old “Nazi Propaganda” vs. Reality…Merkel is a Jewish Bolshevik whose ancestors Hitler was fighting against for mass murdering 66 million white Christians in Russia…

VIDEO: “The Messiah Will Return Only When The West Is Destroyed”…

Whites always being labeled supremacists instead of nationalists by the cultural marxist dark skinned supremacists who are actually trying to eradicate whites is oxymoronic.

US churches in America now pushing ZioJesuit cultural marxist White Genocide using our white Protestant Founders to do so…Satanic. In Charlottesville, VA, the violence of white supremacy visited our nation once again; its demonic presence has not been exorcised from us. From the founding of this nation until the present hour, the idolatry of whiteness has been a pro-death spirit within our republic.

Jews, Muslims and the oppression of rules…The Third leg of the beast’s unholy trinity…Cultural marxist/Liberation Theology of the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic red mafia…

There is no hatred more complete and no malevolence more fanatical than that held by the American political class for the American people. The commissar’s rage against the kulaks, the jihadist’s fury against the infidel, the inquisitor’s wrath against the unbeliever, all of this pales in comparison to the genocidal bloodlust Senators and Congressmen have against their own constituents.

McCarthyism & the House Un-American Activities Committee were not witch-hunts as RT is attempting to convey in this propaganda piece. No, they were real events plotted by Tribe members and their supporters (or ‘useful idiots’ as Stalin would say). If you have any doubts, watch this documentary entitled “Communist Infiltration of The United States.”

There are good cops and bad cops. If a person who is cuffed behind the back tries something stupid they must be restrained but I don’t think it appropriate to kick them in the head, beat them down or bounce their head off the pavement unless it’s absolutely necessary. Just mace them or Taser them if possible. Why become what you are policing? Barbaric! I know people do very dumb things and we are all sinners after all. Are we not our brothers keepers? Mercy and forgiveness are virtues and blessings.

Police are supposed to be trained to deal with people of all walks of life with good judgement and restrained hostility. After all, the average person is not trained in violence or combat. Can’t treat a wet noodle like a salami.

I don’t believe this anti-camera nonsense for a minute. The government don’t want cameras on cops, only on you without cops involved for many reasons. Government does not want their hands tied under any circumstance because when the cameras are on it does affect ability to act according to agenda. Just like people who become jail guards become sociopaths in short periods of time. The government put cameras in many jails and prisons but there are blind spots and some cameras can be turned off or easily tampered with. Criminal charges and law suits would flood the courts if the cameras actually caught even part of the deviant behaviors of government workers taking place throughout society. I experienced and have seen a lot in my life time and much of it not good. There are those who actually take great pleasure and pride in sin and violence

Actually, the cops and military kill more whites today competing with the Jewish Bolsheviks, Sephardi/Spanish Jesuit inquisitors, Muslim marauders, and Jewish slavers. Whites now a global minority and declining daily.

Never said I agree with our police being assaulted or killed especially by non-whites who think they have a right to kill whitey the devil, the oppressor. Our police should always defend their lives and fellow officers against real evil enemies foreign and domestic.

Many cops do not treat people with respect today and attacked people within their own homes and even on the side of a road. Some people even get crap planted on them. Cops have planted evidence against people on many occasions. Cops today kill more whites than any other race. Other races kill more whites. Men today have no established rights within the leftist family court system just as the family court is not constitutional. Men are targeted by and victimized by leftist domestic violence laws just as the so-called preemptive DWI laws are profit motive laws used to rape, rob, and pillage society for the most part. CPS is a lying feminist anti-patriarchy leftist mafia. In many courts today it is five cops against you and plea bargains are the norm. Courts and cops have blank checks to hang you with. The FBI and Internal affairs are a joke and rarely go after bad cops or prosecute them for their corruption unless it gets on TV involving non-whites. Most Juries are just trained automatons of the system who believe all are guilty just for the fact they are on trial. Cops, witnesses for the prosecution, and police informants are allowed to knowing lie on the stand. In other words a certain number of lies are admissible in trial. Some cops will threaten, harass, and set up political opponents in the community. Cops are not saints though we must have law and order the law should not be relativistic or elaborated into fiction.

This is how the ZioJesuit cultural marxist cartel gets white Christians to kill other white Christians with conviction…The war in Northern Ireland ( the Loyalists )…
Remember who all your enemies are America… Of Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale) — Part One…

Плохо, если эта книга учит евреев жить так, словно только они одни – люди, а остальные – не люди, а значит их можно обманывать, обкрадывать, убивать – в буквальном смысле стирать с лица земли, чтобы всё в этом мире досталось только одному народу – евреям.

Race, creed, and politics are the heart of all civilizations. The exploitation of the natural competition between the races (Jewish Bolshevik Trotsky’s racism) and their creeds is what our multi-cultural marxist ZioJesuit enemies are doing in order to rob and destroy white Christian western civilization using Islam and people of color to rob, supplant, and eradicate white Christians within their own nations. What is taking place in the name of diversity is shitty anti-white race baiting by a crypto-Jew Jesuit president and his anti-white Christian ZioJesuit administration. The troops being killed overseas are largely white Christians as usual being eradicated in ZioJesuit wars of attrition. White Protestants and white catholics are being eradicated globally along with Christendom. America was 98% white protestant and not a nation of immigrants as espoused by our enemies. My ancestors were settlers who came here to a wilderness escaping genocide in Europe by the same enemies we face today. So, all you foreign subversives who say differently can screw off and go straight to hell…Amen!

Would people feel better if the KKK or any other organized white defense group were just naked? Sticking up for your white kindred, creed, posterity, and nation is illegal, hateful, bigoted, racist, and crazy no matter what you wear within all our cultural marxist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic hijacked white Christian nations today.

Here in America Africans kneel to let whitey know his days are numbered. Everyone pretends it really means something else. ZioJesuit cultural marxist facilitated white Christian genocide. We will Supplant You!

This African Sheriff David Clarke is on the public payroll and getting media attention for being a supposed pro-white Christian America supporter…Really? Kinda like Trotsky pretending to not be an anti-white Christian Jewish Bolshevik…

I see Africans as dressed up pretenders out to rob and destroy white people and their nations just like all the other ZioJesuit controlled cultural marxist people of color invading our nations.

Progressive multi-cultural marxist Anti-Nationalism indoctrinates our white dominant race, creed, and culture to self-destruct through allowing mass enemy migrant invasion, self-eradicating dark hedonistic race mixing, and leftist white genocidal feminism = Liberal social justice.

Invaders create debt, crime, and national deterioration as past history proves. The cat said to the mouse…Free Cheese…

Doesn’t really matter at this point what the treasonous cultural marxists now working within our courts and government espouse today because they are the enemy of white Christian western civilization and the masks are coming off regardless. The cross represents the heart of our white Protestant people and our Christian nations historically. White Christian Genocide and leftist Treason is what it is all really about just like in Vegas and the ZioJesuit owned NFL. Secularism is Talmudic Babylonian Paganism.

But yet your convictions or beliefs have been forced upon you since birth without ever realizing it for the most part choosing what to keep and act out on based upon ingrained norms, mores, and laws. You did not grow up in a vacuum. Like a cop or soldier with constant drilling and enforced orders: Those who stick to the law as commanded under threat of force become slaves and those who will question the law, and ranking orders of apparent authority figures will act according to what they perceive as right action = Real Freedom. Those who are cowardly or fence sitters are usually the ones who get it first and the hardest losing all they hold dear. For evil to prevail over us takes good people to do nothing in defense whether indoctrinated by the enemy or not.

ZioJesuits cultural marxists are Using “The Holocaust” Against Us Whites…Did somebody say Hate? Immigrants and Their Children Now Account for a Record 60 Million in US…Just invasion, white genocide, and treason…Hate Anyone?

The REAL ”Secret Agenda” For America Is A Secret No More (2016)

The cultural marxist ZioJesuit pedophile masters who just love white gentile boys…Major Jewish Mag Admits Weinstein is a Jewish Racist Who Wants to Defile White People & White Women…White Genocide, The Ugly Face Behind It.

You must always remember that the cultural marxist ZioJesuit controlled war machine creates the wars, crises, and migrant/refugee invasions for their father the devil in order to kill you whitey…

Multiculturalism is Destroying America and Europe…

Never thought I would be on the other end of genocide with the way the cultural marxist ZioJesuit media presents whites as evil haters.

George Orwell A Final Warning…

I get free stuff from your cultural marxist ZioJesuit government to come here and squat…What happens after that is all good for me and not so good for you…

This is the real kabbalist/Talmudic spirit behind the multi-cultural marxism/liberation theology of the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity waging their new age inquisition against all white Christian nations and Christendom…

How to be delivered from Demons and Demonic Oppression – Derek Prince.

Worth dying for white Christian America? Stand against all enemies foreign and domestic whether it be the synagogue of Judah or a mosque of Mohammed?

More white Christians will be mass murdered by the cultural marxist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity now controlling and destroying all white Christian nations under leftist social justice.

US/NATO train Ukraine soldiers…

White Christian people must be completely retarded cowards…Not just brainwashed by the cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit brotherhood using Islam to obviously kill them off…Italians, Jews, Irish, Greeks, Slavs, and Indians: The Dual Identity of “Near-Whites”…

‎Executioners Ukrainians were Jews.‎..

Watch “Fabian Society and their Secret Agenda pt 2/2” on YouTube…

World-Wide Jewish Mayors…WHY IS AFRICA POOR…

Dr. Duke & Eric Striker Strip Bare the Naked Evil of Jewish Hollywood!

Report: FBI Wipes Phones & Laptops of Las Vegas Massacre Eyewitnesses…

Blaming White People for Multicultural Failures — New video from Mark Collett…

How the SPLC and ADL Taught Me Race Realism… Boy Scouts go dickless to support White Gendercide! – White GeNOcide Project…

I Have a Plan to Destroy America by Former Governor Richard Lamm, Democrat…

Trump Puts ‘Israel First’ Agenda Over American Interests…

“The defense of one’s self, justly called the primary law of nature, is not, nor can it be abrogated by any regulation of municipal law. This principle of defense is not confined merely to the person; it extends to the liberty and the property of a man … it extends to the person of every one, who is in danger; perhaps, to the liberty of every one, whose liberty is unjustly and forcibly attacked.” ~James Wilson (1791)

Take It From the Rabbi’s Mouth…Battle for Columbus Day-Part of the War on Whites…

A “New” White Nation Within America: Thinking About the Future of White People, and A Case Study in anti-White Activism…All because whitey was too stupid, and deceived by their multi-cultural marxist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy enemies to make a stand for their own defense, and survival. This does not end well or in heaven for whitey…Do I have to state why?

“Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence.” ~Joseph Story (1833)

The truth always makes some run away…God bless them all…

I’m a white Protestant nationalist just like my white Protestant ancestors who fought to build this Republic for the peace and protection of their posterity. Supremacists will enslave and kill off other races using deception, terror, and force to steal what they have while nationalists just want their own turf to call home for the peace and protection of their kindred.

The War on Whites – EXPOSING the Plan for White Genocide… Hate = White Genocide: European Union Demands Norway Take in More African Migrants for Race Mixing…

The War on Whites – EXPOSING the Plan for White Genocide…

God! Am I scaring white people with the truth of their heritage or what?

For 185 years, American culture was friendly toward Christianity. America was, in fact, considered a “Christian nation.” After all, America has never been considered an Islamic, Buddhist, or Hindu nation, even as it has never been a religionless nation. But for the last 50 years, sinister forces—from humanism, atheism, and evolution to social liberalism, pluralism, and “political correctness”—have been aggressive in their assault on the Christian religion. They have succeeded in gradually dismantling and supplanting many of the moral and spiritual principles that once characterized society. America’s religious, moral, and spiritual underpinnings are literally disintegrating.

The root of hate and hate crime laws: Mtv And Hate by Dr. William Luther Pierce… The Psychology Of Political Correctness by Dr. William Luther Pierce & MTV and Hate…

How The KGB Created Liberation Theology…

I think many liberal leftists today are just regurgitating old anti-white Marxist propaganda. Many Africans and other people of color today want to deface and destroy all things white. Just because they were used in wars doesn’t give them the right to overthrow our white Christian Republic with their own brand of ethnic marxist nationalism without a fight.

White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People…

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State… Stalin was a Jewish Moscow coffee house radical…I Just Reported this Netflix Video for Child Pornography…
The problem is whitey that all your dark skinned enemies are legal when the cultural marxist ZioJesuit scum now in your government say they are while you are being eradicated. Only self-eradicating mudsharks say they don’t care about skin color while screwing Africans and Hispanics…Photos: The Gangs of Latin America…Raza es cultura…

Media Silent as Study Finds Female Vets 250% More Likely to Commit Suicide than Female Non-Vets…

Either the German people are very stupid or the anti-white cultural Marxist ZioJesuit mass murderers control the elections like here in US and in Russia: Former communist youth leader, childless cat lady and open borders enthusiast crypto-Jew Angela Merkel has won another fake German national election, winning a fourth term as chancellor.

Two years before the ZioJesuit cultural marxist anti-white Protestant civil-rights revolution and anti-white immigration reform law a Gallup poll found that 72 per cent of Southern whites and 42 per cent of Northern whites still wanted to ban interracial marriage. Recently a startling number of nonwhites — especially Asian men and black women — have become bitterly opposed to intermarriage. 1990 Census found 72 per cent of black – white couples consisted of a black husband and a white wife. 72 per cent consisted of a white husband and an Asian wife. The civil-rights revolution left husband – wife balances among interracial couples more unequal. ZioJesuit cultural marxist/liberation theological indoctrination aimed at robbing and destroying white Christian western civilization.

Individualism And Alienation by Dr. William Luther Pierce…

You are quite the white race traitor whoring yourself and your ancestors out to our racial and religious enemies of color. Anti-white ZioJesuit cultural marxist self-eradication Indoctrination.

Why Guys Who Say They ‘Don’t See Race’ When Dating Are Lying…

Affirmative Action Is Great For White Women. So Why Do They Hate It?

Global Child Bride Racket Uncovered – 8 Muslim Sheikhs Arrested…

1,000 Years of Constant Wars for Poland…

Hurrah! Whitey is Waking Up! Fans are Burning their NFL Season Tickets on Social Media (Video)… White cultural Marxist indoctrinated trash who would kill their own for their paycheck.

Absolutely! You wont get much support from the anti-white Christian Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic cultural marxist NFL cheerleaders. The elite ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxists own the media and NFL. These ZioJesuit kabbalists push anti-white Christian invasion and dark heathen race mixing = Leftist white genocide. Supporting national sports in America today is equivalent to supporting your sociopolitical enemies who are replacing you.

The NFL = Anti-white Christian negro football league = white genocide. Not representative of white culture. Bad role model for white America.

We need to make the NFL white Christian American again and we would not have these overpaid terrorists publicly degrading us and getting rich.

White American sports were built for white American cities. Stop with the multi-racial nonsense. White Protestant America was 98% white protestant at one time and had laws against all other races and religion to protect their posterity from future inquisitors and slavery. The much touted “all men are equal” cliché is a Jew-invented fraud designed to level the White Race down to the level of the negroes and other dark races. Nature herself has decreed all species unequal as is obvious in the differences between the elephant and the mouse just cited. Not only are the species unequal, but individuals in the same species are also unequal. One elephant might be alert, strong, big and healthy. Another might be puny, sickly, weak of mind, and born a defective cripple. The same thing applies to mice, zebras, mountain goats, or walruses. Inequality is the Rule of Nature, not the Exception… It was the White man who built and seized the gateways of navigation at Suez and Panama and the St. Lawrence seaways. It was he who spanned the continents with railways and highways. It was the White Man who invented the telephone, the radio, television, computers, rocketry and a million other scientific marvels that make the backward dark races gasp in dumfounded amazement. But we have only scratched the surface of the White Man’s accomplishments when we mention these highlights. In any other field of endeavor whether it be building cities, producing food, producing housing, clothing or all the other accoutrements of the good life; whether we peruse the fields of language, literature, art, physics, chemistry, mathematics, invention or any of a thousand other endeavors that distinguish civilized man from animals, the White Man is so far ahead of the dark races there is no comparison…

From crypto-Zionist left-Bolshevism and right-Neoconservatism in the Diaspora, through naked Jewish national socialism in Israel, Judeo supremacist (Zionist) movements have murdered and terrorized millions in pursuit of a messianic, “Chosen Race” agenda. They will continue to kill until the Judeofascists and their agents, allies and accomplices are identified, exposed and isolated.

Homosexuals are not like me our you…they are unnatural self-eradicating and self-mutilating sexual perverts. A mental disorder in spite of the cultural marxist Jew shrinks pushing their phony anti-white Christian mental science on the world.

Gay-rights activists credit Jewish cultural marxist Dr. Spitzer with removing homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in the DSM in 1973…

What’s noteworthy about this is that the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses was not triggered by some scientific breakthrough…Feds Unconstitutionally Funding $600,000 LGBT Safe Zone With Your Money…

Dr. William Pierce – Why Feminism Means Genocide…

Psychiatry: Science or Fraud? Satanic Psychos Now Working To Normalize INCEST…

Alfred Kinsey, Jewish father of the sexual revolution. Kinsey was a homosexual, a pedophile, and a madman. His staff consisted of like-minded non-professionals who were touted as ‘experts’, and his subjects polled consisted of the dregs of humanity: psychopaths, rapists, pedophiles, sexual deviants, the mentally retarded, inmates of mental institutions, and criminals of all walks of life.

The Battle of Athens, Tenn 1946 – Fighting for Liberty, Restoring the Rule of Law…Fighting for the Republic not democracy as the subversive authors of many articles today revise.

Why America is a Republic, Not a democracy…

The Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎, “receiving”) is an occult gnosis, esoteric method and form of magic associated with the Jews. It emerged during the late 12th century in Spain and France and its most important text the Zohar was authored by Moses de León in the following century.

Dr. William Pierce – Talmudic Judaism…

If white Christian America does not purge the ZioJesuit cultural marxist scum from within their white Christian sociopolitical institutions immediately before their Republic is completely overrun with enemy invaders and anti-white people of color their non-history.

For 185 years, American culture was friendly toward Christianity. America was, in fact, considered a “Christian nation.” After all, America has never been considered an Islamic, Buddhist, or Hindu nation, even as it has never been a religionless nation. But for the last 50 years, sinister forces—from humanism, atheism, and evolution to social liberalism, pluralism, and “political correctness”—have been aggressive in their assault on the Christian religion. They have succeeded in gradually dismantling and supplanting many of the moral and spiritual principles that once characterized society. America’s religious, moral, and spiritual underpinnings are literally disintegrating.

The law if elaborated upon can become fictitious…

“A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” ~James Madison

Nonwhites Currently Enslave 40 Million Other Nonwhites…

The Jews have worked with the Muslims against whites many times…Spain: The Jews that opened the gates of Toledo… US Jews, Muslims Join Forces to Help Nonwhite Invaders in Europe…Islamic Muslim Terrorist Attacks are all made by Israel CIA…

Vaccine Expert: “We’ll Just Get Rid of All the Whites”… Raza es cultura…

VIDEO: Russia Taking Over Middle East – Protecting Israel…

I see how it is in reality…out in the streets and business world…Not good for white Christians at all.

Demonic Possession Today (Part 1 – 2)…

Trump Signs Anti White Slander Resolution…

Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion…

Wikipedia Editing Courses Launched by Zionist Propaganda Machine…

Racism is a Jewish cultural marxist/communist word invented to turn cultures upside down in order to rob, race mix, SUPPLANT, mass immigrate, and eradicate white Christian western civilization using people of color and Islam. The word racism really means the exploitation of the natural competition between rival races and religions by sticking them together under the same teepee and letting them fight for wealth, power, control, resources, and turf…

DNA Evidence Debunks the Out-of-Africa theory as liberal political correctness gone genocidal.

Who Commits Murder in America? 2017: More Whites Killed by US Police…Jewish Leftists: Covering Up Non-White Crimes…

Terrorist attacks and related incidents in the United States. Incidents attributed to the right are questionable where cops shot so-called perpetrators with no other injuries involved. Other incidents listed as right acts of terror are actually impostors working for the anti-white Christian left. Still, the number of events given to right activists are the minority in this record of events into 2017. I have noticed that in another article the liberal media attempts to coordinate with Trump to attack and maliciously label white America in order to justify their ZioJesuit facilitated cultural marxist white genocide taking place globally today using people of color.

University of North Carolina Continues Promoting Anti-Male Hate Propaganda…Meet Judah Benjamin — Rothschild’s Agent Who Ruled the Confederacy…

100 Jews Arrested in US Senate after Illegal Demonstration in Favor of Third World Invasion of America…Trump’s Fake News Awards List Heavy with Jewish Authors…

Many today in the world are sounding just like the malicious left who like to label all whites as supremacists instead of nationalists. Supremacists want to rob and rule over other people and their nations through terror, and force. Nationalists just want a nation of their own to call home.

Does Forced Integration Violate the Genocide Treaty?

Unequivocally YES, as I explain in the pages that follow. In this commentary I address the divine gene plan for our world, show why we must perpetuate it, even to the point of eliminating inferior and defective gene groups, and how forced integration interferes with the plan and violates the Genocide Treaty at the same time.

Our civilization has TWO burning problems with the genocide of integration:

1. Intentional destruction of the Caucasian (white) and northeast Asian (yellow) genome through admixture of Negroid (black) and American aborigine / non-white Hispanic (brown/red) genes.

2. Intentional destruction of the higher intelligence strata of all racial groups through admixture with genes of the less intelligent.

Prof. Nathan Abrams on Jewish dominance of the American porn industry… Rome as a state went bankrupt due to, among others, Jews. The same goes bankrupt, the European Union due to the same individuals…

“First Amendment . . . DOES NOT say that in every and all respects there shall be a SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE” ~Justice Douglas, Zorach v. Clauson, 1952

“Constitution DOES NOT require complete SEPARATION of CHURCH & STATE”- ~Justice Burger, Lynch v. Donnelly, 1984

“First Amendment DOES NOT demand a wall of SEPARATION between CHURCH and STATE” ~U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Suhrheinrich, ACLU v Mercer County, 2006

But the one event that led to the biggest return of refugees back to Syria was violently opposed by the US government:
Faustian Rome: The Indo-European Nature of the Roman Republic, Part 1 & 2 … Tyranny and Diversity in the Ancient World …εβραιο-σιωνιστικό-γενοκτονικό-ρατσι/

57.9% of Illegals Caught at U.S.-Mexico Border in FY17 Not Mexican; From 111 Other anti-white Christian marxist Countries…

It is immoral and anti-God to be anti-patriarchy…Make no mistake that such unnatural vulgarity has been used to rob and destroy all our white Christian nations through Satanic Jew/Jesuit multi-cultural marxism.

Many white and non-white Christians being murdered in all Muslim and Jewish run countries today. What is your answer for that?

Schumer is an anti-white Christian cultural marxist Jewish gun grabber pushing the great white replacement Jesuit liberation theology. White genocide through mass dark-skinned enemy immigration and self-eradicating race mixing = Leftist white genocidal social justice.

How the Jews Weaponized Blacks…Jews, Jesuits, Communism and Civil Rights…

The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, And Discoveries Of The English Nation, Volume XII, America, Part I…! #1.120 (PDF)…

Illegal Aliens Quietly Being Relocated Throughout U.S. on Commercial Flights…TREASON!!!!! LOCK N’ LOAD or continue to PARISH WHITEY!!!!!

For those who don’t follow my posts. The Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity are using cultural marxism/liberation theology to rob and destroy white Christian western civilization using enemy people of color as new age inquisitors.

Race, creed, and political dominance is the name of the game until Christ returns. Think life better under foreign occupation and oppression? You are getting only a taste of now.

Stop all immigration/migration into the USA NOW. Save white Christian America from any further foreign occupation, theft, replacement, subversion, invasion, and genocide.

Multiculturalism can only be applied through supremacism. Multicultralists are supremacists by forcing their ideology over all.

Multiculturalism – Official political ideology where several cultures are governed under one cultural administration. Multicultural supremacism is found where a single new culture can be created every time two or more other cultures are combined to form a single new culture. The two or more cultures that are absorbed into the single new culture are then forfeit. Only at best to be viewed as a derivative of an existing culture at a separate geographical and political location or an eradicated culture.

Anti-Germanic mass immigration: The Jewish multicultural façade and subsequent Terrorism…

Jesus died for everyone to have the choice of salvation and damnation. Who will accept God’s grace? How many pretend? The invasion of white Christian nations today has to do with Christ’s death and resurrection where our kabbalist enemies reject him and seek to destroy us in an attempt to prove their Talmudic religion as true. The US Republic is a white Protestant ethnic state currently under foreign occupation and invasion. There are many ethnic tribes and states who will be at the great white throne judgment. God made us all different with boundaries for our habitats. Only foreign subversives or enemies have a problem with our nation remaining white Christian.

The anti-white foreign invaders will never be American only supplanters who call themselves new Americans. This is why our white Christian Republic is bankrupt and ghettoized. God has a problem with mongrels for they are not allowed into his temple for up to 10 generations and forever. God set his people apart saying not to mix remaining pure and without blemish for the bridegroom. If you reject this then you are not a real American either. Our Republic was built by white Protestant biblical scholars for their posterity, not everyone else’s.

The manifest destiny of each race within mankind is for the various kinds and creeds to decide and fight for among their own kindred, tribes, and nations. God did set boundaries for each of our habitats and the violation leads to cultural conflict and war. Invasion is invasion which is a horse of another color so to speak.

It does make many of Spanish origin enemy subversives and combatants toward white Protestant America since many of their ancestors where in fact Spanish inquisitors who mass murdered millions of white Protestants during the Sephardic lead Spanish inquisition. People of Spanish bloodlines did not even register as a population within the US prior to the sixties in many early census. Our white protestant founders made laws against all foreign religious people who were especially non-white from coming into the new white Protestant Republic excluding their participation in government, business, and schooling to protect and preserve their white Protestant posterity from any further inquisitions, slavery, and genocide.

You will not turn on your own kindred tribe when the rubber hits the road unlike many cultural marxist indoctrinated whites today who no longer know how to fight without getting themselves messed up or killed. If I invaded your native tribe, land, or current living space I would expect a fight.

Deut.12: 29-32
29 When the Lord your God cuts off from before you the nations which you go to dispossess, and you displace them and dwell in their land,

30 take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed from before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise.’

31 You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way; for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods; for they burn even their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods.

32 “Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it.

Multiculturalism = Problem > Reaction > Solution… Is this what life would look like for American blacks if they returned to Africa? I’m told that I’m an official racist and yet I don’t necessarily think so.

Just more anti-white Christian propaganda hid behind Rothschild AshkeNazism in order to bury the fact that over two hundred million white Christians died in wars as a result of mass murdering Jewish Bolsheviks and cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit/Islamic subterfuge and subversion of white Christian nations that continues until today. Diary of Anne Frank fraud. 6 million dead fraud. Nothing but a lying synagogue of Satan serving their true god mammon.

The white population decline both nationally and globally today tells the truth of real events my friend. 1 billion whites left globally who are declining daily to 7 billion non-whites who are increasing daily. A snowflake on a puddle of mud.

American Jews and Muslims Join Forces to Help Non-White Migrants in Europe … AVAAZ THE CREEPY JEWISH NGO RUN BY A CREEPY HINJEW… George Soros’ Race War Is Satanically Inspired by the cultural marxist ZioJesuit cartel pushing anti-white Christian invasion into white nations…

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (544) Paul English – The Jew Refugee Invasion Of America Through Immigration And What To Do About It – Part 1… 44 Million Immigrants (Anti-white Invaders) Driving Down Pay for US Workers…

Listen to the truth whitey before you feel the jaws of the wolf upon your own throats personally: Brainwashing Our Children by Dr. William Luther Pierce…

I know that many do not realize that the information I post deals with the direct threats to whites and Christians globally. Ignoring what I post will not stop the menace to our very spiritual and physical existence or make it go away…quite the contrary.

AWKWARD: New DNA Analysis Reveals Original Native Americans Were White…

I do know Muslims are the lapdogs of the ZioJesuit red mafia who are using people of color to invade, rob, replace, race mix, and eradicate whites and Christian people and their nations globally by multi-cultural marxism/liberation theology. I believe your blame is not accurate.

Making AmeriKa Great Again: Trump Signs Into Law NSA Warrantless Spying Program … Spy on whitey just in case he wakes up and tries to take action by organized resistance to enemy invasion and racial eradication…


White Protestants built the best nations on earth and Christ’s enemies hate us all to the point of total eradication. Christ is a white Israelite from Nazareth that were largely white and his mom was a Levite, not a Jew. Joseph was a Jewish stepdad once removed after death. So-called Jews are matriarchal just like their Spanish Jesuit brethren. White Protestants are Patriarchal.

The past generations of white Christians are long gone in death. God and the Grim Reaper knows the fate of man from beginning to end. Only we, who fear no death, will come back to life! God and the Grim Reaper will side with us in completing our noble war against Zionism/Jusuitism/Islam, and to put it in its grave for all time!

Reminder that when some members of a native people start suggesting that in order to survive, you need to compromise with a foreign people and hope that they will let you exist as a race in your own country, that the other members are probably just going to start shooting. We have a right to exist…

Feminism is America’s second-greatest threat…

The progressive liberal multi-cultural marxists destroy God-given morality through pushing anti-white Protestant and anti-Christian genocide all in the name of world peace ruled by communist ZioJesuit global governance.

Stinks getting our women killed in battle now because of the anti-white cultural marxist scum in our white Christian government trying to replace us and kill us using people of color.

The Hollywood ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxist scum uses Africans, their ghetto music, homosexuals, and other people of color to brainwash and normalize whites/Christians to their great replacement and genocide…SICK!

What Hitler Believed…The Scarlet Circle…

Race Is Just Your Extended Family… Bradley’s Jew/Jesuit cultural marxist Liberation Theology Ends in White Genocide…

Yes, Violent Crime Has Spiked In Sweden Since Open Immigration…

Trump just another conniving fake white cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit sockpuppet sitting in the president’s seat helping to further rob, replace, and eradicate white Protestant, white catholic, and just flat-out white America. TREASON & GENOCIDE CONTINUES!

It’s news on a news site is it not? I am not a cheerleader for anyone except God. Fake news comes from all sides. Words from their own mouths and their own inaction on deadly issues is a decisive action.

Trump has done nothing to actually stop the anti-white Christian foreign invasion and enemy race mixing that is eradicating our white Protestant people and Republic. White catholics and their churches are also disappearing too as collateral damage. Businesses are still closing up and going overseas. What is crazy is people ignoring reality and believing lies. Trump has made money being president and still lives better than ever like a Talmudic TV star.

Why isn’t anyone in the US Jew/Jesuit cultural marxist media writing about what the anti-white immigrants/migrants/invaders are actually doing to our white citizens and communities like the deadly events in Europe? Cowards, subversives, and Traitors.

I’m so disgusted with all the Zionist/Jesuit cultural marxist anti-white asshats in Washington spreading nothing but fake news while robbing us blind and killing off whitey. Lock N’ Load!

Just a bunch of elite Apes playing on a stage while stealing all the bananas from the monkeys…

Alt Right is receding but winning? I agree about hostility for “traditional norms” but only if by ‘traditional’ means post-1965 ascendancy of hostile elite that has seized moral and intellectual high ground by compromising the interests of traditional American white majority.

This is why we have the cultural marxist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity using people of color with their own pagan/heathen brand of religion to rob and destroy all white Christian nations.

Immigration/migration/invasion is currently unchecked to this day in all white countries despite any and all media reports to the contrary. We the people believe the lies to avoid standing up and taking action.

We all knew Obama and his administration were criminal to the bone and anti-white Christian America foreign subversives. So far, with Trump, all we have is sensational talk and very little meaningful action just like Obama.

Trump comes from a Jewish family and has been Jesuit educated. Jesuits created and controlled by kabbalist crypto-Jews. Get the picture?

The Feds have used force against our white Christian civilians on many occasions despite the posse comitatus act.

I just don’t trust Jesuits, Jews, and Muslims since they swore to the destruction of my white Protestant kindred.

The catholic Ted Cruz family originate from communist Cuba, migrated to Canada, and then here to the US where his dad supposedly became a Protestant. Many Spanish catholics are Sephardic crypto-Jews like the Rockefeller family who worked to undermine white Protestant America.

The more invaders allowed in the more the cost of living increases right along with higher taxes to pay for the government, social, and charitable benefits given to support the invaders and their anchor kids.

“Public opinion sets bounds to every government, and is the real sovereign in every free one.” ~James Madison (1791)

BREAKING: Trump Amnesty Will Apply To 1.8 Million Anti-White DREAMers (INVADERS)…Treason!

I will block Trump and his whole Jew/Jesuit family if they allow the anti-white invaders to stay and continue coming into our White Protestant Republic. Such blatant treason and genocide requires severe action on the part of the true White Christian American People or Parish.

Fleecing Beta Males: The Feminist/Socialist State Will Fail Without Totalitarianism…

Young Americans are being indoctrinated by Communist profs…

Zionists Occupy ZOG, Demand Invasion of White Homelands…

Part 2: McDurmon’s Rejection of Christendom and Embrace of Egalitarianism…

The marxist Jew/Jesuit anti-white genocide is out of the closet. Build a white Christian genocide museum…

The number of white catholics has declined drastically over recent years as a result of the ZioJesuit’s cultural marxist war on white Protestantism with a high number of catholic churches being turned into barrooms. The ZioJesuit red mafia has taken over government-run health insurance benefits in America that is getting worse as more anti-white dark-skinned invaders flood in. The Jew/Jesuit run catholic church has always had a dark-skinned majority and was originally called the Latin universal church founded by a Babylonian Jew called Simon Magus or Simon the sorcerer or Peter the impostor.

A Review of “Revolutionary Yiddishland: A History of Jewish Radicalism,” Part 1 of 3…

Pope Francis ranked among this year’s 50 most prominent Jews…

Extinction of America’s White Population Speeds Up…Latest education stats – White working-class boys abandoned…

Why are white Protestants, white catholics, and pagan whites allowing the cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit/Islamic murderers to destroy them and their nations?

No guns allowed says ZioJesuit red mafia and their foreign pagan comrades pushing cultural marxism through big corporations with their sockpuppet politicians jumping to their orders…

Farrakhan speaks about Oprah, Tiger Woods, Russell Simmons, and more. (r. a. note)…

If we whites keep getting killed off by cops, in ZioJesuit wars, or by their people of color within our nation’s streets with our people also being turned homo, feminist, and race mixing with the enemy who are allowed to continue their invasions instead of our white people uniting now for our God and our posterity sake and finally stopping all the subversion and genocide of our white kindred then I don’t think many of us will survive much longer and this is the Satanic kabbalists Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity’s intentions.

Learn TRUE history about American immigration, the 1965 Act that completely changed America, & who’s behind it all…

$21 Trillion dollars is missing from the US government. That is $65,000 for every person in America. That is more than our entire national debt!

The Indo-Aryan Languages Are All Derived from Hebrew…Latest Research Proves the Israelite Origin of the European (Caucasian) Nations…

Απόδειξη: Η Μασονία Είναι 100% Εβραϊκή ~ Proof: Masonry Is 100% Jewish…! (Video + Photo)…

The TRUTH behind Merkel…

Albert Einstein: Plagiarist and Fraud…

White Flight: Diversity Extremes Push Londoners’ Exodus…forbidden and hidden history: other holocausts and other villains.

I say anti-Jewish Talmudic cultural marxism is more appropriate…Anti-semitism is a fraud and misleading.

Pro White Always = White Supremacist (According to the Jews)…

The ZioJesuit cultural marxist anti-white Christian killers now working within our white governments globally should be shot for espionage and treason with their non-white invaders expelled from within our nations immediately for the sake of our future white Christian posterity. Anything else is just cowardice, self-eradication, and continued genocide.

Whites have their own natural diversity and anything else would be counterfeit within our societies and nations like we see on Jew/Jesuit cultural marxist TV…

I will not post pictures of other subversive races, porn, homosexual couples, or dark eyed, dark haired guys paired with blond/bleach blond girls anymore…Smash Anti-White Cultural Marxism.

What was even more frightening to parents in the suburbs was, that their children were gobbling up rap CD’s. There are estimates that 75 percent of rap sales are to white (wiggers) consumers.

Can’t get a story on pro-white Christian nationalist activism without the Nazi and antisemitic words being attached to it to discredit it. Our anti-white ZioJesuit cultural marxist/liberation theological enemies are everywhere pushing their leftist anti-white genocidal social justice.

Gay-rights activists credit Jewish cultural marxist Dr. Spitzer with removing homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in the DSM in 1973…

The ZioJesuit cultural marxist scum in our government use smoke and mirrors to hide their true intent of using white Christians and Muslims to kill each other while they take control of our wealth and nations.

The Talmud and the Jew World Order…

Build a wall that they will just walk around anyways. As it is, the wall will be used to keep them all in.

80% of California Medicaid Payouts for Nonwhites…

Open your eyes and watch the TV shows and pictures pushed on the web. Most all dark hair and dark-eyed near white or men of obvious color only in media usually paired with blond/bleached blond white or near white women. Represents ZioJesuit cultural marxist white replacement and white genocide social justice theology. I don’t post porn but others do on other sites. Will block it.

They Are Rewriting Your History–do you care?

Tolerance Preachers Fail to See Irony of Their Own Glaring Intolerance… ‘White Racism’ class will be guarded by police officers who kill whitey more than anyone else…

“Bad Goys Tyrant Fashister”… The Alt-Right Is The Resistance, Not The Evil Empire…Nice. About time the big picture comes into focus for our survival. I thought the Soros crowd paid people to look and act like skinheads and stereotyped Nazis to destroy all whites.

Why Immigrants Kill…Time to End Birthright Citizenship – But it will NOT be enough. We have been Invaded and only uncivil war will tell the winner or whites will be slaughtered like dumb animals for a holiday feast.


The Kosher-Controlled Alt-Right: Posobiec, Rebel Media and Other Shills and Offshoots… TV Is An Endless Sewage Stream Of Anti-White Male Poison…

In 2017, Nearly 100 Times More Americans Were Killed by Police Than Terrorists…

2017: More Whites than Blacks Killed by US Police, Again…

Trump has really done nothing to MAGA just as the Clintonistas…All talk and more anti-white Christian genocide. Stop making excuses for doing nothing to stop the enemy invasion, self-eradicating enemy race mixing, and leftist eradication feminization of white Protestant and Christian America.

Another ZioJesuit cultural marxist sockpuppet cheerleading the theft and destruction of white Christian western civilization. Trump’s Zionist/Jesuit multi-cultural roots are Showing = Continued leftist white genocidal social justice…

Who Stole Our Culture?

Who Controls America?

☛✡ 🔯📌 THIS KEEPS GETTING CENSORED!!! 📌 ✡📜✍☛ Motherload of Jewish Lists ~ everything you ever/never wanted to know about Jews [Checked & Working]

The deadly corruption of white Protestant America came from allowing the new age inquisitors: ZioJesuit cultural marxist/liberation theologian scallywags to infiltrate our nation and our institutions. Christian Zionism is kabbalist Judah worship of the Scofield devil’s bible for starters.

The real mafia has always been the Jew/Jesuit red mafia pushing anti-white Christian cultural marxism/liberation theology to rob and destroy white Christian western civilization.

Our ZioJesuit cultural marxist/liberation theological enemies have taken control of our once great white Protestant institutions and culturally inverted them to rob and destroy us. ZioJesuits = The amalgamation of Jews and Jesuits.

Opportunity for Africans to further deteriorate white Christian America through the ZioJesuit cultural marxist media promotion of their anti-white ghetto jump rope rhymes with the same old slowass drumbeat for bluntheads…

It is not about the anthem or military in the enemy foreign-owned sports arena today. It is about letting whitey know his days are numbered.

I don’t agree at all. Rap pushes race mixing with our white girls as a form of cultural warfare against white man the devil, oppressor, and cracker. Rap has been used to invert and replace our white dominant Christian culture. I am not colorblind, color deaf or stupid.

Retards have sex too. Some countries make laws against it to protect their society. Never seen a country promote sex between retards or even different races except in white countries being overrun by their leftist social justice enemies.

Jews Control The Jesuits = ZioJesuit Cultural Marxist Red Mafia…

Watch “Trump executive order! Americas wealth is stolen Bombshell finish” on YouTube…

It is about race and all things good and abominable before God. White Protestants -vs- the Latin universal church. Spanish Inquisitors ring a bell? God said not to mix race/species/kinds or any living things nor violate the boundaries for each of our habitats that God set at creation. This leads to cultural conflict and war. God set his people aside to remain spotless without blemish (Mixed Blood and Pagan beliefs) for the bridegroom. Mongrels not allowed into God’s temple for up to ten generations and forever. Women seem to be easily deceived over cultural marxist self-eradicating race mixing with the enemy agenda. I have found that mostly women object to racial homogeneity, God’s gender order, and social responsibilities when brought up for discussion.

Paul Joseph Watson: This Is What a Real Feminist Looks Like…ZioJesuit cultural marxist media pushes only dark-skinned people, foreigners, leftist feminists, race mixers, and hot white girls with guns; WHY?

State Police Tell Medical Marijuana Patients to Turn in Their Guns Or Be Arrested…Yeah! Let in more anti-white Christian third-worlders and spark-up a few more bluntz…ZioJesuit Cultural Marxist Abject Poverty & Slavery for Mongrel Idiots! True Equality!

Drugs and alcohol are communist weapons of cultural and national theft, supplanting, retardation, pacification, and genocide: I take a look around the community and the country in past travels and those who recreationally use and have been addicted to weed or any other mind and mood altering substances over time are basically dysfunctional in so many areas it is not funny. Doping up America is not the answer to our problems but only allows them to get worse and go unanswered. Drugs and alcohol are a ZioJesuit cultural marxist weapon being used for the destruction of white Christian western civilization. Anything else on this subject is just deceptive ZioJesuit cultural marxist/liberation theological smoke blowing right up our white protestant and white catholic butts.

There is the reality of the drug and alcohol abusers in every community and the havoc it has wreaked on everyone’s lives associated with them and community costs as well. Drug and alcohol abusers are in fact mentally and emotionally unstable with a high number of broken relationships and broken homes they leave behind. Invite the ones not in recovery over to your home if you have the courage or have doubts. keep a good eye on them and nail stuff down. Hide the wife and kids if you have any.

To weaken the moral fibre of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labour class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, demoralized and discouraged workers will resort to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard The Committee of 300 commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as “The Aquarian Conspiracy.”

Turning good into evil is what many are attempting to do by ignoring the facts presented in order to push drug addiction (demonic Influence and possession) that destroys people physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Most of the negative research on dope smoking has been hidden. High Times back in the day released pictures of people with big sores all over their bodies and much more. I’m sure weed has taken many lives just in traffic accidents which goes largely untested and reported. Not to mention it leads to or being involved with other drug and alcohol-related deaths. Stats are not scientifically accurate because they can be manipulated to fit one’s agenda based on representative variables.

As California legalizes pot, few smokers realize cannabis is often contaminated with pesticides, mold, heavy metals and chemical toxins…

Marijuana legalization had had an adverse impact on public safety, pointing to increases in marijuana-related traffic fatalities. Let drug addicts vote in favor of national addiction? Well, now we know how to take a nation to hell.

Weed is a drug and all mood and mind altering substances are addictive. I see many people who cannot stop smoking weed even if they are in jail, in the hospital, in recovery programs or if their life depended on it.

I have lost relationships with weed being the main factor. Ripped off by people close to me to feed their addictions.

Many young whites have perished around here from shooting up. My kids have lost friends.

Today, drug and alcohol use and abuse is a cultural marxist weapon straight from the Jewish/Jesuit Frankfurt school of cultural marxism and its sister beast the Freudian/Ashkenazi Rothschild/Sephardic Rockefeller/Jesuit Tavistock Institute of mental warfare were both organizations swore to the complete theft and cultural inversion/destruction of white Christian western civilization.

Just wait until the druggies try to get a good job or government job. The government will have to make the people who do the hiring give them jobs in the name of leftist equality. Or just stop all drug testing for employment. Sounds just safe and grand.

Psychiatry is the Satanic non-science produced by the Talmudic cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit red mafia of the Frankfurt school and Tavistock Institute to rob and destroy White Christian Western Civilization. Twitter won’t let me post links to support this.

Not realistic and twisting of God’s word. God said to be of sober mind lest other spirits enter into you.

Coca leaves and poppy seed pods are God given too by liberal logic. Although, scripture says that the devil sows tares among the wheat. Evil corrupted the garden. Christ cursed the fig tree for not bearing good fruit.

Be sober-minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

Recovery programs, jails, institutions and early graves is always the result of drug/alcohol use, abuse, and addiction.

You do realize that the leftist government is taking guns from people who smoke dope and use mental drugs?

White Christian genocide and the theft of our nations is the ends.

Many today forget that things are made illegal for good reasons at least when our country was more Christian and aware of good and evil for what it was. When laws are abused by both sides or not enforced at all then we have much more damage on the national level as we see today. To give in to or promote social poisoning only makes the evil and corrupt more powerful.

The Jewish Plans for 2018: Immigrant Invasion, Miscegenation, and White Genocide…

“Race is Real” for Normies

VIDEO: Patton Assassination…

The Goyim Are Our Misfortune…

Four Democrats—Woodrow Wilson, Hugo Black, Harry Truman & LBJ—were in the KKK or friends of the Klan

Too bad that these elite KKK people represented the cultural marxist ZioJesuit controlling opposition that worked to destroy the actual white Protestant intent of this organization that was to protect the white protestant people and their nation from domestic and foreign subversion.

This is Probably the Best Article You Will Read About Jewish Control of America This Year

The main focus and intent of the founding documents were to protect and Preserve white Protestantism within the young Republic based on godly principles within their lawmaking.

If anything were disruptive or damaging to the peace, good order, and well-being of our white Christian civil society it was eliminated.

They use propaganda and the media to identify, manipulate and prey upon the patriotic and good of heart. They placate the public’s appetite for entertainment (celebrities, sports, film and depraved content of cruelty) as a means to distract and subdue all levels of rational thought.

The Satanic “unholy book” of “Judeo-Christianity” is the Scofield Bible, commissioned by the Rothschilds, published by Oxford University Press,

Enemies of the Church…

Angela Merkel is an anti-white Christian Bolshevik crypto-Jew mass murderer working with her fellow Jesuit comrades just like a number of western world leaders today to rob and destroy us.

Well put together, and well said. As long as the Altright don’t forget the white Protestant ethics used to build this Republic as a safe haven for our white Protestant posterity and security from any further Jew/Jesuit/Islamic inquisitors and slavers. I will go along with the Altright agenda to save white Christian America form our cultural marxist enemies.

Illegal Immigration Costing American Taxpayers $135 Billion a Year not including the supplanting, and destruction of our white Christian people and culture…

Tried to watch the movie Stepford wives with my wife tonight and was enraged over the blatant anti-white Christian slam by a bunch of cultural marxist creepy Hollywood Jews. Just as bad as Blazing Saddles. I would like to shove their leftist social justice up their bleeding Jesuit asses.

An accurate picture of Talmudic Hollywood’s ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxism used to destroy/culturally invert white Christian America.

Just Google a little deeper past all the anti-white Christian ZioJesuit propaganda. A lot of our history is being eradicate and replaced by our enemies…Fact! My real ancestral name is on the verge of being hijacked and made extinct through leftist facilitated race mixing and deadly mass enemy invasion. There are only around 1 billion whites left on this planet and declining daily due the cultural marxist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic cartel’s war on white Christian western civilization. About an 7 to 1 ratio of non-whites to whites. Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky all Bolshevik Jews. Communism is a Talmudic Jew creation just like the cypto-Jew Jesuits who invented the Sephardic Spanish inquisition. The Spanish, AshkeNazi Jews, and Muslim inquisitors and slavers mass murdered over 100 million white Protestant Christians before the poor settlers escaped to this north American continent and built this Republic with laws to protect their posterity from their enemies…until the great anti-white protestant ZioJesuit cultural marxist subversion of the 1960s. Anti-white immigration reform laws and the anti-white Protestant civil rights act was forced on us at gun point by the Jesuits, Jews, Christian Zionists, and their communist organizations bring our 93% white Protestant population down to about 65% non-white today = White Christian genocide with white catholics eradicated as collateral damage.

I followed Canada Free Press for a number of years and liked many of your pro-white Christian articles. Using such an article to push the so-called Jewish holohoax victims to attack communism is whack. The Jewish Bolsheviks mass murdered 66 million white Christian in Russia. The white Christian Nazis had war declared on them by the world communist Jewish congress/banksters because Hitler chased the kabbalist cultural marxist Frankfurt school Jews out of Germany who then came here to the US and infiltrated our sociopolitical institutions in order rob, supplant, subvert, and destroy us through inverting our culture as is happening today through their Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity or new age inquisitors. Furthermore, six million Jews did not die while over two hundred million white Christians have died in the ZioJesuit wars of white Christian western civilization genocide. The number of Jews that were listed as dead on the prisoner camp plaques were lowered. Even the diary of Anne Frank is called a white guilt trip fraud today used to push white Christian genocide as a twisted form of leftist social justice. Very disappointed by this Jewish cultural marxist anti-white Christian propaganda article. As a result, all whites who speak out against the multi-cultural marxist theft and destruction of their people and nations are called what Leon Trotsky coined as racist.

ITALIAN TV broadcasts video footage of George Soros-funded ‘Save the Children’ NGO working with Muslim human traffickers…

Talking heads from all sides of the ZioJesuit Marxist media are avoiding the race and invasion words like it is wrong to be a white and Christian nation as we are. What is being promoted today as immigration by using ‘racist’ is really invasion and white genocide…Clearly.

Petliura had to lie when he claimed nationhood for Ukraine was widely supported by the Jewish community. He constantly tried to get Ukrainians to care as deeply for Jewish issues as he did.

True. However, too many in the media are trying to control the message thinking we are all stupid and can’t interpret the nefarious leftist orchestrated sporting events properly. I see the events as a culmination of the multi-cultural Marxist agenda to rob and eradicate white Christian western civilization by the new age Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic inquisition. It is all racial, religious, and political by nature.

‘Take a Knee’ Race Trumps Patriotism: Why would any white protestant or for that matter white catholic put patriotism over their race, creed & posterity when they are being replaced & killed off by ZioJesuit cultural Marxists?

The Secret Cause of America’s Wars… “The Wars Of The Jews”, Part II – Israel presents replica Arch of Titus to UNESCO…

Is Race Real and Why Race Matters! – White Genocide & The Libertarian Fraud of Ayn Rand (((Rosenbaum)))…

A Who’s-Who List of Anti-White Jewish ‘Pseudo-Intellectual’ Quackery…The cultural marxist ZioJesuit butt-sucking Establishment of GOP is a Meaningless Majority…

Immigration Multipliers: Trends in Chain Migration…Theft, Subversion, Supplanting, and Treason…All out war against whitey by foreign subversives now called American:

Former Dispensational Christian Explains America’s Moral Decline…

FORMS OF GOVERNMENT ROTHSCHILDS HAVE USED TO SWINDLE AND FAKE WARS…The Bolshevik/cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit mafia infiltrated and subverted our form of white Protestant republicanism…

Henry Kissinger — ‘It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.’.. ISRAELI PROPAGANDA RELIGION FUNDED BY HAIM SABAN ZIONIST MEDIA MANIPULATOR…

white people of today who betray their race, religion, and white nations use ignorance to protect their stupidity having no higher cognitive insight or thought capability and will eat their own.

Such an induced nefarious state of leftist ignorance and stupidity or false consciousness, deception, and cannibalism is being intentionally disseminated and maintained. Many who are aware or awake suffer from cognitive dissonance, helplessness, and alienation.

It is not about the anthem or military in the enemy foreign-owned sports arena today. It is about letting whitey know his days are numbered.

Many of our kids are so caught up in the confusion of what is taking place they just give in and this makes it all even sadder.

Our white Protestant founders and those who followed them were in fact of one mind and spirit. This nation was 98% white Protestant with laws to keep it that way and has now been undermined by ZioJesuit cultural marxism/liberation theology. The white Protestant hive mind built this Republic through sweat, blood, and tears were always on the edge of Jew/Jesuit/Islamic genocide.

Christ Reconciles the Races to God, He Doesn’t Abolish Them…

No. The Hebrew religion has always been the source of both Judaism and Christianity until recently. Roots of all paganism exist within Talmudic Babylon. Actually, God’s word existed before the Hebrews. Christ did curse the fig tree of the Jews right down to their roots.

David Barton: Declaration and Constitution Are Based Entirely On The Bible…

Why Declaration of Independence is based on Scripture…

TIMELINE OF THE FREEMASONS & PROTOCOLS OF ZION AND OF ELDERS OF BOURG-FONTAINE! Malawi: “Witchcraft Beliefs Run Deep”… The Church Of kabbalist Satanism Experiencing Huge Swell In Membership As Satanism Goes Mainstream In America…

What is Kabbalah? and Why is it so bad? Satanism is now a cool thing in California, esp. Hollywood…

Hungarian PM: ‘Refugees are Just Invaders’…

This is nothing more than furthering the ZioJesuit cultural marxist anti-white Protestant war against all whites in America. Glorifying a fake Christian communist sockpuppet. Build a ramp over his Bolshevik Jew/Jesuit big mouth. Tear down that statute. BS!

Police to Guard FGCU ‘White Racism’ Course…Where the hell is Trump and his cultural marxist ZioJesuit administration? Catering to anti-white Jewish sockpuppet Africans?

How about skip the useless wall, for now, shut down DACA, deport all the foreign invaders, halt all non-white immigration, and anti-white Christian migration to really MAGA.

So, what the bloody heck happened to Black music? How did it devolve so quickly from innocent and catchy tunes to the violent, sex-crazed, pro-drug, anti-cop, anti-White noise pollution heard today?

Trump is a crypto-Jew Jesuit cultural marxist sockpuppet from the beginning who was trained to talk like a white Christian who wanted his country back to fool everyone out of their money & lives again. I posted facts before the election. False hope better than no hope? Lights Out.

“To take from one, because it is thought his own industry … has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who … have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” ~Thomas Jefferson (1816)

Washington is still blowing smoke up our arses while our country is still being invaded and robbed by our anti-white enemies. No right or left just marxist white Christian genocide.

The war for white America is far from over. Trump is flipping on the wall and DACA as suspected. MAGA was a fraud.

The proof is in the pudding. I will not kick a dead horse. The cultural marxist police state is getting bigger as more non-white Christians continue to flood in bankrupting and destroying the once great white Protestant Republic.

Let us get this straight right from the get-go…Trump Turned on White America. Either he has done what he was elected to do or he did not. Put the pom-poms away until there is really something like MAGA to cheer about. I don’t like sharing fake news.

Hezbollah Helps Drug Cartels Infiltrate the United States…

Moslem Says Whites are a “Dying Breed,” Encourages Fellow Hajis to “Fertilize” Australian Women…

More People Realize the “Enemy” is Within… We’re Now Living In Jewish Clown World… 43% of immigrants from “shithole” African countries have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 33% of the overall American population.
“Nigerian-Americans, for instance, have a median household income well…

I have a great idea! Make the NFL and other sports team white again so our kids have real accurate cultural role models. Oh! We whites are being replaced and eradicated…Damn! Smash Cultural Marxism!

“It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf.” ~Thomas Paine (1776)

A Brief Summary of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate’s Activities in the Middle East and Elsewhere…

Our Leaders Deserve to Be Jailed…

BOOMER AWAKENING: Paul Craig Roberts Sits Up and Notices White Genocide…

Afraid of successful white Christian nationalism or just intelligent white men.?

Donald Trump is a Jesuit and his Jesuit connections are about to be exposed. Like the saying goes, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Government workers and their elite ZioJesuit cultural marxist/liberation theological puppet masters cause most all of the social suffering globally for they are of their father the devil.

Race and the American Identity… The question is, will it be good for the US to have people from such countries come here? Will a group of immigrants with an average IQ of 67 be more of a boon, or a burden?

The Hidden History of Zionism – Special Report… Renegade: Jared Taylor and “Zionist-Friendly Nationalism” – When Jews pervert Nationalism …

Welcome my new friends. I am not PC and I do not play favorites when it comes to the facts. I am a white Protestant nationalist and I post news articles and research with this worldview at heart. I work to expose the elite Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity and their new age inquisition against all white Protestants and Christians taking place today

America was founded on the white Protestant view of the New Testament with the Hebrew old testament as a foundational reference. Jews, Jesuits, and Muslims were treated as dire enemies in early America and still are by most real Christians who know of inquisitions.

Jerry Oijevaar: It is a system based on fiat capital, Jews dominate because they lend at interest something that has no intrinsic value. Hitler’s Germany got rid of fiat capital and in 1933 Judea declared war on Germany. The cardinal sin from the Jews perspective was Germany printed its own currency and stopped borrowing money. If and when Trump gets rid of the Federal Reserve, which essentially kicks out the Jews, things will change, otherwise, he is just whistling Dixie.

So many picture posts now with women and guns, Why? To normalize using our women in policing and in battle? Has a stench to it. These women with guns will most likely be used against you as well in the new liberal anti-white Christian cultural marxist utopia where white women die because not enough white men left to do the killing? Or to just kill off all whites faster? Food for thought Corp. Klingers.

My wife was taught to fear having guns in the home even after being in the military. Where did she get that from? Many will rob you of your guns or rat on for having them. I once had a guy tell the cops I pulled a gun on him when I did not because we did not like each other. Cops came and took a shotgun and never gave it back.

Not so funny as many might think. Many women in government work today who enjoy doing what they are told.

MASH is very multi-cultural marxist at heart and used dramatic comedy to mock American authority and our white Christian society on all levels.

There is nothing wrong with whites wanting our own nations to remain in our hands, to remain majority in our nations, and to be supreme in our nations. It is not hate, its a love of your folk and your future. Civic nationalism is not nationalism, a nation is her people, not her borders.

Kevin MacDonald, Communism and Jewish ethnic identity in Poland …

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State… Homosexuals are not like me our you…they are unnatural self-eradicating and self-mutilating sexual perverts. A mental disorder in spite of the cultural marxist Jew shrinks pushing their phony anti-white Christian mental science on the world.

Powers & Principalities: The Negative Value of a College Education…


NFL, NBA, MLB, kabbalist media, and the politics behind it all keep trying to leave race out of the equation to deflect from the actual intent and core racial divides within the anti-white America events. All the leftist racial subterfuge evolves around white Christian cultural marxist ZioJesuit brainwashing propaganda helping other dark races eradicate the white race through dark pagan enemy immigration and dark heathen race mixing. Cultural Marxist hedonistic feminism has also destroyed white Christian culture, values, identity, and relationships. White people are largely white nationalists who want their nations back for their posterity. The multi-cultural marxist supremacists or the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity is an evil global monstrosity out to rob and destroy white Protestants, white catholics, and Christendom = White Christian western civilization’s genocide = A Bolshevik ZioJesuit crime against humanity = Leftist social justice.

Now, many ZioJesuit run web sites want whitey to sit on his hands and just sign petitions against the NFL players who hate white Christian America like it will solve the real problem of dark pagan enemy invasion, dark hedonistic race mixing, dark heathen racial supplanting, and white genocide.

Honor and Sacrifice won’t be Recognized or Appreciated – WHY WOMEN MUST GIVE UP THEIR RIGHTS – Why Western Governments Promote Women’s Liberation…

This anti-white Christian killing crypto-Jew Bolshevik Merkel needs to be removed at all cost white Germany or your all dead. No Joke! Trump is a crypto-Jew Jesuit who has not stopped the white genocide here either despite all the media hype for or against him and his ZioJesuit family and administration.

Who the hell are you people anyways? I didn’t pay for web services that included intrusive entities policing my activities by interfering with and blocking web sites who practice free journalism and free speech. This is an invasion of privacy and much more. Get the hell off my computer and browsers.

Stop blocking my browsing and website connections…

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check back shortly – and/or contact for assistance… DDoS Protection by BitMitigate …

ISLAMIC REFUGEES ARE A TROJAN HORSE… These children will murder our children…Duh!!!!

Isreali/Judah-Based Company Producing “Sex Tape” Reality TV Show.

Anti-Pope crypto-Jew marxist Bergolio’s Security Managed By…cultural marxist Isreal/Judah (sigh)…

The Truth About Police Violence Against Black Men…

“Man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the sport of every wind.” ~Thomas Jefferson (1822)

“It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into America, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated White race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master.

Assimilation is a Lie = Slow infiltration, supplanting, and eradication of your race, creed, culture, posterity, and national homogeneous identity. Pushed today by the cultural marxist/liberation theological Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity.


Racism is an anti-white Christian Jewish Bolshevik coined word used to exploit the natural competition between the races in order to destroy white Christian western civilization using women and people of color in undermining our white Christian cultures and nations.

Near whites are the mentally dysfunctional mongrel products Jewish cultural marxist/Latin liberation theological propaganda of white racism wherein the near whites are those who have a little blood of color in their veins that somehow allows them the privileged of still spewing out their own anti-white marxist racism and kill whitey rants while appearing to be white themselves…White Genocide Explained…! (Video)…

Scofield’s Hyper-Zionists: the Useful Idiots of Talmudic Judaism – The C…

Rev. Ted Pike – The Insane Religion Of Kabbalistic Judaism & Zionism…

Dr. Lorraine Day – Exposing The Talmudic Jew…

Dr. Lorraine Day – Noahide Laws, Christianity, & The (Criminal Zionist) New World Order…

America is an enemy occupied nation. The Jew/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity with their new age inquisition against white Christian western civilization is using our women, people of color, and kabbalist perversion to destroy us by pushing Ashkenazi ZioJesuit cultural marxism/Sephardic liberation theology in their continued counter-reformation = White Christian Genocide.

It’s the Jews! It’s the Jesuits! No, its the Jewsuits!!

Edward Hendrie – Jesuits are Crypto-Jews…

Event Horizon…G+

That’s because Mohammed himself had two Jewish wives at least and he tried to be the Jewish king …A position that Mohammed was rejected from by the Jews …making him form the Islamic so called religion …So even to be considered to be the Jewish king …We must ask was Mohammed Jewish before he made up Islam as a so called religion ?

We must also ask would any self respecting Jewish family allow a Non Jew to marry their daughter’s ?

I would say it is fair to assume Judaism is the same as Islam in many of its practices and ways with Mohammad’s perversions added …The only difference between both being Mohammed’s spite and hatred of certain Jews after being rejected as the Jewish king.

This Is a war, by all numbers, what has happened to California and other states which have become overrun by non-whites, is the exact same thing as lands lost in a war. We are at war, they cannot defeat us militarily, so they are using their population. We need to treat the non-whites crossing our borders like enemy soldiers invading our nation. This is the future, warfare by the womb.

Step One to save Our nation we must repeal the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965, and declare it unconstitutional and totally illegal. Step Two all those who benefited from this unconstitutional and illegal law must be stripped of their…

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 9: Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Cultural Marxist Jew/Jesuit Nazi Hunting Hollywood TV & Music Media = Open Season on all Whites, their Christianity, Culture, Posterity, and Nations.

Revelation 13:15: “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”

Who controls what you see and hear?

The anti-white Christian Jew/Jesuit cultural marxists now controlling our once great white Protestant government wants to turn us into a nation of drug addicts by legalizing pot/dope/weed/marijuana/chronic while our nation is being invaded by non-whites constituting enemy occupation. Maybe the potheads will all get government jobs?

Today, Jew/Jesuit cultural marxist Hollywood makes shows of all sorts attempting to promote, justify, and normalize largely white women acting like men and white men acting like women, White women placed in authority positions over their less intelligent white men, Whites killing other whites, People of color killing whites, People of color placed in authority positions over whites with white men made to look smaller and weaker, White kids imitating and worshiping non-white role models who are taking their place in their society, Jewish red mafioso pretending to be Italian gangsters, Degenerate white homosexuals attacking white non-homosexuals, People of color screwing largely white girls, Pot smoking drug addicts who pretend not to be are taking over the country, White kids disregarding all authority becoming materialistic degenerates in such nice ways, People who believe in God and Christ made to look stupid and crazy, Dark-haired and dark-eyed women enslave and kill all the blonde and blue-eyed women, Evil whitey enslaving and killing everyone else not white. Where have all the real (white protestant) cowboys gone?

JUSTICE LEAGUE…Now on Jew/Jesuit TV where Jewish superheroes (gods) kill up a lot of bad white people while saving whitey and the world from alien devils after resurrecting superman (christ).

We should be making TV shows on how Africans, Latins, Jews, Jesuits, and Muslims are enslaving and killing off whitey both in the past and today: It would all be more realistic.

IRS loophole costing taxpayers billions for Invasion of US

White my ass…Latin mongrels now being led by their Sephardic Jesuit masters using cultural marxist Latin liberation theology to invade and destroy real white Protestant people within their white Christian nations.

Among persons aged 15 or older, Hispanics represent an estimated 13.0 percent of the SSI population. That figure matches the estimated percentage of Hispanics in the overall population in the same age group (13.0 percent).

But the theology of liberation is by far the most influential and representative movement in Latin American religious thought. That is true for the historical Latin American Protestant churches as well as the Catholic Church.

Thus, Leo’s statement that socialism must be “utterly rejected” was modified by later popes who saw values in the practice of socialism and in cooperation with socialists in the pursuit of social justice.

Very pissed! Foreign Slumlord’s rent collector just allowed a 30yr Spanish man to move back into apartment building after being evicted on 1/18 for having drug traffic, underage kids , and other town riff raff squatting in apartment while he was out of town. Welfare paid the slumlord 3 months back rent to let him stay after cutting him off for being out of town. The guy had a job once but didn’t like working. Other tenants called cops on this clown and his squatting riff raff numerous time. One tenant women was assaulted for calling cops and chasing out some of the under aged party heads while the Spanish man sat wasted on drugs. Apartments were broke into and mail stolen from mailbox’s. The Spanish invader just got off an ankle bracelet and parole for sexually molesting underage white girls and has a long jail history extending back to his real home in Puerto Rico. No arrests so far.

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I’m sick of all the anti-white commie subversives in our media and government with their anti-white invading armies saying truth is hate in order to silence our white population who want their nation back.

We are talking about the actual invasion and destruction of white America.

Numbers 23:19 … God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

God is eternal and does not change. If there is an eternal Father, then there is an eternal Son, and an eternal Spirit; one cannot have a Father without having a Son. These are terms of relationship. The title, Lord Jesus, applies to the Son alone. It does not apply to the Father, nor does not apply to the Spirit.

For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed…Malachi 3:6

John 4:24 ESV God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Cultural marxist preachers and evangelists today are saying the descendants of the true house of Israel are all mongrelized in order to glorify the anti-white Christian kabbalist Jews and their marxist Jesuit liberation theological Latin brethren working together to build a new age global Babylon by destroying our white Christian nations.



The Take Down Of America

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Lolathecur's Blog Below are two very important entries from the "Jewish Encyclopedia". Read them VERY CLOSELY.

VULGATE: Table of Contents Earlier Latin Translations. Jerome's Bible-Revision Work. Jerome's Bible-Translation Work. Jerome's Translation in Later Times. Earlier Latin Translations. Latin version of the Bible authorized by the Council of Trent in 1546 as the Bible of the Roman Catholic Church. It was the product of the work of Jerome, one of the most learned and scholarly of the Church leaders of the early Christian centuries. The earliest Latin version of the Scriptures seems to have originated not in Rome, but in one of Rome's provinces in North Africa. An Old Latin version of the New Testament was extant in North Africa in the second century C.E., and it is thought that a translation of the Old Testament into Latin was made in the same century. Indeed, Tertullian (c. 160-240) seems to have known a Latin Bible. There were at least two early Latin translations, one called the African and the other the European. These, based not on the Hebrew, but on the Greek, are thought to have been made before the text-work of such scholars as Origen, Lucian, and Hesychius, and hence would be valuable for the discovery of the Greek text with which Origen worked. But the remains of these early versions are scanty. Jerome did not translate or revise several books found in the Latin Bible, and consequently the Old Latin versions were put in their places in the later Latin Bible. These Old Latin versions are represented in the books of Esdras, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, and Maccabees, and in the additions to Daniel and Esther. The Psalter also exists in a revised form, and the books of Job and Esther, of the Old Latin, are found in some ancient manuscripts. Only three other fragmentary manuscripts of the Old Testament in Old Latin are now known to be in existence. Jerome was born of Christian parents about 340-342, at Stridon, in the province of Dalmatia. He received a good education, and carried on his studies at Rome, being especially fascinated by Vergil, Terence, and Cicero. Rhetoric and Greek also claimed part of his attention. At Trier in Gaul he took up theological studies for several years. In 374 he traveled in the Orient. In a severe illness he was so impressed by a dream that he dropped secular studies. But his time had not been lost. He turned his brilliant mind, trained in the best schools of the day, to sacred things. Like Moses and Paul, he retired to a desert, that of Chalcis, near Antioch, where he spent almost five years in profound study of the Scriptures and of himself. At this period he sealed a friendship with Pope Damasus, who later opened the door to him for the great work of his life. In 379 Jerome was ordained presbyter at Antioch. Thence he went to Constantinople, where he was inspired by the expositions of Gregory Nazianzen. In 382 he reached Rome, where he lived about three years in close friendship with Damasus. Jerome's Bible-Revision Work. For a long time the Church had felt the need of a good, uniform Latin Bible. Pope Damasus at first asked his learned friend Jerome to prepare a revised Latin version of the New Testament. In 383 the Four Gospels appeared in a revised form, and at short intervals thereafter the Acts and the remaining books of the New Testament. These latter were very slightly altered by Jerome. Soon afterward he revised the Old Latin Psalter simply by the use of the Septuagint. The name given this revision was the "Roman Psalter," in distinction from the "Psalterium Vetus." The former was used in Rome and Italy down to Pius V. (1566-72), when it was displaced by the "Gallican Psalter" (so called because first adopted in Gaul), another of Jerome's revisions (made about 387), based on many corrections of the Greek text by reference to other Greek versions. About theend of 384 Pope Damasus died, and Jerome left Rome to travel and study in Bible lands. In 389 he settled at Bethlehem, assumed charge of a monastery, and prosecuted his studies with great zeal. He secured a learned Jew to teach him Hebrew for still better work than that he had been doing. His revision work had not yet ceased, for his Book of Job appeared as the result of the same kind of study as had produced the "Gallican Psalter." He revised some other books, as Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Chronicles, of which his revisions are lost, though their prefaces still exist. Jerome's Bible-Translation Work. But Jerome soon recognized the poor and unsatisfactory state of the Greek texts that he was obliged to use. This turned his mind and thought to the original Hebrew. Friends, too, urged him to translate certain books from the original text. As a resultant of long thought, and in answer to many requests, Jerome spent fifteen years, 390 to 405, on a new translation of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew text. He began with the books of Samuel and Kings, for which he wrote a remarkable preface, really an introduction to the entire Old Testament. He next translated the Psalms, and then the Prophets and Job. In 394-396 he prepared a translation of Esdras and Chronicles. After an interval of two years, during which he passed through a severe illness, he took up his arduous labors, and produced translations of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs. The Pentateuch followed next, and the last canonical books, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Esther, were completed by 404. The Apocryphal parts of Daniel and Esther, and Tobit and Judith, all translated from the Aramaic, completed Jerome's great task. The remainder of the Apocryphal books he left without revision or translation, as they were not found in the Hebrew Bible. Jerome's Translation in Later Times. Jerome happily has left prefaces to most of his translations, and these documents relate how he did his work and how some of the earlier books were received. Evidently he was bitterly criticized by some of his former best friends. His replies show that he was supersensitive to criticism, and often hot-tempered and stormy. His irritability and his sharp retorts to his critics rather retarded than aided the reception of his translation. But the superiority of the translation gradually won the day for most of his work. The Council of Trent in 1546 authorized the Latin Bible, which was by that time a strange composite. The Old Testament was Jerome's translation from the Hebrew, except the Psalter, which was his Gallican revision; of the Apocryphal books, Judith and Tobit were his translations, while the remainder were of the Old Latin version. The New Testament was Jerome's revision of the Old Latin translation. These translations and revisions of translations, and old original translations, constitute the Vulgate. See also Jerome. Bibliography: Grützmacher, Hieronymus: eine Bibliographische Studie, vol. i., Leipsic, 1901; S. Berger, Histoire de la Vulgate Pendant les Premières Siècles du Moyen Age, Paris, 1893; H. J. White, Codex Amiatinus and Its Birth-place, in Studia Biblica et Ecclesiastica, vol. ii., Oxford, 1890; E. Nestle, Ein Jubiläum der Lateinischen Bibel, Tübingen, 1892; E. von Dobschütz, Studien zur Textkritik der Vulgata, Leipsic, 1894; Hastings, Dict. Bible. See fuller bibliography in S. Berger's work, mentioned above.JEROME (EUSEBIUS HIERONYMUS SOPHRONIUS): Table of Contents His Teachers. His Knowledge of Hebrew. Exegesis. Use of Noṭariḳon. Traditions. Church father; next to Origen, who wrote in Greek, the most learned student of the Bible among the Latin ecclesiastical writers, and, previous to modern times, the only Christian scholar able to study the Hebrew Bible in the original. The dates of his birth and death are not definitely known; but he is generally assumed to have lived from 337 to 420. Born in Stridon, Dalmatia, he went as a youth to Rome, where he attended a school of grammar and rhetoric. He then traveled in Gaul and Italy, and in 373 went to Antioch, where he became the pupil of Apollinaris of Laodicea, the representative of the exegetical school of Antioch; subsequently, however, Jerome did not accept the purely historical exegesis of this school, but adopted more nearly the typic-allegoric method of Origen. From Antioch he went to Chalcis in the Syrian desert, where he led the strictly ascetic life of a hermit, in atonement for the sins of his youth. Here to facilitate his intercourse with the people, he was obliged to learn Syriac; and this language doubtless aided him later in his Hebrew studies ("Epistolæ," xvii. 2; yet comp. ib. lxxviii. and comm. on Jer. ii. 18). Here also he began with great labor to study Hebrew, with the aid of a baptized Jew (ib. cxxv. 12), and it may be he of whom he says (ib. xviii. 10) that he was regarded by Jewish scholars as a Chaldean and as a master of the interpretation of Scripture (ib. cxxv. 12). On a second visit to Antioch Jerome was ordained a priest. He then went to Constantinople, and thence to Rome, where he undertook literary work for Pope Damasus, beginning at the same time his own Biblical works (c. 383). He finally settled at Bethlehem in Palestine (c. 385), founding a monastery there which he directed down to his death. This outline of Jerome's life indicates that he was a master of Latin and Greek learning, and by studying furthermore Syriac and Hebrew united in his person the culture of the East and of the West. His Teachers. It was in Bethlehem that he devoted himself most seriously to Hebrew studies. Here he had as teachers several Jews, one of whom taught him reading ("Hebræus autem qui nos in veteris instrumenti lectione erudivit"; comm. on Isa. xxii. 17); the peculiar pronunciation of Hebrew often found in Jerome's works was probably therefore derived from this Jew. Jerome was not satisfied to study with any one Jew, but applied to several, choosing always the most learned (preface to Hosea: "diceremque . . . quid ab Hebræorum magistris vix uno et altero acceperim"; "Epistolæ," lxxiii. 9 [i. 443]: "hæc ab eruditissimis gentis illius didicimus"). With similar words Jerome is always attempting to inspire confidence in his exegesis; but they must not be taken too literally, as he was wont to boast of his scholarship. However, he was doubtless in a position to obtain the opinions of several Jews; for he often refers to "quidam Hebræorum." He even traveled in the province of Palestine with his Jewish friends, in order to become better acquainted with the scenes of Biblical history (preface to "Paralipomena," i.); one of them was his guide (preface to Nahum). Of only three of his teachers is anything definite known. One, whom he calls "Lyddæus," seems to have taught him only translation and exegesis, while the traditions ("midrash") were derived from another Jew. Lyddæus spoke Greek, with which Jerome was conversant (comm. on Ezek. ix. 3; on Dan. vi. 4). Lyddæus, in interpreting Ecclesiastes, once referred to a midrash which appeared to Jerome absurd (comm. on Eccl. iii. 1); Jerome thought him fluent, but not always sound; this teacher was therefore a haggadist. He was occasionally unwilling to explain the text (ib. v. 1). Jerome was frequently not satisfied with his teacher's exegesis, and disputed with him; and he often says that he merely read the Scriptures with him (comm. on Eccl. iv. 14, v. 3; "Onomastica Sacra," 90, 12). Another teacher is called "Baranina," i.e., "Bar Ḥanina," of Tiberias. He acquainted Jerome with a mass of Hebrew traditions, some of which referred especially to his native place, Tiberias. He came at night only, and sometimes, being afraid to come himself, he sent a certain Nicodemus ("Epistolæ," lxxxiv. 3 [i. 520]). A third teacher, who may be called "Chaldæus," taught Jerome Aramaic, which was necessary for the Old Testament passages and the books of the Apocrypha written in that language. This teacher of Aramaic was very prominent among the Jews, and Jerome, who had great difficulty in learning Aramaic, was very well satisfied with his instruction (prefaces to Tobit and Daniel). Jerome continued to study with Jews during the forty years that he lived in Palestine (comm. on Nahum ii. 1; "a quibus [Judæis] non modico tempore eruditus"). His enemies frequently took him to task for his intercourse with the Jews; but he answered: "How can loyalty to the Church be impaired merely because the reader is informed of the different ways in which a verse is interpreted by the Jews?" ("Contra Rufinum," ii. 476). This sentence characterizes the Jewish exegesis of that time. Jerome's real intention in studying the Hebrew text is shown in the following sentence: "Why should I not be permitted, . . . for the purpose of confuting the Jews, to use those copies of the Bible which they themselves admit to be genuine? Then when the Christians dispute with them, they shall have no excuse" (ib. book iii.; ed. Vallarsi, ii. 554). His Knowledge of Hebrew. Jerome's knowledge of Hebrew is considerable only when compared with that of the other Church Fathers and of the general Christian public of his time. His knowledge was really very defective. Although he pretends to have complete command of Hebrew and proudly calls himself a "trilinguis" (being conversant with Latin, Greek, and Hebrew), he did not, in spite of all his hard work, attain to the proficiency of his simple Jewish teachers. But he did not commit those errors into which the Christians generally fell; as he himself says: "The Jews boast of their knowledge of the Law when they remember the several names which we generally pronounce in a corrupt way because they are barbaric and we do not know their etymology. And if we happen to make a mistake in the accent [the pronunciation of the word as affected by the vowels] and in the length of the syllables, lengthening short ones and shortening long ones, they laugh at our ignorance, especially as shown in aspiration and in some letters pronounced with a rasping of the throat" (comm. on Titus iii. 9). Jerome not only acquired the peculiar hissing pronunciation of the Jews, but he also—so he declares—corrupted his pronunciation of Latin thereby, and ruined his fine Latin style by Hebraisms (preface to book iii., comm. on Galatians; "Epistolæ," xxix. 7; ed. Vallarsi, i. 143). This statement of Jerome's is not to be taken very seriously, however. In his voluminous works Jerome transcribed in Latin letters a mass of Hebrew words, giving thereby more or less exact information on the pronunciation of Hebrew then current. But, although he studied with the Jews, his pronunciation of Hebrew can not therefore be unhesitatingly regarded as that of the Jews, because he was led by the course of his studies, by habit, and by ecclesiastical authority to follow the Septuagint in regard to proper names, and this version had long before this become Christian. Jerome shared the belief of the Hebrews and of most of the Church Fathers that Hebrew was the parent of all the other languages ("Opera," vi. 730b). He sometimes distinguishes Hebrew from Aramaic (preface to Tobit), but sometimes appears to call both Syriac. In reference to Isa. xix. 18 (comm. ad loc.; comp. "Epistolæ," cviii.) he speaks also of the "Canaanitish" language, as being closely related to Hebrew and still spoken in five cities of Egypt, meaning thereby either Aramaic or Syriac. In explaining "yemim" (Gen. xxxvi. 24), he correctly states in regard to the Punic language that it was related to Hebrew ("Quæstiones Hebraicæ in Genesin"). His knowledge of Hebrew appears most clearly in his two important works, that on the Hebrew proper names and that on the situation of the places mentioned in the Bible; in his extensive commentaries on most of the books of the Old Testament; and especially in his chief work, the new Latin translation of the Bible from the Hebrew original (see Vulgate). Through these works he not only became an authority on the Bible during his lifetime, but he remained a leading teacher of Christianity in the following ages, because down to very recent times no one could go direct to the original text as he had done. Jerome's importance was recognized by the Jewish authors of the Middle Ages, and he is frequently cited by David Ḳimḥi; also by Abu al-Walid ("Sefer ha-Shorashim," s.v. and ), Abraham ibn Ezra (on Gen. xxxvii. 35), Samuel b. Meïr (on Ex. xx. 13), Naḥmanides (on Gen. xli. 45), Joseph Albo (iii. 25), and the polemic Isaac Troki (in "Ḥizzuḳ Emunah"). Jerome is also important because he could consult works which have since disappeared, as, for example, Origen's "Hexapla" (he says that he had seen a copy of the Hebrew Ben Sira, but he seems not to have used it); he had Aramaic copies of the Apocryphal books Judith and Tobit; and the so-called Hebrew Gospel, which was written in Hebrew script in the Aramaic language, he translated into Greek and Latin ("Contra Pelagianos," iii. 2; "De Viris Illustribus," ch. ii.; comm. on Matt. xii. 13). Exegesis. Jerome's exegesis is Jewish in spirit, reflecting the methods of the Palestinian haggadists. He expressly states, in certain cases, that he adopts the Jewish opinion, especially when he controverts Christian opponents and errors (comm. on Joel iv. 11: "nobis autem Hebræorum opinionem sequentibus"); he reproduces the Jewish exegesis both in letter (comm. on Amos v. 18-19) and in substance (παραφραστικῶς; comm. on Dan. ix. 24). Hence he presents Jewish exegesis from the purely Jewish point of view. Even the language of the Haggadah appears in his commentaries, e.g., where the explanation is given in the form of question and answer (comm. on Dan. ii. 12: quærunt Hebræi"); or when he says, in explaining, "This it is that is said" ("Hoc est quod dicitur"; comp. ); or when several opinions are cited on the same subject ("alii Judæorum"); or when a disputation is added thereto ("Epistola xix. ad Hedibiam," i. 55). He even uses technical phrases, such as "The wise men teach" ("Epistolæ," cxxi.) or "One may read" (comm. on Nahum. iii. 8). This kind of haggadic exegesis, which is merely intended to introduce a homiletic remark, leads Jerome to accuse the Jews unjustly of being arbitrary in their interpretation of the Bible text. But he did not believe that the Jews corrupted the text, as Christians frequently accused them of doing. While at Rome he obtained from a Jew a synagogue-roll ("Epistolæ," xxxvi. 1) because he considered the Hebrew text as the only correct one, as the "Hebraica veritas," which from this time on he regarded as authoritative in all exegetical disputes. Jerome hereby laid down the law for Bible exegesis. Of course he recognized also some of the faults of Jewish exegesis, as, for example, the forced combination of unconnected verses (comm. on Isa. xliv. 15: "stulta contentione"); he sometimes regards his teacher's interpretation to be arbitrary, and opposes to it his own (ib. xlix. 1). Contrary to the haggadic interpretation of the Jews, he correctly notices a difference between "Hananeel" (Jer. xxxi. 38; see comm. ad loc.) and "Hanameel" (ib. xxxii. 7). Jerome rarely employs simple historical exegesis, but, like all his contemporaries, wanders in the mazes of symbolic, allegoric, and even mystic exegesis. In his commentary on Joel i. 4 he adopts the Jewish interpretation, according to which the four kinds of locusts mean the four empires; Zech. iv. 2, in which the lamp means the Law, its flame the Messiah, and its seven branches the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, he interprets entirely mystically. Use of Noṭariḳon. In his commentary on Eccl. i. 9 he even teaches the preexistence of all beings, including man. He frequently uses the NoṬariḳon, e.g., in reference to Zerubbabel (comm. on Hag. i. 1) or to Abishag ("Epistolæ," lii. [i. 210]). Jerome's exegesis came in some respects like a revelation to the Christian world, and cleared up difficulties in reading the Bible; e.g., his explanation of the Hebrew alphabet ("Epistola xxx. ad Paulam," i. 144) or that of the ten names of God ("Epistola xxv. ad Marcellam," i. 128). It must always be remembered that in many portions of his allegorical exegesis Jerome is entirely in agreement with Hellenistic methods; for instance, in the explanation of the four colors in the sanctuary of the desert ("Epistola lxiv. ad Fabiolam," i. 364; comp. Philo, "De Monarchia," § 2; Josephus, "B. J." v. 4, § 4; idem, "Ant." iii. 7, § 7). Jerome's commentaries are of small value for Old Testament criticism, on account of the inclination to allegorize which leads him to a free treatment of the text, as well as on account of his polemics against Judaism (comp. Jew. Encyc. iv. 81, s.v. Church Fathers). Traditions. Jerome's works are especially important for Judaism because of the numerous Jewish traditions found in them, particularly in his work "Quæstiones Hebraicæ in Genesin." Jerome designates by the general name "tradition" all supplementary and edifying stories found in the Midrash and relating to the personages and events of the Bible; these stories may fitly be designated as historic haggadah. Here also Jerome affirms that he faithfully reproduces what the Jews have told him (comm. on Amos iv. 16: "hoc Hebræi autumant et sicut nobis ab ipsis traditum est, nostris fideliter exposuimus"). He designates the Jewish legend of Isaiah's martyrdom as an authentic tradition (comm. on Isa. lvii. 1: "apud cos certissima traditio"), while he doubts the story of Jeremiah's crucifixion because there is no reference to it in Scripture (comm. on Jer. xi. 18). Jerome often remarks that a certain story is not found in Scripture, but only in tradition (comm. on Isa. xxii. 15), and that these traditions originated with the "magistri," i.e., the Rabbis (comm. on Ezek. xlv. 10); that these "fables" are incorporated into the text on the strength of one word (comm. on Dan. vi. 4); and that many authors are cited to confirm this tradition. All these remarks exactly characterize the nature of the Haggadah. Jerome apparently likes these traditions, though they sometimes displease him, and then he contemptuously designates them as "fabulæ" or "Jewish fables," "ridiculous fables" (comm. on Ezek. xxv. 8), "ridiculous things" (on Eccl. iii. 1), or "cunning inventions" (on Zech. v. 7). Jerome's opinion of these traditions is immaterial at the present time. The important point is that he quotes them; for thereby the well-known traditions of the Midrash are obtained in Latin form, and in this form they are sometimes more concise and comprehensible—in any case they are more interesting. Moreover, many traditions that appear from the sources in which they are found to be of a late date are thus proved to be of earlier origin. Jerome also recounts traditions that are no longer found in canonical Jewish sources, as well as some that have been preserved in the Jewish and Christian Apocrypha. It is, furthermore, interesting to note that Jerome had read some of these traditions; hence they had been committed to writing in his time. Although other Church Fathers quote Jewish traditions none equal Jerome in the number and faithfulness of their quotations. This Midrash treasure has unfortunately not yet been fully examined; scholars have only recently begun to investigate this field. Nor have Jerome's works been properly studied as yet in reference to the valuable material they contain on the political status of the Jews of Palestine, their social life, their organization, their religiousviews, their Messianic hopes, and their relations to Christians. Jerome was no friend to the Jews, although he owed them much; he often rebukes them for their errors; reproaches them for being stiff-necked and inimical to the Christians; controverts their views in the strongest terms; curses and reviles them; takes pleasure in their misfortune; and even uses against them both the books that he has cunningly obtained from them and the knowledge he has derived therefrom. Thus Jews and Christians agree that he is eminent only for his scholarship, and not for his character. See Church Fathers. Bibliography: O. Zöckler, Hieronymus, Sein Leben und Sein Wirken, Gotha, 1865; A. Thierry, St. Jérôme, Paris, 1867, 1875; Grützmacher, Hieronymus, part i., Leipsic, 1901; Nowack, Die Bedeutung des Hieronymus für die A. T. Textkritik, 1875, pp. 6-10; S. Krauss, in Magyar Zsidó Szémle, 1890, vii., passim; idem, in J. Q. R. vi. 225-261; M. Rahmer, Die Hebräischen Traditionen in den Werken des Hieronymus, i., Breslau, 1861; ii., Berlin, 1898; idem, in Ben Chananja, vii.; idem, in Monatsschrift, 1865, 1866, 1867, 1868; idem, in Grätz Jubelschrift; Siegfried, Die Aussprache des Hebräischen bei Hieronymus, in Stade's Zeitschrift, iv. 34-82; Spanier, Exegetische Beiträge, zu Hieronymus, Bern, 1897; W. Bacher, Eine Angebliche Lücke im Hebräischen Wissen des Hieronymus, in Stade's Zeitschrift, xxii. 114-116.

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