I just want to share some very real thoughts with you:

Our cultural marxist enemies use our religion to destroy our white Christian nations. Holy wars never ended.

Friends don’t race mix with your women to destroy your race and heritage, Friends don’t invade your country, Friends don’t rape, rob, replace, or destroy your fellow countrymen. Friends don’t sell drugs to your kids or neighbors.

Anti-white attacks against white authority and whites overall. Don’t see whites being sponsored by the Soros ZioJesuit cultural marxist crowd to burn the town down over whitey being killed by cops or people of color.

Chevron Corporation Pledges to Lay Off White Males, Hire Women & Non-Whites: All of America’s major corporations are beginning to purge whites to please the Jew-negro racist coalition. – Reconquista Europa…

People need to stop with the Nazism crap that our cultural marxist enemies set up as white bogeymen. In reality, the liberal/marxist bolshevik multiculturalists are our real ZioJesuit bogeymen.

America was never a colored nation built for and by people of color…get a grip. America is being forcefully and deceptively turned into a colored nation through multicultural marxist white genocide.

Color has always been the center of all civilizations and war. God said his people are to remain separate, do not mix remaining spotless without blemish for the bridegroom especially after the tower of Babel. Race does matter why do you think BLM is made such a big deal of by our cultural marxist enemies working to destroy all whites and their Protestant nations.


God help us! Come soon Lord Jesus. Pray that our world’s eyes be opened to this and that the evil be turned to the Light.

The only True Equality given by God is the free will to choose salvation or damnation. Nowhere in the holy scriptures does it ever say to allow foreigners or strangers into your homes or nations to rob, rape, race mix, replace, or kill off your people and nations. We will be at the white thrown judgement…every race, tribe, and tongue. God did set boundaries for each of our kind’s habitats in the beginning and said not to mix.

The races still remain largely pure blood. Race mixing is a biblical weapon of war used to eliminate God’s enemies. We are in a blood covenant where God wrote his commandments on our hearts instead of on stone. The true remnant church of God will teach the testimony Of Christ and God’s commandments. Christ did not do away with God’s laws except for sacrificial ones written in the book of Moses.

That’s too bad. I see what is taking place today as a war between good and evil with race being used to destroy others.


Thank you, Robert. Must say that at Babel God divided the nations, however, in Christ He united all mankind. There is a dark agenda to “brown” all races (Kalergi?) and it has been in place for decades, thus the “open borders” push by the world (evil) powers. The “holy war” is on, but Christ is already the Victor!! All nations can be united in Christ… but we know Scriptural prophecy and that won’t happen. Christians (Israel, not the nation-state created by Tallmudic-Roman-Zionists) are the target in this world. Prophecy tells us Israel will be surrounded. Too many think that’s the small speck of land in the middle east. Wrong. White Christians are being targeted by the (occult) Roman Empire which is now being ruled from Switzerland and Greenland, and controls the world by jesuits and secret societies, if reports are correct. That’s why the Reformation history and those who exposed the papacy for the antiChrist beast it is are being attacked. Black Christians and Brown and Yellow have all been attacked, just as Scripture warns. ALSO… mankind after the fall into sin has NO ability to choose God or any good. The free will has been “freed” (enslaved) only to sin. God alone must raise the dead in sin to “WILL and to DO of His good pleasure”!

It is great to read others who see the truth…Thanks.


It is, Robert! Thank you!!

Rights are made up as our enemies see fit.


Unalienable rights are constant. Laws to protect those rights OR subvert them are what change. AND… that is lawless according to American Constitutional Law. Roman statutes and coded “legal”-ese has been allowed to infiltrate the American justice system and corrupt all institutions. Maybe the eyes are finally opening to expose the Roman beast and restore America’s Republic. Maybe…. lol!!!

I hope so. I do miss home…

Politics today is all about white Christian domicide.

This is about the theft and overthrow of white Christian civilization…Starting with us.

America was never a colored nation built for and by people of color…get a grip. America is being forcefully and deceptively turned into a colored nation through multicultural marxist white genocide.

The Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic multicultural marxist unholy trinity working to destroy white western Christian civilization through cultural inversion.

Cultural marxist Asshats who play games with the animals while feeding and encouraging them…

Ought to get ghetto niggas out of white nations and our professions. Our white jungles have enough of our own predators to contend with without adding in a bunch dark skinned foreign scavengers.

There is real normal standards for living within our white Christian nations, however, our ZioJesuit cultural marxist enemies have infiltrated all our institutions in order to invert our culture and nations by pushing multicultural marxist degeneracy replacing our white Protestant ethics = The destruction of white Christian western civilization = White Genocide.

Are your Jewish girls being taught, indoctrinated, and rewarded for screwing gentiles of color? Anti-Gentilism creates anti-Jewish reactions. You are all ZioJesuit anti-white supremacists working to replace and destroy white western Christian civilization through cultural inversion.

Oh ye children of Judah! Come out from behind your masks and curtains you vipers showing your true selves to the world with your kabbalist monetary hatred for mankind! Christ’s true remnant church of Israel will always remain the real apple of God’s eye…


The anti-white Christian Jewish/Jesuit clowns delete most of my posts and comments. Anti-Gentilism creates anti-Jewish reactions.


Subversive multicultural marxist hogwash created by our enemies to destroy white western Christian civilization. America is a white Protestant nation. A Republic built by the sweat and blood of white Protestants for the safety and well being of their posterity…Not a salad bowl. America was 98 percent white Protestant at founding and had strict laws against foreign integration or ownership because of the Spanish-Jewish/Jesuit-Islamic inquisition, wars, and genocide against them prior to coming here and during the establishment of our once great nation.

Because race is important. Represents who you are with tribal or national identity and association. Race, religion, and politics represents who we are setting boundaries for our habitats that God created in the beginning. Violations of such things causes war and conflict. God told his people to be separate from the world…Do not mix remaining spotless for the bridegroom.

The only real God given equality is the free will to choose salvation or damnation. People are not the same just like monkey-kind with a variety or species of monkeys. Mankind consists of different races or kinds and God set boundaries for each kinds habitats saying not to mix especially after the tower of Babel.

We need capable leaders and backers to organize and unite our people in resistance to this multicultural marxist destruction of our white Christian nations.

There is no escape really. Our cultural marxist enemies are of the devil.

And, our fellow countrymen and women wont believe it because it goes against their multicultural marxist indoctrination.

White genocide is real, globally, by every anti-white means at the kabbalist ZioJesuit’s multi-cultural marxist disposal. Genocide comes in many forms and just not at gun point. Do your homework. It is true that many Indians were wiped-out prior to the arrival of the poor white protestant settlers who came here escaping genocide by the Spanish crypto-Jew inquisitors working with the crypto-Jew Jesuit white slavers, and Muslim invaders…Whites are about one billion to about 7 billion non-white. I can provide much more info on white domicide.




I’m a proud pro white protestant advocate. Love is God and sin is death…physical and spiritual. Reject God’s patriarchal order and embrace Lucifer’s cultural marxist feminist hedonism of hell.


America Is Not a Nation of Immigrants-


I am not liberal marxist who uses commie language like racist to push white genocide…

I’m not ok with any kind of violence unless it is in self-defense or to protect those who need protection. I have a problem with Africans and other people of color being used to replace and eradicate whites and their nations.

What anti-white crap! Africans, other people of color, and our white women being used to overthrow our white Christian male patriarchy in order to overthrow and replace all white countries under the guise of multiculturalism or ZioJesuit cultural marxist liberation theology.

However, the Jesuits who are still controlled by crypto-Jews were always a part of Bolshevism & global genocide against white Protestantism which also involved the white Catholics as collateral damage.

That was the real intent of the world wars…global white Christian genocide ever since the Spanish inquisition…

I’ve been brutally attacked by cops more than once in the past. I even filed charges against them with the FBI and it went nowhere. I got released from jail on a habeas corpus with cracked ribs and was told to leave the state…I’m White. I lost jobs to affirmative action.

Your ancestors would see race mixing as an act of treason consorting with the enemy to eradicate your racial heritage.

Imagine the world without Jews and their Jesuit cohorts trying to destroy white western Christian civilization through multicultural marxism…Cultural Inversion.

White Christians have many enemies dressed in sheep’s clothing… I will not tolerate anti-white Christian behavior…

Cultural marxist anti-white propaganda: This is how our anti-white enemies keep whites ignorant enough to cut their own throats by kissing the asses of people of color who are replacing them…White Lives Matter.

The real racism, if you believe in such anti-white/Christian Jewish bolshevik terms, is against white western Christian civilization. The global white genocide is being swept under the rug.

The liberal marxist indoctrinated whites always use bogus stats that are created to gain their sympathies for the people of color who are replacing them and they wont realize it until it’s too, late…

The problem is equal now means anti-white, and white replacement. We are only equal in the sense that God gave us all free will to choose between salvation and damnation. Anything else is dog eat dog.

Same old ZioJesuit Nazi propaganda created to blind whitey to get us to mass murder each other complements of the Jewish Bolsheviks and their multi-cultural marxist offspring the Jesuit liberation theologians = white western Christian civilization’s destruction.

Women in our white Christian nations are targeted by our anti-white Christian Ziojesuit cultural marxist enemies to help bring down white Christian western civilization.

The ZioJesuit cultural marxist feminization and coloring of our military who now has even our women fighting to protect the men and kids on the front…SO Sad!

White Lives are the inventors of what really matters and the anti-whites are stealing it away through deception and force.

Our white Christian nation has been invaded and subverted by anti-white cultural marxists and there will be hell to pay because race, religion, politics, national heritage, and manifest identity does really matter.

Many of us are outraged at the outright attacks against us whites but are divided, brainwashed, powerless, and marginalized by our ZioJesuit cultural marxist enemies using people of color and feminism to destroy us and who are now controlling our institutions.

The ZioJesuit cultural marxist slime who have infiltrated our national institutions are trying to make us all dark haired, dark eyes, and just mongrel in order to eradicate us.

White Christian nations being destroyed by Jew, Jesuit, and non-white cultural marxists using cultural inversion promoting our women and kids to self-destruct along with helping to destroy their men.

People of color want everything that they believe identifies their racial skin color removed from the public eye so the stupid white people wont realize they are being eliminated and replaced until it’s too late. How is the degenerate Jewish-African TV working out for white people so far?