I must first present the foundations for the evil people and their organizations being studied herein for your review. Good luck and God Bless.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive
treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. — Marcus Cicero, speaking to Caesar, Crassus, Pompey and the Roman Senate.

The dire enemies of white protestant America have thoroughly infiltrated and saturated our Republic’s white protestant built institutions established by our godly white Protestant forefathers for our posterity sake against our dire enemies foreign and domestic. White Protestants and white catholics are being eradicated globally while our enemies blind the eyes and fill the ears of our people with multi-cultural Marxism/Liberation theology self-eradication propaganda. Because of the corrupt multicultural Marxism/liberation theology pushing white christian genocide as social justice our communities are fractured with profound distrust of everyone creating only righteous disgust for our schools and airwaves are filled with anti-white and anti-christian genocidal leftist luciferian programing. Our enemies constantly redefine our most intelligent and divine history in order to make white Christians look brutal and ignorant with their nations being made to appear as the true evil of the world in order to justify our continued annihilation in the form of global leftist/demoncratic social justice. The elite kabbalist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity represents the Marxist new age global inquisition taking place today against all of Christendom. Let no one or thing deceive you.

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance dissects the slogan: “We are a nation of immigrants.” It is not true and never was, and it is illogical to think of it as a justification for policy. Liberals would never justify any other policy by arguing “that’s the way it’s always been.” Liberals also misuse “E pluribus unum,” the motto on the Great Seal, falsely claiming that it celebrates immigration. Together, these mottoes are used as anti-white weapons to justify the immigration that is reducing the American founding stock to a minority through Marxist multi-cultural luciferianism.


23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. Electricity, television, radio, and helicopters represent elements working outside of man’s full understanding of their natural and artificial constructs and are good examples of modern witchcraft and sorcery today that have been normalized for global acceptance for the destruction of our white race and the christian religion.

As Arthur C Clarke puts it, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Here is my corollary: “Any sufficiently technical expert is indistinguishable from a witch”.


Secular pagan Jewish/Jesuit pornographers like Hefner and Flint backed by relativistic heathen Jewish/Jesuit supreme court judges glorify porn stars, hookers, whores, baby killers, addicts, the sexually perverse, white, and christian genocide using all manner of hedonistic immorality and evil deadly deception = Antisemitism is White Christian Genocide or Leftist Social Justice.


Politics is the practical exercise of acting on one’s beliefs, convictions, and faith.  As a person believes in their heart so they are. So, the uniqueness that was once to be found in  America is that the people had the last word. The leftist neoprogressives have now overplayed their hand, and they are now naked and exposed before the American public where they are  found to be wanting by many who have awoken…Wake up slumbering sheeple before the wolves eat you alive!


Soros wants to legalize prostitution and then provide free condoms Here. Soros also promotes American open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws.


I must state that the elite multi-cultural Marxist/liberation theologian Zionist/Jesuit bankers, corporatists, their dark heathen television media, dark hedonistic music industry, and their leftist anti-white christian books is the biggest luciferian genocidal curse to white western christian civilization, and Christendom overall.  Subversive leftist politicians like Hollywood’s Ronald Reagan who let in large numbers of Bolshevik Jews from Russia, Marxist crypto-Jew Jesuit backed mass Latin migration, and sheikh Obama who has flooded our white christian Republic with his African and Arab muslim brotherhood comrades to further ensure white protestant America’s and white catholic destruction from within. Treason: White Christian America and other white nations are under a full fledged invasion and occupation from dark skinned third world leftist countries facilitated by the leftist elite Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity pushing a new age inquisition.


It’s a Zionist/Jesuit eminence front where the Jewish Trump family and their Judean multicultural Marxist media and administration attacked a Muslim nation…surprised? So, who is really putting out black ops fake news? More white Christians and Muslims facing continues genocide for the Zionist/Jesuit unholy empire?

In the Kabbalist Jew/Jesuit lamestream media today many Africans are being promoted as better than whites, more sexy, cute, smarter, and more powerful all the while they shave heads and iron their nappy hair straight in order to hide their blackness behind blue eyed contact lenses just like the Marxist Hollywood Jews/Jesuits. Latins are being flat out sold as being Caucasian in order to further fool stupid white goyim/infidels out of his nations. Asians are portrayed as smarter and more skilled in hand to hand violence than whites and other races. No white rock n roll singers  allowed to win the multi-cultural Marxist Talmudic TV music competitions because the commies promote death to white christian culture. But, if whitey can mimic Africans well enough they can win. The only exception is white country music singers who are allowed to win as token Eskimos on occasion while the Kabbalist Zionist/Jesuit subversives try to blacken that as well. Trump is a Jew who has been Sephardi/Latin Jesuit trained just like his supreme court pick and we white Christians can expect no different genocidal results from Trumpstein and his Jew/Jesuit administration. More white Christians and Muslims being mass murdered.

It is not as though God’s word had failed. For not all who are descended from Israel are Israel…Romans 9:6…God does not love us all the same and we are not all equal or born equal in God’s eyes because God does discriminant against certain people among us. We are not told to pray for the enemies of God for certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Christ…Jude 1:4.


People are worshiping the political left with their kabbalist multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology as gods…Vain Worship – Part 1 of 2 … One of the most informative on Christianity and Judaism…Sets my teeth on edge to read multicultural Marxist subversives say pro-white is evil and white genocide is good for the dark races…Tancredo: Over 300 Sanctuary Cities Are Costing State and Local Taxpayers over $7,000,000,000 Annually…

And herein the devil utters his sophistry, and makes us forget that is continually done before our eyes, and by impossibility of our carnal imaginations, in things above our capacity, seduces us, and deceives us, in the belief of god’s high mysteries, and specially in the mystery of the Sacrament of the altar, whereby to hinder us, and deprive us, of our great comfort and consolation . . .(Stephen Gardiner: A Detection of the Devils Sophistry wherewith he robbeth the unlearned people of the true belief in the most blessed Sacrament of the altar. ( 1546).


Sophistry is the politician’s, lawyer’s, and conman’s best bedfellow. It’s a demonstrative, and argumentative mode of persuasion that appeals to the emotions in order to warp the listeners or readers judgement that is further achieved by the orators/writers ability to link together long chains of thought within a presentation on any given topic in debate or discussion made with deliberate strategic blank spots left within the topic of discussion or the arguments chain of reasoning for the listeners and readers to fill in themselves in order to make them feel like they participated in reaching the natural conclusion on their own (the orators desired conclusion) whether or not it’s true or false in reality. So, beware my friends! Let no man/woman/child deceive you or you will be lost…As a result, there are now many Treasonous pagan/heathen foreign religions rapidly replacing our white protestant christian religion here within the US and within many other white christian nations in all areas of our public and private sectors.


“I imagine some of this research will be attacked as anti-Semitic,
a frightful charge, possible whenever you discuss Judaism.
Which statements exactly, I would ask, are anti-Semitic?
I can find none.” J.T.

In Economic and Multicultural terrorism I show how the Jewish/Jesuit Bolsheviks use their invention of Cultural Marxism (Multicultural Marxism) and their crypto-Jew Jesuit Liberation Theology is being used economically and culturally to erode and destroy the foundations of white Christian westerner civilization.


All the aforementioned multicultural Marxist subterfuge and subversion is complements of the Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism and their twisted sister at the Freudian/Jesuit Tavistock institute of mental warfare invented to rob and destroy all of Christendom = Leftist Social Justice. The demonstrative, argumentative mode of persuasion that appeals to the emotions in order to warp the judgement to bring about the desired conclusion based on organized long trains of thought left with strategic blanks for the listeners to fill in so they feel as though they came to the desired conclusion themselves.


I’m not a communist. I’m a white christian nationalist with a foundation based upon white protestant ethics capitalism that built this great white christian constitutional republic for the protection of our white protestant posterity.


I am not German and was taught in US schools that any whites who questioned the Jewish story of world war history are Nazis and they should be persecuted and ignored depending on threat level of revelation or impact on others. Soros is really an anti-white christian cultural marxist subversive or Old school Jewish Bolshevik in AshkeNazi clothing.


I’m a conservative white protestant christian who knows who my enemies are in fact. The Zionist/Jesuit multi-cultural Marxist cartel is robbing, supplanting, and destroying my white christian republic through mass dark enemy (Islamic, African, Latin, Asian) immigration, and dark hedonistic miscegenation as a twisted form of leftist liberation social justice = white christian genocide.


I choose to put white christian America first and then we can help others as long as they don’t try to tear off the hand that helps. I question all the education I received in US schools through all levels because I started finding many half truths, inconsistencies, and out right lies leading to the theft and destruction of white christian nations like the US by multicultural Marxist subversives who have turned whites and Christians against each other.

We are all dependent on the same resources for survival. How we go about our business makes all the difference in the world…The Hidden Evil: The Psychopathic Influence…


It’s good to look at all sides. If you don’t compare the apples and oranges then you will only see the trees…The continued war against white christian America by crypto-Jew Jesuits…


I believe that it is really the Jew/Jesuit kabbalist cartel behind all the bombings and wars that are eradicating all white Christians and is now killing off the Muslim world as well who are at least trying to fight back against them.

It is the elite so-called AshkeNazi Jew, Sephardic Jew, and crypto-Jew Jesuit banksters and their leftist corporatist puppets who are robbing and mass murdering non-Jewish people and nations. In a link below you will see where the cypto-Jew Jesuits demonize Christianity while defending Islam and Jews.


Heirs of Occult Renaissance Popery fulfill their covert mandate: Defense of the Talmud by “Traditional Catholics”…America needs to wake up and realize that Judah is not Israel and not a friend of Christ.

More treason and subversion from within by leftist foreign agents in our white christian government…


I hope you have had the chance to read some of my other posts on how the crypto-Jew Jesuits mass murdered 100 million white Protestants and created Islam in order to help in their catholic counter reformation/Sephardic inquisition and Muslim horde invasions where the Muslims fought side by side with AshkeNazi Jews against white christian crusaders.


Even the Nuremberg trial was a complete fraud just like the Jewish holocaust, and the diary of Anne Frank that was perpetrated in order to cover up and justify the actual Zionist/Jesuit facilitated white christian genocide of a couple hundred million that took place during the world wars in order to break white christian western powers and nations.

We are being set up and subverted using our own christian courts, laws, policing agencies, and military that our leftist enemies have been revising in order to bring about our complete destruction.


Justice and law making within the US today and within many other white christian nations are now being contrived by our dire multicultural Marxist enemies who create nothing more than anti-white christian profit motive laws that exploit hedonistic practices being facilitated by the cultural Marxists now dominating our institutions and basically go against the will, practices, norms, and mores of society in order to empty our pockets, confuse us, divide us, lock us up, put us on mental drugs, supplant us, and kill us off.


Neoliberal indoctrinated adults dependent on government for checks, protection, and foreign subversive pushing Zionist/Jesuit multicultural Marxism/liberation theology that creates stoned out hedonistic social justice warriors practicing leftist self-eradication theology and white christian genocide.

I like to identify the faces and names of the true human culprits behind the dirty deeds taking place today leading to our international destruction, and not just their leftist organizational titles.


This is why many whites voted for supposed white protestant Trump while the majority of Africans and Hispanics voted for the multicultural Marxist, Hillary: The elite multicultural Marxist Jew/Jesuit scum infiltrated our white christian national institutions and are now robbing us blind while flooding our nations with dark skinned enemy immigrant combatants who are randomly race mixing us, killing us off daily, and supplanting our white christian posterity within our domestic, scholastic, economic, religious, and political institutions. Fightback and purge our nation of our Bolshevik enemies once and for all before we are completely eliminated or diversified out of existence. Tired of turning on the Zionist/Jesuit news media and hearing that more whites and Christians have been mass murdered.


People of color and their pagan/heathen comrades do not represent the white race, creed, culture, posterity, white protestant, white catholic, nor christian America and never will. I have not been color-blinded by my leftist enemies: African football players do not represent me, my kids, my culture, creed, or my white protestant built Republic regardless of what our leftist enemy subversives say through their media, schools, and politicians. I had an African man today call me a hater and said communism doesn’t exist anymore….Really? Truth is hate and fantasy?


White genocide through Jewish/Jesuit cultural Marxism/Liberation theology using Islam, the darker races, and their pagan/heathen religious comrades in order to rob, supplant, and destroy our white christian nations, and eradicate Christendom over all is taking place daily. Dark hedonistic multicultural Zionist/Jesuit Marxism/liberation theology = Leftist white christian genocide disguised as social justice. Abraham Lincoln was Against Multiculturalism…Multicultural Marxist/Liberation theology = Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic multicultural genocide of all white Christians and Christendom = Leftist social justice.


None of the leftist multicultural subterfuge and subversion has anything in common with our white protestant constitutional republicanism establish for the protection of our posterity.


I don’t like the elitist so-called Jews/Jesuits because of their covert genocidal practices upon humanity. The peasants are nothing but cannon fodder in maximizing profits, power, and control where race and God have no meaning.–the-slave-trade.html


The so-called upper-crust Jews always bite the hand that feeds them thus killing the goose that laid their golden egg…or is it apple? Sucks to be a non-saved Jew still serving their father the devil…


Life really depends on what racial clique, tribe, or nation you belong to or at least are allowed to fit in with. On the streets of America and within the our Jails/prisons it’s deadly business who you hang out with.


However, white Christians have been number one on the Zionist/Jesuit hit list for hundreds of years because we have been so successful at nation building and technology creation in spite of the left’s genocidal efforts until recently. Whites are now down to around 8% of global population and still rapidly declining through foreign war, mass dark enemy immigration, and dark hedonistic miscegenation. People of color are being used to rob and eradicate our people and nations. The Latin universal church consists of largely the posterity of Spanish inquisitioners. White protestants and white catholics are just about ready fro the reservation if current trends continue…Invade, supplant, oppress, kill, and just breed whites out of existence…


White protestants and white catholics have allowed our leftist enemies to take God and Christ out of our US schools and sociopolitical institutions calling them fairy tails while promoting a fat jolly Norse pagan god and his pointy eared helpers that has led to the displaying Jewish menorahs and Islamic symbolism in Christ’s place within our national white christian institutions.


Have not seen one Jesus movie on Zionist/Jesuit TV yet on Christmas eve, and not even on the so-called christian satellite channels…very strange indeed… All the Christmas shows I seen so far leave out Christ and God but want kids to believe in a fat jolly Nordic god in a coca cola red suit with pointy eared elves making materialistic happiness…Marxist hedonistic subversion and blasphemy…


The truth is now the complete opposite of the  antisemitism hoax used for the cultural Marxist mass murdering of white christian civilization. Put the Zionist/Jesuit lame stream media with their leftist US schools aside and become really educated on your own for your life and spirit depend upon it.


For example: The NETFLIX series ‘The Ranch’ is a blatant leftist mockery of white conservative American farmers. A typical neoprogressive Hollywood urban cast portrays a white farming family as ignorant, foul mouthed, perverse,  pornographic, pot smoking, and alcoholic hicks who all go around screwing everything with a pecker or a hole while pushing a broken home cultural Marxist/liberation theology mentality now typical in most all anti-white Christian Hollywood productions today like in sex in the city or three and a half idiots. The Marxist Zionist/Jesuit Hollywood cartel even throws in a Mexican illegal immigrant who is taken home by one of the ignorant near-white boys to screw a blond appearing white women with a white baby in order to race bait, offend, and push liberal self-eradication race mixing theology to the whites of America who are currently being invaded, robbed, supplanted, and eradicated by such nefarious Marxist multicultural mechanizations. Today, the leftist Hollywood cultural Marxists make war movies with women in combat to brainwash the stupid goyim into accepting the murdering of their women on the battlefield along with what’s left of their white Christian men while the Bolshevik Zionist/Jesuit media terrorists also help to flood our military with Marxist queers, feminists, and foreign subversives. It’s laugh and applause machines galore…


Do you know who actually created and supported the so-called KKK which was supposed to unite white Christians in defense of their white protestant Republic against racial and religious foreign subversion?


Homeschooling is a Great idea as long as the elite Zionist/Jesuit Tavistock mental warfare institute and their sister Frankfurt school of multicultural Marxism occupies our white christian schools, and white protestant national institutions.

People, institutions, organizations, and government only have the credibility and authority that we the people assign to them for what ever reasons we use to justify putting our trust and faith in them if any real reason ever existed at all: A deadly and damning preoccupation.


So, now that Trump supposedly got elected everyone is going to don the progressive blinders again and pretend that the secular pagan/kabbalist elitist Zionist/Jesuits, and their relativistic/heathen Jewish comrades in Judah are not responsible for the Islamic, African, and Hispanic invasions along with the race mixing of white christian nations and our subsequent white genocide is no longer relevant because they have us all focused on killing off Muslims for them in their multicultural Marxist process.

Trump during his campaign said we need more christian immigration now he has his Con-way mouth piece saying our religion is no longer important or an issue? Multi-Cultural Marxism. More Treason against white protestant built America where white catholics perish and are replaced as well.


Conway: No Immigration Policies Based on Religion. This means the invasion of white christian America will continue until we no longer exist. Jewish Trump: Leftist facilitated Jewish/Jesuit Latin and African invasion of white nations will continue and remain until their  White Christian Genocide is completed.


High Treason in aiding and abetting our enemies and using our enemies to centralize wealth and power: The Nationalization and ‘Israelification’ of US Police. Fake news. With the Marxist push to feminize and multiculturalize our military they will just send our enemies flowers to plant on all our white christian graves.

Trump donated a lot to Chuck Schumer the Jewish commie anti-christian gun grabber from NY who said today that he really, really, really, really thinks a special committee of political Jews and leftists need to be created to label Trump a commie.


Chuck Schumer’s Bolshevik anti-white christian Jew/Jesuit comrades now control our media, schools, courts, economy, and govt…They subverted our race, creed, culture, posterity, and national manifest identity through their dark hedonistic multicultural Marxism. Schumer’s kinsmen are the producers and carriers of Bolshevism that mass murdered 66 million white Christians in Russia….


A bunch of commie anti-white and anti-christian American subversives trying to shut Trump down before he even hits the white house? These leftist subversives should be very afraid of being held accountable for their evil against our white christian nation if Trump is all he has been cracked up to be.


Elite Jews are Bolsheviks at heart. Trump’s kids married into wealthy Jewish families and converted to Judaism with their children born Ashkenazi Jews.


God created all in the beginning and set boundaries for their habitats and if you violate the boundaries and habitats we have wars and rumors of wars. The son’s of god left their habitats and we had the flood.

Man-kind = races/kindred while animals are largely considered species with subspecies. We have monkey-kind with different subspecies like spider monkeys and Apes whose hair falls off and becomes different races of mankind though the hair stopped falling off years ago….lol…


I do not accept foreign invaders or foreign subversives as Americans or representational of white christian America. I am not leftist colorblind or diversified by my enemies. Africans, Hispanics, Arabs, and Jews are not white protestant, white catholic, white culture, white posterity.


You cannot put different races and creeds under the same teepee and then realistically expect one ethnic group to not try and dominant the others out of natural competition for racial survival, religious validation, control of resources, and power over others.

I’m tired of all the articles whining about the ethnic cleansing of Jews or even the Palestinians when the actual ethnic cleansing taking place is against whites by these same nefarious entities…

Don’t forget about our friends: Latin Kings, MS13, Black Panthers, Malcolm X fan clubbers, Lois Farrakhan million man marchers, Martin Luther Kings Marxist club house, and La Raza who wants to kill all the gringos.


Kill whitey has really gone global. White christian Germany has the same multicultural Marxist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic infestation working together to kill off the white protestant and white catholic population = Marxist liberation theology social justice.

By hate do you mean you practice sinful self-eradication through hedonistic miscegenation & push for mass dark heathen enemy immigration = white christian multicultural genocide or leftist social justice disguised as a twisted form of brotherly love, vain freedom & ungodly democracy?


What is an antisemitic exactly? Some one who hates Jews for no reason? Some sort of persecution the Jews earned by their ill actions towards others?


Well then, the elite Judean cultural Marxist banksters and their crypto-Jew Jesuit minions shouldn’t be pushing dark mass enemy immigration and dark heathen race mixing within our white christian nations while outlawing it in Judah if they don’t like the heat and recognition for their dark works against humanity.


So, are you just another Zionist/Jesuit indoctrinated puppet who believes that all whites who organize in self-defense of their kindred and nations outside of corrupt government manipulation with their foreign owned leftist media approval are actually Nazis and skinheads? Like the tea party had been portrayed before its Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic infiltration?


There is indeed a vast preponderance of evidence for the Zionist/Jesuit multicultural Marxist theft and destruction of white christian western civilization. Not easy breaking through their camouflage…Mexicans from new Spain are Spanish catholics and Sephardic crypto-Jew Jesuits from Spain who are dire enemies of white protestant America. Spanish inquisition? Counter Reformation?

I don’t see white Christians fighting back against the leftist facilitated dark enemy invasion of our nations. Muslims take no crap from outside their own race and creed and defend it to the death making white Christians look moronic and too cowardly to defend their beliefs or people.


Trinity Of Globalist Control: Heads of the One World Order…

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Soros and Ford Foundation Behind the Panama Papers

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Elites Bring Out the Big Guns: Rothschild & Soros Warn Of Brexit …


EIT reportedly does not legally exist and is an arm of the George Soros funded National Immigration Forum, which as a “neutral third-party institution” facilitated EIT’s $250,000 radio ad campaign urging (Zionist Christian Suckers) Evangelicals to back mass legalization of illegal immigrants.

The Evangelical Immigration Table Exposed As

Stranglehold on America | Veterans Today

Lawrence Auster on the Role of Jews in the…

“Yes, I do have a foreign policy…my goal is to become the conscience of the world.”‘


This is not a case of narcissistic personality disorder; this is how George Soros exercises the authority of United States hegemony in the world today. Soros foundations and financial machinations are partly responsible for the destruction of socialism in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. He has set his sights on China. He was part of the full court press that dismantled Yugoslavia. Calling himself a philanthropist, billionaire George Soros’ role is to tighten the ideological stranglehold of globalization and the New World Order while promoting his own financial gain through pushing anti-white christian Zionist Frankfurt school theology.


Big names in big businesses are lobbying for immigration reform in Washington, D.C., including Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, and Rupert Murdoch. But political strategists disagree about the motivation behind the money.

Pope Francis Declares War on Europe – Traditionalist …

Soros and The Gang | Veterans Today

True to Soros’ nature, he’s cashing in at the Bank of Obama, despite what it’s doing to our economy. Starting with the fact that Soros was involved in crafting the trillion-dollar so-called “Recovery Act,” which President Obama signed into law in February 2009.


Obama: “It’s just that it will bankrupt them” He never got his Cap N Trade program FORMALLY legislated so he used his EPA to effectively do the same thing. The coalminer’s and America’s nightmare…Jewish commie fascist criminal, George Soros.

Soros, Rothschilds and Rockefellers – On The Move! | Helena

Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is DangerousHuman Events

The Real Winner Of Obama’sWar On Coal’: George Soros

Obama: “It’s just that it will bankrupt them” – GraniteGrok — GraniteGrok

Angela Merkel shows a unique tenacity in relation to Germany´s and thus Europe’s open borders – with catastrophic flooding by Muslim immigrants, of whom only 20% are war refugees.


George Soros has all sorts of ideas — dictates, reallyfor how Europe must sign up for its demise by importing hordes of Muslims. Soros outlines a six-point plan for civilizational demise in Project-Syndicate, as summarized below, with a bit of commentary in parentheses.

George Soros behind Merkel´s Refugees … –


Like a drunk who drinks expecting a different result…

Mr. Soros has now issued an email statement to Bloomberg Business, claiming his foundations help “uphold European values”, while Mr Oban’s actions in strengthening the Hungarian border and stopping a huge migrant influx “undermine those values.” “His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” Mr Soros added. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

REVEALED: George Soros Admits He’s Behind Muslim Migrant


Though many may be correct in many of their views on life the leftist progressive crooks within our US socioeconomic institutions and Washington still remain and continue taking us down the current path leading to our complete destruction.

Washington politicians continue to con us with their sophistry and bombastic maneuverings that gives the appearance of trying to help the American people by taking more away from the people without giving anything of real substance in return; They seem to be winning the day. All the while, we the stupid sheeple with our guns and bibles spend a lot of time conversing, organizing, and protesting without violence to the best of our abilities. Violence sucks even though it maybe inevitable to replenish the tree of liberty. Scary stuff and a very scary reality…


The core Jewish population, whose numbers officially amount to just 14.2 million, are more secure than are ethnic Europeans. This is despite their constant claims to be at risk, which is part of their survival toolkit. Such strategy, or indeed any survival tactic, would be wasted on ethnic-Europeans. Under threat and constantly reminded of their likely extinction they bicker among themselves.

Some perverse ethnic European women take to the streets with posters that carry self-hating epithets. Many women beg to be raped by non-Whites whilst as many ‘men’ invite the colored invaders into their community and their homes.

White protestant America is either too stupid, ignorant, cowardly or ungodly to defend themselves, their posterity, and their Republic. Which is the right answer? I have noticed that most whites will turn on another white first before they will attack a person of color. So, why is that?

Instauration 1979 February – Instauration Online

In 19 States, Whites Have Become The Minority |

The Self-Destructiveness of Ethnic Europeans – Renegade Tribune



Members of the #FYF911 or #FukYoFlag and #BlackLivesMatter movements called for the lynching and hanging of white people and cops.

Will the US Follow South Africa Down the Path of White Decline …

A Babylonian Captivity | Renegade Tribune


Many Zionist/Jesuit indoctrinated or neoliberal subversive white trash jerkoffs just want others to hear them mindlessly rattle on about anti-white christian leftist multicultural theology. Many progressive parrot white males sound like closet mudsharks and butthole surfers who need to stop bending over and shut up so we don’t have to see them open their mouths so wide we can almost check their inductive nasty sperm counts…wannabe femme-muffdivers, pole swinging poster ghetto girls, and femme-male rosebuddies for the elitist Zionist/Jesuit, Islamic, and anti-white christian social justice agenda with its minority based dark hedonistic multicultural subversion and genocide of self-eradicating whites and christians. White wacky feminist men and women with leftist self-eradication indoctrination…Reverse Racism Is Real…

The Jews have made the entire US Congress a laughingstock – except, no one can laugh at such a Frankenstein monster.

Why Don’t Feminists Talk About the Abuse of White

Racism Against White People Exists | Thought Catalog


Kentucky State University could open a boarding school aimed at preparing African American males for college as soon as 2010, according to President Mary Sias…‘Gender Justice’ Professors Urge Discrimination Against White Males.


Indeed, when asked by the Senate Judiciary committee where she was on Christmas, Kagan replied irreverently — (insulting the majority of Americans who DO celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ) — to an explosion of irreverent laughter: “Like all Jews, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant.”

Racist Al Sharpton : Guilty By Convenient Omission

Thank you Donald Trump for opposing White Genocide

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WORLD WIDE WHITE SLAVE TRADE CENTERED IN ISRAEL: Post “BLACKLISTED” Or “Buried” By GOOGLE [RE-POST] Modern Day Slavers – “Their God Granted Right?!”

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George Soros: Hit-Man for the British Oligarchy. Soros’ immorality and ruthless nature made him the perfect hit man for enforcing the Empire’s drug operations. Britain had a monopoly in the dope and slave trade.

Does Soros Have a Drug Problem? (PDF)

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False Flags obama…Brainwashing: 911 & the Holohoax.

Brainwashing Germany After WWII…and Zionist

Brainwashing: 911 & the Holohoax by Alfred…


I get sick of people coming into our Country screaming racists, haters, and bigots in order to get free stuff, and subvert our way of life…


If you think Obama’s Amnesty plan is about 13 million mostly Hispanic illegals, think again. Obama is flooding the country with Muslims – most with no real background checks – many of whom automatically get U.S. citizenship in just ten weeks after arrival.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Stealth Muslim Immigration


Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians…Brainwashing The Children: Teaching Zionism At An Early Age! Soros & Rothschild.


Mr. Soros has little room to continue his dirty games with the speculation that has devastated the entire global financial system, in collaboration Rothschild / Rockefeller and other jackals.

Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest


Basically George Soros is another tool for economic and political warfare in the hands of the Rothschilds.

Maybe the Tea Party should unite with the OWS, SEIU, and AFL-CIO protesters, and work together to restore our Republic.


The social and political factionalization, and fractionalization must end before America ends…White protestant and christian America Unite for our Posterity and Republic!

Social Fractionalization, Political Instability,…

The Plot for America: Joachim Prinz, –

Unions flaunt support for Communist Party at L.A. …


During the rally, members of the Service Employees International Union and the AFL-CIO intermingled with members of the Communist Party USA. At least one SEIU member picked up a communist flag and carried it. Ringo, a journalist and photographer from Southern California, captured pictures and videos of the event.


Checkout some more of our biggest enemies….

A very strong argument presented here until you can invalidate it with sound facts or reasoning. So, tell your secular nihilistic crap to people who are starving and dying all over the world for having faith/belief or no faith/belief in what they can or cannot see as true, changing, corrupting, and transforming whether you pretend to be brain dead or not. People do have faith in many things that are perceived as true or naturally existing yet taken for granted. Only when reality fails them do they come to their true senses, and for many it’s usually too late; You can believe or have faith in that…or not. Reality, and all things contained within still exist and run their natural set course whether or not you exist, believe in it, or are aware of it taking place. So, one could say that reality is God.

Leftist Zionist/Jesuit, and Islamic multicultural theft, subterfuge, subversion, and supplanting of white protestant and christian America…

Invasion Spreads across European Union – The New …

London Crashing into Nonwhite Nightmare – The New…

The invasion and fighting has been here in our white protestant and christian communities for a number of years now and so far kept just under the radar and pretty one sided because of the hedonistic leftist indoctrination of our people causing poverty, government dependence, disunity, ignorance, stupidity, cowardice, fear instead of faith, self-eradication both spiritually and physically. This is very twisted leftist social justice.


You are a communist subversive and Traitor…Your religion of non belief that you claim to have faith in is an old tune that has caused more mass murder in the 20th century then all other religion combined. Zionist/Jesuit, and Islamic multicultural theft, subversion, supplanting, and treason…Fight Back or Parish White Boyz…Many say it’s too late but even a racoon will turn and fight when cornered. Country boys can fight…

Jews, Communists and Genocidal Hate in “Whiteness


Glenn presents an in-depth look at the Puppet Master, billionaire financier George Soros, one of the most powerful forces in the Progressive Movement.


13“But as for you, speak to the sons of Israel, saying, You shall surely observe My sabbaths; for this is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I am the LORD who sanctifies you. 14‘Therefore you are to observe the sabbath, for it is holy to you. Everyone who profanes it shall surely be put to death; for whoever does any work on it, that person shall be cut off from among his people.


Communist and fascists are not capitalists…they are commie/fascist corporatists posing as capitalists with an ideology based on religiously secular situational ethics or foreign religious beliefs. You have to actually own capital with no strings attached to be a capitalist and you proclaim a deep belief or faith in what you say about being an ideological capitalist. You do have to have faith in what you say or believe and that is religious in nature. Belief is the confirmation of faith in what one believes to be true. Belief or proclaimed non belief in one thing can be the denial of other things whether they are true, valid, false, invalid, constant, tentative, empirical, or metaphysical in nature.

Arguing with secularized neoliberal parrots who believe they are patriotic capitalists when Protestant ethic Capitalism is a white Christian concept or construct…Weber and Luther is dead on since white protestant people and nations became the most inventive, wealthiest, and powerful nations on earth. Now, the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity have infiltrated our nations and are robbing us blind and killing off white protestants and white catholics alike in this new age inquisition based on multi-cultural Marxism/Liberation theology = White genocide through mass dark enemy coreligionist immigration and dark hedonistic race mixing.

The facts are not opinion and the natives were conquered, and our Republic was built…get over it…History…Christ is the son who came to bring us back to God our father who is not man and does not change.Weber on his use of concepts such as the “capitalist spirit”, the “protestant ethic”, and Luther’s “call-ing”.


Who has been calling for Marxist policies in America?


Oligarch Khodorkovsky conviction exposes links with Soros & Rothschild…Nalco linked to Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, (Now Will Reap Rewards On NeuroToxins)…



“The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a world-wide social revolution.”

Jews and Communism | German Victims




George Soros funds La Raza…

connection between George Soros and La Raza :

They Dare Not Speak Its Name: Rothschild ZionismWar Is Crime

Over 30 Major News Organizations Linked to George Soros…

Americans Target Of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign In History…


Are you brainwashed? What about some of your neighbors,
are they brainwashed? Before you answer that, let us ask you a few preliminary questions: Do you believe that the United States was struck by a terrorist attack on Sept. 11? Do think that the people behind that attack were “Arabs” and that its “mastermind” was this fellow Osama bin Laden, operating from a cave in Afghanistan? Do you believe that the way to stop terrorism is to hit them hard, to hit them at their “bases” in such places as Afghanistan, and to hit the nations who might sponsor them, like, say Iraq?

Hollywood Brainwashing America! • Creation…

Psychology + Brainwashing | AZL Home


Where there’s smoke there’s fire…Soros!

Jews push for minority rights in majority White countries to create a back door for themselves in order to advance their own Jewish Supremacy over other racial groups. By weakening the majority and strengthening minority rights, Jews create the conditions for the most organized minority group (Jews) to advance their interests and take charge.


“The Protestant Ethic will atrophy as more and more enjoy varied leisure and guaranteed sustenance…. Most people will tend to be hedonistic…” [3] Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program (B-STEP), Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1969.


Brainwashing in America…Bombard children with mind-changing suggestions.

Psychic and Political Numbing in Preparations for …

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Wednesday described re-elected US President Barack Obama as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and said he expected his government to continue attacking the anti-secrecy website.

Barack ObamaZionist Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing…

Julian Assange says Victorious Barack ObamaWolf


Economic Jihad: $700 Billion Bail-Out Aids Oil Rich Arab Sheikhs…

Arabian Wealth: The Ten Richest Arabs in the World–367978.html

The richest Jews and Muslims…,7340,L-4099803,00.html

Top 10 Richest Jews in the World and in America – Techscio

Who Is Behind Barack Obama’s Rise to Stardom?

Who is Behind Obama’s Rise to Stardom? | INCOG MAN

Obama Giving Billions To The Muslim Brotherhood!!

Zionist Jews biggest donors to presidential bids

Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To The Muslim


Billionaire George Soros is giving $1 million to a Democratic “super” political action committee. Soros also gave another $500,000 to two congressional super PACs. Why did George Soros wait so long?


Does Anyone Actually Believe Hillary’s Lies About…

Foreigner” Named Barack Obama Put Through Harvard by Bill

Andy Stern “Workers of the World Unite!”


To round out this list, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is primarily responsible for what is contained in Obama’s socialized health care bill. Andy Stern and Anna Burger lead the SEIU, both of whom are Jewish cronies of George Soros.

Michelle Malkin | » Brief Quiz: How Often Does the AFL-CIO President …

Michelle Malkin | » Andy Stern & Barack Obama:

Michelle Malkin | » Inside SEIU president Andy

abamartrumpka-thUnion Head Richard Trumka Sees AFL-CIO as Socialist Vehicle…

Labor Leader Urges Obama to Go Big on Immigration | TIME

Union Boss Trumka Sees AFL-CIO as Socialist

March 2011 – Global Research Initiative


SOROS BEHIND MIDDLE EAST MELTDOWN…Glenn Beck & Kevin Freeman Book “Secret Weapon” Economic Terrorism Stock…

How the Anti-American Left Funds #BlackLivesMatter

George Soros and the Shadow Party Behind Crises to…

The Triad of Treachery…

The Triad of TreacheryRenegade Tribune

Elite Will Use Migrants to Destroy European Labor

World Leader SLAMS George Soros for promoting,

Analysis: Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths …

George Soros, Agenda 21 and the Coming World Government


Young Muslim men try to forcibly gain access into women’s and girls’ changing rooms.”

GERMANY: Muslim invaders are pooping and

Now, let’s cut to the chase. The “migrant” crisis is a scam, a genocidal scam against White Europeans. The anti-Whites want to turn Europe into a Brazil style mixed race melting pot. They want to destroy everything about our continent and everything our ancestors fought for. 


Anti-Whites like Soros and Sutherland lie when they claim this is all about love and peace. Are you seriously going to buy this emotional gibberish from a multi billionaire who made his money under dubious circumstances and the ex head of some of the most ruthless organizations on the planet? The time for action is upon us!

The Invasion Of

George Soros behind Merkel´s Refugees … – new.

Call For Action: Arrest George Soros For Crimes Against

George Soros…The Pusher Man…

Revealing the evil deceptive ploys and tactics of George Soros, progressive liberals, Marxists, Communists, Socialists, et. al. all to create a One World Government of unrepresentative control, in the same manner Radical Islam wants to create a caliphate.

Charles and David Koch v. George Soros: Free

George Soros spiders supports Google…


Convicted Felon George Soros: Buying Off Corrupt Politicians To Destroy Elections For America’s Judicial System:


Friends Of Soros….


Exposed: Written by an Anarchist, Anti-Capitalism Group ‘Occupied Wall Street Journal’ (Full-Color, Free Newspaper) Is Funded by George Soros, the Tides Foundation, Code Pink and Michael Moore…

The Tides Foundation is a tax-exempt charity established in 1976 by antiwar activist Drummond Pike. It distributes millions of dollars in grants every year to political organizations identified with leftwing causes. Among these are United for Peace and Justice, a group led by pro-Castro activist Leslie Cagan; the National Lawyers Guild; the Center for Constitutional Rights; and the Council for American-Islamic Relations, three of whose executives have been indicted for terrorist activities.

The Tides Foundation and its closely allied Tides Center distributed nearly $66 million in grants in 2002 alone. The Tides Center was spun off from the Foundation but is also run by Drummond Pike. The Tides Center, the Foundation,and two other entities under the Tides roof collaborate as partners. There is a technical – but insignificant – separation between the Tides Foundation and the Tides Center.


From 1994 – 2004, the Heinz Endowments, which Teresa Heinz Kerry heads, have given the Tides entities $8.1 million in grants. Until February 2001, Kerry was also a trustee of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Carnegie has given Tides numerous six-figure grants.

Soros calls huddle of leftist billionaires…

George Soros’ Agenda for Drug Legalization, Death, and Welfare

Now meet them who are responsible for promoting our destruction through mass immigration and multiculturalism…

George Soros: Open Society and Open Borders Funding…

After Shipping 25,000 Jobs Overseas, GE Chairman Tells Business …


Meet the open borders family: McCain, Hernandez, Soros, and the “Reform Institute”


Michelle Malkin | » Meet the open borders family: …


From the beginning, the EU has been a Jewish operation. It has two main goals:
1. To destroy every one of the different European Nation States by consuming all of them under the non-ethnic specific name ‘European’, while at the same time consolidating Jewish power at the top ruling over everyone.

2. To physically destroy all the different White ethnicities through forced integration and miscegenation with the Non-White hordes of Asia and Africa.


ISIS is plotting to smuggle militants into Western Europe disguised as refugees so that they can launch devastating terror attacks, according to US intelligence sources. When Al Jazeera English was launched many people had expectations that at last there would be an English language media outlet that wasn´t just a mouthpiece of the Jewish agenda. But lo – were they wrong. 16.5 Million Europeans murdered in all 3 Holodomor…

How The Jews Are Destroying America | INCOG MAN

Muslim Brotherhood Forming a Political Party Here…


The Genocidal EU Plot and the Jews Behind It…

Jews Demand Open Borders for USA, But Use DNA to

We know we can’t live with Jew-words like inclusion, diversity, and racism. And we can’t live with Jews pounding these words into the heads of white children, today, to reap white genocide tomorrow.


This is about power and the value-selection mechanisms put into minds and institutions of the WHITE WEST. When institutions are western, they select for excellence. When they are Jewed, they are run by Cultural Marxists who select for inclusion, diversity, and tolerance for failure.

Video: The Collective Suicide of European Nations | INCOG MAN

The Stormer Fallacy: Blaming White Women


It seems that most if not all US politicians, and their progressive media playmates push the globalist agenda by backing wide open borders, and unlimited immigration whether legal or illegal to destroy America as we know it.

Uncontrolled immigration is definitely not a good thing, and many are wrong on one aspect wherein all people are the same. Yes, all people desire to be free, but they see freedom with completely different aspects or cultural concepts. History, culture and different world views, will never allow different ethnic groups to live together without any tension, and history proves this with overwhelming amount of facts. This country has millions of intelligent immigrants from Asia and other areas of the world living in this country without the help of the welfare system, but they still hold an inherent grudge against the originators of this country(European Americans). I am more inclined to agree with Hayak who is prepared to countenance restrictions on immigration for the reason that people of different cultures find it difficult to live under the same rules.


The U.S. Elite Run a Ukrainian Genocide While American Public Are Ignorant of It…George Orwell called such linguistic tricks for fooling any nation’s mass of suckers, “Newspeak,” but America’s version is more sophisticated than his fictional one was.

The U.S. Elite Run a Ukrainian Genocide While

Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution,…


“And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be.  One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep.

Tea Party SpeechOccidental Dissent


I’d like to see our borders closed, visas eliminated, unconstitutional trade treaties abolished, the Patriot Act repealed, the Department of Homeland Security cut back, the TSA abolished, the Fed abolished, the 17th amendment repealed, most of the Fourth Amendment and Due Process are restored.

Part 2: Muslim Brotherhood At The US Department Of…

REVEALED: George Soros Admits He’s Behind Muslim


“Homeland Security”: the Jews’ homeland in the Middle East’s security from day one!

Senior Muslim Brotherhood Department of Homeland Security (DHS …

George Soros, EU Orchestrating Muslim Invasion Of … – RickWells.US


It is all part of the sick and twisted agenda of the secular global elitists progressive open society movement which seeks to undermine and destroy dominate cultures to create a new mixed culture to achieve their progressive Utopian dream in which the secular elites rule and control all by global governance….


George Soros public enemy 1…


ALA Enables Soros to Indoctrinate Children and Communities Nationwide in a Manner that Threatens Freedom of Speech…


This is why white girls and women are targeted or indoctrinated with the sick and twisted progressive ideology to go seek relationships with boys or men of color in all our institutions thereby increasing racial tensions.

How To BreakFree From the Indoctrination Mindset In 3

SorosFunded Website Attacks ChristiansWestern…

Have We Raised An Entire Generation Of Young Men

Jewish GoalsMongrelization Of The White Race


 Putting an end to the Republic is the Soros goal. He is the cat and we are the mouse. Jew/Jesuit Hollywood: create a multicultural Marxist sitcom with a Jewish female cop who practices in random sex and then intentionally gets pregnant not wanting the father involved…turn up the talmudic laugh machines to convince the stupid goy women watching to go out and create broken homes using dark heathen minorities and pagan homosexual characters/relationships for structuring her and the child’s domestic life around…very funny…Yuk…Yuk…

Soros Ally John Podesta Explains Hillary’s Plan…

Jewish Goals – Upgrading The Dark Races –



The United States is a lot less free than it was decades ago, even five years ago, and a globalist victory must of necessity end our sovereignty, our Bill of Rights and Constitution. They can’t co-exist in a collectivist society.

Secondly, this also sheds light on the continued and promoted progressive immigration policies of people from third world countries which are largely men of color, uneducated, and seeking citizenship through marriage to white women to gain citizenship, though there are other political and religious subversive reasons behind this as well….Thirdly, women make up a larger voting block wherein there are 3-5 women per male in the US last I knew. The progressives in our government has been using government subsidies and government employment to support many of these women for years…. Over half the homes with children in them in the US are headed by single parent moms…where are the men? The Hated White Race…

The Hated White RaceBad Eagle

White House Council on Boys to Men | The Daily…

White Man: Why Are You Giving Away Your Country? |…


Illegal Immigration and the Colonization of the American Labor Market…

common core 1

Be prepared to accept the new mumble-jumble of names that the indoctrinators will place in these new models. The concept of getting into the personality of students including value judgments like “higher order thinking, deeper thinking, and metacognition” continues the idea of teaching the “whole child” theory for acceptance and understanding the international merging for a new world order. Not much has changed from the 70′s. The apple never falls far from the tree.

common core what is

With education in the hands of Jews like David Coleman, Christian children will be totally indoctrinated to their agenda for the nation. Even for my kids, I noticed that the most non-politically charged subject — math — was basically the only homework assignment. That was the part of public schools parents got to see in helping with their children’s homework. The politically charged parts of the education remained locked inside the school house where parents were not allowed without a pass from the princiPAL, who was nobody’s PAL. Matters will only get worst with this latest power grab in COMMON CORE. The Psychopolitical Indoctrination
of America! – Part 1 of 2…THE MARKS OF ISRAEL.


Back to school” may soon mean something more like “back to political education camp” if liberal regulators have their way.


This article is from 2005 but indoctrination among the prison population has been going on for some time, both among authentic (radical) Islam as well as “heretical sects” like the Black Nation of Islam which was, in fact, born in prison. Read it all here.

Prislam’: Islamic indoctrination of U.S. prison

Education’s failure; defending the country;


AMERICAN PARENTS! Did you know that public schools are indoctrinating your children with Islamic teachings?

AMERICAN PARENTS! Did you know that public schools


Public Schools’ “Social Justice Education” Cloaks Marxist Teaching…

Cultural Marxism and HyperSexualism in the Public Schools


How a Handfull of Marxist Jews Turned Western and U.S. Culture Upside Down…


How a Handfull of Marxist Jews Turned Western and …

Indoctrination | Education News


Satan’s Secret Agents: The Frankfurt School and their Evil Agenda…

Liberal Indoctrination Example – Psych Textbook | The Last Refuge

Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks – Phyllis Schlafly – Townhall


Prison labor on the rise in US…World Socialist…

These Five Corporations Are Making Millions From

Mass Incarceration as Social Control…

12 Corporations Profiting From The Prison

Socialist: Dismantling the Prisonhouse of Nations: A Socialist Prison Reform Proposal (SPRP)…UN expert slams US as only nation to imprison kids for life without parole...1 In 14 U.S. Children Has Had A Parent In Prison.

Big Pharma’s Profiteers, You Want Us to Pay What…


After the crest of the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1960s, the United States sank into a deep economic stagnation. Cities verged on bankruptcy, modern ghettos expanded, and a tangible violent-crime wave broke out nationwide. Seemingly overnight, fear seeped into American homes. Nightly news reports were increasingly laced with ominous stories, encouraged by Hollywood magic that portrayed a new inner-city insanity and suburbanites terrified of the burgeoning rap culture…American Hell.


Prisoners in 2014 – Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)


Reagan…The father of US mass imprisonment? Before Ronald Reagan our prison system had a rehabilitative model in practice sadly once he came into power a tough punishment model took it’s place this is the system we have had for the past 27 years. The sad plight of American female prisoners has been neglected for far too long. Press accounts of overcrowding, Rape, draconian sentences, torture, and appalling medical treatment in US women’s prisons appear frequently but are soon forgotten.


How private prisons game the system…


The number of women in prison increased by 646% between 1980 and 2010, rising from 15,118 to 112,797.1,2 Including women in local jails, more than 205,000 women are now incarcerated.

Incarcerated Women and Girls – The Sentencing…

Factsheet on parents in prison (pdf) – Sentencing…


Correctional officials see danger in prison overcrowding. Others see opportunity. The nearly two million Americans behind bars—the majority of them nonviolent offenders—mean jobs for depressed regions and windfalls for profiteers…

10 Secret CIA Prisons You Do Not Want To Visit

Incarceration in the United States…Can’t seem to get the actual number of jails and prisons in the US. It’s very hard to find out who actually owns the companies running the complex.


THE JEWISH MAFIA AND THEIR USA BANKERS…The Making of the Mob by Zionist Jew TV in the US is pure propaganda meant to hide Jewish bolshevik mafia crimes white christian against humanity.


There’s no coincidence when it comes to big money, power, and control. Your reasoning is not sound or realistic to the contrary. The major players and benefactors in all this dirty business have been named directly and indirectly here. The bankers and corporations involved are elitist Ashkenazim, crypto-Jew Jesuit, and Sephardi Zionist Jews who all work together strategically to promote their leftist anti-christian and anti-American global agenda we see taking place today. The leftist dark hedonistic multicultural theft, supplanting, subversion, treason, and genocide against white protestant and christian America is real. We are all seeing and feeling the side affects of our overall destruction through heathen miscegenation and mass enemy coreligionist immigration = leftist social justice.


All our institutions are overflowing with bodies both alive and dead but while some still live. God help us all for the Republic has fallen.

Number of Jails in the US | Number Of | How Many

Jailhouse Roc: The FACTS About Hip Hop and Prison


The Prison Industrial Complex and 7 Companies Making a Fortune…

The Prison Industrial Complex and 7 Companies


Arizona GOP gives private prison company $1 million to house inmates who don’t exist

Too Little Too Late:President Clinton’s Prison Legacy by … – Issuu

I must state that it is impossible to get a consistent or accurate number of just how many prisons, jails, and alternative to incarceration programs actually exist in the US. The same goes for the actual number of felons and the number on SSI over all. Try finding one yourselves….


Margaret Sanger, Sterilization, and the Swastika while her leftist agenda actually kills white babies in large numbers too by planned parenthood as the leftist Zionist media hides the truth…Have a Baby? I Think I’ll Think It Over…


Both Parties Responsible? Hold both parties responsible for federal spending and bankrupting the US.

When President Bill Clinton signed off on the North American Free Trade Agreement and the General Agreement on Trade & Tariffs in 1993, otherwise known as NAFTA/GATT, he quite literally slashed the economic throat of the United States.

The Prison Industrial Complex – Dave Hodges – The…

Pity the American People for They Live in a Jewish

Zionists Banks Are Behind the American Industrial


In Part 1 of this three part series I addressed where and how the net worth of the middle class was stolen. In Part 2, I will tackle who stole your net worth and in Part 3, why they stole your net worth. Now let’s zero in on the culprits of this crime.

The Methodical Destruction of American

The Sea Island Conspiracy – Patrick J. Buchanan -…

Third world countries being used by our enemies in government and in our institutions in order to bankrupt and destroy our Constitutional Republic of America….

Puerto Rico map

Puerto Rico has 3.8 million people – the great majority of which are US citizens. About 3.8 million Puerto Ricans also reside on the US Mainland. As it is now this greatly undermines the voting process of the true majority in America, and will be greatly exacerbated if given statehood. The expanded and continued free handouts through entitlement programs is nothing more than a sell out of our sovereignty and culture. The progressive corporate media and their favorite crooked politicians are hiding the facts from the American public and it is treason…

The play ground for the rich…All one has to do to gain access to the US through Puerto Rico is pay off a corrupt customs official. Corruption is common practice according to the research found and presented here…

The American people had no say or vote on whether or not to make Puerto Rico or any of the other Island commonwealths a part of the US. Many of the people of Puerto Rico were, and still are, for independence from the US. This type of undermining of the will of the people on both sides by corrupt politicians and their secular elitist comrades who are out to undermine the voting process and bankrupt the US Republic are progressive global criminals…


Puerto Rico Democracy Act – Legislation Biased in Favor of Statehood…The New Progressive Party Point of View…Ignoring the corrupting and supplanting of the US white majority…Peurto Rico – 51st State? Congress to move fast on this one.

The latest way Leftist are trying to steal their way to power. (Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico Democracy ActLegislation Biased in …

Statehood provides a legal solution to the lack of Puerto Rican representatives’ right to vote in the U.S. Congress. Puerto Rico’s basic problem, however, is the dependence and subordination inherent in colonialism, not only legal and political, but also economic, cultural, social, and psychological. Statehood for Puerto Rico would merely be another form of dependence and subordination-colonialism with another mask that would make dependence more acute with free stuff and subversive voting rights.

ARico...Canal Mona

As a state, Puerto Rico is bound to pay the heaviest of prices: cultural assimilation. In the American system the only way out of an ethnic ghetto is through cultural assimilation into the Angle-American main stream, which would subordinate the island’s Spanish language and distinct culture. Latin Americans, particularly Puerto Ricans, even when living in the mainland United States, where they are by definition a minority, have proved more resistant to assimilation than other immigrants, particularly Europeans. In any case, assimilation is unacceptable to Puerto Ricans, including statehooders. Even the current pro statehood governor, together with the former pro-commonwealth governor and myself as president of the PIP, addressed a letter to the congressional leadership in 1990 stating that “all of us agree on the following: Spanish belongs to all Puerto Ricans, it is not negotiable under any circumstance or political status.” If loss of culture and identity did not occur, the U.S. body politic would be stuck with an anomaly -a state of citizens who refuse to become Americans.


PUERTO RICO’s heart is not American. It is Puerto Rican. The national sentiment of Puerto Ricans is entirely devoted to our patria, as we call our homeland in Spanish, our language. We are Puerto Ricans in the same way that Mexicans are Mexicans and Japanese are Japanese. For us, “we the people” means we Puerto Ricans. Only through the distorted prism of Coca-colonization would any observer confuse U.S. cultural influence in Puerto Rico with inclusion in the melting pot that has kept the United States e pluribus unum. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, but they are not Americans. Although Puerto Rico is not a politically independent nation, it is no less distinguishable from the United States than the non-independent Palestinian nation is from Israel.

EU ShouldUndermine National HomogeneitySays UN

The Making of Puerto Rican Jews – Chabad of Puerto

Latino & Hispanic ConvertsDiscovering Islam

Puerto Rico’s Jesuits Join Central and Southern…

Puerto Rican ConvertsDiscovering Islam


Soros and Trump…

Trump Relied on Funding from George Soros to Build Chicago Trump …

CNE gets $1.9M grant from Open Society Foundations

Soros and Allies Prescribe Bankruptcy and Bailout

George Soros: ‘You Had A Financial Crisis Where…

As Puerto Rico‘s Debt Deepens, More Residents

Puerto Rico Statehood is moving along faster than most realize…Soros.

Immigration Top Five countries foreign born 1960 2000

The Evangelical Immigration Table Exposed As Another Soros Front…

The Nuns on the Bus Are Back – Juicy Ecumenism

The Evangelical Immigration Table Exposed As

In 1991 the Congressional Budget Office estimated that over a ten-year period statehood would cost the U.S. Treasury $35 billion more than the $56 billion Puerto Rico would receive under its present status. Although the cost of statehood may be reduced somewhat by federal welfare reform (federal welfare spending in Puerto Rico has always been severely capped), it would be more expensive than commonwealth because the U.S. Supreme Court held in 1980 that Congress is under no constitutional obligation to extend any federal social welfare program to Puerto Rico.


The 1990 CBO study estimated that statehood would cost the US government over $9 billion in additional federal spending during the first four years of statehood, much of it to compensate for the loss of jobs in the private sector.

Puerto Rico’s national debt: $20 billion.

Puerto Rico’s operating budget: $6 billion.

Something to Watch Closely – Puerto Rico Demands Federal …


Report: Obama Regime Considering $6 Billion Bailout for Puerto Rico For Votes for statehood or elections? Puerto Rico and a Constitutional Right to VoteCorruption in Puerto Rico results in two recent convictions…

Report: Obama Regime Considering $6 Billion Bailout for Puerto Rico …


Is the ‘Migrant Crisis’ Part of a Zionist Plot Against White Europeans?

‘Lucrative’ business of people smuggling thriving amid Europe’s refugee crisis –


PUERTO RICO: Illegal immigration from D.R. culture clash...Non-Mexican immigrants: Nearly twice as many were caught coming in from Canada and other points. In all, 472 were apprehended at the Canadian border, and 154 were apprehended in the Miami, New Orleans and Puerto Rico regions of the Border Patrol.


Hispanics converting to Islam in record numbers…


U.S. Immigrant Population Record 41.3 Million in 2013…

How Well Do Hispanics Assimilate? | American…

Hispandering Newt States His Support for English…


Latino and Hispanic immigrants need to assimilate…

What You Are Not Being Told About the Invasion of …


Hispanic immigrants struggle to assimilate in the U.S.

How Well Do Hispanics Assimilate? | American…


Immigrants making no effort to assimilate into U.S. culture…


Today’s immigrants are not assimilating into our culture.  Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act of 1965 has created a situation in which 85 percent of our immigrants hail from the Third World and Asia. This portends the destruction of the western civilization that has given us everything we hold dear, from our  freedom to our prosperity, not for reasons of race, but because of circumstances at least partly created by Americans ourselves.

Karl Marx: Racist Jewish Supremacist, Enemy of Humanity


Today Dr. Duke introduced his audience to new information about Zionist treachery against the United States and the loyalty of mainstream Jewish organizations to Israel over America.

PC is Driving White America INSANE | INCOG MAN


A rare glimpse into the hidden—from Gentile eyes—world of Jewish Supremacist hatred against racism against non-Jews  has been provided by a dissident Jewish journalist writing from Israel over recent attacks on Arabs on Jerusalem.

From Gang-bangers to Urban Revolutionaries: The Young Lords of Chicago…The Young Lords was a flamboyant revolutionary Chicago-based group that was comprised mainly of second generation Puerto Ricans.

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Spreading drug war bloodies Puerto Rico Homicide rate is more than three times U.S. average…

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Violence Prevention and the Latino Population:

An Analysis of Patterns and Trends and Prescriptions for Effective Intervention…


Study: 1 million sex crimes by illegals…1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500%…


Something happened in July to send Trump’s numbers soaring. That something may have been the murder of Kathryn Steinle. On July 5, the 32-year-old Steinle posed with her father for a photograph on a San Francisco pier at 6:30 on a Wednesday evening. Suddenly there was a pop. Steinle crumpled. She died in hospital two hours later.

They already have teamed up…


La Raza rooted in Saul Alinsky & funded by Imperialist, George Soros…



La Raza Unida (The United Race)

President Barack Obama embraces Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., following a meeting with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in the Oval Office, Dec. 21, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House. 

President Barack Obama embraces Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., Anti-white racist.

La Raza Threat – Hispanics planning to steal states from the United States. MEChA and the La Raza movement teach that Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State make up an area known as ‘Aztlan’ — a fictional ancestral homeland of the Aztecs before Europeans arrived in North America and to be conquered back.

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On the surface, these organizations begin with a justifiable and noble mission statement – to serve and protect the Educational, Socioeconomic, and Political interests of the people. Well, their people anyway.

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U.S.-Mexico border vanishes under Obama agency program ‘Trusted traveler’ plan eliminates U.S. boundary with Canada, too! Illegals Committing Crimes In America...L.A. Gang Waged War To Eliminate Black People.

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Mexican officials believe it would allow 84 million Mexicans to apply for Trusted Traveler of North America biometric border pass cards for rapid entry into the United States.


Islamic Terrorists Posing as Christians: Abusing the Faith and Churches…Rev. Wright?

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Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is back; and he’s even more angry and bitter than before – to the point of defending Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons. In the video below he attacks the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Fox News and supports Palestinian jihadists’ rights to implement their hatred on Israelis.

Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama

 Muslims Kill Christians

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Zionist Jews who are behind the terrorist group known as ISIS or Islamic State (also, Islamic State of Syria). It is an entity which commits bloodthirsty murder throughout the Middle East. Yet, once again, it is Jews and Jews alone who are completely behind it. Moreover, their goal has been in part achieved, which is to slaughter as many Muslims – and to a degree Christians – in the Middle East as possible.

Filthy Zionist Jews are Behind ISIS Terror Group – NODISINFO


Prayer needed: Muslim jihadists attack, loot, kill





Yeah…my neighborhood, and many surrounding communities have in fact been turned into third world socialized multicultural cesspools…

Just before the last presidential election certain government agencies were busing in Puerto Rican immigrants, putting them into newly built government subsidized housing that was supposed to be for the elderly, helping them buy houses, and now they are building more government housing duplexes just before the next elections.

We have had a high conservative vote in this area so, this is the type of immigration and multicultural subterfuge the progressives are using to remedy the voting balance…


I find that Barack (Barry) Hussein Obama (Soetoro) might just be a big blow-hard for it appears he and his socialist collaborators do not know how to fight and win a war whether it be in Afghanistan, Iraq, or here at home. I do not believe Obama wants to win any of our wars for if he wanted to win he would avoid wars of attrition/population control like Vietnam by sending enough troops to crush the enemy as fast as possible. Therefore, saving innumerable lives.

However, Obama (Barry) talks out three sides of where his sun don’t shine; his Secular, Muslim and Christian to further con or appease the secular and liberally indoctrinated parrots and sheeple. Obama and his seemingly secular and Islamic collaborators will not listen to anyone we know not even to his appointed American General who wanted 60,000 troops and months later only received half that number.

Furthermore, Mr. Soetoro and his Muslim and secular/liberal collaborators will not listen to the American people who are fighting a war of cultural conflict and subversion that is raging within our communities ( promoted, and aided, by our own government) and seems to be rapidly spreading.


The recent killings of Americans at Ft. Hood by a Muslim terrorist, and the Muslim recruiting grounds within our jails and prisons are good examples of the festering political and religious conflict raging in our communities. However, there are many other good examples of this subterfuge still unmentioned here that would cover many different aspects, or walks of life that center on the issues surrounding immigration and SSI social security….

Furthermore, I suggest that people should not always play follow the leader, remember what happened with Hitler and a number of other famous dictators. I have stated on other occasions that the corporate/government crooks controlling our country are using our deficit money machine to keep our economy going until they have completely stripped the real wealth and power away from the American people to control everything on a global scale. Once the crooks feel as though they have damaged us enough the economy will either completely collapse and the people revolt or a new totalitarian system will emerge.


Therefore, the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of the few equates to about the top 1% of the world’s population controlling 99% of all the wealth and resources. This top 1% has been known by different names just like Barry (Obama) and the devil himself.

The politics of disimagination and the pathologies…

Protest and power: The radical imagination –…

The Concentration of Wealth in the U.S. | Planet Earth Weekly


So, lets delve into the darker side of government corruption, and investigate the fastest growing SSI subculture being created by our government today; To bankrupt and undermine our Democratic, Constitutional Republic…Treason!!!

I find that our government is carrying out a domestic foreign invasion here in the US by allowing millions of legal, (those with visas and commonwealth status) and illegal immigrants to flood across our borders at will. Many of these immigrants are ending up with some type mental and physical diagnosis placing them and/or their anchor children on SSI payrolls.–6dmypGvg


Multicultural subterfuge and supplanting has resulted in the bankrupting and undermining our schooling system both public and at home, our health care system both public and at home, our jails, prisons, institutions, our Religion, Culture, our Constitution, form of government, and our system of Voting…

I further find that large segments of third world populations who have been given commonwealth status, like Puerto Rico, are being transplanted into our over-burdened and bankrupt communities. Our government gives the recent legal/illegal immigrants free food, free money, free subsidized homes, cars, jobs, businesses, schooling, health care, and they are allowed to mysteriously vote.

In return for all the free stuff many of the male immigrants go around knocking up any girl or woman through whatever method they can contrive. They leave kids all over our communities without a second thought as to the harm it causes to everyone, and then they go about the setting up of drug rings in our communities. In the mean time the fortunate women having these kids live off the tax-payer.

Many of the legal/illegal immigrants even send instructions back to their home countries telling others how to get into the US and game our system.

However, I’m disappointed With Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs stance on legal immigration because they are the only two on radio and television who seem to be separate from the corrupt so-called two parties on the surface. They seem to be representing the real mood and condition of the American people who are caught up in the subterfuge of the current political, cultural and economic meltdown. I did hear Lou Dobbs mention a few times the millions of legals with visas whom our government is importing into our country even though our economy is shot to hell. Many of these legals with expired visas have disappeared into our society without a trace. However, Mr. Dobbs and Mr. Beck still support legal immigration in spite of knowing the threat and cost to our communities and country…why?

When mass immigration resumed in the 1870s, the United States was largely a rural and Protestant nation. Woodrow Wilson, later elected president, shared the popular pessimism toward newcomers in 1901:


I have seen households here in the US with up to three children in them each receiving an SSI check with a government program that pays a part of the mortgage and taxes on the house our government is helping them to purchase. In many of these homes, not one family member could speak proper English, if at all! They received in-home health care, in-home school tutoring, new to fairly new car, child care money for the boyfriend baby sitting, and the list goes on. The legal/illegal immigrants I just described are not stupid and know how to play our own system against us to get what they want…everything!


I have also found that the recent/modern immigrants who get caught violating our laws, regardless of their citizen status, will sit in our jails and prisons until their time is served. Only then are they deported in some instances. The cost of housing one person in our jails and prisons alone ranges from about $30-grand to $60-grand per year depending on their prisoner status or classification. I wish I could get this much money on welfare, SSI, unemployment, disability compensation, social security retirement, or social security disability. Man o’ man, I’d never have to work…free everything! This is seriously wrong and twisted. The game is afoot Watson….

It is apparent that many Americans have not had the good fortune of being a guest in or of working in one of our gloriously expensive jails, prisons, rehabs, mental units, youth detention centers, or any other type of government/corporate facility. They would see and hear first hand just how many legal/illegal immigrants there are, experience their violent behavior, experience their real attitudes towards white Americans (women and girls excluded) and anyone else that is pro-America.

As a result of all the aforementioned, I find that many of our communities have been transformed in short periods of time into third world socialized ghettos. Boiling pots of cultural conflict and subversion in which many of our woman and young girls are getting hooked on drugs, and knocked up by multiple partners. They either give birth to each of the many babies, or end up having multiple abortions all at tax-payer expense, and the list goes on.


I have found that according to Zionist christian Dr. John Hagee, the cost for supporting the illegal immigrants alone on our social programs is estimated somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 trillion a year, and another 1.5 billion a year to house them in our prisons. I believe these stats to be greatly underestimated as is everything else that emanates from our government and its collaborators.


$2.2 trillion illegal alien
taxpayer sticker shock
2/3 of immigrants cost Americans
$22,449 a year, shows new study

GAO: $1.5B to jail unlawful immigrants | TheHill

Obama To Create 12 Million New Democrats @ Kiss My White Ass


I know the majority of Americans do not want our country turned into the countries that many of the legal/illegal immigrants have either escaped from,  or are traveling back and forth from while leaving their kids throughout our communities for the rest of us to support. Furthermore, many of these same immigrants then go about the setting up of drug cartels within our communities causing further social damage that we all have to pay for as well. God knows there are not enough jobs or prison cells to go around, and our country is broke and over populated beyond its means already….

I have further found that many of these legal/illegal immigrants that I’ve come into contact with are strongly anti-American and are subversive with their Speech (we want our own language, we want our own state, we are taking over, etc.) and, Lifestyles (displaying flags and gang colors from their own country in their homes, cars, on their key chains, clothing, tattoos; and criminal activities, etc.) and, Attitudes (massive reverse prejudice and discrimination; dope up and knock up the stupid white girls it’s our revenge against the White man, the Oppressor, Satan, etc.). This is nothing more than immigration being used as a corporate/government strong-arm divide and conquer tactic implemented against us to level the American people and our playing field.

I find it fair to say that all people who work here in the US want to be paid enough to at least buy what they produce, and pay the bills that help to keep a roof over their heads. If businesses refuse to pay fair and decent wages to make larger profits for themselves then our system will never work to the benefit of over all society.

I believe the over all failing of our economic and political system is what we are now all experiencing in our country, and it’s what we are all now trying to get a handle on. Immigration is just another mechanism being used as a catalyst for bringing us to our end much faster before enough of us can catch on and we all try to put a stop to it.

In the first place, if our wonderfully corrupt government had the proper security measures set up to protect us we would not have to deal with this mass immigration threat within our borders.

In the second place, if we had pro-American trade agreements and policies in place that worked in the best interests of the American people we would not be in the economic crap-house now. We would not be dealing with the legal/illegal immigrant subversives coming back forth across our borders at will, or contending with the selling out of our national sovereignty to foreign interests. Only in countries with a population having something to lose or steal do such problems seem to exist, and there are not too many of those left…


However, the real American people who are also known as the silent majority are angry because our government is letting in and bringing in too many immigrants resulting in the bankrupting, and devastation of our communities and country. The private sector middle class has become part of the lower classes and this has only added fuel to the social conflict already raging in our communities.

The Silent Muslim Invasion of America – Dave…


I find that historically the same type of social displacement took place in pre-WWII Germany and it resulted in a national rebellion of policemen and the rise of Adolph Hitler. Wherein, the children of the German middle class lost their social and financial position right along with many other Germans who lost out during that time period.

I believe the American people are experiencing a taste of this type of socioeconomic displacement with the rise of Barack Hussein Obama who is better known as Barry Soetoro. Though, there are some obvious differences with which the American people have had to contend with such as the immigration/multiculturalism mechanism of subversion, and the secular/liberal Jews of Hollywood who stole the film industry from Edison here in the US, and still own and control the vast majority of the media to this day.


I further find that the Hollywood Jews have had an over-whelming effect on our society through their progressively secular/liberal television programs that promote much of the multicultural subterfuge taking place in our country.

The Hollywood Jews have produced, and are responsible for a small army of  indoctrinated neoprogressive parrots who inadvertently help to propagate the subversive secular/liberal agenda. This agenda of secular pagan subterfuge only victimizes the parrots it creates right along with the rest of our society. Yahshua certainly was a Hebrew just as Moses was Hebrew. However, they definitely were not progressively secular or liberal and they certainly would not of propagated such an agenda of saturational ethics upon humanity wherein anything for a buck makes right…


However, as a result of our failing economy and political corruption being described here many unemployed American men are jailed, institutionalized, made homeless, diagnosed with something or another, and placed on SSI with mental medications. `Focus on yourself, and work on yourself, you are the problem, not others, don’t worry about what others are doing, not on the things going on around you, not on the things you can not change.’

Furthermore, men who are young and old here in America have no rights to their children born or unborn, and are increasingly encountering sexism in hiring practices. White men here in the US have no affirmative action protection.


While over half the work force and half the homes with children in them today consists of many single moms working in government jobs, government subsidized jobs, and low paying private sector jobs. Many of these single moms and kids receive government SSI benefits (with mental medications) or some other kind of benefits on top of their income from working.


Therefore, I really do not know how much longer our government can support all this subsidized living while they are, at the same time, stripping out our private job sector and bankrupting the future unborn American….

All words have a connotative and denotative meaning or better yet more than one definition depending on the context one uses. Progressives tend to redefine or take definitions out of their true context or elaborate upon them which then turns it into pure fiction…PROPAGANDA….

This is why we are on the verge of collapse: {In order for me to succeed you must lose, others must be harmed and I must set aside my emotions and values to become sociopapthically self-interested while ridding behind altruistic propaganda}. Progressive situational/saturational ethics at their best within the secular, and foreign religious constitution of a fascist/communist, Utopian open society, corporate banker elitist, global governance agenda…


Eric Fromm: Escape from Freedom…A socialist view…

Capitalism worked well within our own borders with its protestant Christian ethics and moral codes. This was until the secular pagan elitist neoprogressives used their maniacal multicultural subterfuge to gain access to our government, and institutions allowing them to open up our borders to a foreign domestic invasion and assault on our businesses, and on the foundations of our white christian constitutional Republic…

Are You Prepared For  And The Next Great Depression? James Madison, Federalist, no. 55, 372–74


Multicultural Marxist Homosexuality is a mental illness and social disease spread by ignorant druggies possessed by sexually perverse demons. Zionist/Jesuit Bolshevism/Liberation theology used to overthrow the American psychiatric association with their unfounded science straight from the Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism and its Freudian twin sister the Tavistock mental warfare institute who both swore the destruction of white christian western civilization.

I like many articles until they show their true anti-white christian Zionist/Jesuit colors by writing leftist hate trash. If you are not a true white christian get out of our business and nations and take your genocidal Jewish/Jesuit Frankfurt school’s cultural Marxism/Liberation theology with you.


What is the difference if the politicians back Palestinians or Jews? Both are the dire enemies of white christian nations and  Christendom. Maybe the US will stop killing Muslims if we reject Jewish infiltration and subversion of our white christian sociopolitical institutions to save our own nation?

Interviews with the Jews who were there to help remove homosexuality as a mental disorder. Straight from the Jew’s mouth… 204: 81 Words Originally aired 1.18.2002 … This American …


Our leftist enemies have occupied our economic and sociopolitical institution for a long time now teaching us cultural Marxist self-eradicating theology. It will take a lot of time to get ourselves back to where we belong without self-defending violence if it’s at all possible.


I guess many would say US schools today are nothing more than commie AshkeNazi indoctrination synagogues, Jesuit liberation theology temples, or even fascist Islamic indoctrination mosques…The allies of the Moslems were the Jews; they both hated and preyed on Christians.  Jews had been allowed to live among us Christians so they were a primary source of information to the invading Moslems.  Jews translated the libraries the Moslems captured, and copied them from Latin and Greek into Arabic, taking considerable license in the translations.


Furthermore, Paul was a Jew and biased as were the crypto-Jew Jesuit scribes. Beware of the works of the hands of man who seek to change God’s times and laws. Christ a Jewish adopted Levite who brought all the world salvation = Salvation is of the Jews.


If white people vote for Trump they are all racists for not wanting people of color taking over their livelihoods, communities, and nation. Africans and other people of color who voted for sheikh Obozo are oppressed social justice warriors who take what we have while killing off the devil/whitey…


Judah is the enemy of all white Christians and any other goyim who challenges their greed, corruption, mass murdering, and crimes against humanity.

If you really think anyone can believe anything that comes from the Zionist bolshevik infiltrators and white christian mass murderers…you are probably self-medicating.


Many white christian women today have become paid automatons of the leftist US government who reject their kindred men, children, and the over all moral family unit for a form of hedonistic self-empowerment that is nothing more than govt pimping and white genocide = multicultural Marxism/Leftist self-eradicating Liberation Theology…Treason!

No joke my friend. Many of our young white youths and many adults follow the ignorant dark skinned invaders around like drugged out zombies getting knocked up, darkly race mixed, leftist genderfication, institutionalized, and/or killed.


All I can do is try to tell people the truth. There are many enemy subversives on the internet and many do not know what to believe because to many things deceive… There’s a legion of possessed pigs even in today’s chapels.


I hate sin just as God instructed and try to love my enemies as Christ instructed. Doesn’t mean I allow my enemies to overrun me, my family, neighbors, and nation…Christ is not God…

Through Christ being a once removed Jew since his Jewish stepfather died and his mother was Levite priesthood bloodline. Salvation is of the Jews for the Jews who receive Christ as their savior which is about 144,000 at the end time. Varied Interpretation = ethnic and spiritual warfare.

When the evil elite Jewish SOBs stop using their Kabbalist multicultural Marxism along with their Talmudic crypto-Jew Jesuit liberation theology to rob and racially destroy all of white christian western civilization only then will I stop railing against them. Zionist Jews have infiltrated and subverted our white protestant and white catholic churches teaching that the son is god and the sabbath is Sunday.


If the multicultural Marxist Schiff, Rothschilds, Rockefeller, and Soros families of Elite AshkeNazi and Sephardi Jews were not not so busy trying to rob and destroy all white christian nations the Jews would not be ridiculed or targeted at all.


Kill off whitey cops and replace them with Africans: Obama’s War on Law Enforcement Results in More Dead Cops…Cops actually kill more whites than any other race or ethnic group. Dark skinned minorities kill more whites and commit more crime. Maybe this is why the treasonous scum in our institutions now try to call Hispanics/Latinos white? Feeling Sheepish Yet?

I only go after the evil elite that like to rob and kill people. Only God can deal with the devil on the devil’s terms. We are to weak unless God empowers us like he did with David against Goliath. God has used his people to vanquish their enemies. I’m not into taking foreskins though…lol…


I don’t know if my white christian kindred have the heart to fight such ethnic and religious bloody battles in our streets but I think the time of testing may be at hand as prophesied…What is the foundation of America? “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”…


2016 The Collapse of America…?

Facing the Facts in 2011: America’s Culture War and How to Fight It

Should Christians Fight the Culture War? | MarketFaith Ministries

The only absurdity is the silly progressive remarks being made to discredit the serious issues being discussed that are damaging many of our young boys and girls who are being targeted by paganistic secular rituals in the name of secular and foreign religious globalism. The obsession with beer, food, entertainment, and foreign posturing, fits the escapism mentality to a tee….

Them who assimilate or them who do not and want to change things to advance their own ways at your expense? Which is reasonable or acceptable? I guess this is your surrealistic idea of blending? Where do we draw the line with mass immigration and multiculturalism?


What about all the young girls and boys getting doped up while the girls knocked up by foreign subversives and dark skinned minorities? Is that your idea of blending away your culture and country? I’m sure there’s a lot of beer, drugs, junk food, domestic, and foreign music involved in their somewhere? After all, it goes with the buzz does it not?

Knockout Game PDF Enjoy! – White Girl Bleed a Lot

White Girl Bleed A Lot”—How Black Crime Is

Seize The Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party –

However, I could go on with the list of subversive, perverse, diverse idiosyncrasies; But, I wont! Really????

After all, do not Muslims believe they are doing good, and us Americans are the evil ones??? How does one know the truth??? Only the truth shall set you free…


It all depends on what your being forced to Tolerate, and what your willing to sacrifice in the name of  Diversity….“I believe Merkel and other world leaders suppress facts in full knowledge of them in service of their socialistic ideology,” West opined. “As the infamous NYT journalist Walter Duranty wrote, ‘you have to break eggs to make an omelet.

Cognitive Relativism | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Forcing Diversity: Just Say NoThoughts on…

College Student Forced To Go To “Diversity


Talk about spin and deception to justify invasion! Anti-white progressive subversive talk abounds! There is no gradual assimilation in the words and practice of mass invasion or multiculturalism. American Indians know this very well. You have been reading the wrong books and listening to the wrong people!

Well, I suppose that if more Americans had any glimmer of higher cognitive function they would be more capable of reading,writing, or researching the facts from fiction. This would mean actually being useful to others who seek knowledge and insight into the world we live in. Cartoons, dope and video games create useful idiots as do many of our progressive schools and universities today…. I believe many fit into these categories somewhere.

Polly wanna CRACKER! Many Americans today personify what an indoctrinated progressive liberal parrot sounds like and thinks like. They take the prize for throwing around progressive buzz words to hide their ignorance, and then believe this actually makes them sound intelligent. Take off the progressive liberal blinders and fly like an Eagle instead of a parrot…

Trump ISIS...clickhandler-ashx1

We live in a representative Constitutional Republic. We have the right to petition the government to pass laws and to preserve laws we think are moral and just. We have the right to speak out for said laws, vote for said law, and persuade others to join us in support of those laws. I’m sorry you don’t like that. However, that’s our system and I rather like it that way.

Oh, and contrary to opinion, opposition to Obama is because of his poor policies, his lack of leadership, and his lack of character. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Nor does it have anything to do with what the progressively Islamic Soros puppet says, but what he actually does and believes in…. To be cont…

If we don’t stand on our common Christian principles and values we will fall and our Republic will fall even further than it has already. We must have leaders that stay true to our Christian heritage and character or we as a nation are doomed; unless you all think El-Yahweh is a liar?


Multiculturalism/mass immigration is a progressive weapon being used to fan the flames of social, political, conflict and subversion in many countries around the world. It is spread by progressive liberal financiers pushing their situational ethics through music, media, education, politics, addiction, sex, dependency on government, and corrupted religion whether foreign or secular.

Thanks to the progressive subversives efforts in promoting multiculturalism through the mass immigration invasion taking place in our Country, I believe racial conflict will intensify as our economic and political failings intensify.

People are very protective of their culture, heritage, religion, liberty and form of government reflecting who they are as a nation….

The majority of real American citizens of all racial origins want mass immigration and multiculturalism stopped because they realize the destruction it is causing in all our communities and Country over all.


Some how mass immigration, multiculturalism, and assimilation will have to be dealt with before it rips our Godly Country, and God’s world…apart….


It’s hard to tell who you are dealing with today. We have so many foreign subversives in our Country today claiming to be Americans just because our progressive government allowed them to sneak into our Country or were given visas to add more to their progressive sponsored invasion….

Many of our real American children have been turned against themselves, and made to feel guilty about their own religion, race, culture, heritage and form of republican government…all in the name of a socialist Utopian open global society ruled by secular pagan monkey gods.


The sons of God left the boundaries of their habitats and seduced the daughters of man.

 …7″Remember the days of old, Consider the years of all generations. Ask your father, and he will inform you, Your elders, and they will tell you. 8″When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, When He separated the sons of man, He set the boundaries of the peoples According to the number of the sons of Israel. 9″For the LORD’S portion is His people; Jacob is the allotment of His inheritance.… Deuteronomy 32:7-9.

“And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” Jude 1:6. 7 – Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” – Jude 6-7, KJV.


The two hundred swore together, and all bound themselves by the fears. The whole number, with their leaders, descended upon Mount Hermon in the days of Jared. All of the Watchers who materialized into this realm took wives, cohabiting with them and teaching them all manner of wickedness, sorcery, and witchcraft…Jude on Fallen Angels.


So you want to talk about America.

  1. Native Americans were not some utopian societies, they were Stone Age societies wherein each tribe, due to resource scarcity and a lack of social planning, engaged in horrific – and constant – inter-tribal warfare over resources. The original colonialists were peaceful people, most often religious people fleeing persecution. They got on well with certain tribes until the clash of hunter-gatherer (Stone Age) came into competition with Patriarchy – the model our civilization is based on, and you yourself are a beneficiary of. So the colonialists fought back and obviously won due to superior brainpower.
  2. Slavery in America started by Africans in Africa at least 3000 years ago, as evidenced by the black slaves in ancient Egypt. Slavery still goes on in Africa today, and the Muslim slave trade in blacks was the biggest in history. That said, the Atlantic slave trade was exclusively run by Dutch Jewish merchants, as they owned and captained all of the slave ships (hence there was no European/ white ownership of slaves before Jews/Jesuits took over the Netherlands and Britain (1688). The slave markets in America were run by Jews/Jesuits and only closed on Jewish holidays.

American Africans and Hispanics are not a product of white people, but a product of Sephardic, AshkeNazi, and crypto-Jew Jesuits. Whites never wanted Africans and Hispanics in our civilization, and only a few rich whites owned blacks (less that 2% of whites owned slaves, and 70% of Jews/Jesuits owned slaves). Slavery actually fucked up working class whites and it undercut their labor. That said, whites were the main people fighting slavery, and whites were the first people in history to abolish slavery.


You say there were successful Africans and Hispanics within our communities, well, that is only so far as those blacks and Hispanics lived off the back of white men’s technology and inventiveness. You say whites ruined it, but Jews/Jesuits created the Federal Reserve and started this boom and bust system of fiat money. It was brought in by deception to loot white people primarily; that it also affected blacks is not the blame of whites especially the 99.9% of whites who have no ties to the central banking cartel.

The rest of your reply is drivel with zero substance. Your opinion means nothing. You are categorically a net beneficiary of white men’s creativity and work ethic, and no amount of deflection or self-pity can mask that reality. You want to make an issue of the evils whites have done, but the world has always, everywhere, been a brutal place; the only difference with whites is that they had an explosion of creativity which created an increase in the productive powers of labor, but also the productive power of weaponry, whereby we could conquer with superior firepower. That is not a difference in principle to a tribe attacking another tribe. But even with all of the wrongs, whites have still contributed to the world the technological means for humanity as a whole to go from a less than a Billion, to over 7 Billion people.

Everyone on Earth, even people, like you, who whine about white oppression, exist today as a direct result of the inventions/ discoveries of white men, and this is proven by virtue of the population explosion of the past 300 years, which could not have happened without the human mind overcoming scarcity via technology. Btw, the whites in Britain, the “workshop of the world” during the Industrial Revolution, were the worst treated people on Earth. They had shorter lives than black slaves, and worked much harder, unless you think seasonal farm work as a black slave is tougher than working in a mine or factory 16 hours a day from the age of 6, with a life expectancy of under 30? Most of these industries were Jewish/Jesuit run, the same fuckers who ran the slave trade – the same people who are now agitating blacks against “evil whitey”.


The reality of this world is that you are a beneficiary. Your people, even if they have had good neighborhoods, have done  nothing for humanity. You have no history, no achievements. Your claim to fame, the purpose of your life, is to moan about being oppressed, yet whites freed blacks from slavery – worldwide – and gave Africans and Hispanics in America the highest living standards blacks have ever attained. Don’t think it was off their own backs. There are knowable reasons America became great, and Europe, and it all involved scientific discoveries and inventions, and not, as blacks would have us believe, due to the excess capital gained by slavery. Technology make brute-force labor obsolete, ergo whites not only abolished slavery morally (most whites opposed Jewish/Jesuit slavery in their civilization), but technologically we freed slaves (e.g. steam engines and farm machinery).

Far from Africans or Hispanics never having a chance, you have had everything given to you, as is demonstrated by the difference between Africa and Africans in America. That education you have, was created by whites and paid for by whites and given to you for free.

You are NOT American. You are an Africans and Hispanics in America. America was created by whites for whites, as the Founding Fathers stated in the Constitution “…secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and OUR POSTERITY, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America…”


Don’t forget that the Jesuits consist of many crypto-Jew Marxists who push the multicultural destruction of white christian nations and overall Christendom. This is why our country is so indebted and morally profane with Zionists/Jesuits on our supreme court pushing leftist multiculturalism.”

Andrew Cuomo just like his dad is a Zionist/Jesuit anti-white christian big government subversive who likes lots of foreigners, cops, and prisons for his leftist gestapo…”


The David Duke Show: Calling Upon Young Men to Save Our People, Our Women, Our Families, Our Children by Embracing the Warrior Spirit.

Another leftist indoctrinated stooge who now thinks racial self-eradication, race baiting, ugliness, obscenity, and abominations in God’s eyes is cute…

I’m must say that as a white protestant American all the leftist protests are very offensive to my race, creed, culture, posterity, and national manifest identity. Just OWS and Arab spring all over again united and backed by our dire Zionist/Jesuit /Islamic enemies: Cultural Marxism/Liberation Theology.

The opposition always denies the truth that is taking place like cats trying to cover their crap…The crap is still there.


A black day in history for white protestant America where the Zionist/Jesuit cultural Marxism/liberation theology was forced down white America’s throat at gun point in the 1960s facilitate A black day in history for white protestant America where the Zionist/Jesuit cultural Marxism/liberation theology was forced down white America’s throat at gun point in the 1960s facilitating the minority theft and multicultural destruction of the Republic.

Multi-cultural Marxism/Liberation Theology means all Americans (Immigrants) except for white protestant christian Americans who built the Republic. Can’t represent people who are not of your race, creed, and culture…Ridiculous Leftist Bullshit!


Killing us off through anti-white christian name calling, covert force and overt leftist government military actions…I bet they leftist crooks in our white christian government put another Jew/Jesuit on our white protestant built supreme court.

Many people today give the so-called Jews too much credit. The so-called Jews are not all Jews but a synagogue of Satan. Many of the so-called AshkeNazi and Sephardi Jews today only excel in greed, vice, intrigue, and mass murder by subverting and hijacking the wealth and military of their host nations who were kind enough to take them in thinking they could change their evil ways while they represent themselves as god’s chosen. It doesn’t take a genius or superior intellect for those type of accomplishments where people see the Jewish curses as miracles.

AshkeNazi sound familiar? National socialism has existed wherever racial cohesion has existed to various degrees in tribalism, feudalism, Imperialism, communism… Nazism created by AshkeNazi Jews…


The Zionist/Jesuit cartel hate white protestants and white catholic Christians and work to rob, supplant, and destroy us and our nations through multicultural Marxist self-eradicating race mixing, and dark mass enemy coreligionist immigration = Leftist Liberation Theology/Cultural Marxist Social Justice = Leftist White Genocidal. Trump’s family is part anti-white protestant Jew/Jesuit in blood and indoctrination. We shall see what happens to the rest of us white Christians world wide now with all the Jewish/Jesuit elites Trump has on his administration and with the ones already subverting our white protestant built supreme court that consists of Jews and Jesuits. Whites are now only about 8% of global population and declining as a result of the above mentioned.

With 95% of American Jews “on the other side,” is this anti-Semitism or courageous research? A primer to understanding life in Neo-Bolshevik America under Trump.


Multi-cultural Marxist agenda is to race mix white christian civilization out of existence. Self-eradication theology. You really need to read and learn the facts. We are many races since the beginning with boundaries God created for our habitats that God forbid the violation of. If God were colorblind he would have made us all the same for his good purpose and pleasure.


Alpha Dad Of The Month…Defending family against multicultural Marxist self-eradication theology pushed by the elite Jew/Jesuit cartel to rob and destroy white Christians world wide…It’s obscene race baiting, offensive, an abomination, and leftist self-eradication. Mongrels cannot enter into the temple of God for up to 10 generations and forever. God forbids race mixing.

Continuing the minority theft and multicultural destruction of the Republic. Multi-cultural Marxism/Liberation Theology means all Americans (Immigrants) except for white protestant christian Americans who built the Republic. Can’t represent people who are not of your race, creed, and culture…Ridiculous Leftist Bullshit!


Killing us off through anti-white christian name calling, covert force and overt leftist government military actions…I bet the leftist crooks in our white christian government put another Jew/Jesuit on our white protestant built supreme court.

Babylon…Actually the Sanhedrin became the chosen of Satan and sought out material wealth and power in the world through any means. White protestants just as Muslims did not believe in usury as part of their religious faithfulness to God. Can’t serve God and Mammon. The Jews/Jesuits exploited this and were chased out of many nations as a result. The Jews would intermarry into the wealthy and powerful goyim families as they did with the Trump family who are said to be part Jew anyway. Nathan Rothschild lied about who won the battle of Waterloo to get control of English banks, government, and greatly furthered the Rothschild banking empire based on the worship of usury, interest, and paper money. Furthermore, Einstein the Jew could not get past the third grade but some how came up with a formula to make the air explode…Intelligent or Satanic???


I’m not Jewish, Jesuit, or German. I’m a proud white protestant who knows who my Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic cartel enemies are that now occupy and subvert our white christian Republic. Trump is surrounded by white protestant Americas most dire enemies within our government auspices.

The main problem today is that Zionists, Jews, crypto-Jew Jesuits always get into the leadership positions of almost every white nationalist organization to misdirect, minimize, make a mockery of, and make money from us if possible. The reason for this is because the SOBs have all the money in the world to pay their flunkies to infiltrate and subvert.


White nationalists in the USA are not Nazis despite what the leftist Jew/Jesuit/Islamic media constantly portray in order to rape, rob, pillage, supplant, and kill off our posterity…We are true red, white, and blue blooded patriots of our Republic as our white Protestant founders were…Get It?

It is documented that subversive Jews were involved with the KKK in order to give white christian movements a bad name in front of their own kindred so they will not actually unite into a big force of any type to stand against their enemies.


I don’t think that making fun of white activism by using the KKK which had a few Jews in its founding and membership who worked to discredit and divided white christian America in order to rob and destroy us is smart at all when Africans and Hispanics are race mixing us, killing us, and our police.

However, we still have the same Marxist Zionist/Jesuit cartel still in power with Trump. Many of the Zionist/Jesuit elite banksters are now personally within our government. It’s going to be interesting to see what they do to all us remaining white Christians and Muslims.


In heroic conduct, whether of warriors, philosophers or scientists, we see what is of essential nature, and we know that all heroism groups itself around a supreme value. This has always been the idea of honour, spiritual and mental. But the idea of honour, like its corporeal representatives, was and is involved in a war of soul and spirit against the values represented by alien races or the miscegenated offspring of racial chaos.” Alfred Rosenberg…


I am not in Iraq attacking anyone or pushing Marxist multiculturalism to destroy their race and creed. I only care what happens in America and to Americans who are now left here from the racial and religious posterity of our Founders who built this once great white protestant Republic for our posterity. I’m not responsible for what the Zionist/Jesuit elite are doing to eradicate Christians and Muslims from the face of the earth. I do what I can from my keyboard now. I spoke on radio, and TV political programs in the past.


We have the Bolshevik Rothschild/Soros/Warburg/Schiff/Rockefeller/Jesuit Vatican cartel trying to get control of Islamic banking and natural resources in the most powerful Islamic states so they can kill and rule over the Muslim people how they see fit just like they are doing in white christian nations now.

The four Jews—Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky—who helped to destroy the Christian Russia of the tsars and replace it with an atheistic Communism in which 66 million Russian Christians were put to death in the gulags run by the cheka.


Many of the elitist AshkeNazi and Sephardi Jews/crypto-Jew Jesuit inquisitioners that Trump has surrounded himself with have been around a long time. Trump is part Jew himself with his kids married to rich Jews converting to anti-white christian Judaism. Trump has put Jewish bankers in his administration who funded the multi-cultural theft and destruction of white western christian nations and Christendom over all. It is interesting that Trump has talked like a good old boy white protestant hip to the white cause to get elected with crypto-Jew Putin taking his back standing for white christian values. All Zionist/Jesuit smoke screens and mirrors used to further eradicate white Christians and Muslims through multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology. All immigration should be stopped indefinably with millions being deported to secure the Republic. The elitist Jew/Jesuit infiltrators should be immediately expelled from with our white protestant supreme and state courts for subversion and treason… Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump Immigration Order…


Freedom of religion in the US was intended for the free practice of our protestant religion in all arenas of private and public life without government interference within any particular denomination for our posterity sake. Judaism/Jesuitism/Islam is our dire enemies then and today.


The real problem is that all is religion and politics in nature. Force is a natural part of preserving boundaries and habitats for social and national cohesion and identity.–XTushY

Soros is an AshkeNazi Jew and he is a Rothschild Vatican treasury agent who pushes elitist cultural Marxist/Liberation theology founded by elitist Bolshevik Zionism/Jesuitism but is said to play both sides of the isle and it is really deadly anti-white christian smoke screens and mirrors.

The opposition always denies the truth that is taking place like cats trying to cover their crap…The crap is still there.”


Multi-Cultural Marxist indoctrinated White American Girl Raises Over $30,000 from fellow anti-white leftists who want to eradicate her race, creed, culture, national identity…

More leftist indoctrinated stooges who think racial self-eradication, race baiting, ugliness, obscenity, and abominations in God’s eyes is cute.


I’m must say that as a white protestant American all the leftist protests are very offensive to my race, creed, culture, posterity, and national manifest identity. Just OWS and Arab spring all over again united and backed by our dire Zionist/Jesuit /Islamic enemies: Cultural Marxism/Liberation Theology.


The opposition always denies the truth that is taking place like cats trying to cover their crap…The crap is still there.”

Here in WNY it seems that the same candidates, judges, and politicians keep their positions no matter how bad they are. New-jacks rarely see daylight against the incumbents in the small towns around here. However, white Christians especially protestants do need to take their government auspices before their enemies make them extinct within their own Republic.


Jews and Jesuits hijacked and exploited white protestant American capitalism destroying our brand of christian business ethics and our protestant religion in the process. Cultural Marxism/Liberation theology is a creation of and facilitated by commie Jews and Jesuits who now are one and the same tribe are/were in fact behind white and black slavery as well. Bolshevik Zionists/Jesuits are in fact responsible for anti-white protestant immigration policy and leftist anti-white protestant civil rights acts brought to us by the Jewish/Jesuit Frankfurt school of multicultural Marxism and Tavistock institute of Freudian mental warfare in direct opposition to the white christian goyim’s western civilization.


Many white christian women today have become paid automatons of the leftist government who reject their kindred men, children, and the over all moral family unit for a form of hedonistic self-empowerment that is nothing more than govt pimping and white genocide = multicultural Marxism/Leftist self-eradicating Liberation Theology.

I’m tired of all the articles whining about the ethnic cleansing of Jews or even the Palestinians when the actual ethnic cleansing taking place  is against whites by these same nefarious entities…


 Multicultural Marxism is the end result of cultural Marxism, critical theory, and Marxist liberation theology being pushed by an unholy trinity consisting of an elitist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic cartel facilitating a new age inquisition against all white christian nations and Christendom. The Jesuit black ops organization was created by Sephardic (Spanish) crypto-Jews constituting a division within Simon the sorcerers Latin universal (Catholic) church that mass murdered  over 100 million white protestants. Many more white Christians were/are killed by Islam and their crypto-Jew subversives. Muslims, Jews, Jesuits fight side by side against white Protestantism and real Christianity. The so-called Jewish Bolshevik Red Mafia of Russia and Judah are number one in organized crime and white sex slave trafficking past and present. Multicultural Marxism is a weapon using mass dark enemy immigration, and dark hedonistic miscegenation in order to rob, supplant, subvert, and destroy all white protestant nations and real practicing christian people with white Catholics being eradicated in the leftist genocidal process. After all, the Latin universal church has many more Latin and people of color among their ranks. Whites only represent about 8% of world population today and is rapidly declining = White Genocide = leftist multicultural social justice. The holy wars never ended.


Whites and Christians really need to revolt and counter all the dark skinned leftist terrorists, enemy pagan/heathen immigrants, and cultural Marxist political subversives here robbing and killing whitey.

If such election treason does take place it will be interesting to see if the white protestant, white catholic, and christian population that is being systematically robbed, supplanted, and killed off through the leftist elitist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic cartel’s genocidal multicultural Marxism will actually take to the streets and fightback???

Figures, enemies of white Protestants and Christians: a Jew and Jesuit discussing supreme court membership. Where are the posterity of our Protestant Founders who built our supreme court?


Leftist damage control to smooth things out for Trump to fall in line with the same leftist crooks whites voted against? There is white rage over what has been done to our white christian people and nation. So, don’t try to downplay it or soft-peddle it. Many of us whiteys are dog-tired of being robbed, supplanted, and killed off by our elitist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic enemies using the dark skinned minorities to help them facilitate their multicultural Marxist genocide against us as some twisted form of liberation theological social justice. Now, this is very critical thinking…

The dominate race and creed establishes the culture within all nations unless they are retarded. The salve card is pure leftist/cultural Marxist BS used to subvert the dominate cultures in order to rob and supplant the homogeneous nations that leads to conflict and war. People and races are not the same and never will be.


Racism is the Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism’s and the Freudian Tavistock mental warfare institutes favorite multicultural Marxist weapon to rob and destroy white christian western civilization: Racism is a communist word created to destroy homogeneous nations by exploiting natural competition between the races.

The Frankfurt school is Jewish Bolshevism. You also left out the Freudian Tavistock mental warfare institute in England that also swore to destroy white christian western civilization.


Actually it is a very accurate narrative of the multicultural Marxism used to rob and destroy white christian nations by Zionist Bolshevik Jews/Jesuits….the real left. Too bad the author also left out the Freudian Tavistock mental warfare institute who also swore to bring down white christian civilization.

My community and neighborhood over the last 8yrs has been transformed into a third world African and Hispanic nation with wide open shootings, and drug dealing in the streets. High suicide and drug overdose rates for the white population.

Must be one big political con game again being run on white nations and Christendom since the Jewish supremacist groups like the Bolshevik ADL and SPLC are attempting to label Trump, his associates, and supporters all anti-semites while they push their leftist multicultural Marxism used to rob and destroy our race, creed, culture, heritage, posterity, and our white Christian Republic.


About fiat money…


While the Zionist left has us watching their creation of the Muslim/Black/Hispanic invasions and wars now taking place here and overseas they themselves are driving their own Zionist dagger deep in our white Christian backs here at home as well. Just take one look at the commie Jewish financed racial riots taking place today against Trump and all whites in the US especially the killing of white cops by dark skinned minorities when the white cops kill more whites than any other racial group, and Africans kill more whites overall as well.


Protestantism actually has been hijacked or infiltrated by the posterity of its dire enemies from the old Spanish inquisition and Islamic invasion days when Jews fought side by side with them against white christian knights who now are using a nefarious forms of secular paganism and relativistic heathenism straight from the Jewish Frankfurt school and its sister the Jewish founded Freudian Tavistock mental warfare institute of multicultural Marxism who both swore to destroy white christian western civilization. We now have bogus crap like Chrislam and christian Zionism with crypto-Jew Jesuit trained catholics and subversive Kabbalist Jews on our white protestant built supreme court working to destroy white protestants, white catholics, and Christendom. Leftist Jesuit liberation theology, Jewish critical theory, and Zionist cultural Marxism is the backbone of the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity behind this new age white christian genocidal inquisition taking place today globally. After all, the Latin universal church, kabbala Judaism, and Islam are basically one and the same Babylonian based religion the reason for reformation. All white christian nations today have crypto-Jew/Sephardi Jesuits and straight up known Talmudic Ashkenazi Jews working within all our white national institutions to multiculturally rob and destroy us through mass dark heathen enemy coreligionist immigration and dark hedonistic race mixing = self-eradication theology or leftist social justice. As a result of this global Jihad or inquisition against whites they now only represent about 8% of global population and declining. Has little to do with low white birth rate and more to do with a Marxist led invasion and dark miscegenation of western civilization.


Furthermore, many of our once white christian women and men are being used to eradicate our posterity using what I call leftist self-eradication theology. Many women now work in low paying jobs without benefits with the government making up for it with subsides. The more kids the single mom have the more govt benefits she receives. Many women are now working government jobs and within companies who survive off of government subsidies and are required to push their leftist self-eradication indoctrination of hedonistic multiculturalism facilitating white and christian genocide. Many single white girls are now encouraged to race mix having multiple kids and get massive SSI and welfare benefits for life as a reward. Many today, get massive income tax money for the kids if they are single. Women now dominate the workforce…so, where are the men?

All we can do is sit back and watch the proverbial crap hit the fan and speak out when possible. We will organize into a remnant recognized by God and his only begotten as is prophesied, and god is not a liar.

Another fake news ringer with fancy linguistics with no real proof to the contrary. Let me guess…you are a christian Zionist or Jew/Jesuit with secular pagan fairy tails about God and his only begotten? You hate white protestants too?


I don’t think that making fun of white activism using the KKK which had a few Jews in its founding and membership who worked to discredit and divided white christian America in order to rob and destroy us is smart at all when Africans and Hispanics are race mixing us, killing us and our police.

Martin Luther King (MLK) just might have been a multicultural Marxist nightmare for white protestant America and white catholics since both are being supplanted and eradicated globally….


Protect the elite Zionist/Jesuit cartel multiculturally robbing and transforming their white christian nation…Makes sense because they control the purse strings…so the soldiers will march against their own kindred unless they get a mind of their own.

MLK was educated and used by Jewish Frankfurt school Bolsheviks, leftist crypto-Jew Jesuit Liberation theologians who used multicultural Marxism to rob and destroy white christian America…


The subversive people within our US government along with their public paid servants do need to be educated to the facts behind the elitist Zionist/Jesuit multicultural Marxism being used to rob, supplant, and kill off whites and Christians globally. Using old anti-white christian Nazi symbolism that has been rubbed into our psyches for years needs to be shelved and replaced with the average white person and our plight against very insidious enemies. White Christians and Muslims have been marked for eradication by any means possible. At least the Muslims know and fightback.

It only goes to show how leftist brainwashed many of our white kindred are to their own destruction. Many states have also been invaded to the point where whites can no longer get elected to the government we have established. We are in an all out racial, religious, and breeding war and our people are helping their enemies to kill themselves off through cultural Marxist race mixing, fighting Bolshevik engineered Zionist/Jesuit wars, and domestic invasion. It’s a very sad event.


The Evil Jewish Ashkenazi Lie is “OVER” !! A Study showing Biblical proof that over 90% of all the so-called Jews in Israel and around the world are not really Jews! The proof is in your Bible and the Torah.

Who really cares what the leftist anti-white christian lame stream media says about our President? Why would anyone in their right mind give them one iota of credibility?


We have the Zionist/Jesuit anti-white christian elite calling the shots within our white christian nations today because we were the stupid ones nice enough to let them in when everyone else kicked them out.

It’s multi-cultural Marxist racial and religious self-eradication liberation theology straight from the annals of the Zionist/Jesuit cartel’s Jewish Frankfort school & Freudian Tavistock institute of mental warfare that vowed the destruction of western white christian civilization = Leftist genocidal social justice.


After Black NFL Players (African Supplanters of white America) Spit on the National Anthem (for an America Long Dead), Ratings Down for Second Straight Week. NFL = Negro Football League = Anti-White Christian Foreign Bluntheads…

Colorblind Drunks, Crackheads, and Bluntheads who have been fitted with leftist colorblind shades while their white christian posterity is being eliminated through race mixing, and mass anti-white christian Invasions used to supplant and eradicate them.”


Just because the Zionist tribal member was born in NYC it doesn’t make him a real true American. There is a lot more to being American than just place of birth place. A Muslim is still a Muslim no matter where they are born. African is still an African. Asian is still Asian: China Town.

Trump is seen to represent white protestant christian men who the Marxist left thought they got rid of for minorities take their place and Republic. They are afraid we white Christians will take our jobs, communities, women, kids, and nation back from them. Though Trump is part Jew, and his kids married rich Jews and converted to anti-white christian Judaism, and Trump has surrounded himself with the elite Jewish bankers who mushed for the multi-cultural destruction of western white christian civilization, Trump just might pull through for us and reverse the enemy invasions and genocide.


Vse Luchshe Detiam: ll the Best to the Children, Soviet Ideology in Children’s Fairy Tale Cartoons…

Sure is self-destructive and genocidal having multi-cultural Marxist/Liberation theologians consisting of elite Zionist/Jesuit people working within our once great white protestant government auspices.

And, then the anti-white christian cultural Marxist Zionist/Jesuit Bolsheviks controlling the  media will have a liberal female or liberation theology African playing James bond. Use women, Minorities, and homosexual pigs to rob and destroy white christian nations. Turn them all Dark.

More elite Zionist/Jesuit anti-white multi-cultural Marxist/Liberation Theology Treason and Genocide. I will always criticize those committing crimes against humanity.


Sick and twisted leftist subversive devils should all be given shock therapy for perverting the young…A bit of their own Bolshevik medicine…Mill Stone Therapy may be more suitable.

This is the epitome of stupidity: Allowing our leftist Zionist/Jesuit enemies to control the minds of our kids. Make friends with our kids Marxist enemies so they can be multiculturally destroyed…

We need to start policing our own institutions and purging our Marxist pervert enemies.

I follow the money trail to the criminals behind the theft and multi-cultural Marxist destruction taking place today against all white christian nations and Christendom. If the so-called elite Zionist/Jesuit banksters and corporatists are to blame for such crimes against humanity then they should all be arrested and executed.


The JEWS of Judah shouldn’t even have Israel as a state for the Torah forbids it and so does God.
The Jews are NOT to have a country or state of their own until God lifts the exile. Of course there is the Kabbalist Talmud being taught in every synagogue of AshkeNazi and Sephardic synagogue of Satan facilitating white and christian genocide through Satanic their control of usury…Mammon.

The Kabbalist Talmud says it’s okay for Jews to have sex with kids just as the Jesuits and Muslims practice. The Marxist Kabbalist Talmud is the most racist and genocidal book on earth, and yet the luciferian JEWS HIDE behind anti-Semitism THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN’…

IF you’re a Jew and you stand with Judah why is it’ that the Torah states that you are to WANDER the earth because GOD exiled the Jews and they are to  NOT have a country or state or your own (especially ISRAEL) UNTIL GOD alone lifts that exile. The Zionist state of Israel is diametrically OPPOSED TO JUDAISM…


So why is it that so many Jews have a problem with abiding by GOD’S of thou shalt not kill?
The Kabbalist ‘ TALMUD ‘ states it’s okay to kill, right? NOT!

Zionist/Jesuit multi-cultural Marxism/Liberation Theology = White christian genocide.

Nationalism is the only way any kind of homogeneous race and creed can survive and prosper without being erased.

Born into being a white protestant christian in a white protestant built Republic being multiculturally erased.

Each kindred society has its own form of collectivist loyalty and conformity to sociopolitical laws, Mores, and Norms.

Even God commanded his people to be  racially pure, a separate priesthood, and nation for their bridegroom.


With Whom are Many U.S. Police Departments Training? With a Chronic Human Rights Violator – Israel…


I agree for the most part. However, what is taking place in all white countries today is an intentionally orchestrated full blown invasion of dark skinned anti-white christian subversives who are not just fleeing migrants or refugees coming to the west just to vote the overthrow of white christian nations. ISIS and Al-Qaeda radicals are just a smoke screen used to justify the elitist Bolshevik Zionist/Jesuit cartel blowing up Arab nations to gain control of their banks and resources while looking to bring their unholy wars into our white christian communities in order to spread their multicultural Marxism/Liberation theology = Leftist white christian genocidal social justice. On the point of reasoning, sometimes you have to fight to survive and their is no way around it just as David slew Goliath. Just got to know what you are fighting for and who you are fighting for. Morally, you have to stand for something or you will fall for everything. For evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Cliché but true. The Muslims are not white western christian civilization’s only deadly enemy. So, lets speak frankly on all areas of real concern for all combatants working within this new age inquisition to rob, supplant, and destroy all white protestants, white catholics, and Christendom. The Latin Universal Church is…mostly Latin. Spanish Sephardic Inquisition Anyone? Bolshevik AshkeNazi genocide of 66 million white Russian Christians? Whites now only represent about 8 % of global population and in 19 US states whites are now a minority. Cops kill more whites. Africans kill more whites…etc. The white and christian genocide taking place today is a crime against God and humanity. Diversify whitey out of existence.


Actually, people like me are being replaced by people like you and your anti-white christian Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic riff raff through multi-cultural Marxist/liberation theologian theft and subversion of my white protestant built Republic. Racism is a word created by mass murdering Jewish communists to pit the dark races against the white by exploiting the natural competition between them in order to overthrow white christian western civilization. The only real slavery, holocaust, and genocide in this world has been white and christian.


Much double speak and down play on white genocide in SA that has been going on for a long time under Mandela and Mugabe. Now, Africans in America have been embolden to try the same genocidal antics under false flags like Black Lives Matter using bogus cries of oppression and slavery by the white devil while whites are in fact being covertly eradicated globally. If all you progressive parrots can do is spout leftist subversive dumb buzzwords you all need to go see the wizard.


You put yourself into the category of your own choosing by what you choose to say about yourself and your beliefs. White lives do matter whether you and your Zionist/Jesuit anti-white protestant and anti-white catholic people of color like it or not. The Latin universal church is a pagan Bolshevik front full of people of color that is why we had the Sephardic lead Spanish inquisition in the past and now the new age inquisition that is robbing and destroying white western christian civilization through multi-cultural Marxism/Liberation theology and you are guilty by association and denial. Speaking as a proud white protestant whose ancestors helped to build this white protestant Republic for our posterity. There is currently a total anti-white christian invasion taking place into all white christian nations with race mixing being facilitated by your leftist brotherhood to facilitate self-eradication theology among the posterity of the dominant white race nations as a twisted form of genocidal social justice campaign.


The elite multicultural Marxist Jew/Jesuit scum infiltrated our white christian national institutions and are now robbing us blind while flooding our nations with dark skinned enemy immigrant combatants who are randomly race mixing us, killing us off daily, and supplanting our white christian posterity within our domestic, scholastic, economic, religious, and political institutions. Fightback and purge our nation of our Bolshevik enemies once and for all before we are completely eliminated or diversified out of existence. Tired of turning on the Zionist/Jesuit news media and hearing that more whites and Christians have been mass murdered. People of color and their pagan/heathen comrades do not represent the white race, creed, culture, posterity, white protestant, white catholic, nor christian America and never will. I have not been color-blinded by my leftist enemies: African football players do not represent me, my kids, my culture, creed, or my white protestant built Republic regardless of what our leftist enemy subversives say through their media, schools, and politicians. I had an African man today call me a hater and said communism doesn’t exist anymore….Really? Truth is hate and fantasy? White genocide through Jewish/Jesuit cultural Marxism/Liberation theology using Islam, the darker races, and their pagan/heathen religious comrades in order to rob, supplant, and destroy our white christian nations, and eradicate Christendom over all is taking place daily. None of this leftist multicultural subterfuge and subversion has anything in common with our white protestant constitutional republicanism establish for the protection of our posterity.


Ninth circuit court members are anti-white christian American cultural Marxist subversives and need to be removed and charge with espionage. Using our government auspices to force a foreign domestic invasion against white christian America is treasonous Genocide. Using anti-white dark skinned minorities and anti-white christian immigrants to dictate anti-white government policy is treasonous subversion and a crime against humanity for eradicating the dominant culture… It’s Time to Impeach the Judges for their Cultural Marxist Treason Against White Christian America…

Did the multicultural Marxist courts challenge Sheikh Obama’s executive orders used to rob and destroy white christian America? What business does any court have challenging the President in the first place without charges of treason?


It’s your magic under the dirt god who is destroying everything and everyone since he and his secular pagan minions are responsible for more mass murder in the twentieth century alone then all other religion combined.


The leftist elite Zionist/Jesuit foreign owned media that is helping to promote white christian genocide in all white countries through their dark hedonistic multicultural Marxism has again hidden the identities of the white victims in their news broadcast of this homicidal event committed by more dark skinned so-called legal and illegal immigrants along with their anchor baby assailant(s). The reason the the anti-white and anti-christian foreign owned media downplays and hides the capricious killing of whites by largely white cops, Africans, and Hispanics here in the US is to avoid waking up what’s left of our white christian population to the mass homicides taking place against them that might cause the white Christians to also rise up and retaliate in self-defense. I’m very skeptical that the Christians of color will rise up in defense of their white christian counterparts. With the treasonous left pushing genocidal mass dark enemy coreligionist immigration and self-eradicating dark hedonistic miscegenation in all white christian nations killing off the white protestant and white catholic populations this hush-hush trend can be expected to continue until they are totally subjugated or eradicated within this Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic new age inquisition.–_the_original_crypt.html


I have noticed that the Jew/Jesuit media in Europe are all-out pushing anti-white christian multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology through their degenerate liberal movies to destructively brainwash the stupid white goyim youth and adults into practicing leftist dark hedonistic self-eradication theology through drugs, crime, how-to teenage prostitution, perverted neoprogressive sexual relationships, godless free love, and dark heathen race mixing: Jewish theatrical pigism: sex in the city and Jerry Springer mentalities. Social life and getting wasted is more important than a Job, paying your way, and raising your kids properly.


America made the most fatal change by allowing the Jewish Bolshevik Warburg/Rothschild/Rockefeller/Schiff reserve bank establishment, the treasonous anti-white protestant civil right acts and anti-white christian immigration reform laws.

Cultural Marxist symptoms a very sick society bent on self-eradication back when goodness fell there was the kingdom of hell.

Jesuits = Kabbalist crypto-Jews that practice Marxist AshkeNazi and Sephardic liberation theology used against the white christian goyim.

Hitler is dead and White christian Nationalism needs living leaders who work to purge their enemies without genocide. Just make them leave!

The multi-cultural Marxists/Liberation theologians in Hollywood put that race mix crap in White America’s psyche.


The Wisdom of the Ancients, Part 1: Greek City-States as Ethnostates…


The Zionist/Jesuit Frankfurt school/Tavistock mental warfare institute invaded white protestant America through Bolshevik John Dewey who is buttbuddies with Soros…lol.

Degenerate pigism glorified by foreign subversives profiting off the destruction of white christian America.

Even the dead and immigrants vote for their favorite leftist supremacist who promotes their own kindred self-interests.

There is truth to be found in the most unlikely places. I learned that everyone is some sort of supremacist at heart when it comes to their own kindred.


The Stanford prison experiment become sociopathic…The Jew/Jesuit media brainwashes the stupid white christian goyim/infidel to robotic policing and killing.


The End of Progressive Neoliberalism…

I don’t hate. I simply tell the truth, the way, and the life. Did not Christ tell the Jews they were of their father the devil & then he cursed them down to their roots? Was that hate? Racism is a communist word used to destroy the races and creeds in opposition to their leftist Satanic world conquest agenda.


1He that is wounded in the stones, or has his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD. 2A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD. 3An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD for ever: 4Because they met you not with bread and with water in the way, when you came forth out of Egypt; and because they hired against you Balaam the son of Beor of Pethor of Mesopotamia, to curse you.


Our white christian enemies got into our institutions and commenced to rob us and give away our wealth and communities to the dark minorities for them to help eradicate us completely. This is why the Jewish Bush family went to the African super bowl to reinforce our destruction.


A lot of our white women are in fact being indoctrinated with multicultural Marxism/Liberation theology to self-eradicate through race mixing, drug addiction, alcoholism, abortion, multiple sex partners, homosexuality, mental medications, and government dependence through welfare, SSI, low paying service jobs, and government jobs. Bolshevik elitist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy war against white christian people and their nations. Many our women are now very hedonistic, mentally, and spiritually immature despite their leftist rank and file being produced by Talmudic media entertainment industries and by the Kabbalist public education centers = Secular Paganism and Relativistic Heathenism = Leftist White Christian Genocidal Social Justice.