Welcome my new friends. I’m a married white protestant and Christian culture advocate. I advocate against the multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology of the elite Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity that is conducting a new age inquisition against white Christian western civilization = Leftist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic white protestant and Christian genocidal social justice.


Any white Christian who hears or reads the word multiculturalism should automatically recognize it as meaning white and Christian genocide. The only people who actually like and facilitate multiculturalism are the ones who are invading, robbing, supplanting, and eradicating whites and Christians within their own communities and nations…The altright is an outgrowth of the tainted republican party that has also been hijacked by our leftist enemies leaving many white Christians homeless and confused…works of the devil…


Most leftist indoctrinated whites today are just useless eaters. They think just because they work a job or support themselves that makes them patriotic, godly, or somehow socio-politically responsible for the future of their posterity. Well, better take a look around whitey because you are losing it all including your eternal life; cowards. You are not your brothers keepers. You are self-eradicating hedonistic piranhas. Your nations are being invaded by your dark skinned secular pagan/relativistic heathen enemies. Your white kids are being taught to self-eradicate through dark skinned race mixing, homosexuality, addiction, and infanticide. The list goes on while all you do is nothing but talk out your asses. I’m ashamed to be associated with such a pitiful race who thinks they are sheeple and wolves don’t exist. Our women and children need our protection, and I trust in God that he will not help those who will not knowingly help themselves. Find true Christian leaders and act before all is lost forever. Our heavenly Shepard said to trade our cloaks for swords though they will not be enough…Wake Up!


Trump Can’t Reverse the Decline of White Christian America. Mr. Trump: They believe that there is an elite group of Jews who control the media, the government, and banking, and who are trying to destroy white America,” he said. “They also believe that most of Hillary Clinton’s donors are Jewish.” Trump is a Jew/Jesuit who pretends to be a white protestant.


The republican party as far as I can remember has always been largely pro-white protestant nationalism for the most part. Now we have the Altright due to the enemy infiltration and subversion of the white protestant conservative republican party where we still have many confused white sheeple who are still confused by our leftist enemy’s nefarious white protestant and christian genocidal Marxist multi-cult subterfuge used destroy our nationalist manifest identity.


The politicians and judges today seem locked in for life around the USA no matter how the real American people who are now left in the USSA vote within the leftist orchestrated elections now being held in modern times. Many Spanish and Africans have flooded WNY in recent years to change the demographics by white domocide and dark pagan/heathen immigrant invader voting. So the multi-cult Marxist Zionist/Jesuit stranglehold is still in full force. Mayor “Big Bird” de Blasio is an anti-white Christian Zionist/Jesuit communist sockpuppet enemy of the state as well. Bo Dietz is still little known. Media pretty silent about him for a good reason most likely.



LinkedIn just banned me because they said my profile picture violated their policy. I never posted a profile picture. I only shared an altright picture saying goodnight to my fellow contacts on this particular instance. I have always posted many politically incorrect conservative news articles for the last 8yrs. The crazy modern day LinkedIn Bolsheviks even attempted to get me to send them a copy of my drivers license. It also now appears that liberal LinkedIn is trying to corral as many business owners and leftist leaning political professionals as possible from Faux (Fox) news to neoprogressive CNN fake news personnel who are largely Marxist multi-cultural Zionist/Jesuit sockpuppets who work to exclude the true white protestant conservatives and their modern plight from leftist genocidal inquisitionists disguised as social justice warriors.


This is the first time the catholic Jew/Jesuit cartel reared their ugly head against me on social website like LinkedIn with clear cut certainty. Just prior to being banned I noticed a large number of upper crust catholic personnel showing up on LinkedIn listed as possible connections for the professional business crowd including myself. I became connected with a number of them while I continued to post pro-white protestant information against the Jew/Jesuit/Islamic unholy alliance currently working to rob, supplant, and eradicate the white protestant people and their nations with white catholics as collateral damage. The Latin universal church with their large Sephardic and AshkeNazi crypto-Jew Bolshevik high ranking membership has maintained a larger number of Hispanics and other people of color within this particular synagogue of Satan probably since the time Simon the sorcerer/Peter the imposter established his universal Babylonian mystery church just after and during the persecution of many of Christ’s Apostles and their flocks that Simon and Helena was in a large part responsible for.







Pinterest and Reddit in the past have deleted my politically incorrect conservative boards and posts that advocated white christian culture and nationalism by exposing the Kabbalist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity committing white protestant and christian genocide today through multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology globally.




Noticed that PDF files and many others on the web have been hijacked or deleted by new leftist programs that filter out the info on the leftist agenda and the info on their Talmudic Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity. Better get it while the gettin’ is good or remain deceived, ignorant or stupid. Be not confused.





Many pro-white protestant and christian files have been hijacked or deleted by the new leftist anti-white, anti-Christian, feminist, and pro-gay entity that has blocked many files as a security issue. Google now only list cultural Marxist pro-gay, pro-feminist, pro-drug, pro-dark skinned minority culture, pro-self-eradicating miscegenation, pro-single parenthood, and pro-immigrant invasion articles stating to debunk white nationalism, conservative news, national white American historical facts, and white christian genocide. White protestant and Christian Revolution is long overdue.




Right now in America the Jew/Jesuit media has an all out media blitz against Russia because Putin supposedly kicked out the elite posterity of Bolshevik Jews whose crypto-Jew Jesuit ancestors helped to mass murdered 66 million white Christians as a result of the Russian 1917 revolution. If the Jew/Jesuits ever do regain full control of Russia the white Christian population will be history just like what is taking place in all the other white Christian nations today. Putin is said to be a crypto-Jew Jesuit so we must keep a close watch on him to see if he falls in with the white genocidal Zionist cultural Marxist/Jesuit liberation theology crowd. All the dark skinned immigrant invaders know that they are being used by our leftist enemies to destroy us otherwise the majority of the dark pagan/heathen invaders are very indoctrinated by their religious and governmental entities from within their home countries and are very deceived, ignorant, and dangerous to us. They hate white protestants especially the white men and we are now being surrounded by our dark enemies within our homes, communities, and nations. What are you going to do against such evil? Nothing? Then you are all lost and our christian God will be shedding a tear for our loss.








Many of our young white girls are so thoroughly indoctrinated with multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology that even after being educated to the reality of their own kindred genocide through dark hedonistic race mixing, and mass dark pagan/heathen enemy immigrant invasion they still will go out into public and make stupid asses of themselves by bringing home anti-white Africans and Hispanics who turn many of them out into salty dog whores, crew sluts, and race mixed street tramps. I came to believe that many of our white female kindred are some of the stupidest women on the planet in spite of their leftist welfare, SSI, employment, or educational status. Many white women are easily deceived and influenced and this is why they use to have good hard working and God fearing white kindred husbands who would protect them and their kids from enemy influences and attacks. Many of our white males are getting sucked down the red pilled rabbit hole as well. Ever see scruffy white guys pulling around a wagon with little African or Hispanic kids riding in it? Looks ridiculous and idiotic. It’s just as stupid having your cheating wife and her sex partner brag in your face about their infidelity and adultery because the leftist government, schools, and media promote such morally degenerate race and gender baiting in order to destroy our race, normal kindred relationships, families, culture, posterity, and nations. Our kids are taught to turn on their parent(s) with the leftist state funding/nurturing their dysfunctional education, deviant attitudes, and behaviors. Only the leftist government employees who keep Marxist/feminist constructed records are allowed to discipline our people and enforce their brand of capricious carnal social justice. Such offensive racial, sexual, economic, and socio-politically destructive leftist theology, and behaviors should be dealt with speedily and harshly in demonstration of real justice. Mercy is for those who seek God’s forgiveness with real remorse.



Many white girls today are just flat out salty-dog crew-sluts pretending to look for the right guy when in reality they ill hop on anything with a pecker or vigina. Also, many of our white guys are just as slutty and dumber then bags of hammers who will doink or suck on anything whether it has a hole in it or not. Leftist brainwashing at its best. We really need to purge the anti-white multi-cult Marxist degenerates from within our once white Christian schools, media, and sociopolitical institutions.



As a result, women now have become more dependent on leftist government for support and enforcement of the Zionist multi-cultural Marxism/Jesuit liberation theology that suppresses and supplants their kindred dominant patriarchy. Women are not and never will be men or visa-versa. Their race mixing, homosexuality, infidelity, and infanticide is treason and a disgrace before God and to their ancestors.


Eve was easily seduced and deceived by Satan and then her eyes were open to sin. Did Eve use sex and deception against Adam to get him to partake in her sin or rebellion against God? Many men today will still run around behind women with peckers in hand willing to do anything to have, please, and appease them in order to get their affection and attentions whether it’s pretentious or short lived.



The mark of the beast government and its false religious system is mental, spiritual, and physical since you need some type of physical mark of allegiance whether internal or not that reflects your spiritual and mental state of obedience to Satan in order to buy, sell, and trade or be decapitated and imprisoned without it. I’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to eternal damnation or separation from God and Christ forever…And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name…Revelation 13:16-17…






White Christian America do you know that the wealth of your nation is being used to pay for the leftist dark skinned enemy invasion of your republic and for the eradication of your race and creed that is currently taking place? More immigrants equals higher taxes and cost of living in order to support your supplanters. The race traitors and their mongrels will not escape punishment for their betrayal of kindred and sinful abominations before God.




Jesuits created and run by crypto-Jews like in Islam who push anti-white protestant and anti-Christian multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology. For example, the Zionist/Jesuit US kabbalist media have white females competing against white males to see which team can out dance the other using black Ghetto jump rope rhymes mixed with an African drumbeat whining about how whitey is the devil. CRAP! I think the Zionist/Jesuit scum in the music industry even are now adding homosexuality and other such nefarious anti-white cultural appropriation into country music to also eradicate that aspect of Christianity and whiteness. Shame on us for allowing our leftist enemies to do this to us, our culture, and our kids.






However, our national race, creed, culture, and posterity was locked into place by our white Protestant founders who established this white protestant republic for the protection of their posterity. It’s all in the founding documents and in their own private and public words and addresses. The founders came here escaping white protestant genocide in Europe. The crypto-Jew Sephardic/Spanish inquisitionists, AshkeNazi Jewish, and Muslim white slavers. Our white protestant history is being revised by our infiltrating leftist enemies.




Leftist indoctrinated people are very dangerously deceived. White and christian genocide through dark pagan/heathen race mixing is cultural Marxist/liberation theology based upon self-eradication just like the leftist facilitation of a mass dark enemy immigrant invasion. White genocide is no joke. we can almost get on the endangered species list.



Our white protestant republic has been infiltrated and subverted by the posterity of our Jewish/Jesuit/Islamic enemies of old who are still pushing their anti-white Christian inquisitions against us using their multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology against us from within and without.


Kabbalist Hollywood is run by elite Zionist/Jesuit multi-cultural Marxists/liberation theologians who are part of the Jewish/Catholic Rothschild/Soros cartel and Trump family who are also behind the leftist religious and educational indoctrination taking place today.


The leftist enemy media always puts immigrants, minorities, and Marxist indoctrinated whites on TV crying about how un-American it is not to allow a continuous anti-white Christian mass dark enemy invasion of our Republic…White protestant and Christian Revolution is long overdue.


I know it is Not just the Jews they also have their sidekicks, automatons, and partners in crime. Not all the so-called chosen people are part of the Zionist/Jesuit red mafia or Rothschild/Schiff/Rockefeller/Warburg/Goldman Sachs banking cartel but it doesn’t mean they love white Christians either. There are some good Christian Jews, after all. If you are not with Christ you are against him.


People say not all Muslims, Jews, and Jesuits are my enemy. Elite crypto-Jew Jesuits, AshkeNazi , and Sephardic Jews kill Christians of all races and creeds just like Muslims.


Smoke screens and mirrors while the leftist bastards continue to rob, rape, and pillage our white Christian people and nations…All the so-called immigrants and refugees know what time it is just because the leftist media puts a happy face on everything…Trump has Jewish relatives and did place powerful Jews within his administration. So, far I see no changes in the leftist white genocide agenda here in the US or globally…I see it all as a new age inquisition against white Christian western civilization executed by the elite Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity using multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology = leftist white genocidal social justice through dark hedonistic miscegenation and dark pagan/heathen enemy immigrant invasions.



IQ in Western Nations Dropping Dramatically as Percentage of Whites Shrink…Domestics: That’s one of those progressive operative words for people using leftist government intervention that takes control beyond expectations…


I noticed over the years that many whites who watch Talmudic Jew/Jesuit/African/minority TV will watch anything no matter how outrageous, degenerate, perverse, obnoxious, disgusting, idiotic, anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-American with a dronish mentality with little real thought or insight involved. When I get out of bed in the morning feeling in good spirit all I have to do to get in a bad mood is see what my wife has on her Kabbalist TV usually involving African, Hispanic, Jew, and Jesuit characters portraying demon chasing priests, Marxist social justice warriors, feminists, homosexuals, race mixers, crappy ghetto music, noisy speed talkers, and raunchy scenes within shows or commercials to set a very annoyed tone for the day sometimes. Me and my wife have actually argues over the anti-white Christian garbage on multi-cultural Marxist/liberation theology Zionist/Jesuit/African progressive liberal TV.

Walt Disney’s War With Hollywood’s Jews…








Zionist Multi-cultural Marxism/Jesuit liberation theology has indoctrinated most women today with unrealistic leftist social justice equality that destroys God given patriarchal social order needed for natural social cohesion, strength, and strong family ties that hold a kingdom together. The only thing interfered with is hedonistic pursuits that destroys the fabric of society as we see taking place globally.






Yeah. We have seen the results of Marxist Zionist/Jesuit feminism so far. White Christian nations are all on the verge of being annihilated from within with whites being eradicated in record numbers. Leftist enemy government has taken the white man’s place within his homes and nations. Do you think we will get reservations for our people? The only equality being sold here is found in abject poverty and slavery to the monkey god elite. We are a minority globally and becoming minorities within our nations with Marxist multi-cult self-eradication theology taking a large toll through fagotry, infanticide, addiction, police violence, single parent homes, white guilt OCD, Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic war, dark hedonistic miscegenation, and dark heathen enemy immigrant invasions.




Sounds like Zionist/Jesuit multi-cult Marxists/liberation theologians mentally masturbating over furthering the theft and destruction of white protestant America. Anti-white Christian American subversives trying to sound intelligent while promoting white protestant and white catholic genocide by sticking enemy races and ideologies under the same teepee…Foreign subversive scumbags.


Moderate feminism is like saying socialism isn’t communism or moderate Muslims are not violent towards the infidel unless they can get away with it. I don’t have a problem with women who work to protect the family and thus nation in a godly manner that has proven productive throughout history. Many women today just want to play queen pig and call it freedom. They depend on leftist government to give them the progressive liberal power over their men to do so.



I came from a time and place in America where women didn’t have to work outside the home unless they were young and single. Taking care of home and family was considered natural hard work and necessary for protection from negative outside influences. Men worked long and hard to support their families and help build up a God fearing nation to protect their posterity. Families did important things together. Facing up to responsibility today is getting a crazy check to buy more drugs and live hedonistic lifestyles. Just because women have babies does not give them the right to play god over them or society. A baby belongs to God and all family members deceased and living. You didn’t just appear one day. If life in the US was still on the godly path our founders set in motion we would not be talking about such leftist liberation nonsense in the first place, and our white protestant people and nation would not be disappearing before our eyes. White catholics are just collateral damage to their mother Latin universal church that is still fighting the counter reformation.


White protestant America does not owe its existence to anyone but to the Hebrew God and his only begotten. White protestant America was built upon the blood of the protestant Christian Settlers who came here to America in spite of the murderous efforts of the Jew/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity that was trying to eradicate us all for hundreds of years through various forms of inquisition and their pretentious genocidal wars of attrition that are still taking place today to further rob and eradicate our white Christian western civilization. the Jewish Frankfurt school of multi-cultural Marxism and its sister beast the Jesuit’s Freudian Tavistock institute of mental warfare has infiltrated and saturated our white protestant institutions and nations using their cultural Marxism/liberation theology within our media, schools, churches, economic establishments, sociopolitical institutions, mass dark pagan/heathen enemy invasions, and dark heathen race mixing or self-eradication theology = Leftist white Christian genocidal social justice. Secularism and relativism is just re-wrapped paganism/heathenism straight from ancient kabbalist Babylon. White protestants are on the Jew/Jesuit Bolshevik hit list and have been wiped out along with the white catholic population from within the Sephardi crypto-Jew Jesuit controlled Latin universal church. The white race is now down to around 8% of global population and declining. Headed towards the endangered species list. No reservations for us I’m afraid.


White Christian western civilization laid the metaphysical framework for the development of modern scientific thought without which would not have been possible. This is an absolute historical fact, whether anyone likes it or not.


Hindus and Buddhists did not develop modern science because they believe the natural world to be an illusion (samsara). Muslims did not develop modern science because they do not believe in an ultimate rational order but only in submitting to the arbitrary dictates of divine will.

Mankind has not been making steady progress in scientific thought since time immemorial. Before the advent of classical and medieval Christianity nothing remotely resembling modern science ever developed anywhere.

Mankind like monkey kind consists of many races or species that God created in the beginning setting boundaries for their habitats to remain each to their own KIND to be fruitful and multiply for God’s good purpose and pleasure. God did not stop creating at Adam and Eve. God is the same in the beginning and in the end. Cain the outcast married from another existing clan or tribe of same or different race/kind.


Take off the liberal color blinders…It’s all about race, religion, power, and control. This is why we have war and conflict everywhere. White protestants and Christians are losing. This guy is trying to lump all together in one sinking boat when in fact the boat is really lopsided due to mass murder of one to elevate another for control of the boat. Whites are now just a few grans of sand in the hour glass and are declining daily. Whites only about 8% global population. Genocide is genocide.


The leftists have already fired millions of shots at us white protestants and inadvertently white Catholics in the process through elitist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology pushing their wars of white genocidal attrition, mass dark pagan/heathen enemy immigrant invasions, feminism, infanticide, homosexual self-eradication, and dark hedonistic genocidal race mixing this is why we are being robbed, supplanted, and disappearing at an alarming rate. Jews/Jesuits kicked out of over 80 nations for political assassinations and socioeconomic skullduggery.

Removing white historical confederate statues is tantamount to forced leftist dark enemy integration throughout our Republic’s sociopolitical institutions, forced non-white enemy immigrant invasion, forced taking of Christ out of our white protestant built schools, businesses, and government in order to facilitate the multi-cultural Marxist/liberation theological theft, supplanting, perversion, eradication, and destruction of white Christian western civilization.

Don’t ever shut down just follow more white conservative minded people so they know you are here. Search the web for articles and research concerning men, women, and the family. We have Zionist/Jesuit multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology pushing the feminism, abortion, drug/alcohol addiction, anti-white Christian Marxist common core indoctrination, homosexuality, dark hedonistic race mixing, mass dark pagan/heathen enemy invasions. Secularism and relativism is really paganism and heathenism in practice, lifestyle, behavior, and habits. There is a lot of info on this on the web. Our enemies are slowly hijacking many files on the web so get them while it is still good.


Christ has not returned yet, and he said to trade your cloaks for swords though they will not be enough. He foresaw the white and Christian genocide taking place today. I will not lay down and let my enemies rob, rape, and kill my kindred. God did not create cowards or fools. Idiots do that to themselves. Discernment of the really bad fruit might stop you from getting your head knocked off when you turn the other cheek at the wrong time.

The Luciferian Elite And The Destruction Of America…Not surprised really. All our states are being intentionally over populated in order to rob and supplant white Christian America…

There is godly love and ungodly pretenses of love. There is perverse unnatural lust being disguised as natural love. Normal love and abnormal sex acts being called love. Responsible love and irresponsible genocidal lust disguised as interracial and same sex love. Lust disguised as love. All manner of Perversion being disguised as freedom or leftist freedom disguised as love. No nipples on the back of my neck and no unnatural sex strapon toys in my closet.

When you say God is relative its just a neoprogressive operative word for paganism straight from Babylon…and that’s an absolute. I’m a white protestant Christian whose white Christian ancestors built this republic for the protection of our posterity and not for the benefit of other foreign pagan and heathen dark races, cultures, religions, and posterity who were committing genocide against us white protestants prior to coming to this land called America. Secularism and relativism today is just rewrapped paganism and heathenism in lifestyle and practice = white Christian genocide = leftist social justice.

Many things today are intentionally oxymoronic in order to create confusion by mixing good with evil. Secular paganism or relativistic heathenism is all Talmudic witchcraft known as Kabbalah or Babylonian mystery religion the root of all pagan/heathen beliefs, lifestyles, and practices. We shall know them by their fruits. If your not with Christ then you are against him.

I did not quote anyone but referred back to what many had said about the character of a women who liked to smoke crack, bluntz, shoot heroin, race mix, homo out, and stalk certain types of sex partners…Sin is sin.

The Gay Manifesto Agenda: Sodomizing Your Children For The NWO …

Anyone with a functioning brain knows of the different major theologies or ideologies in life to some degree. The problem is knowing the truth, the way, and the life as a singular truth that redeems the fallen in spite of all our leftist enemy’s secular paganism/relativistic heathenism being pushed today to rob, exploit, supplant, and mass murder whole white cultures and nations. All things are racial, religious, and political in nature and cannot be separated just because you wish it so. The main reason for war and conflict is based on the same elements for fighting over material boundaries and habitats. Very serious business with rivers of blood surrounding it. I really don’t like using women in battle. Leaves a bad taste or stench in the air. God help us all.


While Americans fixate on self-destructive hedonistic pursuits, the super-rich are absconding with our wealth while the plague of white genocide, and economic inequality between the rich and poor continues to grow.

Now, for more fun…Why I Don’t Want to Become a Minority … From among your own come wolves…A Replacement of Population is Taking Place in Europe and America…Blood of Christ.

Lets make old multicultural westerns about small town marshals and modern big city cops who kill all the bad white guys for a paycheck disguised as justice where they break the law in order to serve the law mainly for the super rich and their political sock puppets who are projected as protecting all the small poor stupid dirt farmers/citizens from the big bad white ranchers/corporations and small time politicians. Now, we have pictures of Samantha Steven’s wrinkled nose next to her menorah hung all over the alters of the Satanic Wicca churches where Dumbledore plays Kabbalist grandmaster over all broom flyers and hobgoblins. Now, the Zionist/Jesuit scumbags in Hollywood have whites killing whites while dark-skinned minorities are killing all the white bad guys and screwing their women/girls all in the name of leftist white genocidal social justice. This how our once US white protestant Christian cops, military, and other so-called public servants have been brainwashed by their real mortal enemies to kill their own white Christian kindred first and foremost while feeling justified, good, or even righteous about it while they and their minority sidekicks rob, drink, drug, race mix, extort, and assault others who are not employed by government agencies. Multi-cult Marxist/Liberation theological Divide and Conquer.


Laugh and applause machines used with movie studio personnel as audiences who make shows look and sound real in order to murderously brainwash the populations of nations targeted for destruction. From space aliens, asteroids, and bigfoot made to preoccupied those being robbed and eradicated by their ungodly enemies from within where only Jesuits can battle real demons. Anti-white protestant and anti-Christian music to really make your ears and hearts bleed purple piss. African and Hispanic youth now stand in the middle of our streets butt grinding our white little girls as if playing spin the bottle daring what is left of the white men in our community to shoot them. The dark skinned subversives feel protected by the leftist government who is now giving statehood to another Jesuit/Jew controlled Hispanic nation to further rob, supplant, and destroy white Christian America.


“The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.” ~Justice Joseph Story (1833)…

That’s really to bad and it all really reflects the level of control the leftist anti-white Christian media, socioeconomic institutions, and government agencies have over such independent minded women and their friends. They depend on such nefarious leftist entities to support and defend their brand of Marxist/progressive independence, their white genocidal lifestyles, anti-patriarchal sex lives, livelihoods, liberal ingrained ignorance, and stupidity. Some confuse conservative ethics with progressive liberal antics.

My wife removed this post from her page because she was afraid it would be offensive to non-whites and white girls.

Actually, the elite Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity are one and the same beast who are behind white and Christian genocide globally. All white Christian nations are under a relentless assault by these anti-Christ entities who represent the anti-Christ global empire and its false Kabbalist religious system or forth Reich. Germany was a white Christian nation set up and set upon by these evil mass murdering Zionist Bolshevik entities…Synagogue of Satan. WWI and WWII history is mostly Zionist/Jesuit Bolshevik lies where 66 million white Christians died at their hands and over 200 million white Christians died in their Zionist/Jesuit banker facilitated world wars. 6 million Jews did not die and Anne Frank is a fraud. Google it while you still can.

The problem with you multi-cult Marxist anti-white Christian Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic subversives today is that you all over play the evil white Hitler theme to the point of absurdity. Hitler had evil Jap and Muslim allies that you all try to ignore in order to commit white Christian genocide.

Real devils are the Zionist Bolshevik bankster mass murderers who declared war on white Christian Germans, and Christendom = leftist white self-eradication social justice theology.

No real love lost between the races that’s why they try to appear to secretively compete for supremacy over our women, wealth, resources, and power…

Just ate up with liberal buzzwords used to facilitate white Christian genocide. White protestant nations and white Catholics are almost on the endangered species list. Do some real research my friends.

Throw rocks at them or something…Kick their arses out of the country like Putin did and then place arrest warrants against the leftist Zionist/Jesuit SOBs for their white protestant and Christian genocidal crimes against humanity.


Not true at all that white protestant settlers killed 100 million American Indians. The number was hijacked by the left from the genocide of 100 million white protestants by inquisition, invasions, and slavery by elite Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic scumbags who seek to continue the theft and genocide of white Christian western civilization. Most Indians in the US were wiped out by Jewish slave traders transporting diseased Africans to this area prior to white protestant settlers escaping their European genocide by coming to America and building this great Republic for the protection of their posterity. America only had small numbers of scattered warring Indian tribes dotting the countryside when the white settlers arrived and the Indians never constituted an actual unified nation with any type of real technology. Many of the white protestant Christian settlers came from debtor prisons and jails with little or next to nothing. Most slaves in America were actually white after the establishment of civilization on this continent.








What’s wrong with the Swedes — and so many other Whites? Multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology behind white Christian genocide = dark hedonistic race mixing, feminism, gays = self-eradication.


The Biblical Case Against Astrology…






Race and the American Identity…


“War is a Racket” by Major. Gen. Smedley Butler, US Marine (as my deceased veteran husband)…


Therefore, “The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.” ~Justice Joseph Story (1833).