I take a look at how the progressive, neoliberal, secular, global elite, their liberally deceived parrots, and foreign religious subversives who are trying to eradicate the Christian godly based dominant cultures through economic blackmail, multicultural subterfuge, and subversion.

Judeo Christianity is an all inclusive religion with many cultural backgrounds and heritages. However, it does not imply or give license where people from other cultures have a right to usurp the dominant race, culture, posterity, heritage, or  form of govt of hosting nations.

We have our own American people, culture, religion, and form of govt to protect, educate, and prosper without bankrupting and destroying it with self-eradicating neoliberal propaganda like tolerance and diversity. The world is in chaos and living in abject poverty as a result of your nefarious globalist ideological agenda. The major world leaders have denounced multiculturalism as secular and Islamic elitist robbery, subterfuge, and subversion of nations. If other countries were more multiculturalized in your thinking they would all be wealthy, free, and prosperous…get a grip on reality…

WE CONTROL THE WORLD Puppet Masters – World’s Only TRILLIONAIRE – 1

The Judeo-Christian religion is the cornerstone which our Christian Founders used for the construction and success of our Christian Constitutional Republic, as history and the facts clearly demonstrate. It was the slow infiltration of progressive liberalism (neoliberalism) into our institutions that is responsible for the subterfuge, subversion, and theft of our Republic through multiculturalism. Progressive liberalisms multicultural subversive crimes committed against our Republic is blatant treason and should be treated as such by all real American patriots…

The role of the state…

The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities. Liberty, by this definition, is the essential condition and guardian of Religion; and it is in the history of the chosen People, accordingly, that the first illustrations of my subject are obtained.”

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”

American Laws for American Courts…

On Monday, September 12, 2011, the 10th Circuit Court held a hearing on the constitutionality challenge to the Oklahoma state constitutional amendment, passed overwhelmingly in November of 2010, to prevent courts in Oklahoma from using international law or shariah law in their decisions.  Dubbed the “Save Our State” amendment and referred to officially as State Question 755 (SQ 755), the initiative stated:

The progressive wannabe monkey god secular elite are using monetary subterfuge, racism, mass immigration, and multicultural indoctrination in a very progeneratively prolific and antagonistically effectual manner against godly based moral societies marked for destruction to establish their elitist one world secular and falsely religious based Utopian open society founded upon secular neoliberal, or foreign religious global governance….

I want a whole new Christian constitutional government put back in place to restore our Republic back to its founding principles that have not been rewritten or redefined by our neoliberal enemies.

*1 billion people in the world go to bed hungry every single night.

*Every 3.6 seconds someone starves to death and 3/4 are children under the age of 5.

The Global Economic Crisis: Riots, Rebellion and Revolution 

Evidence for America’s Christian Heritage, Proof That America Was Founded As A Christian Nation…

While the Bible was continuing to be taught in the public schools, a trend was developing of introducing more and more secular books into the classroom. 

Christian America…Not Secular, Islamic or any other radical religious elements in society…The Constitution honors the Christian Sabbath. 

Whereas in 1789, Congress, in the midst of framing the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment, passed the first Federal law touching education, declaring that “Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged”;

Agenda 21 — The Blueprint to Advance Sustainable Development

In this straightforward expose of Agenda 21 — the blueprint to advance Sustainable Development — Beckett examines the notion of “sustainability”.  His conclusion: The American people need to be better informed so they understand that Sustainable Development is a pseudonym for centralized control over human life.–_the_blueprint_to_advance_sustainable_development_20040615100/

Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version

Now They Call it ‘Climate Justice’– but its still the same Agenda 21…

The posts I made here have everything to do with mass immigration, racial exploitation or mixing, cultural subversion, and govt transformation which is at the heart of multiculturalism and its costs or impact on our country, our culture, on others world wide, and who is responsible for its propagation and proliferation…

Hitler and Farrakhan out of all the authors in the many articles posted are not centerpieces to the issues at hand….

Hitler and Farrakhan only represent research done by various scientist and researchers who they used to promote their own causes….

Glenn Beck presents others research in order to educate the public on those conspiring against us and our Republic. I do not think it is jibberish or conspiracy.

No anti-semitic remarks are made. Only the presentation of the facts as they exist in our Country and world at large….

I posted many facts on the costly, socioeconomic, cultural, and political aspects of mass immigration and multiculturalism….

I have used a number of reputable sources. I do not discriminate when it comes to facts that accurately reflects the world we live in today. Nazis and Islamics have worked together in the past to mass murder in the name of global govt, and I’m not a fan of either of them. Crazy people do not tend to be stupid. Hitler said a lot of very intelligent things, and presented research to justify his insanity?

It is not anti-semitic to post facts. If anyone has any facts to the contrary please share them. If your an indoctrinated or subversive neoliberal multiculturalist you will find, or make, all facts and truth appear as garbage no matter who presents them….

I reject Islam, and secularism on fact and principle. However, facts and truth exist and can be used by anyone with an agenda. It does not negate the facts or truth….

The facts presented do demonstrate the massive economical, political, media, ownership and control that the progressive secular Jewish elite and their sidekicks have world-wide….

“There are two ways to tackle serious social problems: evading them by linguistic trickery, or confronting them openly and honestly. One is easy, though it merely postpones the day of reckoning. The other is difficult, but it alone holds out the promise of a solution.”

Please show me hard facts that negate the empirical evidence I submitted…

Outside the entertainment business, and within our communities, entertainment and sentiments are very different in reality…

It is a documented fact that Woodrow Wilson was the greatest progressive traitor to our Republic. On his death bed he confessed that he betrayed his country….

The Federal Reserve Bank was signed into existence in 1913 by the Progressive, Woodrow Wislon, in the dark of night after it had been previously voted down under its proper name of `Central bank’….


The American people did not vote for an unconstitutional centralized bank owned by a foreign Jewish banking family who made their fortune selling war financing with large interest rates to all leaders of nations with enough wealth and natural resources to centralize and fight a war…

This same Secular Jewish Elite family set up centralized banks in all the majore industrialized countries to achieve monetary and economic control of each country; The ROTHSCHIDS and WARBURGS….

This is the ethical, social, political and economic philosophy of the elite secularist in our world…

Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism…

Basically, them who believe in and practice social or political Darwinism, and promote secularism like George Soros, Rothschilds, Hitler, Mubarak, Kadafi, Putin, Chavez, Hu Jintao, Castro, “Che” Guevara, Goldman, Sachs, Immelt, Rockefeller, Morgan, Chase, and a number of other Elitists tyrants are very good examples of the survival of the fittest archetype, and you would see this if you ever have read up on their hidden activities and biographies….

The year 1944 was the formative experience of my life. I shall not give a detailed account of it because my father has done it better than I could. Imagine a child of fourteen, coming from a middle-class background, suddenly confronted with the prospect of being deported and killed just because he is Jewish. Fortunately my father was well prepared for this far-from-equilibrium experience. He had lived through the Russion Revolution in Siberia, and that was the formative experience of his life.When the Germans occupied Hungary on March 19, 1944, my father knew these were not normal times and the normal rules did not apply.The Crash of 2008 And What It Means; pp. 12 – 14…

Mass murder and exploitation of the oppressed are the hallmarks of secular and pseudo religious dictators.

The Secularist-Islamist Struggle in Libya Begins…Genocide:

If Palestinian leaders indoctrinate their people to pursue genocide and the New York Times doesn’t report it, is the indoctrination nevertheless of consequence?

In a recent poll of Palestinian opinion – conducted by Stanley Greenberg, leading pollster for the Democratic party, in conjunction with the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, and sponsored by the Israel Project – 73% agreed with a quote from the Hamas charter on the need to kill all Jews.

The recently released report “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America,” from the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP), purports to expose a sinister network of American “Islamophobes” funded by a “flood of cash” who manufacture conspiracy theories about Islam, spread hate and bigotry against all Muslim-Americans, and inspire violence toward them, all for financial and political gain. But in fact, the very concept of Islamophobia is manufactured propaganda used by the subversive Muslim Brotherhood and their leftist support network to demonize and silence critics of Islamic fundamentalism…

Eric Allen Bell: Islam is the most dangerous religion known to man

Darwinism is a set of movements and concepts related to ideas of transmutation of species or evolution, including ideas with no connection to the work of Charles Darwin. The meaning of “Darwinism” has changed over time, and varies depending on who is using the term.[4] In the United States, the term “Darwinism” is often used by creationists as a pejorative term, but in the United Kingdom the term has no negative connotations, being freely used as a short hand for evolutionary theory.[5]

At least 180 million people have been killed by secular governments in the 20th Century. And that is a very conservative estimate.

Atheists Become A New Religion

I came across this article in the paper this morning: Atheist group to rip Bible pages in H.B. Saturday. I find it odd that a group of people would spend their Saturday ripping pages out of a book considered holy by a large portion of the people in this country and do it under the pretense of morals and ethics. One of the definitions of religion is “A particular system of faith and worship”. This “grassroots atheist group” seems to fit that definition quite nicely. Their faith is that there is no God and their method of worship is to attack the beliefs of others who do believe in God. They have set up billboards all over town in an attempt to convert new believers to their religion. (See Atheists put up ‘Godless’ billboard in Westminster.) It isn’t enough for these people to simply not believe in God. In an attempt to convert you over to their belief system, they feel they have to point out to everyone how stupid it is to believe in God and how superior they are for not believing in one. For the first time in history we have evangelical atheists. It is more than a bit ironic that a group that purports to be free of religion is now showing all the hallmarks of being a religion. It is only a matter of time before they start demanding national recognition of atheist holidays.

San Diego State U Promotes Blatant Secularism With Respective.. Class…

I previously wrote about atheism and secularism here, and commented about “Atheist Awareness” Week at UCSD.

It appears that a growing trend towards secularism is being witnessed on college campuses nationwide. Religion, critics assert, corrupts people and makes them bigoted. As a result, atheism and secularism must succeed in order to combat the Judeo-Christian tyrannical stronghold in place in the United States! (Sarcasm intended).

In all seriousness, this trend signals a bad course in society. It is alarming that such “righteous” people are painting morals, Biblical teachings, and faithful people as boneheads, when they are the ones demanding special attention and conditioning programs to make us more accepting of their belief system

Claremont, Calif. (May 9, 2011) — Pitzer College will launch a Secular Studies Field Group in the fall 2011-12 academic year. With the creation of this department, Pitzer College will become the only higher education institution to offer courses and an undergraduate degree in secular studies.

The creation of a Secular Studies Field Group reflects an emerging interest in an awareness of the notable growth of secularity in America and elsewhere. For example:

  • Approximately 660,000 Americans join the ranks of those claiming no religion each year. Fifteen percent claims “none” when asked about religious affiliations, a doubling of “none” since 1990.
  • Twenty-seven percent of Americans currently “do not practice any religion” and 22% say that religion is “not a factor” in their lives.
  • The Secular Student Alliance – a college campus group for nonbelievers – reports 240 chapters nation-wide, up from 42 in 2003.
  • Almost 30% of Canadians can be considered secular and approximately 1 in 5 Canadians does not believe in God.
  • Fifteen percent of Australians claim to have no religious beliefs.
  • In France, 33% of the citizenry are atheists, while in Belgium, the percentage is 27%. Rates of unbelievers are even higher in the Czech Republic, Estonia and Slovenia.
  • Sizeable secular populations can also be found around the world including Israel, Uruguay, Japan, South Korea and Azerbaijan.

The Secular Studies Field Group will be headed by Pitzer College Professor Phil Zuckerman, an internationally renowned secular studies scholar. It will offer courses focused on various aspects of secularity from a historical, philosophical and sociological perspective. It entails the study of non-religious people, groups, thought and cultural expressions. Emphasis will be placed upon the meanings, forms, relevance and impact of political/constitutional secularism, philosophical skepticism and personal and public secularity.

American Atheist Leader Calls for the ‘Eradication’ of ‘Fundamentalist Christians’…

American Atheists, a non-profit that claims to protect the rights of atheists and to ensure the “absolute separation of government and religion,” always seems to find itself in the middle of controversy.

As if the most recent Ground Zero cross lawsuit the group launched isn’t enough to inspire widespread angst, an explosive new blog post on the organization’s web site advocating for the “eradication” of fundamental Christians (and Islamists) is certain to make waves.

sec·u·lar·ism (sky-l-rzm)

1. Religious skepticism or indifference.
2. The view that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs or public education.
3. Those who believe they are an evolved monkey. The progressives are real good at redefining words and concepts to fit their agenda.

Why young Americans can’t think morally, ‘In God We Trust’ banished from classroom, The age of lawlessness, Whose country is it, anyway?

Once upon a time, the truth and wisdom of the Bible provided the values necessary for self-government in America.

Our inspired Founding Fathers, taking their cues from the fathers of the Judeo-Christian faith, crafted a new form of limited government that removed the shackles from the people and placed them on elected and appointed federal officials in the form of tight restrictions on their authority.

Times were good. Liberty reigned. Prosperity ruled. The nation was blessed.

First is the immersion of the U.S. economy in a global economy. This plunged U.S. workers into direct competition with workers in Asia and Latin America willing to do the same jobs for far less, in factories where regulations are far lighter.

Congressional Progressive Caucus Pushes Communist Inspired “Jobs” Scam….

The Communist Party USA has been calling for massive government jobs programs for many months now.

Socialist Rep. Jan Schakowsky announces her “Jobs Bill” in Chicago
Their ally in the White House and the Congressional Progressive Caucus are doing their best to give the communists what they want.

Congressional Progressive Caucus  Co-Chairs Reps. Raúl Grijalva and Keith Ellison were joined by colleagues Jan Schakowsky, Lynn Woolsey, John Conyers, Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott and Barbara Lee on September 13 to introduce the Rebuild the American Dream Framework and emergency jobs legislation.

Charts: Who Are the 1 Percent?…

U.S. corporate executives leapt at the opportunity to close plants here and relocate abroad. This explains the 50,000 factories that disappeared in the Bush decade and the 5.5 million manufacturing jobs that vanished.

You cannot have a rising standard of living when your highest-paid production jobs are being exported overseas.

Social Darwinism at its finest….

Any crossing of two beings not at exactly the same level produces a medium between the level of the two parents. This means: the offspring will probably stand higher than the racially lower parent, but not as high as the higher one. Consequently, it will later succumb in the struggle against the higher level. Such mating is contrary to the will of Nature for a higher breeding of all life. The precondition for this does not lie in associating superior and inferior, but in the total victory of the former. The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weaker, thus sacrificing his own greatness. Only the born weakling can view this as cruel, but he after all is only a weak and limited man; for if this law did not prevail, any conceivable higher development of organic living beings would be unthinkable.
The consequence of this racial purity, universally valid in Nature, is not only the sharp outward delimitation of the various races, but their uniform character in themselves. The fox is always a fox, the goose a goose, the tiger a tiger, etc., and the difference can lie at most in the varying measure of force, strength, intelligence, dexterity, endurance, etc., of the individual specimens. But you will never find a fox who in his inner attitude might, for example, show humanitarian tendencies toward geese, as similarly there is no cat with a friendly inclination toward mice.
Therefore, here, too, the struggle among themselves arises less from inner aversion than from hunger and love. In both cases, Nature looks on calmly, with satisfaction, in fact. In the struggle for daily bread all those who are weak and sickly or less determined succumb, while the struggle of the males for the female grants the right or opportunity to propagate only to the healthiest. And struggle is always a means for improving a species’ health and power of resistance and, therefore, a cause of its higher development.
If the process were different, all further and higher development would cease and the opposite would occur. For, since the inferior always predominates numerically over the best, if both had the same possibility of preserving life and propagating, the inferior would multiply so much more rapidly that in the end the best would inevitably be driven into the background, unless a correction of this state of affairs were undertaken. Nature does just this by subjecting the weaker part to such severe living conditions that by them alone the number is limited, and by not permitting the remainder to increase promiscuously, but making a new and ruthless choice according to strength and health.

Rothschilds, Warburgs and the Elite Circus…

Elsewhere Allen points out: “But even more astonishing is the fact that these darlings of the Jewish establishment control all the oil in the Arab lands…” In a footnote on page 19 he presents Dr. Malcolm Stern’s genealogy from his book: ‘The Grandees: America’s Sephardic Elite’, which conclusively establishes the fact that regardless of their claims to being Baptists (John D. The Baptist perhaps?) or belonging to any other recognised Christian group, the Rockefellers are in reality Sephardic Jews with a Global Sephardic agenda. Hence their provision of the land in New York for the U.N, and their founding and funding of the United Nations. Allen concludes: “The family (which owns and controls the Standard Oil Company – ESSO) controls oil holdings worth hundreds of millions in Arab lands, yet Nelson has remained the darling of organized Jewry in New York City. Without such support he could never have been elected governor of New York State four times. Just how the family manages that bit of wizardry boggles the mind…” Hence the classical definition of a Zionist (in the garment districts of New York and Toronto) as being: “A Jew, who wants some other Jew to go live in Palestine.”

Michelle Robinson Obama had a great-grandmother named Rosa Ella Cohen, born in South Carolina in the early 1890s. This descent is apparently from the rather numerous “Black Cohens” of the Georgetown area, who were slaves of a Sephardic family headed by one Solomon Cohen, who died in 1835. The Jewish line is listed in one of Malcolm Stern’s books. Solomon’s son Jacob owned many slaves, apparently on a plantation listed in the 1830 census. Presumably most of the “Black Cohens” adopted the surname after emancipation. Several mulatto lines have been identified, probably fathered by Solomon. A grandson of Rosa Ella Cohen identifies her mother as Janie, born about 1864. Whether it will be possible to trace this ancestry significantly remains in doubt. HFS…

This paper discusses Jewish involvement in shaping United States immigration policy. In addition to a periodic interest in fostering the immigration of co-religionists as a result of anti-Semitic movements, Jews have an interest in opposing the establishment of ethnically and culturally homogeneous societies in which they reside as minorities. Jews have been at the forefront in supporting movements aimed at altering the ethnic status quo in the United States in favor of immigration of non-European peoples. These activities have involved leadership in Congress, organizing and funding anti-restrictionist groups composed of Jews and gentiles, and originating intellectual movements opposed to evolutionary and biological perspectives in the social sciences.

The Jewish Led Alien Invasion…

Most Americans view the Indian historical record of resistance to European colonization as morally justifiable, but in the skewed ethics of today, some find European-American attempts to preserve our unique genes and culture from non-European immigration – morally reprehensible. Nevertheless, despite pervasive propaganda promoting multiculturalism and the media-touted joys of diversity, opinion surveys in America show overwhelming opposition to unrestricted immigration. Similar public sentiment holds true in every European nation.

It was not until the 1965 Immigration Act that the U.S. Congress ignored the majority’s wishes and began a policy that discriminated against potential European immigrants, and encouraged massive non-European immigration. From that time forward, the federal government also showed less willingness to enforce our immigration laws and police our borders. These policies resulted in a flood of non-White immigrants, legal and illegal. Immigration and higher non-White birthrates have transformed the American population from almost 90 percent European in the early 1960s to less than 70 percent at the end of the century. The U.S. Census Bureau has predicted that by the middle of the 21st century, well within the lifetime of many reading these words, European Americans will be a minority in the United States. We are already a minority in most of America’s major cities and will soon be outnumbered in California and Texas. Policies similar to those enacted in the U.S. have introduced large numbers of non-Europeans into Canada; Negroes into Britain; North Africans and Asians into France; Turks into Germany; and a potpourri of alien races into Scandinavia, Spain, and Italy.

As I grew racially aware, it was certainly obvious to me that the new immigration policies of the United States and Europe would greatly damage Western societies. Only a short time after the change in immigration policy, crime problems escalated in all the affected nations. The quality of education suffered and social welfare problems increased. As this planned racial transformation accelerates, these ills will reach catastrophic proportions.

Illegals Bilking Billions from Treasury

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, illegal aliens are bilking the federal government for billions because they are filing fraudulent returns, and the sum is much higher than even a top group opposed to illegal immigration has estimated.

The Treasury reported in July that the Internal Revenue Service coughed up $4.2 billion in child tax credits for illegal aliens in 2010.

Given how nasty the IRS gets with taxpayers who err even honestly on their taxes, or those who do not err at all, observers note that the agency is rather insouciant about the indirect subsidy to those who aren’t supposed to be in the country.

14 Reasons Why Illegal Immigration is Bankrupting America…

A Real Eye Opener: 14 Reasons Why Illegal Immigration is Bankrupting America

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments. Verify at:

2.  $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens. Verify at:

3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens. Verify at:

4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English! Verify at:

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies. Verify at

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens. Verify at:

7.  30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens. Verify at:

8.  $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers. Verify at:

9.  $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens. Verify at:

10.  The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that’s two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US .Verify at:

11.  During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries.. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the    US  from the Southern border. Verify at: Homeland Security

12.  The National policy Institute, estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period. Verify at

13.  In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their countries of origin. Verify at:

14.  ’The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One million sex crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States. Verify at:



If this doesn’t bother you then just ignore this web page.  If, on the other hand, it does raise the hair on the back of your neck, I hope you leave a comment and forward this page to every legal (and illegal) resident in the United States.


The inversion of all standards—the propagation of racism as anti-racist, of injustice as just, of immorality as moral, and the reasoning behind it, which is worse than the offenses—is flagrantly evident in the policy of preferential treatment for minorities (i.e., racial quotas) in employment and education.”

—Ayn Rand, “Moral Inflation,” The Ayn Rand Letter, vol. 3, no. 14, p. 1

The poison of “multiculturalism…

Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream. All this leaves some young Muslims feeling rootless, and the search for something to belong to and believe in can lead them to this extremist ideology. The response should be a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active liberalism. A passively tolerant society says to its citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone. It stands neutral between different values. A genuinely liberal country does much more. It believes in certain values and actively promotes them. If we are to defeat this threat, I believe it’s time to turn the page on the failed policies of the past … When a white person holds objectionable views – racism, for example – we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices have come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious, frankly even fearful, to stand up to them.”

The intellectual bankruptcy of multiculturalism

John O’Sullivan, editor of National Review, decries the multiculturalist assertion that America is an “idea rather than a nation [possessing] a distinctive but encompassing American identity.” Peter W. Cookson, Jr., author of School Choice: The Struggle for the Soul of American Education, offers the insight that multiculturalism’s hostility to the West and repudiation of an identifiable American culture is augmented by a radically new definition of community, one that swerves from the traditional emphasis on “family, neighborhood, church, lodge, and school to race, gender, occupation, and sexual preference.”

DOJ: ‘Mexican-Based Trafficking Organizations Control Access to the U.S.–Mexico Border’

Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explains how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and the steps they go through to disqualify even the most qualified Americans in order to secure green cards for H-1b workers. See what Bush and Congress really mean by a “shortage of skilled U.S. workers.” Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and thousands of other companies are running fake ads in Sunday newspapers across the country each week.

Shadow Government

A clue is given in the statement:  “The money to found the CFR came in part from J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Otto Kahn, Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg”.

This article was found  and expands on the CFR’s beginnings as excerpted from Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope – Jackie –  February 8th, 2001…

“The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies [marxism/fascism/socialism v.democracy/capitalism] to enable them [the Illuminati] to divide larger and larger portions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other.”
Myron Fagan –

TREASON  is what our gov’t is committing against us in the previous and following areas alone…

Rescue the Constitution From Government…

Congress regulates toilets.  It regulates lightbulbs.  It regulates dishwashers.  It regulates showerheads, and it even regulates the living conditions for the two-inch pupfish that calls Tucson, Ariz., home.

No serious political observer would ever suggest that that’s what John Adams and crew had in mind when they set up America’s constitutional republic—a government so large that it sends out edicts mandating the removal of phosphates from dishwasher detergent.

“The question of ‘Is this constitutional?’ has become synonymous with the question, ‘Will the Supreme Court tolerate this?’ ” Sen. Mike Lee told HUMAN EVENTS.  “With the government, it’s imperative that we always ask that question [of constitutionality], especially with the federal government, because as our Founding Fathers understood,” continued Lee, “whenever government expands, it does so at the expense of our individual liberty.”

But that’s what we have today—a government expanding at the expense of individual liberty.  So what went wrong?

I have been banned from sites for posting stuff like this as hate speech….

Here is a big part of the heart of our problem in this country and many others; It involves the progressive liberal ethics being used behind mass immigration and multiculturalism wherein The Ends Justify The Means, For me to Succeed you have to Lose, Others must be Harmed – hidden behind altruistic divirsity and spread the wealth theologyThis has so far resulted in the centralization of the wealth and resources in our world into the hands of the few elitists central bankers and corporatists while our rights to bear arms and our blessings of liberty are being eradicated….

Situation (Saturational) Ethics

It is possible that the average church member does not even know what is meant by the expression, “situation ethics,” but it basically means that there is no ethical standard that can be uniformly or consistently applied, for each situation demands its own standard of ethics. Under that theory, you may commit adultery (or almost anything else) if it is done in love, and no one is hurt by it. You may lie, if you think it appropriate to spare the feelings of someone, or to be socially acceptable.

Ethics and Morality

Ethics comes from the Greek word ‘ethos’, meaning ‘what ought to be’.

Is there ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in a particular scenario? It implies a set of rules. Morality is similarly defined and so we will use ethics and morality interchangeably. Examples of ethical dilemmas are:

Busines ethics: is globalisation defensible and do human rights enter the equation?

Medical ethics: can abortion be justified, and should euthanasia be legalised?

Biological ethics: is genetic engineering or animal testing acceptable?

Sexual ethics: is homosexuality morally acceptable?
Political ethics: is it sometimes correct to be ‘politically incorrect’?

Are there absolute rules or fixed reference points when it comes to such issues? Postmodernist thinking (the realm of atheists and humanists) says an emphatic “no”. They maintain that ethics are culturally and socially defined and so have few if any universal (absolute) values. Pantheism (New Age thinking) holds that there is no real distinction between good and evil and so the ethical concept is irrelevant. On the other hand, monotheistic faiths such as Christianity and Islam maintain that there are indeed absolute reference points.

Gov’t and Culture…

“Situational Ethics, Social Deception, and Lessons of Machiavelli”

I will spend the next few minutes recounting some recent learning, which mostly is ignored by our social discourse about ethics. My purpose is to explore six experiments or discoveries and examine them one by one, trying to view some of the enduring questions of ethical choice through the lens of empirical evidence about human existence and behavior.

Let’s go back thirty years or so to the findings that are most well known, the most infamous – and the ones that retain a tantalizing level of mystery because we can’t redo the experiments. They are, first, Phil Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment and second, Stanley Milgram’s Yale University study of “obedience to authority.”


At the same time, the 2011 Legislature seems to be ignoring the principles of local control that are clearly stated in the Montana Constitution. The House and Senate are considering measures that will repeal municipal ordinances and restrict management authority while cutting allocations for the Entitlement and Treasure State Endowment programs that are vital to the financial stability and future development of cities, towns and counties across the state.

The Rise of Situational Morality

If your favorite Christian leader were put into the difficult circumstance of either endorsing a man who would assuredly murder the minister’s oldest child, or endorsing a man who would surely murder all the minister’s children, would you hope that your Christian champion would protest both men and not endorse either situation?  Would you hope that the minister’s family would encourage him to stand righteously regardless of the consequences, like the Christian martyrs of old?  Because supporting either evil would bring repercussions so close to home, most religious leaders would rebel at such a dilemma and fight back.  However, would it surprise you to learn that when the stakes are further away from home, affecting someone that they have never met, most conservative religious leaders will choose to vote for one murderer over another in the name of love?  If you think such is not taking place in fundamental, conservative, evangelical or pro-life circles, then think again…


Unbelief, Materialism, Situation Ethics, and Moral Permissiveness

What does Humanism teach about God, the Bible, origins, eternal destinies, situation ethics, and sexual morality? What influence do Humanists have in government, education, the media, and entertainment? This study quotes official statements of the American Humanist Association to document their belief in atheism, agnosticism, evolution, materialism, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, divorce, homosexuality, and sexual permissiveness. These views are contrasted to the Bible teaching of faith in God, creation, judgment, heaven, hell, respect for life, marriage, and an absolute standard for moral purity.

Humanist Manifesto I

Today man’s larger understanding of the universe, his scientific achievements, and deeper appreciation of brotherhood, have created a situation which requires a new statement of the means and purposes of religion. Such a vital, fearless, and frank religion capable of furnishing adequate social goals and personal satisfactions may appear to many people as a complete break with the past. While this age does owe a vast debt to the traditional religions, it is none the less obvious that any religion that can hope to be a synthesizing and dynamic force for today must be shaped for the needs of this age. To establish such a religion is a major necessity of the present. It is a responsibility which rests upon this generation. We therefore affirm the following:

FIRST: Religious humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.

SECOND: Humanism believes that man is a part of nature and that he has emerged as a result of a continuous process.

THIRD: Holding an organic view of life, humanists find that the traditional dualism of mind and body must be rejected.

FOURTH: Humanism recognizes that man’s religious culture and civilization, as clearly depicted by anthropology and history, are the product of a gradual development due to his interaction with his natural environment and with his social heritage. The individual born into a particular culture is largely molded by that culture.

FIFTH: Humanism asserts that the nature of the universe depicted by modern science makes unacceptable any supernatural or cosmic guarantees of human values. Obviously humanism does not deny the possibility of realities as yet undiscovered, but it does insist that the way to determine the existence and value of any and all realities is by means of intelligent inquiry and by the assessment of their relations to human needs. Religion must formulate its hopes and plans in the light of the scientific spirit and method.

SIXTH: We are convinced that the time has passed for theism, deism, modernism, and the several varieties of “new thought”.

SEVENTH: Religion consists of those actions, purposes, and experiences which are humanly significant. Nothing human is alien to the religious. It includes labor, art, science, philosophy, love, friendship, recreation–all that is in its degree expressive of intelligently satisfying human living. The distinction between the sacred and the secular can no longer be maintained.

EIGHTH: Religious Humanism considers the complete realization of human personality to be the end of man’s life and seeks its development and fulfillment in the here and now. This is the explanation of the humanist’s social passion.

NINTH: In the place of the old attitudes involved in worship and prayer the humanist finds his religious emotions expressed in a heightened sense of personal life and in a cooperative effort to promote social well-being.

TENTH: It follows that there will be no uniquely religious emotions and attitudes of the kind hitherto associated with belief in the supernatural.

ELEVENTH: Man will learn to face the crises of life in terms of his knowledge of their naturalness and probability. Reasonable and manly attitudes will be fostered by education and supported by custom. We assume that humanism will take the path of social and mental hygiene and discourage sentimental and unreal hopes and wishful thinking.

TWELFTH: Believing that religion must work increasingly for joy in living, religious humanists aim to foster the creative in man and to encourage achievements that add to the satisfactions of life.

THIRTEENTH: Religious humanism maintains that all associations and institutions exist for the fulfillment of human life. The intelligent evaluation, transformation, control, and direction of such associations and institutions with a view to the enhancement of human life is the purpose and program of humanism. Certainly religious institutions, their ritualistic forms, ecclesiastical methods, and communal activities must be reconstituted as rapidly as experience allows, in order to function effectively in the modern world.

FOURTEENTH: The humanists are firmly convinced that existing acquisitive and profit-motivated society has shown itself to be inadequate and that a radical change in methods, controls, and motives must be instituted. A socialized and cooperative economic order must be established to the end that the equitable distribution of the means of life be possible. The goal of humanism is a free and universal society in which people voluntarily and intelligently cooperate for the common good. Humanists demand a shared life in a shared world.

FIFTEENTH AND LAST: We assert that humanism will: (a) affirm life rather than deny it; (b) seek to elicit the possibilities of life, not flee from them; and (c) endeavor to establish the conditions of a satisfactory life for all, not merely for the few. By this positive morale and intention humanism will be guided, and from this perspective and alignment the techniques and efforts of humanism will flow.

So stand the thesis of religious humanism. Though we consider the religious forms and ideas of our fathers no longer adequate, the quest for the good life is still the central task for mankind. Man is at last becoming aware that he alone is responsible for the realization of the world of his dreams, that he has within himself the power for its achievement. He must set intelligence and will to the task.

Curbing the Courts: Judicial Removal As a Tool in this Effort

“. . . the best way to prevent ‘judicial legislation’ [i.e., the injection of Humanist/Reconstructionist values into the Constitution] is not through structural changes in the federal judicial system, but through the appointment of judges who really believe the Constitution really mean what its Framers intended it to mean.” So declared Charles Grassley, longtime U.S. Senator (R-IA) and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Although uttered in 1981, Grassley’s comment expresses a truth of even greater force today — if possible — as we face the pivotal elections of 2012.

Class Warfare: American Communists of 1928 Compared to Barack Obama…

Republicans Denounce Obama’s ‘Buffett Tax’ Plan as Political ‘Class Warfare’…

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham denounced President Barack Obama’s proposal to impose a new levy, which some are calling a “Buffett Tax,” on those earning more than $1 million a year as a “political act” that is nothing short of “class warfare.”

Obama ‘jobs bill’ directs billions to community ‘organizers’

Obama Ordering Racial Favoritism – Executive Order

Our Czar, Obama, has issued yet another executive order. He is not only mandating racial favoritism for all Federal jobs, but he is creating a governmental organization to handle it. Hey, why not, we have plenty of money.

Executive Order 13583,  is titled, “A Coordinated Government-Wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce.” Obama has targeted specific groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians, women and gays and lesbians to be forcibly “included” in the American workforce so as to truly reflect America’s diversity. It won’t be about hiring the best person, it will be about hiring the diverse person.

Study: University of Wisconsin discriminates against Whites and Asians…

They found that the University of Wisconsin strongly favors Blacks and Hispanics over Whites and Asians, by a very large margin. Linda Chavez, Chair of the group, was allowed to come to the University of Wisconsin to discuss her group’s findings, but the students organized against her, chanting and interrupting until they had to leave. This mob, Chavez says, was organized in part by the Vice Provost of the school:

Obama’s Amnesty Orders Create American Dictatorship…

A sense of shock and dismay is sweeping across America today as citizens learn of President Obama’s authoritarian decree creating a form of Amnesty for illegal aliens. This act defies existing federal law, the US Constitution, the will of the Congress, and the will of the American public.

“Obama has just created a constitutional crisis by nullifying the US Constitution, existing federal immigration laws, the votes of the Congress, and every vote cast and e-mail sent by Americans who have defeated this Amnesty legislation eight times in the last six years,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “This is the death of a nation. This is the fall of the American Republic and the loss of all that our forebears have fought to build and preserve.”

Obama’s ‘Crony-Gate’ Scandal Widens — Billions Now Under Scrutiny!

Private pay shrinks to historic lows as gov’t payouts rise…

Obama tears up the Constitution…

In his two years and nine months in office, President Obama has compiled a spectacular record of noncompliance with the Constitution. Here are just some of the ways his administration has failed to execute the laws while using raw, unauthorized power:

Obama’s Jewish Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

If an American president had the explicit goal of destroying the state of Israel how would his policies differ from Barack Obama’s?

If an American president had the explicit goal of destroying the American economy how would his policies differ from Barack Obama’s?

Obama should be in jail…

From the ‘Lectric Law Library’s Stacks

About The John Birch Society & Its Basic Principles And Beliefs…

We Are Often Asked…

What Do We Believe?

We believe that our system of government, a Constitutional Republic, is the finest yet developed by man.
We believe that the laissez-faire free market system provides the widest opportunity and highest standard of living for all.

We believe in the rights of the individual. The Society welcomes and enjoys the participation of members from every walk of live and all ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. Our common bond is a love for our heritage of liberty and a rejection of totalitarianism in any of its forms.

PIMCO’s Gross urges slow pace of deficit cuts

Sell All USA Bonds

But for Bill Gross, stocks are an afterthought and his main fear is a decline in bond prices. Gross writes that his firm is selling U.S. Treasuries now and asking questions later:

Bond yields and stock prices are resting on an artificial foundation of QE II credit that may or may not lead to a successful private market handoff and stability in currency and financial markets. PIMCO’s not sticking around to see…

“NGOs, Behold Your Gods.” WHO IS
MAURICE STRONG? Who is George Soros…?

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 but, today, spends most of his time in New York City. Not much is known about his early years. He is the only eminent “holocaust survivor” who has been accused of collaboration with the Nazis. In 1947, he managed to sneak through the Iron Curtain, and, the official story goes, “he landed penniless in London, but by hard work and sheer genius, he rose to become one of the planet’s most successful investors and richest men.”

Mr. Soros’ peculiar moral values, political views, and ideological preferences would be immaterial without the money that he can spend promoting and imposing them. The bulk of that money-currently estimated at not less than seven billion dollars-was earned in the minus-sum game of currency and stock speculation, contributing nothing to the creation of wealth and making millions of ordinary people poorer in the process. His offshore Quantum Fund-legally headquartered in Curacao, beyond U.S.-government supervision-specializes in speculative investments to take advantage of deliberately induced political and economic weaknesses of different countries and regions. In an interview with the Swiss weekly L’hebdo (May 1993), Soros outlined his strategy: “I speculate on discrepancy between the reality and the public image of this reality, until a correctional mechanism occurs, which approaches these two.”

The NGO Army of George Soros & Maurice Strong

The NGOs (non-government organizations) already unleashed in France, Germany, England and Greece will soon be taking to the streets in America, George Soros-described as “the biggest obstacle to One World Government”.

NGOs, long fomenting for revolution, and on the payrolls of the One World Order deadly duo George Soros and Maurice Strong,  are not the good guys.  The political, strategic spawn of Soros and Strong, they are the paid agents of change, looking to Barack Obama to get the job done.

George Soros, Maurice Strong and company redefine the Middleclass…

The Democrat-loving mainstream media is missing the boat on Warren Buffet’s take of America’s economic meltdown as …”a sort of economic Pearl Harbor we’re going through.”That being the case, then surely the first question should be: “Who is attacking the U.S.?”

The billionaire’s $5 billion investment in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. at the same time he’s touting the Treasury’s $700 billion bank rescue plan, should be the tipoff.

With so many banksters and fraudsters openly treating the U.S. treasury as their private piggybank, one ponders what‘s really going on.

Is wholesale market manipulation the new al Qaeda?

Unfortunately that’s a concept based far more on fact than paranoia.

The big casualty in this 21st century U.S. civil war is the Middle Class and there will be no Code Pink protests calling off the troops.

While middle class Americans have been busy putting their youngsters through school and college, pooh-bahs like Buffet, George Soros and his Canadian sidekick Kyoto architect Maurice Strong, who hangs out with the likes of Al Gore and “Now-I’m-a-Christian” Mikhail Gorbachev have been rearranging their lives for them.

For all of those middle classers understandably ignoring a propagandist press, here’s the first hint: The pooh-bahs seem mighty gleeful that the U.S. is headed toward certain economic meltdown.  Make that a meltdown with or without a $700 billion bank bailout.

Maurice Strong and the Cap & Trade Crime of the Century…

What Maurice Strong professes top believe are things that I firmly do not believe. Maurice Strong has worked with the United Nations for a very long time and trusts it to be a leader on Cap & Trade schemes. (I believe that the United Nations is a fraud.) Maurice Strong is a socialist and believes that rich countries should share the wealth. (I don’t believe that it’s the role of any government to redistribute earned income.) Maurice Strong believes that the world is overpopulated, as Malthus predicted, and that a China one-child policy, abortions, wars, sterilization, low sperm counts and such are all good things. (I believe that my wife should have as many babies as she wants.) Maurice Strong believes in a “New World Order,” with global rules with global courts and a global currency. (See my opinions on the United Nations failed experiment when talking about anything “global.” The United States must never surrender its sovereignty.)

Maurice Strong’s views are a direct danger to the United States of America. The only “good” thing about him is that his name is now an obvious red flag to us…

The Federal Reserve – Jewish Private Bankers

Napoleon said: When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the government leaders control the nation. This is because the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency.

Jews own and run the Federal Reserve Bank that the US government continually borrows from…and is in debt to.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a consortium of 9 Jewish-owned & associated banks with the Rothschilds at the head:

$1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin.

$2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris.

$3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy.

$4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam.

$5. Lehman Brothers of NY.

$6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express).

$7. Goldman, Sachs of NY.

$8. National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank – Equitable Life – Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders).

$9. Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders).


1791-1811: Rothschilds’ First Bank of the United States.

1816-1836: Rothschilds’ Second Bank of the United States.

1837-1862: Free Banking Era – no formal Central Bank through the efforts of President Andrew Jackson.

1862-1913: System of National Banks through the efforts of President Andrew Jackson.

1913-Current: Federal Reserve Act effects a consortium of privately held Jewish & associated banks called the Federal Reserve Bank. The largest shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank are the Rothschilds of London holding 57% of the stock which is not available for public trading.

On May 23 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought impeachment charges against the members of the Federal Reserve Bank. A smear campaign against McFadden ensued and he was poisoned 3 years later.


Here are the Jews that control the government of America:

1) Ben Shalom Bernanke: Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2020.

2) Donald L. Kohn: Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2016.

3) Randall S. Kroszner: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve.

4) Frederic S. Mishkin: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2014.

5) Alan Greenspan: Advisor to Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Recent Chairman.


JEWISH BANKERS PRINT MONEY at heavily-armed & guarded Federal Reserve Bank buildings throughout the US. Then these Jewish bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank *loan* the money to the US government at *interest.*

Since the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (and all the others) is listed in Dun & Bradstreet. But according to Article I, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution, only Congress has the right to issue money and regulate its value.

Thus it is *illegal* for private interests to issue US money. But because influential Jews like Paul Warburg and Jacob Schiff bribed into enactment the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the stockholders of the Federal Reserve Bank were to be kept a secret. Only recently have the Jewish stockholders of the Federal Reserve Bank come to light.

International cooperation with the Jew-owned Federal Reserve Bank has been intense to coordinate currency. In 1985, officials from the JP Morgan Bank of NY met with the Credit Lyonnais Bank of France. They established the European Currency Unit Banking Association (ECUBA) to get world cooperation for a unified currency.

In October 1987, the Association for the Monetary Union of Europe (AMUE), secretly met and recommended that the ECU (European Currency Unit) replace existing national currencies and that all European Central Banks be combined into one and issue the ECU as the official unified currency. This occurred in 1999 with the issuing of the Euro.

The plan of the international Jewish banking cabal is to have only 3 central banks in the world: The Federal Reserve Bank, the European Central Bank, and the Central Bank of Japan. All of these banks are headed by the Rothschilds.

And Next To Come Will Be The One World Government Run By Anti-Christian Jews.

The Federal Reserve is a private central bank which controls America’s money.  This private central bank creates money out of nothing and then charges interest on top of it.  The international banking conspiracy – exemplified by the private Federal Reserve – is, in terms of secular matters, the most significant of all the conspiracies.  It is the real power in the world, in terms of secular power.  The international bankers, such as those who run the Federal Reserve, constitute the secret government which controls nations.

The Federal Reserve asked a U.S. appeals court to block a ruling that for the first time would force the central bank to reveal secret identities of financial firms that might have collapsed without the largest government bailout in U.S. history.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan will decide whether the Fed must release records of the unprecedented $2 trillion U.S. loan program launched after the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. In August, a federal judge ordered that the information be released, responding to a request by Bloomberg LP, the parent of Bloomberg News.

Chart of who “owns” the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Seeks Real-Time Monitoring of Social Networks, Bloggers, Forums, and “Influencers”

If you believe Ben Bernanke and his merry band of money printers don’t care about what you think, then consider the latest product development proposal from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. According to RFP (Request for Proposal) 6994, the Fed intends to build a real-time monitoring solution capable of mining and aggregating data across social networks like Facebook and Twitter, alternative news web sites and blogs, video sharing web sites, and mainstream media outlets.

Not only do they care about what you think, they want to know exactly who you are, what language you speak, who you’re talking to, where you’re getting your information, who you are sharing it with, and what your sentiment and emotional state is in reference to that specific moment.

G-20 & Jewish Bankers Planning One World Government

2009, were the REAL players-instigators of the global economic crisis: the Zionist Jewish bankers.

The Rothschild Dynasty which operates in conjunction with its Zionist Jewish banker network and friends – such as the Oppenheimer family (global mining operations with the Rothschilds) & Samuel Montegu & Co (gold price-fixing with the Rothschilds) – are the ones who truly win in these economic summits…regardless of world conditions and the controlled media coverage of them.

International Jewry, whose ultimate goal is global conquest, relies on their financial control of central & international banks to achieve domination on a global scale. For it is the Jewish-controlled central & international banking systems such as the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, the Federal Reserve Bank in America, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank Group in Washington, which funds “globalization” — Jewry’s doorway to worldwide control.

Global Governance for Sustainable Development
New world Order:

Let me emphatically state that global governance is not global government but a set of interacting guidance and control mechanisms that include both state and non-state actors, actors both public and private, both national and multilateral.  As such, global governance is a powerful and growing reality.  Global governance is here, here to stay, and, driven by economic and environmental globalization, global governance will inevitably expand.  Global challenges and global needs — whether economic, environmental or otherwise — require global solutions and global action.  Economic and environmental integration lead to political integration.  That is global governance.

This video is made available free of charge in hopes that it will be helpful to you.  Sovereignty International’s mission is to promote national sovereignty as the supreme governmental authority and to help all people realize the dangers posed by global governance administered by the United Nations.

If this video has been helpful to you, please tell your friends to visit our site.
And please consider supporting our work.

The World Bank – IMF is owned and controlled by NM Rothschild and 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 150 years they have planned to take the world over through money. The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joe Stiglitz, was fired recently. He pointed out to top executives that every country the IMF/World Bank got involved in ended up with a crashed economy, a destroyed government, and sometimes in flames with riots. Jim Wolfensen, the president of the World Bank would not comment on his dismissal.

Before Joe Stiglitz was fired he took a large stack of secret documents out of the World Bank. These secret documents from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund reveal that the IMF required nations:

Christine Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding

IMF Calls for US Dollar Replacement


“If fear of Soviet expansion had been the … (real) reason to bring Western Europe and East Asia under the America security umbrella … why does Washington continue to insist that an American-led NATO and the U.S. defense commitments to East Asia are still indispensable to America’s security (after the demise of the Soviet Union)? The answer is that the basic aspiration of U.S. security policy since the Second World War has not been to contain the Soviets … The Cold War (merely) provided the … (excuse) for the strategy of (American) preponderance … (The reality is that) American foreign policy … springs from the … outlook … that (America must link the world to itself economically) … and it is not an exaggeration to suggest that … (this) has … inexorably resulted in a globe-girdling empire.”[1]

Israel Cohen, A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912) quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record (1957), p. 8559

We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.

This is why I have been researching the secular elite and their policy and practices for global governance. I believe the secularist want to control the Islamic nations in order to use them as a spear head for terror and force over all nations. Muslim nations are not multicultural unless one converts to Islam…they will be killed. There are white muslim countries such as Turkey who are very nationalistic as well, and will kill to protect their culture and heritage. I do not believe the secular multiculturalists will be able to create an open society with open boarders in such countries without a lot of bloodshed occurring. Maybe, this is what we are really now seeing in the mid-east?

Here is a good example of how our dominant culture is being eradicated by targeting the white corporate elite men as being stupid, oppressive, and racist in order to replace him and the over all culture with progressive domestic and foreign subversives…

The New Power Elite…

The women and minorities who make it into the corporate elite are typically better educated than the white males who are already a part of it, but time and again they emerge from the same institutions: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and MIT on the East Coast; the University of Chicago in the Midwest; Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley on the West Coast.

The global elite have, over the centuries, refined the techniques they employ to assure continued dominion over the resources of the planet. In the early days they simply crucified certain rebellious citizens, whilst sprinkling in the occasional peasant massacre to ensure a climate of  fear and to thwart any challenge to their hegemony.

When this overtly bloody strategy provoked revolution in such disparate locales as France, America and Russia; and later Cuba, the Congo and Vietnam, the bloodline oligarchs shifted to a strategy of covert assassination and counter-revolutionary intrigues.  But brutality is brutality, however subtle and disguised it may be.

So when this strategy failed to stem the tide of history, while provoking a democratic and thus subversive reaction amongst the populace, the international banking syndicate and its coterie of idle rich turned to psychological warfare.  They learned that it is much easier to control a population through brainwashing than it is to mow down a more cognizant citizenry in the streets and risk backlash.  The key, they learned, was to keep people docile, fearful and ignorant.


Part I: The IMF, the World Bank, and the Global Economy

Gold Prices Tumble as IMF Reaffirms Plan to Sell More Gold…

The IMF just announced it would resume selling the balance of its preapproved for sale gold, of which 191.3 tons remains. The sales would be in a phased manner over time to avoid disrupting the gold markets. This is not major news as this is inline with the IMF’s September 2009 announcement to sell 403.3 metric tons of gold. As is well known the IMF has already sold 212 metric tons. Nonetheless, gold is selling off after hours. As gold was bought via dollar shorts, the current unwind is sending the dollar proportionately higher.

China has infiltrated our gov’t and stolen our jobs, and much more. Now China wants to buy all our gold with our money….

Hugo Chavez’ decision to recall Venezuela’s gold reserves and nationalize the industry could reflect his paranoia about being hit with financial sanctions, analysts said.

Chavez and other officials in his administration claimed on Wednesday that the move to recall about $11 billion in reserves stored in U.S. and European banks was being done to protect the country from economic troubles in the developed world.

Government cannot account for trillions of dollars. The DoD reported $1.1 trillion missing in FY 2000 alone!

The 48 Laws of Power

Exposing the Legacy of American Corporatism

Corporate America has best quarter in US history as real unemployment rate soars

Obama’s Finance Reform – Jewish Bankers Win Again

‘We Hold the Real Power’
A Jewish Appeal to Russia’s Jewish Elite

The number of rich individuals in Russia grew by 14% last year – more than twice the global average. Merrill Lynch says this was fuelled by increased market capitalisation, rising direct foreign investment, strong consumer demand and soaring energy prices.

Jean-Marie Deluermoz of Merrill Lynch said: “The conclusion of our findings this year is that in Europe the most attractive growth story is certainly Russia.”

Read More…

The Politics of Deflation (banking class’s controlled deflation


UN to Announce New World Currency & Dollar Devaluation By March-July 2011 – audio
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 1:06…2011_audio.html

Stellar Cast of Critics Slam U.N. As Anti-American, Anti-Israel…

( – On a day when U.N. member states met to endorse the controversial “Durban” declaration against racism and a speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad triggered yet another Western walkout, a conference near the U.N. headquarters in New York sent the world body a message – “not in our name.”

Several participants at the “Perils of Global Intolerance” conference raised the issue of ending monetary contributions to the U.N. as long as its actions continue to “delegitimize” Israel.

“Lies and propaganda are running rampant” at the U.N., said Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, 72, adding that the U.S. “should discontinue aid to the U.N. as long as there are anti-Semitic people running the roost.”

He challenged the notion that Zionism is racism – a viewpoint that was enshrined in a General Assembly resolution from 1975 until 1991, and which critics say has featured prominently in the U.N.’s 10 year-old “Durban” racism process.

“Zionism is philanthropy, a belief in helping others, a belief in life and freedom,” said Voight. “It is belief in God and good.”

The US, the UN and Genetic Engineering,_the_un_and_genetic_engineering

10 Reasons to Abolish the UN

Sarkozy Visits Obama as Part of Campaign to Blunt Dominance of the Dollar

World’s richest 1% own 40% of all wealth, UN report discovers

How much have the richest 1% stolen since 1980?

“If you make less than $114,000 a year (90% of us), you’ve been financially damaged by the flow of income to the richest 1% of Americans over the past 30 years.

“Based on Internal Revenue Service figures, if middle- and upper-middle class families had maintained the same share of American productivity that they held in 1980, they would be making an average of $12,500 more per year.”

Since US GDP has increased five-fold since 1980 is it not reasonable to say upper-middle class families should have maintained their same share of the economic pie?

“But if earnings since 1980 were based on this measure of productiveness, the richest 1% of Americans would be making $1 trillion less per year.

“A trillion dollars a year. That’s more than we spend on the entire military.

“A trillion dollars a year. That’s seven times more than the budget deficits of all 50 states combined…

“Who are the people making up the richest 1%? Bankers, CEOs, upper management, university presidents, Congressmen…

“Taxing them is not ‘soaking the rich.’

“The greatest redistribution of income in history has taken place over the last 30 years, and the victims are beginning to make a fuss about it.”

Try focusing on my arguments and not on your perceptions of my economic class which is correct,

Do you agree with the following unemployment figures from October 2010?’s_wealth_–_what’s_it_going_to_take_to_get_it_back?page=entire

“One of every six workers, 26.8 million people, is unemployed or underemployed. This ‘real’ unemployment rate is over 17 per cent.

“There are 14.8 million people designated as ‘officially’ unemployed by the government, a rate of 9.6 per cent. Unemployment is worse for African American workers of whom 16.1 per cent are unemployed.

“Another 9.5 million people who are working only part-time while they are seeking full-time work but have had their hours cut back or are so far only able to find work part-time are not counted in the official unemployment numbers.

“Also, an additional 2.5 million are reported unemployed but not counted because they are classified as discouraged workers in part because they have been out of work for more than 12 months. Source: US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics October 2010 report.”

*Do you think unemployment is affected by the one trillion dollars per year currently going to our richest 1% of the population that would have been shared by middle and upper middle class families had their share of American productivity remained at 1980 levels?

“There are 49 million people in the US who live in households which eat only because they receive food stamps, visit food pantries or soup kitchens for help.

“Sixteen million are so poor they have skipped meals or foregone food at some point in the last year.

Wealth, Income, and Power
The Wealth Distribution

In the United States, wealth is highly concentrated in a relatively few hands. As of 2007, the top 1% of households (the upper class) owned 34.6% of all privately held wealth, and the next 19% (the managerial, professional, and small business stratum) had 50.5%, which means that just 20% of the people owned a remarkable 85%, leaving only 15% of the wealth for the bottom 80% (wage and salary workers). In terms of financial wealth (total net worth minus the value of one’s home), the top 1% of households had an even greater share: 42.7%. Table 1 and Figure 1 present further details drawn from the careful work of economist Edward N. Wolff at New York University (2010).

Here’s Michael Hudson’s take on Obama’s 1-2-3 tax punch:

“First, many former Democratic and independent voters will ‘vote with their backsides’ and simply stay home (or perhaps be tempted by a third-party candidate), enabling the Republicans to come in and legislate the cuts in perpetuity in 2012 – an estimated $4 trillion to the rich over time.

“Second, Obama’s Republican act (I hate to call it a compromise) ‘frees’ income for the wealthiest classes to send abroad, to economies not yet wrecked by neoliberals.

“This paves the way for a foreign-exchange crisis.

“Such crises traditionally fall in the autumn – and as the 2012 election draws near, it will be attributed to ‘uncertainty’ if voters do not throw the Democrats out.
“So to ‘save the dollar’ the Republicans will propose to replace progressive income taxation with a uniform flat tax (the old Steve Forbes plan) falling on wage earners, not on wealth or on finance, insurance or real estate (FIRE sector) income.

“A VAT will be added as an excise tax to push up consumer prices.

“Third, the tax giveaway includes a $120 billion reduction in Social Security contributions by labor – reducing the FICA wage withholding from 6.2 per cent to 4.2 per cent.

“Obama has ingeniously designed the plan to dovetail neatly into his Bowles-Simpson commission pressing to reduce Social Security as a step toward its ultimate privatization and subsequent wipeout grab by Wall Street.”

Do you think it’s likely Americans in the middle and upper-middle economic classes are working at least as hard today as they were in 1980?

“If you make less than $114,000 a year (90% of us), you’ve been financially damaged by the flow of income to the richest 1% of Americans over the past 30 years.

“Based on Internal Revenue Service figures, if middle- and upper-middle class families had maintained the same share of American productivity that they held in 1980, they would be making an average of $12,500 more per year.

I don’t believe the “flow of income” towards the richest 1% of Americans since 1980 has as much to do with hard work as it has with campaign donations to Republicans AND Democrats.

A tax bias of debt over equity investment seems to me a more likely explanation for most of that income flowing to the richest 1%.

Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media

Who Rules America?
The Alien Grip on Our News and Entertainment Media Must Be Broken

Ted Turner’s Lesson: “Be very careful with whom you merge.”

When Ted Turner, the Gentile media maverick, made a bid to buy CBS in 1985, there was panic in the media boardrooms across the country. Turner had made a fortune in advertising and then built a successful cable-TV news network, CNN, with over 70 million subscribers.

Although Turner had never taken a stand contrary to Jewish interests, he was regarded by William Paley and the other Jews at CBS as uncontrollable: a loose cannon who might at some time in the future turn against them. Furthermore, Jewish newsman Daniel Schorr, who had worked for Turner, publicly charged that his former boss held a personal dislike for Jews.

To block Turner’s bid, CBS executives invited billionaire Jewish theater, hotel, insurance, and cigarette magnate Laurence Tisch to launch a “friendly” takeover of CBS. From 1986 to 1995 Tisch was the chairman and CEO of CBS, removing any threat of non-Jewish influence there. Subsequent efforts by Ted Turner to acquire CBS were obstructed by Gerald Levin’s Time Warner, which owned nearly 20 percent of CBS stock and had veto power over major deals. But when his fellow Jew Sumner Redstone offered to buy CBS for $34.8 billion in 1999, Levin had no objections.

Thus, despite being an innovator and garnering headlines, Turner never commanded the “connections” necessary for being a media master. He finally decided if you can’t lick ’em, join ’em, and he sold out to Levin’s Time Warner. Ted Turner summed it up:

“I’ve had an incredible life for the most part. I made a lot of smart moves, and I made a lot of money. Then something happened, and I merged with Time Warner, which looked like the right thing to do at the time. And it was good for shareholders.

“But then I lost control. I thought I would have enough moral authority to have all the influence in the new company. If you go into business, be very careful with whom you merge.

“I thought I was buying Time Warner, but they were buying me. We had kind of a difference in viewpoint. Then they merged with AOL, and that was a complete disaster, at least so far. I have lost 85 percent of my wealth.”

Mind Control

The basic techniques were developed in German, Scottish, Italian, and English Illuminati families and have been done for centuries. Some report that some of the techniques go back to ancient Egypt and ancient Babylon to the ancient mystery religions.

The Nazis are known to have studied ancient Egyptian texts in their mind control research. The records and secrets of the generational Illuminati bloodlines are very-well guarded secrets.Even when I’ve learned about the location of secret depositories of some of the Illuminati’s secrets in Europe, America, and Asia, their records and secrets are too well-guarded to be examined.

The intelligence agencies, such as MI-6 began investigating these mind-control techniques early this century, but their records have been routinely destroyed and tampered with. There are some survivors and professionals who know that the British used programmed trauma-based MPD (DID) agents in W.W. I.

In Jan., 1987, Richard Kluft submitted an article to the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis about 8 MPD patients who were between 60 and 72 years of age. Traugott Konstantin Oesterreich (1880-1949), who was professor of philosophy at Tubingen University, Germany studied MPD and demonic possession and wrote a classic study of it in 1921 entitled Possession Demonical & Other, which was translated into English in 1930. His classic work on this subject provides documented cases which reveal that the basic trauma-based mind-control was going on in Germany, France & Belgium long before the 20th century. Although he is unable to put together all the pieces and the clues for what they are, the reader of this book might enjoy reading the 1930 English translation of his classic work after they finish this book.

Judaism & Homosexuality:
A Marriage Made In Hell

Self-mutilation to try and undo what God has made…is what then??? I was not born with a nipple on the back of my neck! And, strap-on contraptions do not qualify as a natural part of the human body…. What do you call a guy who hacks off his penis to please his current boyfriend, and then wants to go sleep with women instead? Freak? Psychopath? Demonic?

Evolution and the profit motive behind evangelical tribalism, in 8 panels…

After-Birth Abortion: Justifying Infanticide…

Lawmaker Backs Spousal Benefits for Military Gays…

Obama’s Homosexual Agenda & The Jews Behind It

But the issue of gays and public schools was recently highlighted in a U.S. District Court decision involving the New York City public school system. There the court ruled that the school system did not interfere with a teacher´s First Amendment rights when it fired him after discovering his active participation in the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). NAMBLA supports repealing the age of consent and child pornography laws as well as openly endorsing men and boys involved in underage sexual relationships.

But should such a ruling extend to homosexuals without such obvious connections to NAMBLA? The answer lies in whether there is a significant correlation between homosexuals and pedophile activity.

Gay activists have strenuously argued that there is no connection between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children. They point out that the majority of child molestation cases are by heterosexuals. But they neglect a pivotal fact: Homosexuals comprise only a small percentage of the population, yet account for an extraordinarily high percentage of offenses against children.

The Human Rights Campaign has emerged as a powerful lobby, curried up to by Jews on Capitol Hill such as Diane Feinstein and Joseph Lieberman, funded by major corporations, and of course, given huge support by American Jewry.

In his speech, Obama gave his whole hearted support to the homosexual quest to destroy the American family, stating, “I’m here with you in your fight!” Obama said that those who disagreed with his homosexual agenda were simply wrong. “There’s still laws to change and there’s still hearts to open,” Obama told the group of deviant sex activists.

Declaring what NO former American President would ever say even in his wildest dreams, Obama, in an effort to DESTROY the traditional white Christian American family, promised that his presidency will help homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders. And by Obama redefining the meaning of the family, he furthers the disintegration of American society:

Chatting with audience members afterwards.
Born Gay Hoax…
Sorba talked for a little over an hour. His speech was mostly taken from several chapters of the current draft of his upcoming book, “The Born Gay Hoax.”  (See link to current draft above.) He began with the factual history of the homosexual movement from its beginnings in the 1800s. He showed that until the mid-1900s the concept of “homosexual” did not even exist – that even its practitioners thought of it as aberration of normalcy – and that among men it had nearly always also been associated in some way with pederasty (sex with young boys).
He then described the modern homosexual propaganda movement, which blossomed in the 1980s, and how the “born that way” strategy was a central part of the plan to proselytize America.  It was conceived by two Harvard graduates, Marshall Kirk, a researcher in neuropsychiatry, and Hunter Madsen, a PhD in politics and expert on public persuasion tactics, who wrote “After the Ball” and other articles. Interestingly, the “born that way” strategy was largely rejected by the movement when it was first proposed. But it soon caught on and – along with the strategy of demonization of Christian critics – became a centerpiece of the larger campaign which continues in full force to this day.

Talking to campus reporter.

Sorba also discussed the large amount of evidence against the “gay gene” or “born that way” theory, including writings and observations from prominent homosexual activists.  The more overwhelming cause of homosexuality, as he points out, involves severe issues with parents and sexual abuse at a young age.  For example, in the famous lesbian couple of Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche, both of them were sexually molested by their fathers (or step-fathers) when they were teenagers.

Ryan Sorba’s book “The Gay Gene Hoax” is expected to be published within 6-9 months.

Gay Characters Take Center Stage in Comic Books

Archie Comics / DC Comics: Two gay comics characters — Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller and DC Comics’ Batwoman — are getting their own series. Coincidentally, both characters have fathers in the military.

Last Sunday, a lesbian joked about her sexual orientation as she hosted TV’s highest awards . The next night, a transgendered man cha-chaed on “Dancing with the Stars.” Hours later, a Navy lieutenant and his domestic partner got married the minute the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” went into effect.

And that’s just what happened in the real world. Meanwhile, in Gotham City, a lesbian crimefighter patrols rooftops with her young female sidekick. And in Riverdale, all-American home of perpetual teenager Archie Andrews and his pals, a gay classmate is graduating to his own comic book.

Aren’t comic books supposed to be fantasy?

Pope Says Catholics Cannot Accept Gay Marriage and Religion Must Not Be Banished From Public Life

The gaying of America & ACLU: Give kids ‘lesbian’ book at school
The progressive products of a very sick brand of secular neoliberalism in America. Who are the people responsible for this blatant exhibitionism in sociopathic perversion in America and its armed forces? Do the American people really condone such a disgusting mockery of their God, principles, values, and Republic? Have the liberally perverted minority who like sticking things where they don’t naturally belong turned our armed forces into a sick, twisted, and godless love story represented as freedom or democracy? Are such homosexual exhibitions of twisted love and gaiety something only to be found within the twilight zone or on some nightmarish Jerry Springer episode intentionally facilitated to make a laughingstock out of the American people?
The secular Hollywood Jewish elite who are tied in with their Jewish elitist central banksters with their commie/fascist corporatist comrades who pose as white American Christian citizens and capitalists are responsible for the spread of perversion and corruption within our Christian Constitutional Republic through subterfuge, subversion, economic, and multicultural terrorism…
I know the few super rich secular and orthodox Jewish citizens living in or out of the US do not consider themselves American or white because of their biblical and Mideastern roots and heritage. So, why have these elitist Jews allowed the Islamic menace to take root within our borders and institutions by manipulating or subverting our immigration, media, scholastic, religious, and political policies or institutions? Do the Jewish elites fear us or hate us Christian, white, Anglo-Americans so much as to not only rob and multiculturally subvert our Republic to the point of complete collapse but must also betray us to Islamic butchery?
What is happening to our once Christian based educational system reflects the overall multicultural transformation taking place within our Republic. Progressive liberalism or neoliberalism that represents the secular elite communists, elite foreign religious fascists, and other diverse radical minority elements who have infiltrated our Christian founded and built institutions in order to rob and transform us into their twisted ideological, global governance, multicultural, open society utopia. A progressive utopia were all the wealth and resources of our world are centralized into the hands of the secular and foreign religious elite 1% ruling class monkey gods with their false foreign religious prophets, and SEIU style monkey thugs ruling over us all and deciding which peasant monkey gets a banana or which monkey serf dies. We are aware of the results of this economic and multicultural terrorism by now…are we not?

It’s hard to miss how deliberate deceptions in the US media repeatedly prejudice Americans against their own best interests.

The commie/fascist neoliberal media here in America has managed to multiculturally redefine television viewing through racial, cultural, political, and perverse stereotyping, subterfuge, and propaganda to transform America’s minds, race, culture, economics, and politics almost over night in aiding their secular neoliberal, and subversive foreign religious central bankers, corporatist, and political comrades in multiculturally robbing, transforming, and destroying our Christian Constitutional Republic, and what it once stood for…

“In Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (Pantheon, 1988) Noam Chomsky and I put forward a ‘propaganda model’ as a framework for analyzing and understanding how the mainstream U.S. media work and why they perform as they do.–.htm

“We had long been impressed with the regularity with which the media operate within restricted assumptions, depend heavily and uncritically on elite information sources, and participate in propaganda campaigns helpful to elite interests.

” In trying to explain why they do this we looked for structural factors as the only possible root of systematic behavior and performance patterns.”

Does the propaganda work without profit?

“What is the propaganda model and how does it work?

“The crucial structural factors derive from the fact that the dominant media are firmly imbedded in the market system.

“They are profit-seeking businesses, owned by very wealthy people (or other companies); they are funded largely by advertisers who are also profit-seeking entities, and who want their ads to appear in a supportive selling environment.

“The media are also dependent on government and major business firms as information sources, and both efficiency and political considerations, and frequently overlapping interests, cause a certain degree of solidarity to prevail among the government, major media, and other corporate businesses.

“Government and large non-media business firms are also best positioned (and sufficiently wealthy) to be able to pressure the media with threats of withdrawal of advertising or TV licenses, libel suits, and other direct and indirect modes of attack.

“The media are also constrained by the dominant ideology, which heavily featured anticommunism before and during the Cold War era, and was mobilized often to prevent the media from criticizing attacks on small states labeled communist.”

“As this chart shows, the US is cranking out multimillionaires at a record pace with super-rich (more than $10M) households doubling in the past decade.

“What’s scary is that doubling the amount of people who have more than $10M per household (from 300K to 600K) means there’s $3,000,000,000,000 less available for the other 98% of the of the households as MONEY IS A COMMODITY and can only be possessed by one person OR another.”

Do you think voting for a Republican or a Democrat will Change anything?

Was America Destroyed by the Jews?

The True History of Communism & Would you Relinquish all Privacy for Utopia?
America has become a secularized, neoliberal, commie/fascist, bankrupted, socialized, mass immigrated, race mixing, multiculturalized, anti-Christian, and an anti-Anglo cultural nightmare. Russia is said to be purging the secular elitist
Rothschild-Soros, and the Islamic oil barons jihadists, global band of central banking thieves with their commie/fascist corporatists, and killers who multiculturally transform nations in order to rob them blind, take control their governments, wealth, resources, and institutions; while the neoliberal infiltrators within our American institutions continue to embrace the secular and foreign religious radical global criminals who should be tried by all nations for their crimes against humanity just as the Nazis they made a spectacle of at Nuremberg for supposedly committing the same crimes…
Towards a Collectivist Police State – (Don McAlvany) & America Is Now A Socialist Police State & We The People Will Not Obey…
Notice the connection between them who hold the worlds wealth and resources, and the means being used to justify the ends. This is no conspiracy or non-political issue!

The Bush family is global governance and tied into the elite secularized central bankers, commie corporatists, and oil dictators right along with all the rest of the progressive presidents going back to Woodrow Wilson who is the biggest progressive traitor of them all….

I am not anti-semitic, I have nothing against the average Jewish person unless they practice the eradication of white culture and heritage, specifically the Christian Culture which is all inclusive, as the Jewish secular elite do on a global scale. The facts bare this out when I followed the money trail and the actions of those with the actual money and power….

I guess it could be called revenge for what Hitler and others have done to the Jewish people over the years or just greed and a maniacal lust for power and control….

This accounts for the mass immigration of people who will not assimilate, and seek to make their own culture and heritage, be it secular or foreign religious, the norm, and the white dominant culture cannot even discuss the issues and facts without being sensored or villianized by the progressive parrots and secular global elitists….

Imagine, a global governance run by such blood thirsty tyrants who would squeeze a Buffalo fart out of a nickel, and kill their own moms and kids in the process. Secular, and foreign religious, monkey gods at their finest who steal everyone’s banannas, and destroy their homes just to enslave the rest of the monkeys into their global monkey paradise of monkey serfdom….

Who cares how many monkeys get killed or murdered in their blood thirsty quest for global domination? After all, doesn’t the ends justify the means?

At least 180 million people have been killed (Christians?) by secular governments in the 20th Century.

The 20th Century has been the bloodiest century in all of history.  And humanism has proven to be the most destructive religion of all time.  Far more people have been killed in the name of atheism than by all other religions combined. 

Historian Paul Johnson has observed that ”the 20th Century state has proved itself the great killer of all time.”  The 20th Century has seen the worst atrocities ever committed.  The word ”genocide”, a new term coined in the 20th Century, describes what has occurred repeatedly in secular humanist states – which had first disarmed their populations.

According to the World Evangelical Alliance, over 200 million Christians in at least 60 countries are denied fundamental human rights solely because of their faith. David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, and Peter F. Crossing in their 2009 report in the International Bulletin of Missionary Research (Vol. 33, No. 1: 32) estimate that approximately 176,000 Christians will have been martyred from mid-2008 to mid-2009. This, according to the authors, compares to 160,000 martyrs in mid-2000 and 34,400 at the beginning of the 20th century. If current trends continue, Barrett, Johnson and Crossing estimate that by 2025, an average of 210,000 Christians will be martyred annually.

Obama’s Unholy War Against Christianity, Not Islam

As Obama gears up to abolish the conscience rights of Christian pro-lifers at American hospitals, as he uses executive orders to force Christians to finance abortions at home and abroad, as he places Christian opponents of gay marriage in the moral category of racists, he tells Turkey that “America is not and never will be at war with Islam” and accepts the moderation of Muslims without question.

Never mind that self-proclaimed moderate Muslims in Turkey, Sufi-Shia Muslims, have been persecuted by the Turkish government; never mind that Turkish Christians have been persecuted too, banned from opening churches or running seminaries and thrown into jail for insulting “Turkishness” after giving open witness to Jesus Christ.

No, none of this is worrisome to Obama. His enemy is not Islam abroad, but Christianity at home. Indeed, if he treated Muslims the way he treats believing Christians in America, Muslims would call it a holy war.

As far as Obama is concerned, the only religion to be “reformed” — which is to say destroyed — is not the west’s historic adversary but its progenitor. Islam is peaceful, he pronounces, while traditional Christianity is bigoted and dangerous. Islam is a friend to America, while traditional Christians are, as Obama supporter Tom Hanks described Proposition 8 supporters, “un-American.”

Anyone else find it ominous that Barack Hussein Obama supports an Islamic organization that has declared war on America?

CBN  Eric Stakelbeck presents the emerging threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood that began with the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt, progressed to Libya, and is headed for Syria and ultimately the United States. Barack Hussein Obama has his filthy fingerprints all over it.

War on Christianity: The Media and Hollywood War Against Christianity: Islam’s Global War On Christianity:

Currently, over 200 million Christians worldwide are living under the threat of persecution.

Topping the list of countries which have mounted a campaign against Christians are China and Sudan followed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Burma, Greece, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. (Washington Watch, May 1998). Increasing persecution is also found in Cuba, Laos, and North Korea.

Many Islamic-dominated nations have adopted a fanatical, militant doctrine of persecution against all “infidels.”

The actual history of communism — the agony of the millions whose lives were destroyed by it — is almost entirely missing from American cinema. The reason for this rests in Hollywood’s own convoluted political history, a history that includes the “back story” of communism’s own largely uncharted offensive in the studios.

And this is how Hollywood’s progressive crowd intends to indoctrinate American citizens with their progressive causes, ideas while further eroding morality. Turning good and evil, black and white into a muddled sense of multi-cultural morally equivalent shade of gray.

SeanPenn, speaking about Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, said:

Every day, this elected leader is called a dictator here, and we just accept it, and accept it. And this is mainstream media. There should be a bar by which one goes to prison for these kinds of lies.”

Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity

In the early 1970’s author and pastor David Wilkerson wrote that Christians in America might not suffer persecution in the sense that many in other countries around the globe are who regularly are beaten, tortured, and imprisoned because of their faith in Christ; but he suggested that American Christians would be “psychologically persecuted.” He pointed out that the current trends in the culture, the education system, and the work place would be so directly opposed to a Christian’s beliefs and values that “fitting in” would be at least uncomfortable, or at worst causing extreme mental and emotional anguish and/or demanding direct confrontation. Pastor Wilkerson is a modern prophet. As David Limbaugh’s book documents, the situation for Bible-believing Christians is not just uncomfortable and Christians are not merely treated as antiquated outcasts; sadly, we are finding that our constitutionally guaranteed religious rights have been seriously eroded and our right to speak the truth not only limited, but increasingly denounced as “hate speech.”

Why The Names, YAHWEH and YAHSHUA?

Find out what the Bible tranlators say about their “substitution DEVICE”, and what YAHWEH says about USING HIS NAME.

Startling as they may be, these statements are not unfounded, as one may at first suspect. Instead they are historical, accurately describing a religious subversion which has led to nearly two-thousand years of recession in our roots, and for this reason, they warrant cause for concern. We’re still in the same situation which Turretin, Hadrian, and Faustus described today, except that the problem has proliferated. With the streets of religion paved in ecumenicalism (acceptance of all religions), the sidewalks crawling with universalists (the belief that all faiths lead to heaven), pastors sanctioning the mass murder of infants (abortion), and the church doors bulging with those who work sexual perversion (adultery and homosexuality), nothing really distinguishes us from the pagans at all. Nonetheless, most of us grew up as “Christians”, taught that this was the religion which Messiah brought us – the original faith. Is Christianity as we know it today the original faith, or has something overcome the original faith? Has the original faith, in fact, been replaced by another faith; another gospel, as we read about in Galations 1:6,7? Seeing that the Scriptures are the sole foundation of truth, we would do well to begin comparing the teachings of the Scriptures with the doctrines projected by modern Christianity which have no Scriptural basis.

We’ve been taught that Saturday was the “Old Testament Sabbath”; that Jesus realized this to be “fundamentalism” and gave us SUNday (the “Lord’s Day”), which is now the day of worship and enjoyment.

According to our Pastors, the “Old Testament” law (bondage) forbade us to eat all sorts of animals, and didn’t even say why. Under Jesus’ “grace” we can now eat anything we want, all because Peter saw a vision about not looking down on Gentiles in Acts chapter 10 (see verses 17-28 for the interpretation of what Peter’s vision REALLY meant). Even though our doctors now tell us that the exact “no-no’s” listed in Leviticus aren’t good for us, and despite the fact that we’re dying from cancer, heart disease, etcetera, Jesus will return at the last minute before we wipe ourselves out and give us new, heavenly bodies to replace the ones we destroyed.

The Mosaic law (slavery) made us keep feast days on which we had to sacrifice a bunch of poor animals and smear their blood over all sorts of stuff, supposedly to take away sin. Jesus came along and discovered that God’s plan wasn’t working, so he gave us some new days such as 1) Xmas, 2) Easter, 3) Thanksgiving, and 4) Halloween, on which we now sacrifice an annual 1) Xmas ham, 2) bunny rabbit eggs, 3) turkey, and 4) humans, as evidenced by the skeletons hanging from our trees, skulls in our windows, and plastic gravestones in our yards around October 31st!

Instead of smearing blood around, we now eat it as we devour our rare steaks and a million other “unkosher” delicacies (as forbidden in the Law), “smear” our houses with holly and mistletoe (fertility symbols), twinkling lights (the host of heaven), ghosts and witches (evil spirits), and decorate our yards with horned creatures (reindeer), jack-o-lanterns, and a jolly red wizard whom we have christened as Santa Clause (or “Satan Claws” more correctly!). As for taking away our sins, the Lord Jesus handles that with a magical little wand we call “grace.”

In plain words, Christianity teaches that the God of the Old Testament is harsh, bloodthirsty, and cruel, and that Christ is soooo different from the God of the Old Testament that he is separate from the God of the Old Testament, and we now worship and obey Christ instead. Now that the “Old Testament God” is mentally “out of the way”, Christianity teaches that Christ’s mission was to nail the “Old Testament Law” to the cross, henceforth abolishing it.

By 315 C.E., those who still professed faith in Yah’shua were divided between the law-abiding Messianic believers – known up until this point as “Nazarenes” – and the Gentile believers who had dropped the Sabbath and Feasts, and were starting to be called “Christians”. In Acts 11:26 we read that the disciples were first called Christians at Antioch.” Antioch, as history reveals, was where much of the persecution of Jews was taking place!  Along with the “Christians” came a man named Constantine who saw a vision of a flaming cross in the sky (a sun-worship symbol incidentally), and the next day began professing conversion to Christianity. He refused to change his pagan ways, however, and was not “baptized” until nearly twenty years later when he was on his deathbed in 337 C.E.! After his so-called “conversion” he ordered a horoscope from an astrologer for himself and his new city of Constantinople(7), continued sacrificing to Jupiter, best and greatest”(8), drowned his unoffending wife, Fausta, in a bath of boiling water (C.E. 320) and beheaded Crispus, his oldest son (C.E. 326).(9) Is it any wonder that modern research has… ventured…to question the fact of his conversion, or at least his sincerity?”(10

The Sacred Name of Yahveh…

Politics clashes with culture over Nativity Church…

Proof of ‘God particle’ found

The Real Face Of Yahshua…

 “The Real Face Of Jesus,”a documentary featuring the work of computer artists who recreated the face of Jesus in 3D based on the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud of Turin, a blood-stained linen that many believe was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, has been questioned for centuries on its authenticity. But new tests are underway to verify it, and the team featured on “The Real Face Of Jesus” has no doubt the Shroud is real.

If the Sabbath is Saturday, then who Changed the Sabbath?

The fact of the matter is that there is not one scripture that says, “The Sabbath is now Sunday.” After all, the Ten Commandments are the ONLY thing that God spoke in such incredible fiery majesty, thundering His voice from the mountain top as everyone below trembled in fear and then personally wrote this magnificent law into stone tablets, yet there is not one clear scripture. Just assumptions! One of God’s Commandments supposedly goes and we do not have even ONE clear scripture. Why not? The answer is simple. It was never changed to Sunday by the authority of God so no such scripture exists. It was actually changed as a result of SUN worship, hence the name SUN-day. The English names for the days of the week are pagan names. In over one hundred other languages in the world, Saturday is still called the Sabbath just as it was named at creation. This dates right back to Babel in Genesis 11 where Saturday was recognized as the Sabbath day and was incorporated into the very name of the day. This predates Judaism and the giving of the law. The following is the origin of the pagan names in day order.

David Barton Slams Jon Stewart…’s-interview-with-david-barton/msg893183/#msg893183

Glenn Beck…It Spreads…

Europe’s Moral Decadence Fuels Spread of Islamic Fundamentalism…

Here’s my guess. The Westergaard incident took place only weeks after Anders Behring Breivik, an opponent of multiculturalism and Islamic immigration, murdered seventy-seven people in Oslo and on the nearby island of Utøya. In the wake of those atrocities, the murderer’s political views have been cynically used by left-wing ideologues to demonize — and attempt to silence — pretty much every critic of multiculturalism and Islam in the country. As a result of this campaign, it has become riskier than ever in Norway to address Islamic terrorism head-on. If there is relatively little sign of vigorous investigative journalism into the Westergaard story, this may be why: Norwegian reporters, for fear of being accused of Islamophobia, are now actually loath to remind readers that there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism. The left, in short, seems to have done its job well.

Obama Administration Infiltrated by Radical Islamists?

New Warning About Muslim Brotherhood’s Influence on White House From…Liberal Marxist Muslim…

Have Alinsky Political Operatives Infiltrated Cleveland’s Christian, Jewish & Muslim Faith Communities?

The founding of the Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC), a group that describes itself as “a non-partisan coalition of faith communities and partner organizations in Cuyahoga County working together to build power for social justice,” claims that its focus is uniting the masses to improve local neighborhoods.


Interestingly, the GCC is part of The Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), an infamous ultra-left group that was founded back in 1940 by the father of community organizing, Saul Alinsky.  IAF, which is still very active today, is known for using religion as an adhesive force to bring individuals together in support of Democratic principles and candidates. Part of the group’s official description reads as follows

FLORIDA Department of Education is promoting Islamic propaganda in public school classrooms…

Online ‘hate’ campaign targets Christian sites

A formal investigation of several Christian organizations has been launched by PayPal, the huge money-transfer company, because of an online campaign of “hate” against them by homosexuals, according to one of the targets.

Obama’s Birth Certificate? Why is He Still Hiding His Other Records?

…why did he spend millions of dollars to keep from showing it?

Thirdly, and just as important as questions 1 and 2, why is he still keeping his kindergarten records, his Punahou school records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, his passport, his medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records and his adoption records a secret?

Posse certificatus: Sheriff probes Obama birth document…

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona has constituted a special law enforcement posse to investigate allegations brought by members of the Surprise, Ariz., Tea Party that the birth certificate Barack Obama released to the public April 27 might be a forgery, WND has learned.

Destroy America II

It is not fear that grips me… only a heightened sense of things.

Video: Undercover FBI Informant Who Infiltrated Bill Ayers’ Weather…

Advocates of “diversity” are true racists in the basic meaning of that term: they see the world through colored lenses, colored by race and gender. To the multiculturalist, race is what counts—for values, for thinking, for human identity in general. No wonder racism is increasing: colorblindness is now considered evil, if not impossible. No wonder people don’t treat each other as individuals: to the multiculturalist, they aren’t.

Our Founding Fathers designed a constitutional system based on the rule of law to protect the individual from an overbearing federal government. The government was to do only that which was both right and necessary; the rest was to be left up to the states and individuals.

Since the 1960s, multiculturalism has become a dominant feature of the political and intellectual landscape of the West. But multiculturalism rests on a frail foundation: cultural relativism, the notion that no culture is better or worse than any other – it is merely different.

Culture isn’t about genes or race; it’s about values, beliefs, and attitudes. Culture matters because it influences a society’s receptivity to democracy (we live in a Democratic, Constitutional, Republic) justice, entrepreneurship, and free-market institutions.

Due to progressive indoctrination many of our children here in the US will never know what it means to be middle class, and independent….

Current statistical societal indicators clearly demonstrate that a strategic attack has been launched and an analysis of current governmental policies prove that conditions for 99% of Americans will continue to deteriorate. The Economic Elite have engineered a financial coup and have brought war to our doorstep. . . and make no mistake, they have launched a war to eliminate the US middle class.

The latest numbers available show the most common types of interracial couples:
Husband Wife % of Interracial couples
White Asian 14
White Multiple Race 13
Multiple Race White 12
Black White 8
White non-white Hispanic 9

What is going on with all the black guys with white girls?

America is reaching a ‘tipping point’ when the babies born to minority parents outnumber whites for the first time.

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TV has been teaching the American public since the 1940s. Movies, however, have been providing informal sex education since the turn of the century. But what have movies taught about minority teen relationships?

The findings of the Multicultural Education Consensus Panel, which are called essential principles , describe ways in which educational policy and practice related to diversity can be improved. These principles are derived from research and practice. They are designed to help educational practitioners in all types of schools increase student academic achievement and improve intergroup skills.

Radical Rage: Marxist Mob Plans to Occupy Wall Street

The US Day of Rage’s Twitter feed features a photo of a defaced ten-dollar bill. Someone has added black hair and a Hitler moustache to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, whom Congress honored in 1999 as “the man who more than any other designed the Government of the United States.”

The Founders as Nazis: that’s what the leftists who plan to occupy Wall Street tomorrow think of the American experiment. It’s not as if the media-savvy organizers of the US Day of Rage don’t understand the significance of the Founders. The event’s website constantly invokes the name of Publius, the pseudonym that Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay shared as they wrote The Federalist Papers.

Has the 2nd American Revolution finally begun? As of Saturday, protesters had begun assembling on Wall Street. Police kept them out of Wall Street so they began setting up ‘camp’ along Liberty Street, which they have nicknamed ‘Liberty Plaza’. These protesters have ‘pledged’ a ‘long term’ ‘occupation’. Sounds like words of war to me… when did the United States government declare war upon the American people and what is the appropriate response for the aggression of bankers and politicians upon all Americans? Has this turned into class warfare? A word to the wise…”Be safe, stay strong, remember, these ‘monsters’ aren’t your friends.” When did many elements within our government turn rogue and criminal? How will their criminality be stopped? Is protesting against an unjust and illegal and criminal government now criminal in America? What are the answers and how will this all end; with a Comet strike or Civil War?

Dylan Ratigan On The Wall Street Protests: “Financial Interests Own Congress And They Make The Rules”

The Hidden History of Social Security:

SSI subculture and high private sector job loss is bankrupting social security. Too many immigrants and their kids on SSI along with many unemployed Americans given mental health diagnosises….

Social Security is in the news. People are finally telling the truth: It’s a government sponsored Ponzi (Pyramid) scheme.

There were only 1.75 full-time private-sector workers in the United States last year [2010] for each person receiving benefits from Social Security, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Social Security board of trustees. That means that for each husband and wife who worked full-time in the private sector last year there was a Social Security recipient somewhere in the country taking benefits from the federal government.

The Brady Campaign to Lie About Your Guns: Free Mental Health Diagnosises For The Immigrant and Unemployed…

Logical conclusion: Henigan is a liar.

These gun-hating, freedom-haters will stoop to any level, manipulate anyone gullible enough, and utilize their complicit, pied-piper, in the tank, Obama sniffing media in their ongoing effort to rip the second amendment from the constitution.  As a result, it is incumbent upon all of us to call these liars what they are.  Liars.

Want to see what the Brady Campaign is all about?  Join their mailing list and infiltrate their ranks.  I promise that once you do, you will no longer sit on the sidelines while these enemies of the truth continue to play dangerous games with your freedoms and rights.

Oh, one last thing. Don’t eat before visiting their site!

Petition to stop Immigration…