Multicultural Genocide of White Protestant America

This is part of my research on Economic and Multicultural Terrorism. It’s very extensive. I hope it helps you with yours. About me: I am a proud white protestant, and I am not Jewish of any sort, nor Islamic. The truth is just the truth. Just because I point out the evil actions of a group of people does not make me anti-anything except for anti-evil and pro-truth. I’m not blind nor deaf in spite of the Zionist neoprogressive indoctrination in our schools, politics, and enemy owned media and I will speak out. Furthermore, I know my friends from my enemies and we have been surrounded and subverted by our enemies posterity who have hijacked us.


The FED and other central banks are owned by elitist Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. Crypto-Jew Jesuits and Rothschild’s control the Vatican and its treasury. Look who sits in the seats of our protestant built supreme court. Check their backgrounds….Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic crypto-Jews, and crypto-Jew Jesuit trained Roman Catholics. Due to the Zionist multicultural agenda Muslims and other radical anti-white protestant and anti-christian elements have been able to infiltrate our white christian institutions. It’s time to wake up America before all is lost. More on this further on…


The real ring of power behind our global destruction…


We have become a subverted nation under enemy occupation while the real holocaust continues within all white protestant and christian nations where the real Jews of Judah have been supplanted by murderous Zionist impostors of old claiming to now be all of Israel: The ceaseless war drums of our pagan enemies of old continually pound out their heathenish pluralistic poison…meant to destroy us all within our own white christian kingdoms…as our own cheerleaders keep cheering for their own physical and spiritual demise…dark hedonistic multicultural destruction…like pornographic devils who skirt the light with their intoxicated minions…while bearing crucifixes of our savior brazenly hung around their own blighted necks…Wake Up!

Wake Up [white] America

Leftist anti-white christian psychobabble aimed at the theft and genocide of white christian America through Zionist facilitated multicultural subterfuge and subversion. The mantra of the dark hedonistic miscreants is ‘Kill Whitey’… commie fascist social justice…the race and holy wars never ended.


Zionist and Muslim subversives now working within our white christian institutions are one and the same in agenda…to multiculturally rob and transform our white christian Republic…It’s not a threat…It’s happening. Take a look at the serious subversive impact the pagans had in the development of false doctrine within the early Catholic church before the crypto-Jew Jesuits came in to do their damage. Wake Up!

In fact, these millions of well-meaning people have adopted a false theology, based upon a twisting of and a re-interpretation of the Scriptures and have become a part of America’s largest and most influential non-Christian, even anti-Christian, cult: Judeo-Christianity.


The Talmud viciously attacks Christians and White people expressly.  All 781 pages of the Sanhedrin level disgusting slander against our Saviour, Yeshua – Jesus – the son of the Living God.  It is full of seething hatred and bitter enmity against Christians.


What else can anyone expect from christian Zionist lackeys who also facilitate mass Islamic immigration into our nation to help them rob and transform us? I’m not being facetious…95% of the Jewish population are atheists or secular humanists and are not held back by the Ten Commandments or other restraints on sinful human behavior.

Wake up white christian America! Muslims are not our only enemies working to destroy us and our posterity both from within and from without. Take off the Zionist colorblind blinders that the deceived Zionist christian puppet preachers have helped to blind you with through the evil genocidal multicultural Utopian propaganda being used to rob and destroy our white christian Republic. Remember there are many anti-Christs in the world.


It’s very sad to witness today how so many of our once proud white protestant and christian people will act like trained progressive liberal seals who on queue will sit, stand, run, jump around, scream, whistle, applaud, cheer, cry, fight, and kill for the propped-up Zionist talking heads or authority figures working within our economic markets, sociopolitical institutions, churches, music, and TV industries like useful idiots. The Zionist vipers put their African, Hispanic, and other minority puppet personalities or authority figures out in front of a white audiences to spew out their scripted pluralistic poison or Zionist sugar coated propaganda containing strong delusions of hope and salvation from their Zionist and minority puppet agendas that are really aimed at preserving their own racial or minority interests, heritage, posterity, and supremacy over our own. There is no right or left, nor middle ground, or middle of the road politics, nor a multicultural utopia, and never has been. WAKE UP!

The reason the multicultural subterfuge, subversion, supplanting, treason, and genocide has gone this far is that “We the People” are the safeguard of our posterity and Republic. We are responsible for the bearing of arms to stop and remove miscreants from within our institutions and reestablish our constitutional form of Republicanism within our government auspices. Our people have thus far failed in their God given duty to preserve our posterity and national integrity. Evil prevails when good people do nothing in defense. Wake up America!


There is the foundational and perpetual anti-Sephardi racism that permeates the Ashkenazi community – in the West and in Israel. Such racism has allowed the plight of the GAZEZET victims to fester with no public outcry or even a mention in the American media.


You can hide yourself within your mediocre jobs if you have one or just stay on the government tit with all it affords and never achieve any real measure of wealth, success, security, self-respect, or self-worth and end up being of little or no use to God, self, your posterity, others, and our country. Don’t look for an earthly or heavenly savior when the crap hits the proverbial fan…it will be too late my friends…Wake Up!

The Foundation and headquarters for the international economic and multicultural Zionist terrorists…In 1717, they would infiltrate Masonry guilds in England and establish Freemasonry. Based upon the Noachide laws of the Talmud, Freemasonry allowed the Sabbatean sympathizers to live an elite yet mystical and meaningful life working towards the establishment of a one-world government based upon the Universal Yahwehism preached by Shabbatai Tzvi and his followers particularly Jacob Frank.


Zionist indoctrinated self-eradicating white girl.

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Mullticultural Treason: Dark Heathen Race Mixing, Pagan Theft & Indoctrination of White Protestant America.

Our sentiments will not change the conflict in our world that surrounds us all in the reality of our carnal condition where self-righteousness and feelings of blessedness are temporal at best while the winds of war and death are blowing on so many of us.

“America’s Struggle to Survive ” This is one of the best educational video series I have seen on the leftist destructive forces of political correctness or cultural inversion taking place in white christian America from a solid factual, historical, and scriptural foundation. The videos in these educational series listed in the links below is dead serious and dead on.


Learn the truth behind our Hebrew and Levite savior…the real Jews of Judah are patriarchal and Christ’s mother, Mary, was a Levite of priestly Hebrew blood while his step dad, Joseph, was supposedly Jewish in the bloodline of King David. Once Joseph died was Christ not once removed from his step dad’s side of the family since he did not actually carry Joseph’s bloodline? Did you also know that the 4th commandment Sabbath was changed by the unholy Roman catholic church?

Jews Against Zionism, Naturei Karta et al. are still anti-Christ Talmudists.


The Jewish plan to exterminate the White race dates well before the son of a long line of rabbis Karl Marx, funded by the Jewish banksters in London and New York, translated Judaism into political terms as Marxism and communism.


The hatred of the Zionists for the Christian people is surely extreme and matches their hatred for the people of Islam. This is proven by the action of these criminal agents who wildly torment, brutalize, and murder Middle Eastern Christians.


According to Rabbi Weiss, Zionism is blatant racism and against true Jewish values. He asserts that Judaism is a religion, but Zionism has attempted to replace religion with nationalism.


Zionists are followers of the movement to segregate the Jewish Faith as a nation and to give it a national home either in Palestine or elsewhere.


Gentiles = Ethnos = Nations: The modern day Sadducee and Pharisee are the so called Jews constituting the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Christian killers now of our time who seek not only to eradicate the real remaining posterity of Judah but the real remaining posterity of the northern tribes of Israel as well.

“All” churches in America have been infiltrated by Muslim spies who frequently pretend to have found Christ but are really looking to provide intelligence to radical Muslims. Actually, the white protestants were poor and persecuted settlers who came here by force and in escaping genocide in Europe. Millions of native Americans were killed by the Spanish conquistador treasure hunters who transported African slaves with small pox and other diseases to this area of the west long before the protestants came and found only small scattered warring tribes dotting the landscape. Even more Indians died by the European disease carried by the white protestants than by murder or genocide. The greed and corruption element was practiced by the elite who enslaved more poor white Europeans than Africans. More on this further on.


Additionally, public education through Common Core policy propagates Islam, fictional history, teaches Arabic, and organizes field trips for schoolchildren to mosques. More Zionist leftists, foreign subversives, and their christian Zionist puppets indoctrinating our young American sheeple with Zionist communist Frankfurt school anti-christian America propaganda. I bet they really do hate white people as well…except for our real white women if they are men of course. Ad hominem attacks and red herrings are the progressive liberals and their subversive dark hedonistic foreign comrades favorite tactics for hiding the truth. Some people are capable of sharing free speech and information and some aren’t because of their ignorance or subversive nature.


Unlike the invasion of Islam upon Christian Jerusalem in 638AD, where Jews all over the countryside rose up in rebellion against Christian rule and joined as a Fifth Column with the Muslims against the Christians, this time, once again, the Jews are still loyal to the Muslims.

In the meanwhile, “Israel” profiling itself as the “Holy Land” has a very ugly truth which is of no divine kind at all. Welcoming Christians on their pilgrimages to Jerusalem or Bethlehem, it is merely the money they bring in the tourism industry they’re “loved” for, but not really…


Not possessing a religious basis for morality, which can provide a legitimate basis for objective morality, atheists are fundamentally incapable of having a coherent system of morality.[1]


For example, atheists have been the biggest mass murderers in history (see: Atheism and mass murder). Dr. R. J. Rummel’s mid estimate regarding the loss of life due to atheistic communism is that communism caused the death of approximately 110,286,000 people between 1917 and 1987.[2]

The Barna Group found that atheists and agnostics in America were more likely, than theists in America, to look upon the following behaviors as morally acceptable: illegal drug use; excessive drinking; sexual relationships outside of marriage; abortion; cohabitating with someone of opposite sex outside of marriage; obscene language; gambling; pornography and obscene sexual behavior; and engaging in homosexuality/bisexuality.[3] Given the many diseases associated with homosexuality, the biblical prohibition against homosexuality is quite arguably one of the many examples where the Bible exhibited knowledge that was ahead of its time.


White protestant christian America is under enemy occupation and many of our people don’t even know it. Nor do many of us want to know the truth while many of us have been made incapacitated and incapable of learning the truth. The murder of children is commonplace in the age of indiscriminate Israeli artillery attacks and airstrikes on civilian targets, including refugee centers.


While most would consider the death of children to be horrific, recently groups of celebratory Israelis marched in the streets chanting “Tomorrow there’s no teaching in Gaza, they don’t have any children left,” as they waved Israeli flags. The same fate is waiting for America…


The multicultural destroyers of white protestant and christian America still working to push Americans to the breaking point and the progressive liberal psychotropic zombies wont even know what hit them. The elitist Zionist/Jesuit, and Islamic owned media here in the US has many of our people enthralled.


The 1965 Act thus replaced the strictly-limited immigration regime of the previous forty years, whose main goal was demographic stability, with a mighty flood of immigrants, mostly from the Third World.

Heads of The World Order: 1) Lord Jacob de Rothschild. 2) His son Nathaniel. 3) Baron John de Rothschild 4) Sir Evelyn de Rothschild 5) David Rockefeller 6) Nathan Warburg 7) Henry Kissinger 8) George Soros 9) Paul Volcker 10) Larry Summers 11) Lloyd Blankfein 12) Ben Shalom.

Globalist Jewish Elite

Rothschild/Soros and tavistock: There is no true left anywhere in the world. All of it is run by Soros and the bankers under faux-socialist veneer. There has never even been a New Left of ’68 – even in the radical 60s, everything ranging from center-left all the way to radical left plus anarchism was an illusion which was engineered and entirely co-opted by Tavistock-MI6-Frankfurt School which created the radical left of western Europe of’68 and furnished all its rebels and terrorists which neatly tied into Operation Gladio. Christians Are The Mortal Enemy Of The Rothschild Khazar Dynasty…


University in Australia acts as a Rothschilds/Soros/Talmudic psy-op center, Jewish activists from the US are telling the Swedes they have no choice but to adopt multiculturalism and accept the disintegration of their own race and culture as an unavoidable fate (30).


The non Jewish races are meant to intermix and mingle and abandon their cultures in favor of “multiculturalism,” “globalization” and corporate uniformity.—CASE-CLOSED.php


The disgusting filth and unnatural trash coming out of Hollywood holds no bounds.  One of the themes Jews have really pushed in pop culture are depictions of attractive White blonde haired females having sexual relationships with Black males.  A new Warner Brothers film called “Focus” appears to continue this trend.’s_word


“Jewish organizations view white nationalism as their greatest potential threat and they have tended to support pro-black integration (i.e., assimilationist, individualist) policies for blacks in America, presumably because such policies dilute white power and lessen the possibility of a cohesive, nationalist anti-Jewish white majority.” — Harold Cruse, a black intellectual.’Wife.htm

Here Are the Facts From Their Own Mouths — The Jews Reveal Their Plans. Jews Raise Money for Blacks. Lawyers for Militants Are Jews. Jews Urge White Christians to Marry Blacks But Urge Own Kind to Marry Jews Only. Different Story for Jews. Don’t Date Non-Jews.


In fact, there is an even more bleak scenario. Fallon writes, “Others see ‘Balkanization’ leading to something more ominous than the escalating number of riots – they see the very real chance of civil war.” War on America’s white poor and working class. Based on its organizational structure and political aims, the pro-Israel social-political configuration cannot be reduced to a common “lobby”. The mass activist organizational structure encompassing and penetrating civic, political, cultural institutions and media outlets resembles a power configuration that works within and outside of Washington to shape political decisions relevant to Israel.28



This is “Goodbye,” America. Adios. Paalam Na. No further warning will be issued. Every single elite group in America is aligned against the public — the media, ethnic activists, big campaign donors, Wall Street, multimillionaire farmers and liberal “churches.”


I have posted the facts behind the invasion and subversion taking place here in the US and in other white christian countries many times. The fake Ashkenazi so-called Jews are not Jews at all and are not of the bloodline of Judah. Many Sephardic Jews are just as questionable though they are the minority population here and in Judah. Judah is not Israel but only a small tribe once a part of the ten tribes of Israel and is largely a Kabbalist secular tribe at war with the real Torah believing orthodox Jews and anyone else not of their ilk. It’s up to the people of our nation and to make sure our legislators say who we want to come here or even to settle in our Republic. It’s not up to foreigners to say or impose themselves against our will.


Read more…

Multiculturalism:America’s Destruction I


– Official political ideology where several cultures are governed under one cultural administration. Multicultural supremacism is found where a single new culture can be created every time two or more other cultures are combined to form a single new culture. The two or more cultures that are absorbed into the single new culture are then forfeit. Only at best to be viewed as a derivative of an existing culture at a separate geographical and political location or an eradicated culture.

Diversity = The fact or quality of being diverse; difference. A point or respect in which things differ. If Multi-culturalism means several different, active, identifiable cultures, all of them universally controlled by one governing body and a set laws – is nothing short of supremacism. The Government is stopping Whites by not allowing them to be self determining because it wants to rule two or more cultures with the same gauntlet. Whites and Non-Whites.

America…The facts of the situation: Your neoliberal government is working in collusion with their secular elite, Jewish elite, Islamic elite central banksters/oil barons to bankrupt and multiculturally transform your Republic. What are you going to do about it?

The real reason Putin invades the Ukraine! Should of known the spooky dude Soros and his Rothschild puppet masters were the cause…as always! The multicultural mechanism employed by the Rothschild/Soros cartel using mass immigration and Islamicfication of all nations to advance their evil global empire is a no fly zone in Putin’s Russia after Putin recently purged Russia’s banks and media of the Jewish secular elites and their Islamic cohorts who no longer have any influence or control in Russian society or government….as it should be here in America as well…

I hope the neoliberal crooks in our government here in America didn’t send the Ukraine our Billion dollars? A ridiculously futile attempt to buy what from the Ukraine? Or is it really been Russia? Favors owed I’d say either way if the neoliberal subversives in our American government put us further in debt to support our enemies abroad. Or are our real enemies now dwelling within our own institutions?

This is what happens when your enemies infiltrate your government…

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Keeping the Faith – John Carter

Very interesting sermon from pastor John Cater about faith in God. Thanks to Pastor Carter and the Carter Report: Also thanks to …

Sourced through from:

Still alive and kicking! Thanks to all who prayed and kept the faith. The devil only got part of my lung with his cancerous fiery arrow while the rest was restored back to me.

See on Scoop.itEconomic & Multicultural Terrorism

Syrian Girl Blows The Lid Off The Refugee Crisis – YouTube

Paul Joseph Watson interviews Syrian Girl about what is really going on with the syrian refugee crisis.….

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The elitist Zionist/Jesuit facilitated invasions = Multicultural subterfuge, subversion, supplanting, treason, and genocide of the white christian people and their nations.

See on Scoop.itEconomic & Multicultural Terrorism

Slovenia appeals to EU for help as refugees overwhelm the country – YouTube

Slovenia is doing its best to do the right thing and welcome the refugees pouring into the country, but it is feeling the strain and has asked the EU for hel…

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The Zionist/Jesuit facilitated Islamic/third world invasion of white christian countries continues….

See on Scoop.itEconomic & Multicultural Terrorism

Breaking News-European Union

Sourced through from:

The terms of Obama’s proposed TPP ‘trade’ treaty with Asian countries won’t be made public until the treaty has already been in force for at least four years…Treason!

See on Scoop.itEconomic & Multicultural Terrorism

Chuck Baldwin — Liberal/Neocon Domination Killing America

Chuck Baldwin’s column on

Sourced through from:

Replacing John Boehner with Paul Ryan is like trading a fox for a coyote. Neither one had or has any intention of guarding America’s constitutional hen house.

See on Scoop.itEconomic & Multicultural Terrorism

FBI Confirms That Donald Trump Was RIGHT About Syrian Refugees! WHOA!

Our immigration crisis keeps getting worse and I’m over here asking, “Is Trump in office yet?”

The FBI said this week at yet another congressional hearing said that there is no way to truly vet each and every refugee coming from terrorist laden Syria during their civil war exodus.

Sourced through from:

Those who Slip through the cracks are the real threat? Really?? These mass invaders should not of ever been allowed anywhere near our borders in the first place. This is just blatant multicultural theft, subterfuge, subversion, supplanting, treason, and genocide of white christian America being down played with leftist semantics. The majority of the dark heathen coreligionist immigrants are obviously just perfect with the Zionist/Jesuit, and Islamic foreign terrorists now working within so many of our once white protestant and christian economic, and sociopolitical institutions. This is the real threat and message herein of the elitist leftist miscreants. Those falling within the imaginary mass immigration cracks is the leftist spin or downplay involved here and is a blatant insult to the public intelligence of the American people; or are we really just stupid sheeple? Seems most of the dark skinned heathen immigrants in the picture above are Men = Enemy Coreligionist Army…New age Inquisition.

See on Scoop.itEconomic & Multicultural Terrorism

Hillary Clinton admits: “Jew-owned mass media is losing the information War”

Hillary Clinton: US Losing Information War to Alternative Media
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Many whites and white christian activists really have great information on their websites. However, I find it difficult to share some of the articles because of the inflammatory name calling that turns many people off who would otherwise read what is being said. I use words like ‘ The elitist subversive Zionist/Jesuit central banksters, and their crypto-Jew corporatist comrades working alongside of their murderous fascist Islamic oil baron henchmen are multiculturally robbing and killing off white christians and commandeering their nations’.

See on Scoop.itEconomic & Multicultural Terrorism

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