Multiculturalism: America’s Destruction III


Politics is the practical exercise of acting on one’s beliefs, convictions, and faith. As a person believes in their heart so they are. So, the uniqueness that was once to be found in  America is that the people had the last word. The leftist neoprogressives have now overplayed their hand, and they are now naked and exposed before the American public where they are  found to be wanting by many who have awoken…Wake up slumbering sheeple before the wolves eat you alive!

Barack Obama, the 42-year-old state senator from Illinois, gives his keynote speech during the second session of the DNC. “In this election, we are called to reaffirm our values and commitments, to hold them against a hard reality and see how we are measuring up to the legacy of our forebears,” he said. “And fellow Americans ... we have more work to do.”

EIT reportedly does not legally exist and is an arm of the George Soros funded National Immigration Forum, which as a “neutral third-party institution” facilitated EIT’s $250,000 radio ad campaign urging (Zionist Christian Suckers) Evangelicals to back mass legalization of illegal immigrants.

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Multiculturalism: America’s Destruction I


Voltaire: “To Learn Who Rules You, Find Out Who You Can’t Criticize”

The whites, protestants, and christians in America have the right to their own space,  or boundaries for their habitats naturally required for their survival as a race, creed, and nation in spite of the enemy infiltration of our republic by leftist commie fascist multiculturalists hellbent on facilitating the theft, subterfuge, supplanting, subversion, treason, and genocide against us through expounding and enforcing a twisted form of Zionist/Jesuit, and now Islamic elitist’s neoprogressive social justice.

I have put so much information together here within my blog postings. I really don’t think I can find much more to add. The evidence I presented here speaks loud and clear my friends. Time for a break. I need to finish healing from my cancer surgery. God Bless You All…

Multiculturalism – Official political ideology where several cultures are governed under one cultural administration. Multicultural supremacism is found where a single new culture can be created every time two or more other cultures are combined to form a single new culture. The two or more cultures that are absorbed into the single new culture are then forfeit. Only at best to be viewed as a derivative of an existing culture at a separate geographical and political location or an eradicated culture.

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Multicultural Genocide of White Protestant America

This is part of my research on Economic and Multicultural Terrorism. It’s very extensive. I hope it helps you with yours. About me: I am a proud white protestant, and I am not Jewish of any sort, nor Islamic. God is love and the truth is just the truth. Just because I point out the evil actions of a particular group of people does not make me anti-anything except for anti-evil and pro-truth. I’m not blind nor deaf in spite of the leftist Zionist/Jsuit neoprogressive indoctrination taking place today within our schools, churches, media, and politics. Furthermore, I know my friends from my enemies and we whites and christians here in the US have been surrounded and subverted by our enemies posterity who have hijacked us, and our nation.


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Chuck Baldwin — Drafting Girls And Turning Americans Into Terrorists

Chuck Baldwin’s column on

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Zionist anti-white christian commie feminism on steroids trying to now also kill off our white christian women….

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Jews Push Muslim “Refugees” on US

America’s only officially state-funded Jewish “refugee” organization, the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), works full time to bring as many nonwhite—and mainly Muslim—invaders as possible into the US—but at the same time supports Israel which refuses to grant access to any of these “refugees.” According to a Times of Israel interview with HIAS vice president,…

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Zionist/Jesuit and Islamic multicultural theft, supplanting, treason, and genocide of white protestant and christian people and nations.

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Enemies Within The Gate – Part 2 of 4

Truth in History

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The origin of political correctness and its impact on our nation.

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Rothschilds Prove that Elite Bankers Rule the World — Establish Billionaire Tax Haven INSIDE America

‘Let the American people go into their debt-funding schemes and banking systems, and from that hour their boasted independence will be a mere phantom.” – William Pitt Chancellor o…

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The murderous multicultural Zionist/Jesuit dirtbags hiding out in America while robbing us blind and destroying our white christian people and republic as well.

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FBI Video of LaVoy Finicum Killing, w/ Eyewitness Audio Overlayed

It appears to me that this “unedited” FBI video (which has cuts throughout) has been sped up slightly for the crash scene. You cannot trust the clock at upper left, which must have been added later. Enlarge the video and watch the unnaturally quick movements of the man who steps out in front of their…

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The treasonous and murderous anti-white and anti-christian Zionist multicultural subversives who have hijacked our government auspices have turned our once white American law enforcement agencies into old KGB style or new age inquisition assassins.

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White Girls, Black Dolls: Destroying White Bias | Renegade Tribune

Lana provides an alternative view to the Kenneth Clark’s 1940s doll study and provides the historical background that connects the American Civil Rights Movement, Communism and the Frankfurt School.

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After Hitler, Jewish intellectuals pushed critical theory as a means to destroy Western Civilization and “potential fascists = Zionist/Jesuit and now Islamic infiltration, theft, subterfuge, supplanting, subversion, treason, and genocide of white protestant and christian America through Zionism’s dark hedonistic multiculturalism based upon dark enemy heathen coreligionist mass immigration, dark pagan miscegenation, commie feminism, fascist socioeconomic social justice.

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Robots will obliterate America’s middle class and unleash mass unemployment, social chaos and global populist revolts

Robots will obliterate America’s middle class and unleash mass unemployment, social chaos and global populist revolts

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We really don’t have too many more US jobs on any level to lose since we already lost millions of our white christian jobs to all sorts of subversive immigrants and slave labor dictatorships…more Zionist/Jesuit, and Islamic subversion and treason using leftist foreign and homegrown technology? This on top of the Zionist multicultural theft, subterfuge, supplanting, and genocide of white protestant and christian America.

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