Multiculturalism:America’s Destruction I


- Official political ideology where several cultures are governed under one cultural administration. Multicultural supremacism is found where a single new culture can be created every time two or more other cultures are combined to form a single new culture. The two or more cultures that are absorbed into the single new culture are then forfeit. Only at best to be viewed as a derivative of an existing culture at a separate geographical and political location or an eradicated culture.

Diversity = The fact or quality of being diverse; difference. A point or respect in which things differ. If Multi-culturalism means several different, active, identifiable cultures, all of them universally controlled by one governing body and a set laws – is nothing short of supremacism. The Government is stopping Whites by not allowing them to be self determining because it wants to rule two or more cultures with the same gauntlet. Whites and Non-Whites.

America…The facts of the situation: Your neoliberal government is working in collusion with their secular elite, Jewish elite, Islamic elite central banksters/oil barons to bankrupt and multiculturally transform your Republic. What are you going to do about it?

The real reason Putin invades the Ukraine! Should of known the spooky dude Soros and his Rothschild puppet masters were the cause…as always! The multicultural mechanism employed by the Rothschild/Soros cartel using mass immigration and Islamicfication of all nations to advance their evil global empire is a no fly zone in Putin’s Russia after Putin recently purged Russia’s banks and media of the Jewish secular elites and their Islamic cohorts who no longer have any influence or control in Russian society or government….as it should be here in America as well…

I hope the neoliberal crooks in our government here in America didn’t send the Ukraine our Billion dollars? A ridiculously futile attempt to buy what from the Ukraine? Or is it really been Russia? Favors owed I’d say either way if the neoliberal subversives in our American government put us further in debt to support our enemies abroad. Or are our real enemies now dwelling within our own institutions?

This is what happens when your enemies infiltrate your government…

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How Jewish Supremacism Is Destroying America


I’m sick of the Jewish and Muslim elite infiltrators multicultrally robbing and destroying our white protestant and christian people in their treasonous transformation of our Christian Constitutional Republic. I wish they would all just get out of our Republic and fight their own wars in the Mideast, and take all the third world immigrants with them that they have flooded into our country to help them destroy us.

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Report: Thousands of Migrant Children Are No-Shows at Hearings

Thousands of illegal juvenile immigrants from Central America do not show up for their deportation hearings across the country, the Justice Department estimates, the Dallas Morning News reported.


And, here is what America is actually getting for all their godly donations and heartfelt concern: Multicultural subterfuge, subversion, and theft of our white protestant Christian nation: The secular or relativistic pseud of pagan tolerance, diversity, and heathen social justice based on the third world invasion of people of color adding to the numbers of overburdened poor minorities already in existence here in the US: while facilitation race mixing, infanticide, eugenics, homosexuality, racial, and gender role reversal is an overall racial, cultural, religious, economic, and political transformation of treasonous white protestant and Christian genocide.

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to deploy up to 1,000 guardsmen to border

A state lawmaker says Texas Gov.


A real American politician who actually cares about preserving our white Protestant culture, heritage, and Republicanism? Self-defense needs no justification regardless of skin color which does really matter to everyone else today unless you’re a White Protestant in America who is being silenced and slowly eradicated by multicultural terrorists working within our US institutions to facilitate mass third world immigration….

Imam Of Virginia Mosque (One of Largest in USA) Calls For Armed Jihad…

Sheik Shaker Elsayed, the imam of the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church,
Va., advocated armed jihad before an Ethiopian Muslim group gathered at
T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va. last week.

“Muslim men when it is a price to pay, they are first in line,” Elsayed
said in comments seen on a YouTube video found by the Creeping Sharia blog.
“They are the first in the prayer line. They are the first in the zakat
(charity) line. They are the first in the hajj line. They are the first in
the clean-up line. They are the first in the community-service line. They
are the first in jihad line. They are the first in the da’wa line.”

“But they are last if anything is being distributed, unless it is arms for
jihad,” Elsayed said. “We are the first to rush and run to defend our
community and defend ourselves. The enemies of Allah are lining up; the
question for us is, ‘Are we lining, or are we afraid because, because they
may call us terrorists.’”

Being called “terrorists” should not matter to Muslims because Muslims are
being called terrorists anyway, Elsayed said.

“You are a terrorist because you are a Muslim,” Elsayed said. “Well give
them a run for their money. Make it worth it. Make this title worth it, and
be good a Muslim.” Continue reading via IPT…


Unfortunately, in the end times which we are now in, there is a great apostasy or falling away from God’s truth where the very elect or remnant church would be deceived and lost lest God cut the days short. All we can do is inform those who will listen to the truth and hope that God has mercy on them who reject his ways…

There are too many wicked people within the institutions of man who are deceptively and forcefully imposing their wills, doctrine, personal god-ship, foreign gods, and ungodly morality upon mankind just as in the days prior to the flood, and Israel’s dissent. Prophecy must be fulfilled or God would be made a liar.

Obama’s Strategy for a Permanent Solution: A Trojan Horse

Obama’s strategy: The Trojan horse move for gaining permanent voters for the far-left liberal cause. It’s ethnic replacement to gain supporters and voters so the Democrats will never again be out o…


The multicultural Trojan Horse being used in the third world invasion of the US is Recognized for what it is…

The Holocaust Hoax

46 MILLION CHRISTIANS DIED….There were only 26,000 Jews in concentration camps in 1938…


America is under attack by the same evil forces fighting in the Mideast. Both the Jewish and Islamic elites are in the process of multiculturally robbing and destroying our white protestant and Christian society. George Soros is the driving force behind America’s destruction or Transformation, and he runs many anti-American leftist rags like ThinkProgress.



Megan Kelly and Glenn Beck say that race is not an issue in America and that we should judge a person based on the content of their character. This idea is true or applicable if the people being judged to possess good character actually represent the religion, race, culture, posterity, interests, and well being of the controlling majority of a given nation. Race involves personal and cultural identity or ethnic, religious, and ideological belonging which are diametrically opposed to other tribal or national customs and ideologies where a spirit of natural competition for group preservation exists between the differing ethnic groups, unless disrupted through multicultural subterfuge and subversion.


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