Multiculturalism:America’s Destruction I


- Official political ideology where several cultures are governed under one cultural administration. Multicultural supremacism is found where a single new culture can be created every time two or more other cultures are combined to form a single new culture. The two or more cultures that are absorbed into the single new culture are then forfeit. Only at best to be viewed as a derivative of an existing culture at a separate geographical and political location or an eradicated culture.

Diversity = The fact or quality of being diverse; difference. A point or respect in which things differ. If Multi-culturalism means several different, active, identifiable cultures, all of them universally controlled by one governing body and a set laws – is nothing short of supremacism. The Government is stopping Whites by not allowing them to be self determining because it wants to rule two or more cultures with the same gauntlet. Whites and Non-Whites.

America…The facts of the situation: Your neoliberal government is working in collusion with their secular elite, Jewish elite, Islamic elite central banksters/oil barons to bankrupt and multiculturally transform your Republic. What are you going to do about it?

The real reason Putin invades the Ukraine! Should of known the spooky dude Soros and his Rothschild puppet masters were the cause…as always! The multicultural mechanism employed by the Rothschild/Soros cartel using mass immigration and Islamicfication of all nations to advance their evil global empire is a no fly zone in Putin’s Russia after Putin recently purged Russia’s banks and media of the Jewish secular elites and their Islamic cohorts who no longer have any influence or control in Russian society or government….as it should be here in America as well…

I hope the neoliberal crooks in our government here in America didn’t send the Ukraine our Billion dollars? A ridiculously futile attempt to buy what from the Ukraine? Or is it really been Russia? Favors owed I’d say either way if the neoliberal subversives in our American government put us further in debt to support our enemies abroad. Or are our real enemies now dwelling within our own institutions?

This is what happens when your enemies infiltrate your government…

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I have come to the conclusion after a lot of research, some I listed below, that the people now living in secular Judah ( Israel ) should race mix with the people of Palestine to end their conflict just like their Jewish elites are facilitating here in christian America and christian Europe to end ours? We can all become one big un-diversified new race of mongrels putting an end to all the worlds problems…Right? No need for colorblindness, tolerance, diversity, segregation, civil rights, race mixing, mass immigration, or social justice agendas because by then the homosexuals and gender reversed couples might have breed themselves out of existence with the only race left to mankind teaching their children perversion is normal in their new mono society? Maybe the new race will infanticide themselves to death or adopt-out all their children to their homosexuals? Eugenics or genocide of oneself from lack of diversity…perhaps? Whatever!

1965 Immigration Reform Act: Jewish organizations had labored since 1924 to unweave national origins quotas by admitting family members on non-quota visas. The B’nai B’rith Women and the American Council for Judaism Philanthropic Fund, among other Jewish organizations, supported this reform legislation while it was yet in subcommittee in the winter of 1965. Roman Catholics had the twin motivations of still-evolving social justice doctrine and the potential windfall of a mass influx of co-religionists from Latin America. Other organized minorities pressured for increased immigration to benefit relatives in their homelands. The ultra-liberal Americans for Democratic Action, the ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild joined the chorus. Further, the Communist Party USA supported higher immigration on the grounds that it destabilizes working Americans.

The Roman Catholic Church has known for years that its future in the United States depends heavily on Hispanics. Looks as if many of the Latin marranos puppets leave the Jesuit flock once they arrive in the US.

The number of Hispanics in the United States grew from 1.9 million in 1940, to 14.6 million in 1990, to 50.5 million in 2010, according to US Census Bureau data. Of these, 31.8 million are Mexican-American, 4.6 million are Puerto Rican, 1.8 million are Cuban-American, and 1.6 million are Salvadoran-American. Hispanics today do not uniformly assent to “popery”: 68 percent of US Hispanics are Catholic, according to a 2007 report by the Pew Research Center, while 15 percent are Evangelical Protestants and 8 percent profess no religion.

Gaylon Ross Sr, tipped by a private source that the combined wealth of:
- Rockefeller family in 1998 was approx $11 trillion,
- Rothschilds $100 trillion.

It forecasts that the total Islamic finance assets will reach USD 2.1 trillion by the end of 2014…George Soros is a wealthy, billionaire globalist. His long-time trading partner was the late James Goldsmith, British banker and cousin to the Rothschilds.

Need I speak to you of the thirty years’ war in Germany, which was mainly instigated by the Jesuits, in order to deprive the Protestants of the right of free religious worship, secured to them by the treaty of Augsburg? Or of the Irish rebellion, of the inhuman butchery of about fifteen millions of Indians in South America, Mexico and Cuba, by the Spanish papists? In short, it is calculated by authentic historians, that papal Rome has shed the blood of sixty-eight millions of the human race in order to establish her unfounded claims to religious dominion (citing Dr. Brownlee’s “Popery an enemy to civil liberty”, p. 105).

Estimates range up to 7 to 12 million for the number who died in the thirty years’ war, and higher:

This was the century of the last religious wars in “Christendom,” the Thirty Years’ War in Germany, fomented by the Jesuits, reducing the people to cannibalism, and the population of Bohemia from 4,000,000 to 780,000, and of Germany from 20,000,000 to 7,000,000, and making Southern Germany almost a desert, …

In addition to the Jesuit or Catholic atrocities of this century already enumerated with some particulars, they massacred 400 Protestants at Grossoto, in Lombardy, July 19th, 1620; are said to have destroyed 400,000 Protestants in Ireland, in 1641, by outright murder, and cold, and hunger, and drowning;

The numbers given include 50 million, 68 million, 100 million, 120 million, and 150 million. Roman Catholics typically give much smaller numbers. “Historians estimate that, in the Middle Ages and Early Reformation Era, more than 50,000,000 Martyrs perished.”

You do not ignore that the first settlers of Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, South California and Missouri were Roman Catholics, and that their first teachers were Jesuits. It is true that those states have been conquered or bought by us since. But Rome had put the deadly virus of her antisocial and anti-Christian maxims into the veins of the people before they became American citizens. Unfortunately, the Jesuits and the nuns have in great part remained the teachers of those people since. They have continued in a silent, but most efficacious way, to spread their hatred against our institutions, our laws, our schools, our rights and our liberties in such a way that this terrible conflict became unavoidable between the North and the South. As I told you before, it is to Popery that we owe this terrible civil war.

Isn’t it strange that Americans are so consumed with images of millions of Jews dying in Nazi concentration camps that they are oblivious to 216 million Christians who died? There were only 26,000 Jews in concentration camps in 1938…

Why Patriotic Americans Could Resort to "Extremism"

For example, while the left singles out the settlers of the New World for “stealing” Native American territory, D’Souza reveals the same land transfers occurred in precisely the same manner among tribes who successively conquered one another. The charge of genocide is debunked when D’Souza explains that far more Indians died from disease than slaughter, and the same lack of natural defenses that made Native Americans vulnerable to European-borne maladies are the ones that made Europeans susceptible to the Asian-borne diseases that devastated Europe. Tellingly, no one refers to the European tragedy as genocide.

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ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: Homeless Maryland Man Murdered by 6 Illegal MS-13 Gang Members #ClashDaily

Someone please forward this to the Obama administration that is allowing these ‘unaccompanied minors’ to cross the border in the thousands. Not to mention, the gang members that are already here are also recruiting more.


Blacks now getting victimized by the neoliberal utopian peace and harmony tour founded by the rules for radicals handbook on how to multiculturalize white protestant and christian Republics through Hispanic mass immigration, race mixing, and much more fun stuff.

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The BLACK ATTACK: 20-Year-Old White Man Shot Dead for No Reason in Small Town Arkansas

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Hat’s off to all the indoctrinated multicultural minded race mixing and mass immigrant loving progressive parrots who live in private or cultural vacuums through anti-white and anti-American TV, books, and still largely segregated White or Marano private communities here in the US thinking all ethnic cultures can live together in harmony under one roof. Killing of whites and Christians is taking place every day all over the world and is largely going unreported by our marano owned neoliberal mainstream media. Mentally handicapped, subversive, or delusional comes to mind.


Many of our American sheeple who are seeing the world through many of the marano owned neoliberal mainstream media sites here in the US have currently been watching them air pro-Palestinian sound bytes during the recent Mideast conflict between secular Israel and orthodox Islam…why? To regain the lost trust of the American people? Or is something more nefarious is taking place?

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Group Given Nearly $300 Million To House Child Immigrants; Improperly Disclosed Lobbying

Oops! Did we leave that information out? A Texas-based organization that has been awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts by the Obama administration to house illegal immigrant…


Multicultural theft, subterfuge, subversion, and Treason in America.


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Heartless Enemy in Iraq: ‘They Hate Christians’ – World – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –

For nearly 2,000 years Mosul, Iraq, has been home to a thriving Christian community. Now, the terrorist group Islamic State has driven nearly all of them out.


The elitist central banking modern day Sanhedrin and Islamic oil baron elites hate and kill Christians every chance they get as long as they can get away with it. Both Jewish and Islamic elites infiltrate other nations institutions using multiculturalism to rob and destroy their hosting christian and white Anglo-euro nations here in America and around the world. Where is the outrage?

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How Jewish Supremacism Is Destroying America


I’m sick of the Jewish and Muslim elite infiltrators multicultrally robbing and destroying our white protestant and christian people in their treasonous transformation of our Christian Constitutional Republic. I wish they would all just get out of our Republic and fight their own wars in the Mideast, and take all the third world immigrants with them that they have flooded into our country to help them destroy us.

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Report: Thousands of Migrant Children Are No-Shows at Hearings

Thousands of illegal juvenile immigrants from Central America do not show up for their deportation hearings across the country, the Justice Department estimates, the Dallas Morning News reported.


And, here is what America is actually getting for all their godly donations and heartfelt concern: Multicultural subterfuge, subversion, and theft of our white protestant Christian nation: The secular or relativistic pseud of pagan tolerance, diversity, and heathen social justice based on the third world invasion of people of color adding to the numbers of overburdened poor minorities already in existence here in the US: while facilitation race mixing, infanticide, eugenics, homosexuality, racial, and gender role reversal is an overall racial, cultural, religious, economic, and political transformation of treasonous white protestant and Christian genocide.

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