Multiculturalism:America’s Destruction I


- Official political ideology where several cultures are governed under one cultural administration. Multicultural supremacism is found where a single new culture can be created every time two or more other cultures are combined to form a single new culture. The two or more cultures that are absorbed into the single new culture are then forfeit. Only at best to be viewed as a derivative of an existing culture at a separate geographical and political location or an eradicated culture.

Diversity = The fact or quality of being diverse; difference. A point or respect in which things differ. If Multi-culturalism means several different, active, identifiable cultures, all of them universally controlled by one governing body and a set laws – is nothing short of supremacism. The Government is stopping Whites by not allowing them to be self determining because it wants to rule two or more cultures with the same gauntlet. Whites and Non-Whites.

America…The facts of the situation: Your neoliberal government is working in collusion with their secular elite, Jewish elite, Islamic elite central banksters/oil barons to bankrupt and multiculturally transform your Republic. What are you going to do about it?

The real reason Putin invades the Ukraine! Should of known the spooky dude Soros and his Rothschild puppet masters were the cause…as always! The multicultural mechanism employed by the Rothschild/Soros cartel using mass immigration and Islamicfication of all nations to advance their evil global empire is a no fly zone in Putin’s Russia after Putin recently purged Russia’s banks and media of the Jewish secular elites and their Islamic cohorts who no longer have any influence or control in Russian society or government….as it should be here in America as well…

I hope the neoliberal crooks in our government here in America didn’t send the Ukraine our Billion dollars? A ridiculously futile attempt to buy what from the Ukraine? Or is it really been Russia? Favors owed I’d say either way if the neoliberal subversives in our American government put us further in debt to support our enemies abroad. Or are our real enemies now dwelling within our own institutions?

This is what happens when your enemies infiltrate your government…

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VIDEO: Zo’s Take on #Ferguson: Democrat Cities Are Dangerous Places To Live

“It amazes me that people who expect to be respected are doing things that aren’t respectful.”


VIDEO: Black Preacher Has A Few Choice words


Ever increasing secular/relativistic pagan and heathen foreign religious mass third world immigrated, minority, and white race mixed socialized ghettos. The results of Enemy Infiltration, robbery, and subversion of our once great Protestant social institutions and christian government auspices…Treason!
Around here in WNY it’s the drugs baby! Along with the pagan neoliberal indoctrination and destruction of our foundational christian families while outsourcing our wealth and jobs. A lot of our once protestant christian white girls are now chasing foreign and domestic crack, weed, and heroin dealers around, who happen to be mostly African or Hispanic in heredity, and end up selling their butts for them, sleeping with them, or getting knocked up them…Multicultural Treason!

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Who Wrote the Bible? – Truth in History

Truth in History


All Christians need to hear the biblical truth presented in this video…Powerful…

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John Friend’s Blog: Quebec journalist: Jews can make any government submit to their will


We see, once again, that the organized Jewish community represents the most tyrannical and anti-free speech demographic of Western society. Any criticism, however mild, or even open, frank discussion of Israel, Jewish power and influence, Jewish criminality, and the organized Jewish community generally is hysterically demonized and equated with "anti-Semitism", "bigotry", and "hate".

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OpEdNews Article: Article: Supremacy: A Social Order of Division, Control and Enslavement

To varying degrees, most socio-economic systems in the world today are hierarchical. In a system of hierarchy, individuals occupy social ranks based on their levels of income and wealth, which significantly affect their access to vital resources such as food, shelter, healthcare, and education. In all hierarchies there is a ruling class on top that holds significant social, political, and economic power…


One thing I have learned in this life is that when many people have their needs met they get lazy, act stupid, or just get plain evil while they stick their heads deeper into their own sandboxes. Many people will do anything to keep their paychecks coming in even if it means killing you and making it appear justified. Multicultural Treason: Forcing two or more conflicting races, cultures, or ideologies who cannot coexist onto the same piece of turf, under the same tent, or flag without one trying to subvert or dominate the others out of natural competition for resources and kindred preservation.

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Police Blame Media for Race Riots – Capitalism Magazine

How to turn civil disobedience into a stage-managed riot, and a thug into a “martyr,” with the help of the Main Stream Media. Related


This whole African affair is nothing more than multicultural subterfuge and subversion of America’s white protestant culture representing the shrinking white christian moral majority. America’s white christian majority has been under genocidal attack from her domestic enemies from within since the ’60’s by elitist Jews, Muslims, crypto-Jew Catholics, Communists, Secular pagans, and other radical heathen Relativists who have infiltrated our white European institutions by pretending to be Christians:

while pushing an anti-white christian America, a global anti-white, and anti-christian, multicultural agenda. America’s enemies have worked through our once protestant social, legal, and political institutions that enabled the making of treasonous government policies and treaties to strip us of our wealth, economy, heritage, and liberty:

while facilitating mass third world Hispanic immigration invasion, homosexual perversion, infanticide, racial role reversal, gender role reversal, and the race mixing our white christian women with foreign subversives or minorities of color seeking their own nationalistic agendas.

Currently, our subversive foreign owned news media is pushing for more African cops to replace white cops as a solution for any African or minority uprisings or cry’s of foul play against our white brethren and sisters.

Connect the dots people before our white christian posterity is enslaved or forever lost to our supplanting racial and pagan enemies. Race, culture, and religion does matter.

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Rothschild: The Mental Disorder Of Liberalism’s Robotic Hoarding ~ THE VIOLATION OF NATURAL RIGHT.

Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., a forensic psychiatrist, explains the madness of liberalism in his new book The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. You can read an excerpt below…


History demonstrates that Protestants, Crypto-Jew Roman Catholics, Muslims, Judeans, Pagans, and Heathens of any kind or race cannot coexist under the same tent on the same piece of turf under the same form of govt without subverting, robbing, or killing each-other for dominance and control. This includes Secular pagans and relativistic heathens. At present white protestant and christian America is caught up in spiritual and multicultural warfare for control of our people and our Republic.

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John Friend’s Blog: Those “evil, racist White cops” in MO


Everyone knows that the poor, harmless, innocent Blacks, who insist on looting and pillaging their community, just want justice for their fallen brethren! White Multicultural Moron-ism…

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